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Burning Man Journal
All The News That's Fit To Burn: 1998 Summer Newsletter

Community Notes
by Maid Marian

Burning Man is a radically participatory event. You are the entertainment. Express yourself. Host a theme camp. Bring an art car. Join a pageant. Wear a costume. Paint your body. Build a sculpture. Raise a banner. Play some music. Bring a toy or invent a game. Only when a part of the self is given away does community appear.

There will not be a dumpster onsite at Burning Man 1998. Please take the time to minimize what you bring to the event, as all of it must leave with you.

Hot Springs
There will be no use of Fly Hot Springs at Burning Man this year. Please check the Survival Guide for more information. As a result we are encouraging water-based art and events. Should you need large amounts of water for your art, please contact themecamps (at) burningman (com).

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Clad in costumes, our community lamplighters glide through the streets of Black Rock City at dusk. They carry chains of glowing lamps which they fasten to the many wooden spires that define the boundaries of our city. To join the lamplighters contact: lamplighters (at) burningman (com) or call our hotline. Upon the successful completion of your duties, you may be eligible for a partial or complete refund of the purchase price of your ticket.

Main Stage
Those devastated by the loss of the main stage should network for a new place to play music. Check out the bulletin boards on the website, and/or email themecamps (at) burningman (com).

Day Passes
Other than for the Gerlach community, there will be no day passes to Burning Man. Those at the gate without a ticket must pay $100.

Campers who intend to use generators are asked to be considerate of their neighbors. Sound insulated generators are the best. Please check the website or the Survival Guide for noise and sound guidelines. If sound/noise/music is a major part of your theme camp, please make sure you check this information.

Theme Camps
In order to be listed either on our camp map or our Events and Attractions Guide we ask that you register your theme camp by August 1st. Period. Contact: themecamps (at) burningman (com).