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Shine Brothers
A hands on demonstration and workshop on the art of making Moonshine - or Grappa in Old World slang. Participants can witness the marvel of creation, and if interest and contributions continue, the exhibition will continue daily.
Hometown: Inverness, CA
Contact: zatinv (at) yahoo (dot) com

Shuttlecraft "Galileo"
The shuttlecraft "Galileo" is the home base of a faithful reproduction of the 60's era shuttlecraft used in TOS "Star Trek". C'mon by and let's go for a ride! You don't have to be a geek, dweeb, spaz or nerd to appreciate the shuttlecraft "Galileo"!
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Contact: eberlyg (at) sutterhealth (dot) org

VIRGIN ALERT !!!! small two or three man camp with comercial slushi machine, and sound system.
would make a great side camp to a larger theme or village maybe even inside one. Note: I have never been to burningman before, Iam a constant festival partier and have done years of burning man studying. I will be prepared foe the conditions, am a big time outdoorsman, having lived in AK for yaers now from MN will be bringing 250 gal tank of water and 20-30 gal of vodka for slushi machine, I AM NOT GOING TO CHARGE FOR SLUSHIS
Hometown: Dertoit Lakes, MN
Contact: mcnamtvedt (at) msn (dot) com

S'mores N Amour
Bringing two of the best parts of camping together everynight at sundown!! We offer Love and, those childhood goodies...S'mores. Then slide it into the melted chocolate and graham crackers. You supply song and cheer, we supply the love! Every night at sundown.
Hometown: North Hollywood, CA
Contact: kurtykbiz (at) yahoo (dot) com

SOULICIOUS is a space filled with laughter, beauty, gratitude, decadence and abundance. We welcome anyone off the dusty street to dance, practice healing arts or jump into an impromptu blindfolded pillowfight/winetasting/hula-hooping battle/game of tickling. Enter our Hopium Den and you might find yourself in a guided visualization, or sipping an authentic cuban mojito by resident mixologist Juan Carlos G$, or smack in da middle of the most soulful and elicit music the playa has to offer. Stop by on Friday for our famous Soulbrunch day party, where we dish up the eats, the beats and a glorious day of celebration. We live our lives with mad love and respect. We'd love to meet you.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: kevin_raich (at) yahoo (dot) com

Static/Dynamic Band Camp
Static/Dynamic Camp is the new home of the Burning Band. the Black Rock Philharmonic, and many random musical groups. We're here to play with and for you. Come on over and make a request for a band - odds are good we can do it. You want salsa or swing? Classical or classless? We can do that. And we can do it at our camp or yours.
Hometown: Monmouth, OR
Contact:pmeasele (at) oda (dot) state (dot) or (dot) us