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Burning Man Journal
All The News That's Fit To Burn: 1998 Winter Newsletter

Welcome to our Marketplace

There are no T-shirt booths or trinket stands at Burning Man. We're not opposed to commerce, but believe that a vending environment diminishes participation. Likewise, you will not find the things we sell at a store conveniently near you (if you do, please let us know). We're not interested in mass merchandising. Our motto: culture is based on communion, not on consumption. Instead, the medium of our marketplace is this newsletter (and now, our website). It is our principle means of communication and we view it as a community crossroads. The context of a purchase here is your involvement in that community. Proceeds from the sale of these goods subsidize our survival.

This year we intend to open our marketplace to participants in a new way. Many people who attend Burning Man make original items that they distribute as gifts. Most emphatically, we don't want to interfere with this process. Giving things to others is a way of life at Burning Man.

However, if you want to produce something that cannot be self-funded, we may be willing to include it in our list of offered items. Have you attended the event? Do you want to make something to share with other participants? Does it symbolize in some unique and expressive fashion your own vision? Submit it to us and we'll consider its sale. If your principle motive is profit, this is not the place for it. Our intention is to pay you for production costs, cover our mailing expenses and collect a modest commission. This isn't big business. However, it is creative, it is personal, and it is participatory. If you're interested, please contact: marketplace (at) burningman (com).