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There are a number of small towns dotted around the Black Rock Desert, and thousands of Burners make their way through them every year en route to and from Burning Man. We've compiled a collection of resources in the major towns you'll pass through, whichever direction you're coming from -- even from the air.

So if you want to grab that last shower, pick up another 6-pack, find a tent, or just take a moment to kiss sweet civilization goodbye, we've got you covered. And on your way out, we've got your tips for car washes, dumping your garbage, disposing of your recycling and ... more showers.

We ask that Burners please pay all these towns the utmost respect on your way through. They are our year-round neighbors in the high desert, and we appreciate them for always being so welcoming as we invade their Nevada backyard every year. When patronizing any local businesses, please be respectful and courteous, and Leave No Trace.