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From the east:

There are two routes from Winnemucca:

  1. I-80 is the primary route to follow for 130 miles to exit 43 then follow the same directions as above from Reno.
  2. The alternative short cut is about 100 miles shorter but is a rough dirt road with easy-to-miss turns, mining vehicles and a couple of treacherous dips. If you are into this and prepared to be self-reliant in the event of a flat tire or breakdown, here are the directions for the Jungo Road. From I-80 take exit 178 to the main drag, Winnemucca Blvd. Gas, groceries, etc are all available here. Take US Hwy 95 towards Boise - in town this is Melarkey Road. Proceed past the Riverside Liquor and Grocery, under I-80, over the river and railroad and take the first left onto Jungo Road towards Jungo and Sulphur. Bear left on a down-slope along the guardrail. (Jungo and Sulphur are not towns, just names on the map!) Note: There are several turns that are easily missed at night; it's advisable to do this drive in the daylight. Generally, you bear right at crossroads. When you reach pavement, turn right towards Gerlach, about 100 miles from where you left pavement.

From the north:

Begin at the town of Alturas located in northeast California along Hwy 395. This is the last opportunity to fill up on gas and the last services for a hundred miles. Take Hwy 229 east about 25 miles, then turn south onto Hwy 447 and proceed about 75 miles to Gerlach. Get gas when you arrive if you'll need it when returning home.