BurningMan.com Website Problems

Welcome to the new and improved Burning Man website! As of 4:20pm, Tuesday June 24th, www.burningman.com has a new look and feel. Playa dust is blowing in cyberspace! With this effort we decided to move burningman.com into the 21st century by employing CSS and XHTML. Our new sitewide template code validates 100% for XHTML 1.0 Transitional and the layout of our design is nearly 100% CSS-driven. We still have legacy code which needs a little cleaning, and we will be working to update this over time.

By moving forward in this manner, we've discovered that some older browsers do not support our modern features. If you are experiencing problems, we suggest you update your web browser to the most current version. Older versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape will not display our site properly. If your problem persists, please let us know.

We worked our tails off, but as with any site launch, bugs happen. Your assistance with finding and reporting these issues would be greatly appreciated. If you find a bug, see a weird error message, or get a 404-File not found page, please let us know by sending an email to:


We're most interested in problems that are related to the following: text display, image display, broken links, script functionality, consistent alignment of large images, navigation. When submitting bugs, it would be most useful for us if you include the following information:

1) Your platform/OS (Win2K, MacOS-X, Linux flavor, etc.)
2) Your browser name (IE, Netscape, Safari, Opera)
3) Your browser version (4.25, 6.0, etc.)
4) Your bandwidth (dialup speed, DSL, T1, etc.)
5) Describe the problem
6) Expected behavior/appearance
7) URL/page(s) affected
8) Other useful info for reproducing the problem

- The Burning Man Web Team, 2003