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Theme Camp and Village Layout Plans

Following the guidelines below, please prepare your camp layout plan prior to starting your Placement questionnaire, as layout plans are submitted as uploaded attachments into Placement questionnaire. Accepted formats are Joint Photographic Group (.jpg), Portable Document Format (.pdf), or Portable Network Graphics (.png).  Most printer drivers will allow a document to be saved as a .pdf file.  While hand-drawn layouts are not optimal, you may photograph a drawing or sculpture of your layout with a digital camera, in order to create a .jpg file for submission.
Deadline is the last Thursday in April.

Layout example:

Layout example

  • Layout Plans must be an overhead view complete with dimensions in feet.
  • 8.5 x 11-inch "landscape" (horizontal) orientation, best suited for black & white printing – avoid dark, cluttered backgrounds. (We know they’re cool, but please do not use satellite photos of previous years).
  • The largest item on your layout plan should be your Camp name, running along the top of the 11-inch edge. Under the camp name, please list your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Call out significant features and each project within your Camp area:
    • Where is the entrance?
    • Where is the main structure for the Participant interactions?
    • Where are vehicles parked?
    • Where are generators?
    • Re: Villages: where are your access roads?
  • A Camp frontage view is requested, but not required.
  • When submitting your plan as a digital file, be sure the file name is your unique Camp name. (NOT the generic "camp plan", or "layout plan")
  • When writing or replying to us, be sure your Camp name is in the subject line of all emails.

Plan submission: upload your plan file within the placement questionnaire as a JPG, PNG, or PDF format file. Please limit file size to approximately 1 MB.

Questions or problems submitting a layout plan? placement (at) burningman (dot) com