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Lights and Electronics

Acme Playa Supply

OMG! Light up TUTUs! Glowing flowers for your costume. Booty shorts and sexy costumes. Decorate your body, your bike and your camp. Look Fabulous on the Playa! - Glowing Flowers, - Light up Tutus, - Battery powered glowing Bike decorations, - Night glowing decorations, - Sparkling earrings, - EL Wire, - Glowing Fiber Optic hair extensions - Body art, - Crystal Eye Makeup strips - Fabulous clothes

+ Battery powered + re-usable

Burner owned business. Playa tested gear.

Use the code BURNBABY for 10 % off! patti (at) acmeplaya (dot) com

Al Lasher's Electronics

We are an electronics part distributor that has been serving the Burning Man community for decades. We sell EL wire, LED lights, batteries, inverters, and other necessities for Burning Man! We are located in Berkeley, California. bob (at) allashers (dot) com

Bent Light Creations

We are a brand new company making AFFORDABLE EL garments and accessories for Burning Man. Using a HIGHLY SECRET technique we have figured out how to make beautiful intricate designs without HUNDREDS of hours of labor. So now you can be lit up on the Playa with either our lit hatbands or corsets without spending your entire PBR budget. We would love to offer a discount but have these marked as low as we can go. These are high qulity items and will last for many burns. We will be taking orders for the corsets until July 15th and orders for the hat bands until August 1st. Check this site for other one of a kind objects we will be posting as well. tilt (at) earthlink (dot) net, LLC

10% Burner Discount for Blinkees, Trip Toys, Illuminated Accoutrements, LED Accessories, EL Wire, Light Show Gloves, Flashing Fedoras, Playa Lights and more. Bay Area business serving Burners for over 10 years. Last minute orders and local pickup in Marin County. Discount Code: Gifting - - Almost as bright as your smile™ matt (at) blinkee (dot) com


CooLight has helped Burners light up the Playa since 1999. Playa Moon Phase this year is New Moon into Waxing Crescent at 30%. No lights? No good!

CooLight is a distributor of the original LyTec El Wire and other quality El Wires, we take the risk out of buying direct from China. CooLight is here to help you light up yourself, your bike, your art, art cars.... Be seen, keep safe!

Burner owned and operated. We can help with your El Wire and Inverter needs. Only Florida residents pay sales tax. We ship daily.

Need help with your project? Email us or call us 407-654-2660. support (at) coolight (dot) com

Cool Neon/Funhouse Creations has been lighting the playa’s coolest projects longer than any other company. Whether you’re creating a cutting edge light art installation or just looking for enough light to keep from getting run down in deep playa, we are the company you can depend on. If you've shopped with us before, please tell your friends who to shop with; if you haven't please ask your friends about us.

We have Cool Neon EL-wire pre-soldered and ready to go on your costumes, bicycles and art cars and on spools for larger projects. Our Total Control Lighting pixels have changed the lightscape of Burning Man. Visit our website for details and to see our complete line of beautiful and energy efficient LED products manufactured exclusively for us. We eagerly take on the most tech advanced projects. All of our lighting is Arduino controllable.

This year’s soldering parties are Saturdays, August 2nd, 9th, and 16th, noon - 6 PM, an annual tradition since ’99, always free. While there, you can test ride our Social Revolution, the 2-3 person playa tricycle and see all the new additions to our product line. Other special events yet to be announced.

Order pick-up and in-store shopping Tuesday – Friday 11 AM – 4 PM. We are conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland.

Burners’ online specials: 20% off in July, 10% off year round (type ‘TTITD’ in coupon field during online checkout). Most orders go out the same day.

Call us, Benny, Karen, and Gian anytime with questions.


1433 Mandela Parkway

Oakland, CA 94607

We can't wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa! info (at) coolneon (dot) com

Diva Bella Designs

Nice, pleasant glow for your body or costume. Next generation of battery powered light up creations that are beautiful and enhance your night time look. Slow color changing fiber optics, EL Wire for accents, and light up hair extensions. Streamers for your bicycle handle bars and Petticoats with built in battery packs and lights. No annoying flashing buttons, but Beautiful, Playa Tested Stuff. Custom designs available. Owners have been Burning for many years. 10% Discount for Burners, use the code BURNDIVA at checkout. patti (at) divabelladesigns (dot) com

Dream Néon

el wire


led neon flex

el tape

installation for structure and artcar

costume contact (at) dream-neon (dot) com

We. Love. Burners. It's true! For over 15 years has supplied glowing/flashing goods to folks headed to the Playa and each year our options for lights grows with you guys in mind.

If you need lights to make a costume, brighten your preferred mode of travel in the Nevada desert, or to illuminate your space on a dark evening we encourage you to check out our store.

Save 10% off of our regular prices with the coupon code: BMNEG14

*Activce now & good through August 22nd. Apply at checkout.

*EL Wire *String Lights *Magnet Lights *LED Gloves *Costume Accessories info (at) extremeglow (dot) com

Glide Cruisers

Electric Stand-up Scooters with LED lights. The ultimate Personal Playa Mobility gizmo with all electric 100% quiet and zero emissions eco-friendly machines. Born on the Playa for Burners - Glide has evolved to be the rig of choice for many and especially those who need that extra little assistance to get around and see / appreciate the art! We offer Burners - the "Burner Family" deal at 5% off and includes the LED "be seen" burner light kit. When contacting Glide - ask for Nova. chris (at) glidecruisers (dot) com

Hyperion Hoop

Fully programmable LED hoops, $30 off with code BURN2014. scott (at) argentdata (dot) com

Jaded Minx



JADED MINX is the pioneer creator of cutting edge, avant garde, steampunk, apocalyptic and futuristic trend-setting GOGGLES, GAS MASKS, RESPIRATORS and related ‘ARTWEAR’.

We specialize in pushing the envelope and breaking boundary restraints in industrial, urban and alternative SURVIVAL fashion.

Our GOGGLES have shatterproof, fog resistant, UV-400 lenses and adjustable elastic straps. We also offer several styles of ‘OVER-SIZED’ GOGGLES that fit over prescription glasses.

Our fully functional ‘EDGY’ RESPIRATORS and GAS MASKS aid in eliminating symptoms of toxic exposure, hazardous chemicals, and pollutants, which include coughing, irritation of the eyes and lungs, rashes, headaches and nausea. They are perfect for protection from the Playa’s unpredictable conditions. We also make GAS MASKS that are strictly a ‘fashion statement’, included masks that LIGHT-UP.

We’ve been supplying ‘BURNERS’ with affordable SURVIVAL GEAR for a number of years now, going out of our way to make your BURNING MAN experience both pleasant and safe.

So if you're looking for originality and edge...look no further, you've come to the right place.

We’re also found on Etsy at: info (at) jadedminx (dot) com

Live Wire Neon

EL Wire, Fairy Light LED Strands, Light up Poi Balls,

BIKE Lights, Full illumination!

SEE YOU IN Gerlach at 305 N. Main Street for last minute lights and Faux fur customs!

(818) 422-8013 Call Tanya to Receive your Free El Badge with

A phone order ! Livewireneon (at) gmail (dot) com



Lighting up your bike to avoid playa crashes is super important! Our full color, LED bicycle wheel lights are known for their solid construction and reliability. Our CEO has been to The Burn 3 times and we've been keeping Burners happy since 2008. Fireball in your bike wheel? Animated effects? Check. Display hundreds of trippy colors & pattern combinations. 3 AA rechargeable batteries will last up to 40 hours.

* Playa-proof and waterproof

* 2 year warranty

* Dual sided display

* Made in the San Francisco Bay Area

20% discount using code MLBURN at

Peep our rad patterns here: info (at) monkeylectric (dot) com

Playa Cracks

Wow, Bike streamers that light up! Hair clips that glow! Flowers that glow! Light up your Body, your Bike, your Camp! ++Hand made light up flowers that run on one AAA battery. Last for many years, look beautiful, make you visible at night with style. ++Colorful EL Wire and Streamers to make you Glow at night! ++Streamers for your bike handlebars that light up! Find your bike easily in a crowd. ++Fun Tutus, booty shorts, and clothes to help you look amazing! Discount, use the coupon PLAYACRACS to get 10% off your order. Owned by veteran Burners who volunteer for Burning Man, and flowers are made by Burner artists. glow (at) playacracks (dot) com

Miscellaneous BRC Gear

We are one of the oldest and largest military surplus dealers in the world. We carry new and used military gear and wear, camping gear, hiking accessories, and the perfect American made clothes to bring your inner burner out to the playa! Check out our sleeping bags, tents, goggles and gas masks to help you through those beautiful sandy days.

Burners get 10% off all orders over $50 using promo code PLAYA14. Use the code as often as you like! info (at) armynavysales (dot) com

Bellis Steel

We are a rebar fabrication company. We fabricate tent and fence stakes. greg (at) bellissteel (dot) com

Bender's Bjurts

I make the parts that let you make the most amazing structures since the dawn of time. If you can cut and drill EMT conduit, I can help you build metal yurts (bjurts), pyramids, and shower stalls. All structures break down to a fraction of their original size.

Please note that at this time, I am selling only the connector parts, not completed frames. You will have to buy, cut, and drill the EMT conduit, buy the fasteners, assemble the frame, and cover it. It's a fair amount of work, but the structures truly are better than almost anything you can buy.

While I prefer to get full price for my parts (trust me, I'm not making any money on this), I will do everything I can to get these supremely useful parts into the hands of motivated builders. Give me a good enough sob story, and I'll give you parts for free. bender (at) BjurtYurt (dot) com

Blackrock Hardware

Shade Structures designed specifically for Burning Man

For over a decade, bay area burners have trusted Blackrock Hardware to provide reliable, expandable, trip hazard-free shade for the playa.


. Easy to assemble. Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your burn.

. No guy lines to trip over. A set nut/bolt welded to the bottom of each leg holds the leg securely to your re-bar stakes.

. Easy to pack. A 27 gallon tote (not included) will hold a complete 20' x 24' kit except for the 8' & 10' poles.

. Expandable. Build one big structure out of everyone’s structures or add-on as your camp grows.

. Durable. After over a decade our first Blackrock Hardware shade kits are still in use.

. Designed and used by seasoned burners.

. Sales support the theme camp Empire of Dirt, creators of the Serpent Twins, Golden Mean Snail Car, and Electrobite. blackrockhardware (at) formandreform (dot) com

Blinky Fur Party World

BFPW is a collection of unique blinky LED gadgets, fur clothing, party wear & supplies, all with the purpose of improving the world! Lots of cool items such as bicycle lighting, personal lighting, playa costumes, furry coats & vests, solar powered LED setups at excellent prices, useful camping gear, and more. Use the coupon code "caravansary" for a substantial 25% discount on your entire order! info (at) blinkyfurpartyworld (dot) com

Blue Eyed Soles

Maker of utility belts/pouches for those occasions when you're not wearing pants. Amazing moccasins and other leather wear.

One of the few people in the world who makes didgeridoos out of leather.
cprokopp1 (at) cox (dot) net



Transform your camera into an eccentric piece of art, that truly represents YOU.

Have you ever felt that all the cameras you see (including your own) look the same... and boring to be quite honest? What if you can easily transform your camera into an eccentric piece of art that truly represents YOU?

The custom Lens Cap with Chain is not only stunning to look at, but highly functional as well. No more hassle with misplacing or putting away your lens cap every time... whether you're caught in a dust storm in the middle of the Playa, or trying to catch a quick shot in the midst of a dark night... just snap it off and you're ready to shoot!!

Another addition is the custom leather Lens Cuff which wraps around the lens, instantly transforming your camera into a whimsical piece of machinery from the lost era...

Last but not least, the custom leather Camera Strap is the ultimate statement piece, tying in the whole look of the camera with your proud Playa wares & other Burner gears.

Feel free to contact for questions & custom work.

I look forward to creating something truly unique & special with you!!

Follow us at for more designs & updates*

SPECIAL BURNER DISCOUNT CODE!! Enter "BURN4LIFE" at check out for 10% off entire purchase =) info (at) camerapunk (dot) com


The Home of Glamping.

Our Sibley Bell tents are legendary worldwide and are considered the ultimate playa tents due to their unique specifications and their timeless design. Thanks to our customers confidence we have become one of the world's leading canvas tent specialists. We develop, manufacture and sell luxurious 100% pure cotton tents for both private and professional use.

We offer several playa package deals on our website: tent, inner tent, shade shelter, shipping and lots of love included. info (at) canvascamp (dot) com

Companion Bike Seat

Companion Bike Seat is a brand new bike rack that lets you carry a passenger on your bike and has storage space beneath the seat as well. They're compatible with all types of different bikes, makes, models, and sizes, including, cruisers, mountain bikes, path-and-pavement bikes, and more. We're a small company, two life-long friends, that started the business in 2011, looking to change bike commuting. One of our first customers took a prototype to Burning Man last year and said it was perfect for getting around. Our bike seats are ready to go now, and we decided to give away 10 free bike seats this summer to Burners to take with them and let us know what they think.

- Thanks in advance for considering our bike seats! paul (at) thebikeseat (dot) com

DnA Experience

10% off for burners. Use promo code BURNER at checkout! dashel (at) dashel (dot) com

Dr Cory's Party Pax

Dr. Cory’s Party Pax: Highly Effective Party Recovery Nutrients

Cory Reddish, ND aka Dr Cory is a purveyor of all things Good, Healthy and Fun. Her signature Party Pax- Virtuous Nutrients for your Vices-originally developed at Burning Man, have been preventing party burnout and helping revelers for over 10 years!

• Take care of your health on the Playa

• Boost Energy, Mental Clarity and Stamina

• Sleep Better

• Reboot your Brain and Protect your Liver

• Get back to work more easily when you return to the default world

Choose from 3 Convenient Pax:

•DAILY MAINTENANCE PAX: Full Throttle Desert Maintenance- Everything you need to stay healthy on the Playa and Festivals. Contains Multivitamin, Anti-oxidants, Magnesium, Fish oil, Liver Detox & Brain Nutrients, Electrolytes all in one easy convenient packet. For partiers and non-partiers alike!

•EXTREME PARTY PAX: protects the brain, enhances detox and restores depleted nutrients and neurotransmitters. Formulated to minimize untoward effects of: all-night parties, stimulants, extreme substances (psycho-actives, mdma, cocaine).

•BOOZE PAX: Formulated to minimize untoward effects of: spirits, beer, wine and big nights out. Supports alcohol detoxification pathways in the liver to prevent hangovers.

"Burning Man is an incredibly intense environment. You're pushing your body to its limits - extreme heat, dust, and at night, cold - plus little sleep. The last thing you want is to feel like crap while everyone else is enjoying the art, music and dancing. After seeing Dr Cory's Party Pax pop up in my Facebook feed of "Must Haves" for optimal Burning Man (and/or regular life partying) health, I checked out her site. The Party Pax (and Extreme Party Pax, if you'll be indulging in mind altering substances) are a one stop shop for next day rehab. I ordered enough for both me and my boyfriend, and we decided to take Dr Cory's Party Pax every morning at Burning Man. I have NEVER felt better in my life - strong, energized, clear headed, and most of all, my mood was upbeat and HAPPY! I now take them with me traveling and have a stash at home. Highly recommend!!"

Julia Allison, Journalist, Author and Former Bravo Star

Party Pax make great gifts or order in bulk for your whole camp and save some dough!

For more details and to order go to

*Mention the Burning Man resource guide with your order and she'll include a Playa Natural Health Survival Guide! Field-tested, doctor approved! info (at) drcory (dot) com


We are a brand new nutritional supplement company based out of San Diego. We sell our own formulated supplements geared towards rebalancing brain chemistry and restoring the nervous system after overexertion. Our launching formula (ReVive) was partially inspired by a need for a supplement that aided in the recovery after burning-man like events where sleep deprivation, over-stimulation, and use of caffeine, alcohol or drugs may take place. It was designed to restore neurotransmitter levels, neutralize oxidative stress, promote brain cell regeneration and repair, manage inflammation, and much more. All the ingredients have extensive peer-reviewed science behind them. Our formula is vegetarian and manufactured in a GMP certified facility. A percentage of our profits will be donated to MAPS (multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies) to support cutting edge research on psychedelic medicines and therapuetic tools. Burners will receive a $15 off coupon by typing BURN into checkout. caitlinthompson (at) entheozen (dot) com

Gem Valley

Gem Valley is a tiny business located in Pittsburgh, PA that provides all-natural (really!), small-batch, hand-crafted lotions, lip balms, and beet-infused blush for your dry, crackly, playa hand & body needs.

E-mail us for Burner discounts! gem.valley.pgh (at) gmail (dot) com

Gerlach Soaps

We sell wonderful hand crafted soaps, lotions, and balms for men and women. Get supplies to help prevent playa foot and chapped lips and ones to help repair them if they've already begun. Get yourself a lavish soap to enjoy during that first epic shower after the event. We will be set up in Gerlach at the emporium during the opening and exodus rushes, stop by and support local Gerlach businesses by purchasing quality products you'll enjoy. gerlachsoaps (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hydraulic Industrial Services

Wholesale distributors for hydraulic and pneumatic parts and equipment. We stock a wide range of industrial and hydraulic hose, fittings, adapters, valves, pumps, motors, cylinders, filtration, and much much more.

We're multi-year burners that have experienced the awesomeness.... and have (in part) wrapped our minds around what it takes to make playa projects come to life.

Ask for Justin - Mention it's a Black Rock project....and we'll hook up special pricing. justin (at) hydraulicindustrial (dot) com

Loop Cycles

Loop Cycles is offering a unique way for Burners to extend the Burning Man way of GIFTING beyond the vicinity of Black Rock City and make a positive impact to someones life on the other side of the world. We are supplying the ultimate glow in the dark custom designed bikes for the playa at Burning Man, ordered online at , that you pick up in Reno (@ Kiwinas Bikes,145 Catron Dr, Reno, NV), and then return to us after Burning Man. In partnership with BICYCLES FOR HUMANITY, we then donate them to Namibia, Africa where they are used as means of mobility by healthcare workers, students & females. The container that the Loop Bikes will be sent to Namibia in will not only be filled with tools and training material to be turned into a BIKE WORKSHOP for the local community creating jobs servicing the bicycles and acting as hub for related activities, but also a SKILLS EMPOWERMENT CENTRE (SEC). A SEC is a small technology kit of computer, software and tablets (Androids) to provide education and business opportunities. We have limited stock so get your LOOP BIKE now and help make a difference one bike at a time. Visit our website to see our special deals for larger groups, as well as a range of accessories for your Loop Bike! Pick up & Drop off location is @ 145 Catron Dr, Reno, NV info (at) loopcycles (dot) org

We print shirts, hats, hoodies, cards, banners, mugs, buttons, magnets, and tons of stickers (plus a bunch of other items). We've been Burners since 2006 and would love to continue helping our fellow Burners have the best swag on the Playa. We always give a Burner discount based on quantity and product type. jason (at) madshirtz (dot) com


MOMOTIQUE - Unique Jewelry & Leather Gear for the Playa

Anything from vintage style Lock & Key earrings to handmade Leather Flask Holders & Steampunk Camera Gear, MOMOTIQUE is your stop to discover retro-futuristic & whimsical designs PERFECT for on and off the Playa!!

Most of the pieces use up-cycled and repurposed items such as mechanical watch parts, stainless steel nuts & bolts, salvaged computer chips & vintage keys etc, making each piece a true one of a kind. The biggest challenge is working with new types of material which tend to be unconventional for jewelry & leather crafting, but it is MOMOTIQUE's mission & passion to bring you wonder and amusement, and to show beauty & inspiration in everything, everyone, and everywhere...

With that said, come explore and roam around MOMOTIQUE's version of "Dr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" where curiosity meets creativity!!

MOMOTIQUE's designs, project updates, products available at:

SPECIAL BURNER DISCOUNT CODE!! Enter "BURN4LIFE" at Checkout for 10% off your entire purchase =) info (at) Momotique (dot) com

Moontower Glass

We have all your glass needs. Pendants, jewelry, TOBACCO smoking accessories, (sorry I'm in Texas, gotta say it) or any sort of custom home decor/ lifestyle needs. Burners get wholesale pricing, and if you're a glass retailer and a burner, 10% off my wholesale. Thank y'all. See ya on the playa
Spinglass (at) me (dot) com

Nevada Fine Arts

We are the largest Independent art supply store in Northern Nevada. We sell canvas, paint, picture frames, glow in the dark paint, fluorescent markers, bike horns, etc. Show us your burning man ticket and get 10% off anything regular priced in the store. Our other daily discounts are 24 to 40% off. orders (at) nvfinearts (dot) com

Ninja Pyrate

Ninja Pyrate specializes in a unique variety of fire and glow props, both solid and modular. We offer durable, well-weighted tools, and have developed a portable/modular system for flow equipment. With interchangeable ends, it easy to convert your staff from fire to glow to practice and beyond - with options such as fire/glow dragon or Darth Maul style sword attachments. Our modular contact staffs feature an adjustable length system, and we offer a variety of other popular props such as solid and modular contact swords, double staffs, and nunchaku. Heavily influenced by martial arts weapons, we also offer unique dagger/sword/sai style eating and breathing torches. Additionally, we carry accessories such as PLAYA WEAR, nomex gloves and ninja masks, wick covers, and Sklitter (a titanium alloy). We pride ourselves on both the durability of our props and our customer service.

USE CODE "BURNINGMAN" FOR 10% OFF THROUGH AUGUST 18TH! sales (at) ninjapyrate (dot) com

Playa Bike Repair

PLAYA BIKE REPAIR is both a service, and a theme camp. Rent a bike via our website. We transport your rental bike to the playa. Claim your bike at our camp!

PRE PLAYA: Bike rentals start at $150 including transport. "Transport only" is $50 per bike from SF to BRC, round trip, and open to everyone.

IN BLACK ROCK CITY: We run a “Bike lounge,” with a bar, music, shade, and tools. Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will help anyone fix any bike, free. Last year we fixed over 3,000 bikes!

AFTER THE BURN: We offer Bike Transport to SF, cleaning, maintenance, and storage.

YOUR SUPPORT enables us to offer free bike repair on the playa. PlayaBikeRepair (at) Gmail (dot) com

Playa Rebar Bender

Playa Rebar Bender

Easily bend #3 (.375in) and #4 (.500in) rebar into tight 1.25in diameter candy canes to 170 degrees. Bender fits into tubes of your desired length with a minimum inside diameter of 1.25 inches.

Made in Los Angeles. Local delivery available.
the118tampa (at) yahoo (dot) com

Playa Supplies

Playa Supplies is a "One Stop Playa Shop." It's an aggregation of all the stops you'll be making across your city and interwebs. The items are not required to have a great Burn, but from personal experience I know they'll come in handy. chris (at) playasupplies (dot) com

PlayaLung: Sexy & Powerful Breathing Protection

Pink! Camo! Red! Blue! Black! Reflective!

Ask anyone who knows...

Our masks have the highest-grade filtration (HEPA + Charcoal integration). Low-resistance breathing for high-aerobic activity.

The hottest look.

Playalung masks are a genuine leap in evolution from flimsy hospital masks or 30 lb. "Respirators." Upgrade your Burning experience this year and get a pro mask! Take care of yourself!

We'll be shipping these all the way through the Burn and offering Next Day shipping for all the last minute peeps.

Big Love,

-Dr. Meu info (at) playalung (dot) com


We offer complete camping set ups for the playa in one or two person set-ups in standard or deluxe configurations. We include everything you need including your tent, bike , mattress, sleeping bag, shower, all your cooking gear including stove, pots and silverware. These are all playa tested and are meant for both the harsh environment of the Black Roc.

Our facility is close to the Reno airport for easy pick-up and return and has everything you need for a comfortable week in the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert.

We are burners who have been going to the event for over fourteen years and aim to make your camping experience at Burning Man as stress free as possible. tilt (at) earthlink (dot) net


Playatech offers the Caravansary's most complete line of benches, bars, beds, tables, couches, stages, and just about anything you need to rapidly furnish a rockin' camp or art installation - and LNT in moments to travel on to the next souk.

Since 2005, you've experienced Playatech from Media Mecca to Animal Control, Playa Info to Earth Guardians, and hundreds of places you sit, drink, dance, work, sleep, or chill - if you haven't made some yet, it's time to get off your duff and make gifts for your mates’ duffs!

Our designs kick butt on IKEA, ship flat as 4x8 sheets, assemble/strike in moments without fasteners, and prove that your garage beats China - plus, participating in Playatech embodies all 10 Burning Man principles. But only if you DO it!

Just download plans for a $5/ea donation to BRAF, and all the camp furniture you'll ever want is Done For You!! Well, you'll need some power tools. We define playa posh, so shop till you drop and build early before our annual server crash mid-August. It is the best playa gear money can't buy - except the spoof items.

Please help us extend our existing Guinness world record for the largest radically participative art project in Nevada history. Ever wonder what happened to all the trees there? Pour another Guinness on that Playatech bar!

Playatech - World's Leading Caravansary Technology Since “The Psyche" sunshine (at) playatech (dot) com

PodBelt Cargo & Utility Belts

** BURNER DISCOUNT: 10%-20% off Belts, Pods and Sets!

Got gear? We make the original modular cargo system designed specifically for playa: by burners, for burners, since 2002. Keep survival needs secure, accessible, and without weight on your shoulders. Choose from 20+ pouches and accessories: add function to your existing belts & gear, mix-n-match to create a custom PodBelt set, or pick one of our starter sets. Discount set prices start under $55, and many accessories are under $10.

** ORDERING DEADLINES ::: Until Mon July 14: get your choice of "Early Bird" gift ::: Until Mon Aug 4: Burner discount prices + guaranteed pre-event delivery ::: LAST CALL Aug 5 thru Aug 21: no discount + may require rush shipping.

** TO GET THE DISCOUNT::: You MUST order from our burner discount page-- retroactive discounts can't be given! Visit & click "order", then scroll down & click the flame icon at the bottom. Enter the password: blackrockbelt.

Thanks for your continued support!! pod14 (at) podbelt (dot) com

Ruthfull's Mad Propz

At Ruthfull's Mad Propz, you can find an assortment of decorated ashtray tins for the LNT smokers in your life! Are you tired of smelling like an ashtray after a long night on the playa? If you're not a smoker, are you tired of finding butts in your camp's recycling or, worse, on the ground? These tins solve this MOOP dilemma with style! They contain the mess and the smell, and will stay firmly shut in your bag or pocket (so long as you empty it regularly upon returning to camp). I have many more in stock than what is shown in my Etsy shop, and will post more soon!

~~Custom tins also available (choose your phrase, colors and shoe picture)! Get a few personalized for your theme camp or project! ~~
You can also check out my general artwork at!

See y'all when we all get back HOME! )'( (at) gmail (dot) com

Scenicsource Fabrics, Inc.

Wholesale distributor of staging, theatrical and event fabrics. Specializing in wide widths and large quantities. sandy (at) scenicsource (dot) com

Simply Waterproof

Need to keep the playa off your electronics? Whether you're a DJ, putting on a light show, or just want to keep your cell phone safe, Simply Waterproof offers a variety waterproof sleeves that will fit your device. Our line of simple products are durable enough for the burn (probably a few, actually) and affordable enough to be an easy call when packing for weeks in the desert. Tight on space? Worry not! You won't even notice our slim product protecting your gear when packed away. Made by a burner, for burners and other wandering types. Use coupon code PLAYA2014 for a 15% discount on any order. contact (at) simplywaterproof (dot) com


Micano Home and Garden is a cultural boutique. The main emphasis is handmade only goods. Beside all the use-able art in the store, ie tribal masks and cultural jewelry that are great to add some authenticity to your costume. The art itself is tribal and would put the finishing touch on tribal or organic type camps.Micano's is the most cultural store in Reno and welcome diversity in it's products and it's clients. mariposa_boy (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Truckee Meadow Herbs

You'll find a full selection of vitamin and herbal supplements, bulk herbs, teas, extracts, tinctures, homeopathics, Chinese herbal formulas, essential oils, books, salves, bottles and more. tomstewart2000 (at) gmail (dot) com


“whoop” - an exclamation of approval and excitement

“whoop it up”, informal.

a. to raise a disturbance, as to celebrate noisily

b. to stir up enthusiasm, as for an idea or project


whoop! is having fun, implementing mad ideas, spreading truth and beauty, and creating consciousness and innovations in recycling, salvaging, and repurposing. Festie, circus, fairy, fun.

Dance/Hula Hoops for adults and children. Hand built for performance, fitness, and play. Created for adult exercise and hoop dance, these retro toys with a modern spin can be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages and sizes and create an atmosphere of fun wherever they go.

Faerie Doors for your home or garden are made with 95% recycled materials including reclaimed wood and salvaged found objects.

Circus and Fairy accessories may include costume elements such as wings, wands, fascinators, ribbon halos, feather hair extensions, and animal ears hair clips.

Kat Beight is a nomadic artist currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and a self proclaimed citizen of the nation of Imagi. Brazen, ballsy, belligerent. Twisted. Crass. Silly. Smutty. Saucy. Demented. In previous incarnations, she's been a Burner (Burning Man), a Deat/tourhead, Rainbow, gypsy, Trekkie, vagabond, prankster, groupie, nomad, cynic, hippie, eco-terrorist, enabler, artist/vendor, teacher, road warrior, wordsmith, catalyst, facilitator, adventurer, muse. Having worked in the fashion industry in custom personalized accessories for 20 odd years, she expanded her circle to include hoops in 2003. More recently, she's discovered Burlesque, circus arts, costuming, object manipulation, and playing with fire as a fire hooper, accompanying it with fire safety. In 2012, conversations with the elementals prompted her to create a line of “Faerie Doors' made with 95% recycled materials. In 2014, further conversations with the elementals resulted in Creature Features - fantasy animal ears hair clips. She's sometimes witty with a foul mouth. And sometimes she's cute. whoopkat (at) gmail (dot) com

Zone West

We manufacture custom embroidered patches. 50 piece minimum with pricing discounts at every hundred after that. 7 thread colours at no extra cost.
Misty (from our Art Department) attended her first burn in 2001 and has 7 burns since then under her belt. She knows exactly what you're looking for, why you need them and how much they'll mean to you! misty (at) zonewest (dot) net

Playa Wear

Acme Playa Supply

FABulous Playa wear! Booty shorts, sexy costumes, Tutus, Self Adhesive Body Art, Glowing hair and body decorations. Decorate your body!. Look Fabulous on the Playa! - Glowing Flowers, Light up Tutus, Night glowing decorations, Sparkling earrings, Crystal Eye Makeup strips, Fabulous clothes

Battery powered + re-usable light up clothing, hats, hair decorations and body art.

Burner owned business. Playa tested gear.

Use the code BURNIT for 10 % off! patti (at) acmeplaya (dot) com

Agz Ragz

Custom Costumes, Accessories, Tutus, Wings, fun & frivolous New & lightly used clothing and costume pieces, Up-Cycled clothing, Retro styled & vintage fashions, Puppets, Masks, EL WIRE, Fiber-optic hair lights & tutus..... & more FUN!
Sewing classes, millinery, pattern making, Yes...even alterations!!

Sharing 40 years design & technical experience in the in the Theater Industry!

Burning Desires: Weekly Drop-in Workshops to help you DIY at our store in Boulder Creek, Ca. Details on our Facebook page. AgzRagz (at) att (dot) net

Asli Designs

Beautifully hand crafted leather wears for men and women made from hand selected imports from Turkey. There are also accessories as well as leather bound journals. spotlightrose (at) gmail (dot) com


Custom Costumes!

With nearly 20 years experience as a professional Costume Designer and fabricator in Los Angeles and the Northwest, if you can dream it Ceres (Veteran Burner/Cosplayer/Geek) can make it in your budget.

WANT a western-style duster that is a walking Scotch bar or a post-apocalyptic utilibellydancekilt outfit? Find AUYER on Facebook or email to get started on your custom creation!

NEED a utility belt, some bracers, or some bling?

Cosplay Accessories, Unique Bling, and Vintage available on Etsy:

Use code CARAVANSARY for 10% $40 or more until August 11th~! AuyerThreads (at) gmail (dot) com

BandHäna Fashion

BandHäna is functional fashion for stashin'! Great for dancing, festivals, late nights and long weekends -- BandHänas are a necessary party accessory with a purpose! Each piece is made with upcycled materials and is a unique one-of-a-kind.

Use coupon code LETSBURN for free shipping from our Etsy store! bandhanafashion (at) gmail (dot) com


BeastWares makes gear for badasses and unicorns. And badass unicorns. We specialize in sparkle and ruffles, as well as custom couture garments of wonder. Come to us for holographic hoodies, Glitter Britches (in men's, women's and unisex styles), and ruffle-bustle belts!

We are a small, Bay-Area design house and everything we offer is hand-made in California.

Have a special project or creation in mind? Email us to chat about bringing it to life.

Use coupon code SUMMER2014 until September 1st to get 10% off your total order! Because we loooooove you. info (at) beastwares (dot) com

Black Hole Body Piercing

Black Hole Body Piercing offers a beautiful selection of body jewelry and handmade earrings to put the finishing touch on any playa wear. We also specialize in piercing care and offer a special "Playa Package" to care for your body while residing in the BRC.
http://www.BlackHole blackhole (at) blackholereno (dot) com

black rock vintage

I sell vintage clothing for women in my main store (link below) and I have 2 other stores as well: one for men and one for accessories, I keep an inventory of playa wear in all 3 stores.

Thanks for the opportunity! trishfreed (at) gmail (dot) com

Blue Moon Designs

Blue Moon Designs by Katherine the Great specializes in fashionable utility accessories and illuminated clothing with an elegant, steampunk flair. I make all of my ultra-high-quality products myself in my Oakland studio out of recycled, reclaimed, vegan, & eco-friendly fabrics.

My Fancy Pocketed Toolbelt for Ladies & Gentlemen will complement your outfit with glamorous yet functional pockets, with a fit that flatters any size and shape of waistline. Snap on a utility bustle to add that extra swish and flip to your hustle!

My line of illuminated LED accessories (high-quality handmade Light Up Jewelry, Hair Fascinators, and Utility Bustles) will help you look great AND stay safe at night.

ONLINE: Ready-made items are available for purchase in my Etsy shop; or by searching for myself and other members of the Etsy Black Rock City Team – find all member artisans by searching “etsyBRC” on Use coupon code CARAVAN for a 10% discount in my shop, good through August 20th!

IN PERSON: Find me at Beyond The Fence, July 12th and August 16th @ Mighty SF, 119 Utah St!

Custom orders are available through Etsy or - let me build the pocket belt of your dreams!

~ Proud crew-member of the "Neverwas Haul" Victorian house art car ~

~ BRC pARTicipant since 2003 ~ katherine (at) blue-moon-designs (dot) com


Fashion Accessories for Sophisticated Free Spirits! Scarves for any and all needs and occasions. A scarf can keep you cool: soak in some water, put on your neck =instant air conditioner! (add a few drops of essential oils for aromatherapy bonus); they can keep the sun off your arms, back of the neck, and even your face; they make great dust masks, they can be worn as tops, skirts, belts, headbands and turbans! In BRC a scarf can really be your whole outfit! The most versatile fashion and survival accessory. We source the most interesting and beautiful scarves form around the world! info (at) bohomonde (dot) com


CaravansaryWear is a place to find cool things to enhance a casual active lifestyle with festivals and functionality in mind. We have selected the items we've had a hard time finding along with the things we always seem to want as we head out the door for the next adventure. Watch us grow our collection...

We are offering a FREE water bottle carrier with the purchase of 2 water bottle carriers through July, so that Burners can stock up on the essentials for themselves and friends. (offer appears at check out) carawear (at) gmail (dot) com

Corset Making Supplies

For those who prefer to tap into their own creative spirit and enjoy "Making It Yourself". A supplies business which caters to and is part of the alternative communities it supports.

A full selection of supplies for corset making, costume making, leather crafting, steampunk supplies and more!

New products constantly being added! supplies (at) corsetmaking (dot) com

Delicious Boutique

His and hers "playa couture" for Burning Man and beyond! Delicious specializes in womens and mens neo-tribal and post-apocalyptic clothing, holsters, gear belts, accessories, and more. Created by Burners for Burners!

Delicious features our own signature collection of handmade Delicious Corsets produced in-house at our Philadelphia boutique, as well as top quality, innovative apparel and accoutrements by some of the most visionary artists of our time. We work exclusively with independent and limited run designers; nothing is mass produced or made in sweatshops.

We keep in stock a large, ever-changing selection of items geared towards the tastes of the tribes and communities that we love and are part of... Burners, Steampunks, Fire Performers, Pirates, Punks, Dandies, Bohemians, Leather, Faeries, and many others. The strict quality of production and design that we require allows pieces to go from the desert to everyday life and fit perfectly in either world! ContactUs (at) DeliciousBoutique (dot) com

Diva Bella Designs

Beautiful, Sexy and Unusual Playa Clothing. ' Booty Shorts ' Fabulous TUTUs, some that GLOW, ' Fur ' Leg warmers ' boot covers ' Self adhesive body art ' Wigs ' Hats ' Battery powered night glowing clothing and accessories including: ... Flowers and body art ... Tutus ... Glowing Coats … Glowing fiber optics to add sparkle to your hair and outfits ... Sparkling streamers for your bike. Be Gorgeous! Playa Tested Stuff. Owned by Burners. 10% Discount for Burners, use the code BURNDIVA at checkout. patti (at) divabelladesigns (dot) com


50% off ALL hoods, Scarves, and Tails in stock

use code: 2014 at checkout

ElectroFur is the original Burner owned company that developed glowing faux fur fashion for the playa. Since 2007, we've combined lighting technology and the softest furs to create... magic. For this years burn, we want as many people to glow out there as possible which is why we want to offer this incredible discount. If you have been waiting for your ElectroFur, well, this is the time. We expect our inventory to SELLOUT so please don't procrastinate. Go to our website, select something for you and gift something for a friend. this will be your best night time gear... period. See you on the Playa! info (at) electrofur (dot) com


Leather utility belts, holsters, accessories, messenger bags, playa gear. Fun and sexy playa clothing for men and women. Ellko is home to the ultimate flare circus pants and the disco bra!

FREE SHIPPING + $10 OFF your order!

Just apply coupon code:BURNER2014 at checkout info (at) ellko (dot) com

Embody Clothing & Accessories

EMBODY is a line of funky Eco-friendly clothing and accessories that fuses historical elegance and edgy styling with function. The designer Tara White creates unique garments out of recycled materials with the mission to make women feel confident, comfortable, and to bring out the wearers individual personality. Our latest projects are zero waste products and having a triple bottom line in which all business practices encompass social and environmental goals. We challenge consumers to rebel against cookie cutter fashion and choose their own identity by supporting one of a kind, Eco fashion. Tara has been Burning since 2004 and is one of the core designers of the DISCO FISH mutant vehicle. Free Shipping to Canada and the US if you enter the code DISCOFISH2014 at checkout! tarawhite (at) embodyclothing (dot) com

Furlicious Fur Hats and Costumes

Furlicious specializes in custom hats made out of the highest quality furs and fabrics around. Shop with us! You can customize your hat colors, request pattern modifications or select one of our hats in the shop! We are always getting new fur in stock and are happy to accommodate requests! Our business is rated FIVE STARS.

We offer fun, quirky hats perfect for day or night for men and women or children. Our hats are MOOP free. You can add barrettes, clips or brush the fur on our funky animals for new look. Our fur animal hats are our specialty!

You can't beat our prices, quality and customer service. We will offer burners a 30% DISCOUNT. Please use code "BURNER30" to receive the discount. If you are looking for hats for your theme camp or fundraiser we can offer bulk discounts. Please contact us to inquire about bulk orders.

We have been in business for over eight years and have been burners for over 15 years! Please order by August 13th to receive in time. International orders should allow more time for arrival! cpreston916 (at) gmail (dot) com

Happy Hatz

Faux fur hatz, lots of colors tzippp (at) gmail (dot) com


Bright colored and overly eccentric with a born love for faux fur this line was created to mystify and intrigue the many wanderers. This line is customizable, you choose the color fur you'd like, the lining, size and length. Every festival coat features a hidden pocket for the treasures that your heart desires and zipper front and clasp options. I've tried my best to create beautiful coats for as low of a price as I can because of how much I love this community!!!

All my Love,

Hendrix info (at) hendrix1982 (dot) com

Hunt And Gather

Imaginative headdresses and accessories to compliment your unique and fun style at Burning Man! leahbassett (at) hotmail (dot) com


New and secondhand clothing store with a special love for burner gear. Also carries EL wire and other fun lights. Get 50% on your previously rocked clothing and gear once it sells. For weirdos by weirdos. 414 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. iconocladslc (at) gmail (dot) com


Fractal geometry is the math of nature, mesmerizing to the human eye. Infused with zen lotus love. Awesome playa gear, fractal art - Custom backpacks, dresses, bikinis, eye masks, watches & more! Most items also look awesome in black light. For items that are already in stock, do a search for "STOCK" in the store. Those will ship immediately. Non-stock items that have to be made will need to be ordered 3 weeks in advance. Love! contact (at) theinfiniteedge (dot) com

Intergalactic Hobo

Leather hip bags, holsters, and accessories.

Located in Asheville, NC.

Leather utility belt bags, holsters, leather and feather accessories and clothing that are built to stand the test of time and elements... Custom work requests are welcome!

I make quality leather hip bags, utility belts, and holster bags made with passion and love, many from up-cycled materials. Everything is hand sewn with durability and long life in mind. I also feature some jewelery, leather accessories and clothing.

Need something you don't see here? Want something for a special event or costume? See something you like but want a different color or size? Just ask! I love custom work, just drop me a line and tell me what your needs are!

Use coupon code SHIP1 for free domestic (US) shipping, contact me for discount on international!

intergalactichobo (at) gmail (dot) com intergalactichobo (at) gmail (dot) com



InVisions Celebrates Visionary Art by offering an Artful, Authentic, Apparel Line for Men and Women; Featuring High Quality screen printed T~shirts, Dresses, Jackets, Leather Hip Belts and much more! InVisions collaborates with the world’s most renowned Visionary Artist’s such as Alex Grey, Jen Delyth and Mark Henson, to create a conscious Line of Apparel that is colorful, expressive and fun! And that’s not all..InVisions uses water based inks, never compromising our Planet’s precious resources for great Style.

In addition to our Eco~ Friendly Apparel Line, we also offer an exciting and eclectic Leather Artwear Line that will make the Playa Jump for Joy! For the dedicated Fashionista, this line has it all, including Sexy Leather Bikini’s, Skirts, Shorts, Boleros, and much more. Each piece is made of Buttery Soft Leather, which is as intricately detailed as the Temples on the Playa.

To our amazing community of Burners, Artists, Dreamers and Thinkers: Envelop yourself In Visions. Wearable Art, Tangible Magic! crystaltara (at) yahoo (dot) com

Junkee Clothing Exchange

Junkee Clothing Exchange offers new and used clothing and costume items. We collect fun and unique pieces all year to fill up our back room. It's a burner's paradise, with playa gear for day and night. Our Antique portion of the store also stocks up on accessories and fun bits for your camp. First burn? no problem, We have lots of experienced burners to help you find layers for cold playa nights, and funky outfits to represent YOU on the playa. info (at) junkeeclothingexchange (dot) com

Light Up Coats


Featured in ( Burning Man the documentary by RT )

King has been making Light Up Coats and Royal Robes for over 6 years. Making over 250 coats for burners and performers world wide. Using some of the finest hand picked fabrics collected from Amsterdam, Paris, Los Angeles and Thailand. With over 300 interiors to choose from. Ranging from satins, silks, brocades and cotton prints. And over 200 types of the finest faux furs to choose from.

He also makes costumes. If you can think it up he can make it. He has made a unicorn, mountain lion, pack of wolves, dragons, a flying velociraptor, flying squirrels and many yetis to name a few.

He also offers light up corsets, light up vests, light up boas, light up scoodies and tails. The list goes on. Check out my Etsy store

It is good to be Royalty or at least look like it!!!

Mention this ad and receive a discount or free gift your choice. king (at) lightupcoats (dot) com

Loca Design

Psychedelic Jewelry, Customizable Flasks, Chandelier Earrings, Bohemian Baubles, Rare Vintage Finds lalindaloca (at) gmail (dot) com


This is the swan song for Lulievision-- after 12 years of sewing for the beautiful people of the Playa, it is time to move on to other fun things!

I will be selling all of my inventory off before the 2014 event at trunk sales in LA, private appointments in the month of August, and on my Etsy site. I can also point you in the right direction for costumes and last minute sewing needs.

I *may* have time for one or two custom orders, email and reserve space ASAP.

Thank you, citizens of Black Rock City, for letting me wrap you in faux fur warmth, for gearing up the Black Rock Rangers against the elements, and for making my last decade so colorful, creative and full of love!

{ Ask for your free CohZee hat with every order -- chosen from my bin of hundreds of furs!} lulie (at) lulievision (dot) com

Made by Julianne

Survive the playa all fabulously!

Brave dust storms in style with Zipper Masks.  Each handmade mask is weird and wonderful and you can use the zipper to suck down a sip of your favorite drink or sneak a kiss on your favorite freak.

New this year are colorful turbans, a great solution to inevitable playa hair. I also make leggings, jackets, and maxi skirts.

Each item is handmade and will last for many MOOP-less burns. We can create custom designs together to make your fantasy wardrobe a reality!

Use coupon code COTTONCANDYKITTEN to get FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. I’m currently based out of Los Angeles if you need anything that requires fittings. juliannemd (at) gmail (dot) com

Miranda Caroligne

Miranda Caroligne creates unique wearable art with sustainable-sourced textiles. Her designs embody radical self-expression vs a mass-marketed "look," working as a conduit to help each and every person manifest their exterior to match their connect with others more clearly.

First and foremost, Miranda encourages you to be radically self-reliant and create things yourself. Her book, Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies, can be helpful in this adventure. However, if your creative imagination surpasses your technical skills, her work is available in NYC trunk shows & stores in the SF-Bay area ( for an up-to-date list), online square marketplace ( and by custom order (email

While artisans deserve financial support for their work, Miranda is also very flexible and fair with pricing... believing there is value in an exchange beyond dollar bills. Alternate economies are encouraged.

Check this out too:

and remember to have fun! mirandacaroligne (at) gmail (dot) com


MOMOTIQUE - Unique Jewelry & Leather Gear for the Playa

Anything from vintage style Lock & Key earrings to handmade Leather Flask Holders & Steampunk Camera Gear, MOMOTIQUE is your stop to discover retro-futuristic & whimsical designs PERFECT for on and off the Playa!!

Most of the pieces use up-cycled and repurposed items such as mechanical watch parts, stainless steel nuts & bolts, salvaged computer chips & vintage keys etc, making each piece a true one of a kind. The biggest challenge is working with new types of material which tend to be unconventional for jewelry & leather crafting, but it is MOMOTIQUE's mission & passion to bring you wonder and amusement, and to show beauty & inspiration in everything, everyone, and everywhere...

With that said, come explore and roam around MOMOTIQUE's version of "Dr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" where curiosity meets creativity!!

MOMOTIQUE's designs, project updates, products available at:

SPECIAL BURNER DISCOUNT CODE!! Enter "BURN4LIFE" at Checkout for 10% off your entire purchase =) info (at) momotique (dot) com


Handmade faux fur hats, ears, tails and accessories. We use high quality faux fur that will keep you warm on those cold nights! Many items in the store can be made in a range of colors and combinations. morphe4 (at) gmail (dot) com

Mutante leathers

Leather custom made necklaces, wrist bands our unique goggles for burners can find the goggles at face book mutante leather check our collection time machines. Mutys (at) msn (dot) com

Never Ender

Jewelry and accessories
neverenderreno (at) gmail (dot) com


OffBeatWEAR specializes in quality fur coats, vests and accessories for both men and woman in over 25 different types of faux fur. We offer free playa pickup as well as UPS ground shipping. sunkist (at) offbeatwear (dot) com

Old Bull Lee

Men's shorts - unique patterns and high, high quality solids w/ extra fluffy pockets - Our patterned fabrics are stored in a cave in Europe (for optimal humidity & their emotional well-being) until shipment to the U.S. for assembly - New Playa pattern (for cold nights) coming mid-July. lee (at) oldbullshorts (dot) com


OnlyAtoms is a new, fun running & athletic clothing for men & women, designed
and made in NYC (by Burner runners). OnlyAtoms won’t make you run faster, better or farther...but you'll look good, feel good and HAVE FUN, no

matter what kind of runner you are.

We are part of and camping with Pink Lightning Camp, host of the BURNING MAN 50K ULTRAMARATHON and 5K run. We are providing the race tee-shirts for the ultramarathon.

Our ultimate goal is to help establish free running programs to underprivileged communities (such as the public housing projects in our neighborhood), with free clothes, free shoes, and free training to show that anyone can run, achieve optimum health, peace and happiness – and ultimately change your life – through running. Some just need help taking that first step. A large portion of our profits will go towards establishing this program, this is our whole reason for existing.


Just email us for the special code: hello (at) onlyatoms (dot) com

Ossuaria Jewelry

Hi there, Playa neighbors! In the endless competition to outdo everyone else's outfit, it's all about the accessories. And sure, you could be the 25,000th person out there with steampunk goggles, or your could wear a one-of-a-kind work of art made entirely from animal bones (100% ethically sourced). Burners who spend more than $100 get a discount of 20% between now and 8/15/14 with the code BURN. Thanks, loves! See you on the Playa! kristin (at) apartment213 (dot) com

Peacheserratica Playa Knits & Dreads

I began making wool dreads after a friend told me he couldn't find any that he liked anywhere, and it turned out that I was pretty good at it! Now I've found so much joy in crafting gorgeous custom creations from a range of fibers like various sheeps' wools, alpaca, and silk. I have my own acid dyes, including flourescents, so I can play with colors and create all kinds of lovely looks for lovely people. I have a range of pre-made dreads and I LOVE the challenge of custom requests.

I will be offering special coupons now and then as we get closer to burn time, in my store and on my Facebook page ( so keep an eye out! peacheserratica (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Wear


Fun, sexy, warm, and comfortable Playa Wear Fashions for women, men, and children. Monster fur coats, vests, and more… Our creative designs are unique, affordable, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind fashions that will allow you to capture and wear the spirit of Burning Man. We enjoy helping to clothe Black Rock City and it’s pre & post events across the country.

Plus, to help keep our world green, we also offer a host of gently-worn and gently-worn-restyled fashions.

Let us help dress you for Burning Man and more. Come visit our web site, Ebay store, or Etsy store today and throughout the year, as we continue to add new and unique styles.

See you on the Playa!

Jammie Sant jammie (at) playawear (dot) com


Playawear and accessories. Comfortable, stylish, and moop free designs. bob (at) onestopcandle (dot) com

ABC Laser Pendants and Gifts

Born on the Playa in 2007, we help fellow Burners create pendants, swag, pins or patches for "gifting" or camp swag. Whether individuals or a camp, let us help you turn your special design into a "Playa Gift" or pick a design and we will customize it for you. Made from acrylic, wood, leather, bone, metal or cloth using our high-tech laser engraver, we can make one or hundreds. Create "Member Camp Swag" for food lines or identification. Or make special "Thank You Gifts" for your projects. And our kinetic designs make for those ultra gifts as well. Come see our art display at Center Camp. Visit us NOW at OR NOW see us at SUPER E-A-R-L-Y-B-I-R-D DISCOUNT on paid orders placed before August 1st. Mention Code "Pendants 2014" in your email. Thanks for thinking of us. info (at) playapendants (dot) com

Polyester's Costume Boutique

One stop shop for all of your fun, fresh and funky clothing and playa gear! We have clothes, goggles, E.L. wire, lights, and everything you didn't know you needed! We also offer custom sewing, alterations, and upcycling to bring your old duds new life. Custom order cut off August 1st but we accept orders year round in store and online. polycostumes (at) gmail (dot) com

Reno Bead Shop

The Reno Bead Shop is your one stop shop to create all your jewelry gifts for the playa. Find all your gemstones, wood, shells, metal, unique ethnic pieces, stringing materials, wire, findings and tools. With just one visit, its a snap to create that special look for Burning Man. cindy (at) renobeadshop (dot) com

Revolver Fashion

Home of the Worlds Most Refractive Active Wear, Dance & Festival Pants! Revolver Fashion is creating for your burn the softest most touchable fur pants and vests. Please help share the word. We also can handle camp and custom orders. We look forward to building a relationship with you! cookie.revolverfashion (at) gmail (dot) com

Rosa Bloom

London-based designer Rosa Bloom creates costumes that will make your heart flutter, and accessories that will make your toes tingle. These are costumes for revelling in! In fact, the following instruction is sewn into every garment: “be wild whilst wearing”.
Every decadent piece is carefully designed to the highest standard of quality and detail by Rosa herself. Having gained a cult following on the UK festival circuit, Rosa Bloom now ships worldwide, to the most discerning of festival aficionados, who want unique, eye-catching, yet easy-to-wear costume pieces. rosa (at) rosabloom (dot) com


SILLIKILTS (TM)... We all love a Man in a Kilt, y'know? but those Utilikilts are so...UTILITARIAN! Boys, git yer Kilt attitude on with a silly one from I create unique ones from printed denim, brocades, home decor prints: stripes, monkeys, maps, pandas, paisley. I'm a 14-year burner, and as much as I love those khaki thingies, on the playa I want to see Color! Dots! Bright! Stripes! Zebras! Wear your podbelt! These are designed just for you, and for Burning Man. Each will be unique. They take a while, so at least a month lead time is the best.

& SLASHED SLIPS! ... My Reconstructed Lingerie -- dyed, slashed, embellished, each is different. Think Zombie Fairies.

& HATS! ... Original FauxHawk Helmets and upcycled Curly Flap Fezzes perfect for playa prancing.

KILTS & SLIPS galleries at . Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team (search tag "etsybrc"). "sending unique wear to the playa since 2004". OOAK is what I do!

? aolafsen (at) cox (dot) net


SAFETY THIRD tees for big girls and boys. Enjoy the hand-screened, handmade and customizable charm of Burners' favorite phrase! Custom OOAK work shirts, tshirts & shorts celebrating explosions, amputations, radioactivity, fire, smoke & effluvia, running with scissors, and the feline after-life. And if you have a safety-related suggestion, I might just make that one, too. A Burner since 2000, with scars to prove it! Hope to recognize you on the playa.

Charter member of Etsy Black Rock City Crew, the Etsy Burner Team (search tag "etsybrc"). know me as Ass^trid if you must.

=>> Free shipping to Burners! (coupon code PLAYAPOST) <== aolafsen (at) cox (dot) net

Sandala Moon

I specialize in colorful pocket belts made from upholstery fabrics and faux leather vinyls. Customize your order and have one made to match your favorite color scheme or costume. All of my designs are handmade in house by me...drop by and see all the lovely designs. Unique festival fashions for burning man, steampunk costumes, renaissance faire, and creative expression. Thank you! ~Tara sandalamoon (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sk Artisanes

Funky fashion for men. Why do girls get to have all the fun?
This sleeveless military style Napoleon jacket can be worn in a formal setting and at festivals and give you a distinctive look. The jackets are made with the playa in mind. They are light weight and are perfectly designed to ride a bicycle.

Each jacket is unique in that the fabrics are never the same. Do click on the link and let your curiosity take the lead! SkArtisanes (at) gmail (dot) com

Snowflake Hoops Inc.

Snowflake Hoops Inc. offers a unique line of handmade clothing, performance hoops, and original artwork. We are dedicated to making high quality products using only the best materials, green business practices, and exceptional customer service.

We love custom orders, so if you have an idea for something special please message us!

I will be having a Playa prep sale starting the last week in July 15% off everything in store coupon code: PLAYAPIMP snowflakehoops (at) gmail (dot) com


Specializing in New Old Stock Vintage Sunglasses, Colorful Spectacles, Goggles, Far-Out Safety Glasses,Cateye Glasses, Aviators, Bug Eyes, Fly Shades, Clubmasters, Wayfarers, Rockabilly Cat Eyes. 1920s - 1990s. Use code CARAVAN10 for 10% off your entire order. Expires August 30, 2014. Cheers y'all! sunnyspex (at) gmail (dot) com

The Fairies Pyjamas

SuperSugarRayRay creates fun and unique clothing and accessories for men and women. Specializing in bold and colorful Spirit World ponchos, hoodies, desert caftans, dance pants and handwarmers. Created with a conscience and locally made in the Bay Area. Designed to keep you cool in the daytime and warm at night and comfortable on the dance floor anytime. Available online or visit our booth at Beyond the Fence in San Francisco at Mighty on August 9th. SuperSugarRayRay  not for the faint of heart. supersugarrayray (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Fairies Pyjamas

Who says you can't have a slice of cake and eat it too? At The Fairies Pyjamas you can get your Playa wear without breaking the bank AND it's fairtrade/organic. With amazing variety of Hula Hoop Pants, Sexy backless tops, armwear and of course, Belts with Pockets (hip pouches/fanny packs) you're gonna love shopping online and taking advantage of this discount Promo Code just for YOU! Simply log in, add items to your cart and apply 'burner14' for 15% off your entire order. See you on the Playa! fairymichelle (at) thefairiespyjamas (dot) com

The Melting Pot World Emporium

Serving the Burning Man community for the past 2 decades. The Melting Pot World Emporium, Reno's Coolest Counter Culture Store, is the Granddaddy of Burner Boutiques. Voted best place to shop for Playa garb and best clothing boutique consecutive years running in the Reno News & Review. Owned & operated by veteran burners and home of The Midnite Popcorn Palace, "Popcorn to the People!" We feature cutting edge couture clothing from extreme tribal to sexy diva with a bit of Sparkle Pony sprinkled on top. We specialize in unique items from fair trade manufacturers as well as small indie designers. Some of the products we carry include goggles, bandanas, body paint, tights, tutus, bindis, nippies, corsets, lingerie, belly dance apparel, party wear, more goggles, amazing men's wear, hats, crazy hats, faux fur fashion, sage, incense, hip belts, bad a** boots, prayer flags, tapestries, jewelry, and a superb steampunk selection. Oh, and did we mention goggles? Also, our PIPE ROOM is one of the longest running and well stocked smoke shops in Northern Nevada! We’re Your One Stop Playa Shop! Thank You for supporting local businesses which helps to keep our community strong! ericbaron100 (at) gmail (dot) com

Trixy Xchange

Awesome eco-friendly hand made clothing for burners! Rock the playa in our El Wire Light Up Hoodies, Colorful Rave Fluffies, Furry Patchwork Hoods, Recycled Wrap Skirts, Blacklight Bikinis and Cotton Arm Covers that will protect you from the sun and fire! GREAT FOR MEN & WOMEN! trixyxchange (at) gmail (dot) com

Wild on the Inside Faux Furs

Wild on the Inside has been furring up burners for 8+ years specializing in faux fur coats, vests and playa wear! Everything is burner made and designed with the playa in mind - including double zipper pockets, built in hydration packs and reversible options turn your fashion statement into a fully functional wearable art piece! Super quick and great customer service guaranteed to co-create the furs of your dreams!


Wild also carries a large selection of DUST GOGGLES and DESERT SPF T’s to round out your playa wardrobe. All Desert T’s are 50% off with any in store purchase through the burn.

All currently in-stock coats are drastically reduced via this link only for burners!


Wild takes custom orders all the way up to the burn! Choose your colors and furs and customize your coat for the off the rack price! Interactive custom quote and pricing on the website.


Mention JRS in the notes section of checkout and receive a pair of standard DUST GOGGLES for FREE with any fur purchase!

Heavy duty construction, attention to detail and high quality furs is Wild's Specialty! Reach out with any questions or for a custom quote and receive details, pictures and options just for you! wildfauxfur (at) gmail (dot) com

Wild Thang Festive Apparel

Wild Thang is a sweet boutique often referred to as a little gold mine.

It is owned and operated by a Burner of many, many years! Everything in the shop is made and designed right here by the mother and daughter duo. Our focus is on one of a kind, colorful, sexy, furry and unique pieces. There are lots of fun options to choose from for tastes of all ranges.

We have sexy pants, hot shorts, furry head rings, gorgeous hoods, faux fur vests, and plenty of white outfits to choose from for the white events! Some of our most loved items are faux fur coats of unparalleled quality and construction, and Elegant Arms that float like wings. Almost every fur item we make is reversible for extra vibrancy, versatility, and value!

We are proud to offer clothes for both men and women, and we make sure to keep in mind both the sweltering heat and the cool of the night. Special orders are available as time allows, and most items are one or two or three of a kind, so GET IT WHILE IT'S HERE!

I look forward to seeing you,

Off we go to another awesome burn!


Torch and Sky


You Are spHERE

Hoop Girls, Poi Dancers, or ladies who just like hot costumes will find one-of-a-kind unique pieces to mix and match. And for the guys, look for the Cargo Kilts. One-size-fits-most Halter Tops and Hoop Pants are my specialty, but sets of the best practice poi are also available. You'll find Bolero jackets for hot days, and Wrap Coats for cool evenings. info (at) youaresphere (dot) com


A Burners Market

We are Burner’s shopping for Burner’s! We are personal shoppers here to make your experience at Burning Man 2014 more enjoyable by doing the shopping for your non-perishable supplies for you.

We will shop for the lowest prices on all the items you need to set up a great camp big or small. There is no need to travel to Reno days early, shopping in 100 degree plus temperatures, on streets you are not familiar with, at over-crowded stores that might not have all the supplies you need. Our fees are low and we will have a convenient pick-up location and can even meet you at a designated spot. Check out our website, and let us save you time and money. Watch for our coupons on Facebook and Twitter. bmpersonalshopper (at) gmail (dot) com

Activation Foods

Camp kitchen foodservice and catering, specializing in vegetarian, gluten-free, live-cultured & raw foods, and playa friendly menus that are delicious and nutritious. Pre-orders available of buckets of sauerkraut & kimchi, non-soy tempeh, kegs of Jun & Kombucha, and other items. Also offering camp kitchen setup & menu development consulting, and can help medium to large camps coordinate organic produce and bulk/staple food item purchasing through wholesalers. Check out the website, email, or call Christina at (541)357-7505. christina (at) activationfoods (dot) com

Advantage Flight Solutions, LLC


Thanks to everyone for helping us complete our 1,000th playa flight last year!

Nobody has done more flying to the playa than Advantage, and no air service has volunteered more, contributed more or participated more in our event. We're a Burner-owned, Burner-operated FAA Part 135 Air Charter Operator, and we look forward to welcoming you to our dusty skies!

We offer up to 20 daily nonstop services to between the playa and Reno, and we offer service to and from the Bay Area, Northern California, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and Utah. We save you hours of drive time each way and avoid the lines at Gate and Exodus.

We offer more than safe, dependable, and fun passenger service. We give back to our community! We've built and donated the first BRC Airport Terminal, worked on air safety improvement, and created two theme camps, four mutant vehicles, and awesome art. For the past nine years, we've transported crews and construction materials as the City was built. During the event, we've accommodated supply requests, bringing in everything from airline-delayed baggage to tools to aircraft tires to fresh sushi.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Contact information:

Advantage Flight


Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. burners (at) advantageflight (dot) com

Caliber Salon

Just for Burning Man attendees, we are offering braiding services for half off the original pricing, at just $45.00/hour. Our incentivized pricing includes quality artificial hair in a rainbow of colors. If you would like additional ribbon or yarn matching your playa gear, please bring that with you, and we will do the rest.

We are also offering vibrant, long-lasting liquid chalk highlights as an add-on service to braiding, or as a stand alone service for only $25.00 for one color, limit of 6 foils or equivalent, and $10 for each additional color.
Waxing and other skincare services are also available at 50% off.

Call Caliber at (775) 284-8620 to schedule your hair consultation with Emily or Leah, and for your skin care needs with Heidi!

Pre and Post Burn Incentives available August 19 through September 12th. Just tell us that you are going to or coming from The Burn. calibersalon (at) gmail (dot) com


Transform your camera into an eccentric piece of art, that truly represents YOU.

Have you ever felt that all the cameras you see (including your own) look the same... and boring to be quite honest? What if you can easily transform your camera into an eccentric piece of art that truly represents YOU?

The custom Lens Cap with Chain is not only stunning to look at, but highly functional as well. No more hassle with misplacing or putting away your lens cap every time... whether you're caught in a dust storm in the middle of the Playa, or trying to catch a quick shot in the midst of a dark night... just snap it off and you're ready to shoot!!

Another addition is the custom leather Lens Cuff which wraps around the lens, instantly transforming your camera into a whimsical piece of machinery from the lost era...

Last but not least, the custom leather Camera Strap is the ultimate statement piece, tying in the whole look of the camera with your proud Playa wares & other Burner gears.

Feel free to contact for questions & custom work.

I look forward to creating something truly unique & special with you!!

Follow us at for more designs & updates*

SPECIAL BURNER DISCOUNT CODE!! Enter "BURN4LIFE" at check out for 10% off entire purchase =) info (at) camerapunk (dot) com

Cashman Equipment

We rent power generators of all sizes from 15kW to 2000kW, including distribution boxes and cables. We can do delivery on-site to Burningman and after event pick-up, OR equipment can be picked up in Sparks. Other construction equipment can also be rented for large art projects. We have been providing generators to Burningman since the beginning. 600 Glendale Ave, Sparks, NV 89431
Contact is Rebel Hooper or Sarah Shields at 775-332-2438 800-937-2326

Rebel_Hooper (at) cashmanequipment (dot) com

Sarah_Shields (at) cashmanequipment (dot) com Sarah_Shields (at) cashmanequipment (dot) com

Colorado Camper Rental

Colorado Camper Rental is owned by Burners and serves anyone wanting to take a towable RV out for some Burning Man! No extra fees for taking one of our units to Burning Man, and we're happy to give you some experience based advice if you have any questions as you head out to the Playa. coloradocamperrental (at) gmail (dot) com

DomeGuys International

DomeGuys International rents geodesic dome structures for use on the playa. We deliver, set them up, anchor and remove them. Uses may include personal sleeping dome, camp hub/lounge, gallery, bar, performance venue, etc.

As a deal for Burners, we have remove the normal delivery and build assist charges and it all comes as a package deal. Burners will need to provide additional labor for the build. info (at) domeguys (dot) com

Event Productions

Trucking to the Playa degan (at) eventproductions (dot) com

Freeform Stretch Tents

Sales and rental of stretch tents. We create temporary structures to camp under or larger tents for theme camps. Quick and easy setup. bach (at) bouldersbeach (dot) co (dot) za

Luminous Arts

I design and build playa proven shade structures and shelters for your BM camp or other use (festivals, glamping, weddings, retreats, ect.).

Specializing in geodesic designs and social attractions.

Camps placing orders for structures will get priority and discounts when mentioning that the order is on behalf of a theme camp.
Camp.Luminous (at) yahoo (dot) com

Missaiyas New World Water

We supply purified structured water in bulk plus containers of all sizes including personal water bottles in glass and steel. At burn time we carry dust scaffs, Electric Wire, and unique playa gear. Take the northern route through Hunboldt and visit us in Arcata. "We burn at New World Water".
jtobin6921 (at) aol (dot) com

Morris Burner Hotel

The Morris Burner Hotel is a small Burner inspired hotel, art space, performance venue, and full time live in facility located in down town reno. It is a classic 1928 four story brick structure that the burner community in Reno has been working on for the past 7 months. Every guest room has been turned into a unique and delightful staying experience, and it is a way to be instantly be connected to the reno burner community. Our outside mini-playa is nearly 1/2 acre and feels like the playa - all the time. It will be a zoo here around BM, but please try to come and at least say hello... check/join the FB "group" Morris Burner Hotel Project... infor (at) morrisburnerhotel (dot) com

Playa Bike Repair

PLAYA BIKE REPAIR is both a service, and a theme camp. Rent a bike via our website. We transport your rental bike to the playa. Claim your bike at our camp!

PRE PLAYA: Bike rentals start at $150 including transport. "Transport only" is $50 per bike from SF to BRC, round trip, and open to everyone.

IN BLACK ROCK CITY: We run a “Bike lounge,” with a bar, music, shade, and tools. Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will help anyone fix any bike, free. Last year we fixed over 3,000 bikes!

AFTER THE BURN: We offer Bike Transport to SF, cleaning, maintenance, and storage.

YOUR SUPPORT enables us to offer free bike repair on the playa. PlayaBikeRepair (at) Gmail (dot) com

Tentickle Nevada LLC

Tentickle Nevada is a burner owned start up company in Reno that rents out and sells stretch tents! Stretch tents take their inspiration from the tents used by the Bedouin tribe of Northern Africa, a nomadic tribe. Very suiting for this years theme of Caravansary! Stretch tents are not yet seen in Northern Nevada and we are very excited to be the first to offer a more organic choice for special events in the area.

I have three tents to rent out for Burning Man this year at a hugely discounted burner price! Basically, for the entire week I will offer them what my daily rate is in the default world. It ends up being an 80% discount. Along with that price I will deliver the tent to their camp, assist in the set up, come and break it down before they leave, and remove it from the playa.

Thank you for your support! info (at) tenticklenevada (dot) com

Waag fabrication

Cnc plasma cutting, sand blasting and powder coating, welding and bending if steel and aluminum. Major discount or trade for burners todd (at) sageus1 (dot) com

Western Skies RV Rentals

We are a Reno based RV rental company. We have been renting to Burners for 15 years and now have opened a new business in Reno. We have new travel trailers that are ordered and outfitted with Burning Man in mind. WesternSkiesRV (at) gmail (dot) com