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Kamp Kammaniwannalaya
Kamp Kammaniwannalaya is an closely knit group of eclectic artists, perverts, musicians, drug abusers, self abusers, and recovering recoverers. During the week of Burning Man we build and maintain a safe refuge where tackiness is not only tolerated but applauded and praised. Political correctness, simple common human dignity and voting rights are mocked and discouraged. World class Mai Tai's poured by Spanky and floral lai's are offered on Friday nite to ask for forgiveness for our wickedness. Competitive Limbo competitions are rumored to be slated for ESPN. Smore Whore will be making a triumphant return to the Playa and supplying her hot fresh Smores. Free form Island drumming is a staple diet and public humiliation will be found at the Limbo Queen' feet. Juicy Yum Yum is said to be returning if enough eye glitter can be found.
Hometown: Alturas, CA
Contact: slt_ppy_ (at) hdo (dot) com

knarly carnival
The knarly carnival camp will keep you entertained day and night, providing fun carnival games such as flying chickens throw rings, and burst that baloon, win crazy prizes, it will take you back to the old carnival days, have fun and when you are tired, just relax at the carnival bar for a cold one!
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: annamarie_byrne (at) yahoo (dot) com