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Sparks - Pyramid Highway

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Sparks and Scenic route to Black Rock City.

This is a very beautiful route to take!  And you won’t miss out on many goodies by traveling Pyramid Highway. Plenty of shopping options on the way.

Exit I-80 at Pyramid Highway and turn left. You are in downtown Sparks. John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino, on your left, with some gas, restaurants, and bars options also in the area.

Up a mile, on your left is Prism Magic.  Owned and operated by burners for burners, stop in to get costumes, clothing, and accessories for life on the playa.  See below for further details.

Up Pyramid another couple of blocks is North McCarran Avenue. On the left is a Raleys supermarket and gas station with car wash, and some good food at Black Rock Pizza.

Continue north up Pyramid a few miles, more shopping options. You will find most notably a Home Depot and Costco, as well as  a plethora of other shops and food.

A few more miles up Pyramid, at Spanish Springs Drive is perhaps the best find of all:   Save Mart will be prepared with lots of goods for the playa, and a drive-thru recycling and trash center for your return trip. See below for all the details!

That’s it folks. Beyond here is just the beautiful road to Pyramid Lake, and on to Black Rock City.  If you don’t have what you need at this point, you probably do not need it!

To get to the playa from here:  Head north on Pyramid Way 26 miles until you meet beautiful Pyramid Lake! If you are planning to camp at or utilize the lake, be sure to get a permit. Once at the lake, turn at the sign (right) for the road to Nixon, and once at Nixon, turn left on Highway 447.  68 miles to Burning Man. All the regular warnings about bunnies and cows leisuring along the road still apply:  Please drive carefully.


Save Mart Supermarket
9750 Pyramid Lake Hwy – 775-425-2700 – map
Open 24/7 during Burning Man. This Save Mart has really supported our community for years. They carry many of the items needed for life on the playa, and help us tremendously after the burn by taking our trash and recycling. Notable in supplies, they will be stocked with bulk water, Black Rock Bicycles and accessories, Cool Neon el-wire ready-kits, various glow toys, fun hats, masks, goggles and fun glasses, tiki torches, medium and small  propane tanks and propane stoves, bicycle tubes and lighting, dry ice,vegetarian and vegan sandwich fillers, various energy bars and powders, freeze-dried backpacking foods, sushi, reusable cups and other kitchenware and storage containers, lots of canned beer and other booze, and coolers.

And like some other Save Marts in the region, they also will again be part of the Exodus Trash and Recycling Network following Burning Man, having a convenient center to dispose of all of your recyclables and trash. Recycling is free and trash disposal is available at $5 per 35-gallon trash bag.  Recyclables should be clean, sorted, and debagged before depositing in the appropriate containers. Bicycles, plastics (SPI 1,2,3,4&5), plastic bags, glass, all metals, paper, cardboard, household batteries, and non-perishable food and water are all welcome. Human and other hazardous waste is absolutely prohibited!  And PLEASE be polite and respectful, as they are providing a TREMENDOUS service to our community, one we should not take for granted. All proceeds raised from recyclables will be donated to support new local Black Rock Solar installations, and food and water will be donated to local food banks. The center will be open 24/7 from August 30 to September 3..

Raleys Supermarket
2895 North McCarran Blvd – 775-353-8818 – map
Open 6am-midnight. Bulk-water, ice, better-than-usual quality foods, some camping supplies, and a great wine, beer, and spirits selection with great prices,

Costco Wholesale
4810 Galleria Pkwy – 775-356-4400 – map
Open Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Weekends 10am-6pm.

Fresca Waterhouse
1196 North Rock Boulevard (north of I-80) – 775-358-9893 - map
Open daily 10am-6pm with two vending machines operating 24 hours.  Open 9am – 9pm from Aug. 20 – Aug. 29. Call ahead for possible after-hours appointment. Very accommodating, Fresca Waterhouse provides water purified by reverse-osmosis at 40 cents per gallon, can also fill RV water tanks and large drums.  15, 30 and 55-gallon water barrels available for RENT.  You can also buy water bottles up to 7 gallons, collapsible bottles, as well as spigots, caps and pumps.  Now also accepting Bit Coin.  Can reserve your drum rental or bottle order in advance and ready for pickup.

Red Rock Spring Water
1145 Icehouse Ave – 775-331-5908- map
Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, extended or weekend hours by appointment. Red Rock provides naturally-filtered spring water drawn from the Red Rock Spring 30 miles north of Reno. Which means it is higher-quality, tastier, and perhaps healthier water than what you may find elsewhere. Water is $7.50 per 5 gallons. 3 and 5-gallon containers can also be purchased and returned for a $8 deposit/refund. BPA-free bottles as well as spigots and pumps are also available, and you can fill up your RV with tap water. Red Rock also provides delivery of water of only 50 bottles and up to participants/theme camps on the playa, as well as pickup of their empty containers. If interested in delivery, send an email to dan(at)redrockwater(dot)com. To get there, you will actually need to take the Rock Boulevard Exit (not Pyramid Way exit).  Go south, turn left on Glendale Avenue. Down about 1/2 mile, turn left on International Place, and then left on Icehouse Avenue.

WalMart Supercenter
5065 Pyramid Lake Road – 775-425-9300 – map
Open 24 hours.

Random Curiosities 

Prism Magic Clothing & Imports    
2161 Pyramid Way – 775-356-5577 - map
Open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat. 10am-6pm. Open Sunday August 24.  Extended hours, call ahead for possible after-hours appointment.  Owned and managed by Burners and based on the principle of “Radical Self Expression”, Prism Magic provides new and upcycled clothing and costumes for men and women in all sizes, tie-dye, petticoats, incense, hoola hoops, faux fur, glasses and goggles, body paints and makeup, hats, el-wire ..and much more.  Prism Magic also believes in supporting the local artist and has many textile artists on consignment.

The Generator Community Art and Builders Space
1240 Icehouse Avenue – 775-232-5013 – map
General hours Wed-Sun, noon-10pm. For much of August and September, EMAIL for info and hours around Burning Man season to The Generator is still a relatively new, fee-free and radically-inclusive art and builders space, dedicated to year-round and playa-specific projects. If you are self-motivated and looking for other dedicated builders, who are also fun visionaries thriving on being part of a larger experiment in creative community, you can and probably want to build your own art project there too. VOLUNTEERS, TOOLS AND SUPPLIES ALWAYS WELCOME! Or feel free to come check out what is going on! As of 2014, art installations sleighted for Black Rock City include EmbraceLibrary of BabelHayum Temple to SunlightCamp Above the Limit!, the Black Rock City Library, and various Souk and other projects and mutant vehicles from around the world. If you are interested in building your art there, get in touch with an email to

To get to The Generator from I-80, you will actually need to take the Rock Boulevard Exit (not Pyramid Way exit).  Go south, turn left on Glendale Avenue. Down about 1/2 mile, turn left on International Place, then left on Icehouse Avenue. Look for the L-shaped Warehouse on your right.

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Smoke Shop
1962 Pyramid Way – 775-353-2140 – map
Open daily 7am-8pm.


Home Depot
4655 Galleria Pkwy – 775-354-2245 – map
Open Mon-Sat 6am-9pm, Sun 7am-8pm. Carrying wide variety of building supplies and some camping supplies.

Liquor Stores

Ben’s Fine Wine & Spirits
2990 Sullivan Lane – 775-337-2367 - map
Open Sun-Thur 9am-9pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10pm. Good wine, spirits, and beer selection with some really good prices. Ben’s can special order anything you want for you to pick up on your way to the playa — call to find out more.


Great Basin Brewery & Restaurant
846 Victorian Avenue – 775-355-7711 – map
Open 10am-10pm daily. Popular spot among local burners and a big supporter of the community, with real good beer and food.

Black Rock Pizza Co.
2855 North McCarran Boulevard – 775-356-1771 – map
Open Sun-Thur 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Aside from the name, a local favorite with good pizza, sandwiches, and salads.

In-and-Out Burger
280 Pyramid Way – 775-786-1000 – map
Open Sun-Thu 10:30am-1am, Fri-Sat 10:30am-1:30am.


John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort
1100 Nugget Avenue – 775-356-3300 / 800-648-1177 – map

Holiday Inn
55 East Nugget Avenue – 775-358-6900 – map

Recycling and Trash Disposal

Save Mart Supermarket
9750 Pyramid Lake Hwy – 775-425-2700 – map
Participating in the Exodus Trash and Recycling Network, this Save Mart goes out of their way for supporting our trash and recycling disposal.  See description above.

RV Repairs & Tow Service

Connie Can Mobile RV Repair
9732 Pyramid Way # 334 – 775-846-5895 – map
Available 24/7. Connie's really flexible and will even travel to repair your RV on the playa.

Milne Towing Services
1700 Marietta Way – 775-359-0106 - map
One of the few light and heavy-duty towing companies in the region that goes to and from BRC and to all points in between, and the only heavy-duty towing company licensed to operate on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe reservation.

Please send your feedback and suggestions to renopages(at)burningman(dot)com.
Need more info? Try: Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, Reno News and Review, Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno Magazine, Reno Tahoe Tonight, National Traffic and Road Closure Information, PlayReno, NevadaNet,,, paragraph end