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Burning Man Journal
All The News That's Fit To Burn: 1998 Summer Newsletter

Welcome To Our Marketplace

There are no T-shirt booths or trinket stands at Burning Man. We're not opposed to commerce, but believe that a vending environment diminishes participation. Likewise, you will not find any of the things we sell at a store conveniently near you (if you do, please let us know). We're not interested in mass merchandising. Our motto: culture is based on communion, not on consumption. Instead, the medium of our marketplace is this newsletter and our website. These are our principle means of communication. The context of your purchase here is your involvement in our community. Proceeds from the sale of these goods subsidize our survival.

All of the following items (except for the book) can be purchased using our online order form.

1997 Burning Man Benefit Video
Chuck Cirino has produced video accounts of Burning Man since 1994 and views it with the loving eye of an insider. His scenes dance, his camera swims, and all of it is tied up with music. This account of 1997 is our Benefit Video. His gift to us — a large part of the proceeds go to Burning Man. For more information, check out Chuck's Weird America.

Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man
Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man, Canadian David Vaisbord's award winning 60 minute documentary, recounts the odyssey of two performers who discovered Burning man in 1997. Veterans may remember the gigantic silver alien and his consort from our fashion show last year, or the guy who juggled a chain saw, an egg and a bowling ball. Who are these people? View this video and find out. Best of all, it's a love story.

Flashback is a video for the cyber-minded, shot in a variety of formats. Ed Favara's one-hour documentary features animated graphical interface effects to telescope the viewer into the action of Burning Man '97.

Burning Man T-Shirt
T-shirts are 3-color (red, yellow, and white) on black all cotton in large and X-large.

Burning Man Book
The Burning Man Book was produced by HardWired and is available at Burning Man events and at your local booksellers (not through mailorder).

Burning Man Cap
Black adjustable cap has blue Man symbol.

Burning Man Poster
This 19"x 25" limited edition poster features Rick Egan's image of colorful body-painted revelers underneath the Man.