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Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter is going full tilt this year with large military tent, couches, large over stuffed pillows, carpeted, Hippie Den like with rock & Roll music, colored lights flashing to the beat. This year we are going to extend our party area to out behind the tent where there will be more lights music, chairs, tables and a 10 x 10 movie screen showing rock videos. there will be morning music for the hurt and a variety of Heavy Metal, Rock and Techno. And Yes, the bar will return with Frank, the Master Mixer at the controls. Party with discretion into the wee hours.
Hometown: Sparks, NV
Contact: loside (at) charter (dot) net

Free Photography Zone
As the Free Photography Zone I have been photographing the Participants of Burning Man since 1996, giving each person photographed a print as a tangible reminder of thier experience at Burning Man. All the photographs are made in my studio against a white seamless backdrop concentrating the entire photograph on the person/persons photographed. Since its beginnings I have given prints to thousands of participants to help them remember thier time at Burning Man. Without your participation in this project I would not have been able to accumulate this archive of portraits which my be the largest collection of Burning Man portraits in black and white as yet assembled. Additionally, each year a gallery of prints from the previous years are displayed and given away at the conclusion of Burning Man.
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: johnbrennanphoto (at) yahoo (dot) com

Freedom Clan
FREEDOM CLAN!! A San Diego based group of high spirited beautiful FREE people! Here you are encouraged to think outside of the box with a posative, friendly spin. No hard looks here! Please come by and enjoy one of our green concoctions at our chill bar, and cool yourself down in one of our two automated misting stations, service with a smile! :-)
Hometown: Lakeside, CA
Contact: tec_dan (at) hotmail (dot) com