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Reno - S. Virginia Street & S. Kietzke Lane

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Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Shopurbia.

This area can confuse locals and visitors alike. This several-square mile area is awash in suburban shopping and, as noticeable from the freeway, getting and leaving here can be a bit confusing. For example, there are two exits for southbound travelers, each of those spills empties into two different areas, while there is two exits for northbound travelers.

If you’re interested in shopping here and are new to the area, please read closely the following directions.


NORTHBOUND on US-395 / I-580, Neil Road Exit #62

If you are traveling northbound on US-395, there is only one exit. Take the Neil Road exit #62. Just east, on your left is Whole Foods Market for a huge variety of healthy foods and playa merchandize.  Moreover, they will be ready to take your recyclables and trash post-burn – see below for all the details. Next door is Sierra Trading Post with some camping supplies, and across Virginia Street is Home Depot with a vast selection of building supplies, and across Neil Street is Goodwill thrift store for some clothing and costumes options.

Northwards on Virginia Street is Reno’s largest intersection, South McCarran and South Virginia.  Going east or west will bring you to some other hot spots for burners.

East on South McCarran – You will find the world-famous Trader Joe’s with many playa-deletectable foods and booze.

West on South McCarran - You come to Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, a giant hardware and general building-supplies store with friendly staff and well-stocked shelves.

If you are looking for groceries or sporting goods, to the right on Kietzke you will find Save Mart, Sports Authority, Wal Mart, and Sams Club.

SOUTHBOUND on US-395 / I-580 – Exits #63 and #64

Virginia Street and Kietzke Lane Exit 63 - If you’re traveling southbound on US-395, you have two exits to choose from, and then each of these spills into two different areas.

Exiting To Kietzke

Following the fork of exit 63 to Kietzke takes you to Save Mart, Sports Authority, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.  Left on Kietzke, at McCarran, is Lowe’s Home Improvement and Einstein Bagel Company.

Exiting to Virginia

If you take the fork of the exit to Virginia, you’ll have Big-5 Sporting Goods on your right, but most of what you probably want is left on Virginia. At South McCarran, left will bring you to home to Trader Joe’s.

Further down South Virginia are notably Whole Foods Market and Home Depot.

Neil Road Exit #64 - You can use this exit to head directly to Lowe’s (turn right on Meadowood Mall Way) and Whole Foods (turn left on Neil Road).

Getting back on US-395 / I-580 NORTHBOUND

There are two northbound ramps — at the intersection of South McCarran and Virginia, and at Neil Road.

Getting back on US-395 / I-580 SOUTHBOUND

Only one on-ramp, at Neil Road, which you can get to either via Virginia Street or Kietzke Lane.

Groceries & Merchandise

Whole Foods Market
6139 South Virginia Street – 775-852-8023 – map
Open Sun-Thur 8am-9pm, Fri-Sat 8am-10pm. On Aug 23, 24 and 25, open 8am-midnight. One of our favorite places, and very popular among many burners, Whole Foods is the largest healthy food store in the region, with a HUGE variety of high-quality foods, booze, and body products. Notably they will have lots of bulk water in 2.5 and 5 gallon sizes, organic and top-notch produce, ready-to-go meals and powders, juices, bulk foods, raw foods, energy bars, imported and domestic delicacies, trail mixes, coconut water, energy drinks, and a huge selection of wines, beers, and spirits.  They also have a section of fun playa-fashionable clothing and accessories — el-wire kits, hats, vests, shirts, pants, dresses, coats, goggles, sunglasses, etc. And pre-orders are highly encouraged (call the store).

And, finally, a most wonderful service for last — Whole Foods is again be part of the Exodus Trash and Recycling Network following Burning Man, having a convenient center to dispose of all of your recyclables and trash. Recycling is free and trash disposal is available at $5 per 35-gallon trash bag.  Recyclables should be clean, sorted, and debagged before depositing in the appropriate containers. Bicycles, plastics (SPI 1,2,3,4&5), plastic bags, glass, all metals, paper, cardboard, household batteries, and non-perishable food and water are all welcome. Human and other hazardous waste is absolutely prohibited!  And PLEASE be polite and respectful, as they are providing a TREMENDOUS service to our community, one we should not take for granted. All proceeds raised from recyclables will be donated to support new local community projects, and food and water will be donated to local food banks. The center will be open 6am-midnight daily from August 30 to September 3.

Trader Joe’s
5035 South McCarran Blvd – 775-826-1621 – map
Open 8am-10pm daily and later during Burning Man.  Call ahead for special hours. One of our favorite places, and a VERY hot spot among local and world burners, Trader Joe’s has a huge variety of unique and yummy foods, delicacies, drinks, body products, and booze absolutely ideal for playa life, …and at great prices! Notable items include bulk-water, coconut water, produce, energy bars, dried fruits and nuts, juices, frozen, jarred and canned delicacies, and thermal coolers for carrying around.

Save Mart Supermarket
4995 Kietzke Lane – 775-827-5350 / 775-825-3322 – map
Open 6am-1am. This Save Mart has seen a steadily increasing stream of Burner business for some time, and plans for our numbers by ordering many burner-novelty items and large quantities of (2.5 and 5 gallon) bulk water in August.  Dry ice, bulk water, organic produce, camping needs, el-wire kits, sushi are just some of the many items you can find here.

WalMart Supercenter
4855 Kietzke Lane – 775-829-8088 / 775-829-4413 – map
Open 24/7, no dry ice.


Lowe’s Home Improvement
5075 Kietzke Lane – 775-824-4750 – map
Open Mon-Sat 6am-10pm, Sun 8am-8pm. A bit larger than Home Depot, but just as friendly to burners, carrying all the basic building supplies for your shade or camp, flashlights, batteries, rebar, and other goods you might want.

Home Depot
6590 South Virginia Street – 775-851-9600  – map
Open Mon-Sat 6am-10pm, Sun 7am-8pm. This Home Depot is popular among burners, stocked with all the basic building supplies for your shade or camp, flashlights, batteries, rebar, and other goods you might want.

Big 5 Sporting Goods
4986 South Virginia Street – 775-825-2322 – map
Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-7pm.

Sierra Trading Post
6139 South Virginia Street, Suite B – 775-828-8050 – map
Open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm. Right next to Whole Foods, Sierra Trading post carries of variety of camping and clothing needs, ranging from tents, sleeping bags, shade, cooking hardware and accessories, hydration systems, goggles, buff head/neck wear, sunglasses, and hiking-wear at pretty good prices.

Sports Authority
4813 Kietzke Lane – 775-828-1234  - map
Open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 10am-7pm.  Carries some camping supplies and accessories, and clothing.

Random Curiosities

Goodwill Thrift Store
6407 South Virginia Street – 775-853-7606 - map
Open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pm. Fair collection of recycled clothing for everyone.

Beads Etc
5025 South McCarran Blvd – 775-826-0777  - map
Open daily 10am-8pm. This is the place in the region to load up on beads and other gems for making and gifting jewelry.

Toys R Us
5000 Smithridge Drive – 775-827-8697 - map
Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-7pm.

Liquor Stores

Total Wine
6671 South Virginia Street – 775-853-3669 - map
Open daily 8am-11pm. The most MASSIVE selection of wine, spirits, and beer in Northern Nevada, with some very good prices. Of special note, they will have tons of canned beer, box wines, ice, coconut water, and all the accessories you may need. You can also order online and have it all ready for you to pick up as you are passing through town. Call them with any questions, they are super helpful!


Whole Foods Market
6139 South Virginia Street – 775-852-8023 – map
Open 8am-9pm daily. Lots of variety and quality, cafeteria-style-served food, and plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.  Also now has a craft beer tap room!

Einstein Brothers Bagels
5050 Kietzke Lane – 775-825-1045 – map
Open Mon-Fri 5:30am-5pm, Sat-Sun 6:30am-4pm. Bagels, coffee, tea — and an EV charging station too!. 240V. Free charging for customers during business hours, or 24 hour accessible with an account/card.

Great Basin Brewery & Restaurant
5525 South Virginia Street – 775-284-7711 – map
Open 10am-10pm daily. Popular spot with really good beers and food.

Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen
6633 South Virginia Street, Suite A – 775-851-1400 – map
Open Mon-Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 8am-6pm. Wide variety of quality sandwiches, salads, soups, and breakfast items.

Hospitals / Urgent care

St. Mary’s Family Walk In Health
6580 South Virginia Street – 775-853-3333 – map
Open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-6pm.

Recycling & Trash Disposal

Whole Foods Market
6139 South Virginia Street – 775-852-8023 – map
See above listing for details.

EV Charging Station

Einstein Brothers Bagels
5050 Kietzke Lane, Reno,NV 89511 – 775-825-1045 – map
Open Mon-Fri 5:30am-5pm, Sat-Sun 6:30am-4pm. 240V. Free charging for customers during business hours, or 24 hour accessible with an account/card. And bagels and coffee etc too!

Car and Auto Repair and Parts

Mike’s Automotive Perfection
5301 Longley Lane # 214 – 775-827-5600 – map
Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, closed weekends. An honest, but not inexpensive, mechanic if you need serious car repairs while in the area.

Reno-Sparks RV and Auto Service Center
5425 Louie Lane – 775-323-1277 – map
Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

Pep Boys
5000 Smithridge Drive # 1 – 775-827-1700 – 775-827-1912 – map

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