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Burning Man Journal
All The News That's Fit To Burn: 1998 Summer Newsletter

The Nebulous Entity
In 1998 a large nebulous entity will appear on the Black Rock Desert. From many partial and sometimes conflicting accounts we infer that the entity is part organism, part machine, part human, part alien, and part something-that-resembles a jellyfish, banana slug or spiral galaxy. Amorphously radiant, this creature or vision or vessel will be three-stories high and about half as wide as football field. It is, in fact, a hyper-interactive performance work consisting of a sculptured tower, its mobile platform, and numerous and extensive tentacles composed of human beings. On Saturday, September 6, the night of a penunmbral lunar eclipse, the entity will launch into the off-shore darkness which fronts our city. Moving like a cursor it will steer a course between the largest works of art, pausing briefly at each, then fix itself in an orbit around Burning Man.

The purpose of its mission here on Earth is to absorb information. Information is understood by nebulans — the creatures who, like cells, compose its body — in wholly concrete terms. It is stuff to be sucked, probed, palpated, examined in a sensuous manner and stored in think tanks. Nebulans have bonded to technology. Indeed, they have actually succeeded in becoming their technology. Special field operatives are likely to show interest in RV's, toilet pump trucks and other elements of technology that resemble them. In particular, they are fascinated by the media and are instantly drawn to anyone carrying a camera.

The entity is also said to be able to detach portions of itself, luminous feelers, that seek out new sources of information. Nebulous technology has made it theoretically possible to know everything. At an individual level, however, information is ultimately absorbed by them in such a thoroughly digested form that no actual knowledge is acquired. They are simply filled with the warm reassurance, common to so many of us, that they know what they're talking about.

If you would like to be a Nebulan and join Camp Nebulous in the desert, look for the entity at our website or contact: nebulous (at) burningman (com).