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Building Burning Man
The Official Journal of the Burning Man Project - Spring 1997 Newsletter

A Pre-Desert Celebration for 4 Nites Only

Mysteria: The Secret Rites of Burning Man
Interactive Theatre, Cultural Hi-jinx, Multi-media Arts
June 20, 21, 27 & 28, 1997 -- 8 p.m. to 12 midnight

SOMAR Cultural Center
934 Brannan St @ 8th
San Francisco

Our San Francisco show in 1997 is called "Mysteria." Translated from the ancient Greek, it means "initiation." Participating artists are invited to create a mystery cult -- some rite of passage that reveals a visionary secret. Such secrets will be closely guarded. Only members of our audience who undergo initiations can become illuminati.

We can't reveal the secret of our featured presentation, "The Burning Man Mythos" except to hint that it involves the greatest mystery of them all -- fertility and sex.

This year's benefit show will feature: The Cruel Mistress Gaia and her court of subservient fruits and vegetables. Just try and ignore Mistress Gaia, as she will punish all those that have sinned against nature. (This means you). She will, however, give each participant an opportunity to atone. You could be allowed to ascend the temple and witness the great mystery of Gaia. After which, willing participants purified of their sins will be Re-Virginated. After this enlightening experience you will stroll onto another installation and explore what visionary experience is offered to the uninitiated.

Visit the Barbie Dream Temple and encounter countless Barbie Priestesses, one of which may guide you through the secret chamber to the revelation. Barbie is everywhere and in everyone.

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A maze of sub-cults fills the gallery, theater and warehouse, created by dozens of Bay Area artists. Sacred Order of the Small Appliance, Society of Super Heroes, Esoteric Order of the Yummy Yoni, Temple of the Sacred Lollies, Mystik Krewe Satyrs, Jonestown Reunion, Temple of the Idle Worship, Cult of the Erotic, the Aura of Laura and Burning Man himself -- all 40 feet illuminated in neon -- will fly from the rafters above this "mysteria of the absurd."

After the hour of 10 p.m. you'll witness a grand and regal pageant: The Burning Man Mythos, the ultimate fertility dance between the Warrior Sperm and the Vestal Virgin Barbies. We encourage participants to engage in play with us as you would in the desert, come in costume or not as you may prefer.

Stop by the onsite Registration Station for discounted tickets to the 12th Burning Man Festival over Labor Day weekend. Check out the website, photos, and videos from past years. Sign up for Theme Camps, Performance, and Art Installations. The new Burning Man full-color photo book by HardWired will be available.

The Burning Man Festival is 100% supported by participants like you.