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1999 Themecamps
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100% Sundial-O-Rama Camp
Come, participate, stand in the middle of our 27-foot diameter tye-died sundial-o-matic. Amaze your friends as your shadow forecasts the time of day (accurate to within 2 1/2 hours). No batteries, no springs, no winding necessary. You'll walk away astonished knowing what time it is. For free! Look for us on a playa near you! (Live music at selected times)

Hometown: Provo, UT
Contact: david(at)stainlessreel(dot)com

4:20 Rescue Rangers
To 4:20, with displays and informative enactment's @ :20 minutes after the hour 24 hours a day. Help Protect Your Freedom & Burn On!!!

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Contact: Hd420(at)pacbell(dot)net

We'll be driving an industrial behemoth known as 8:23. A drum cacophony under the watchful eye of a wooden computerized man. The machine must go on. Time waits for no one. And apparently neither does the future. Participants across Black Rock City become nuts and bolts for this beast to build for the future that never comes. A dim reminder of our own mixed social behavioral patterns.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA
Contact: Crispy(at)crackcocaine(dot)com


A/B/A Pictures @ Camp Blow-up
Please come to our blow-up camp and bring copies of your BM '98 pictures so everybody can look at them while sitting on our inflatables. We invite people to play around with ideas for new A/B/A-pictures.

Hometown: Wohlen, Switzerland
Contact: flumey(at)datacomm(dot)ch

ACME Corporation
Try out the latest offerings for the 99 model year from the R & D labs of ACME Corporation (including ACME Giant Slingshot and others). Stay tuned for details of a playa performance by ACME Renegade Theater (info, time and location TBA in July).

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: newyork(at)burningman(dot)com

ELECTRONIC AMPLIFICATION OF CHEESY MUSIC WITH A GRINDING BEAT SUCKS and will be destroyed daily in effigy. No, instead, Mad Salibu Magma brings you SIMPLE AND HOMEMADE instruments from THE BONES BAND. SCAT singers Folk singers Throat singers all are welcomed at ACOUSTICAMP where STRANGE SOUNDS and SWEET MELODIC HARMONY alternate dizzily. COME share your morbid old Child Ballads; Sing Camp Songs from Long Ago. HOLLER with us and Dance the Sun down; bring your Guitars and Voices here. PLAY with bells, horns, cups, tubes, cones, hammers, toys of weird percussion; JOIN in Harmonies of Astonishing Beauty, explore Animal Singing, or see Visions crouched inside a Taiko Drum. SONGBOOKS on hand.

Contact: damascus(at)ap(dot)net

The Aesthetic Meat Foundation
Come worship pleasure and indulge in Performance art, music, and art installations with an Apocalyptic Theme.

Hometown: Pasadena, CA
Contact: tyrruin(at)pacbell(dot)net

Airheads Hypnotism Camp
A camp for Airhead BMW riders. Also anyone interested in experiencing being hypnotized come to our location at about 4:30 and Mars from 2-5 PM daily. Get into your subconscious mind, travel back in time, etc. Other hypnotists welcome.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: GSandRT(at)yahoo(dot)com

Alien Chess Camp
Once again, the aliens have returned to play chess at Burning Man. By the dayglow of their surreal camp play human sized chess with an alien.

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV
Contact: snapdragon(at)prodigy(dot)net

Alien Domination Gospel Mission
Hallelujah prepare for the alien invasion. They think we're the cutest pets since cockapoos.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: keck(at)dri(dot)edu

Aloha Touron Tours
Is this your first Burning Man? Ours Too! So why don't you grab your Ukulele, Hawaiian shirt, Moo-Moo dress, Flower Lies, Grass Skirt, Coconut Bra and camp with us? With Aloha Touron Tours we will explore the wonderful and exotic land of Burning Man. Come and see the native's works of arts. Dance to their primitive music. Take picture of them in their natural surrounding. And work on your tan while doing some exotic umbrellas drinks. But don't piss off the natives or you will find yourself being sacrifice as a BM Virgin to the Volcano Mt. Black Rock... Oh God! I can't watch!

Hometown: Concord, CA
Contact: ahuna(at)value(dot)net

Anal Retentive Rehabilitation Camp
Free Jazz free expresso free wine. Participate in action painting in Black Rocks Bohemia.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: kim(at)dri(dot)edu

Anonymous Camp
12-step meetings of any type held here, scheduled & impromptu. Come by for a meeting or start one of your own!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: anonycamp(at)paroxysm(dot)com

Antarctica 01999 will be bigger and better than last year. We will have two 50 foot refridgerated semi-trailers running from about noon to sundown everyday. DJ Noah will also be back. You can find us in the Village of Disturbia. Donations of water, hot chocolate, and Kahlua are always appreciated and may allow you to jump the line if we are in need.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: zander(at)longnow(dot)org

Apocalypse Theatre
Apocalypse Studio is part of Apocalypse Theatre. We are trying to build a recording facility, and another stage for performances to occur.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Contact: drksunshne(at)aol(dot)com

You need go no further you've come to the Arena of earthly delights.

Hometown: Point Arena, CA
Contact: logerhed(at)mcn(dot)org

The Argawarga Den
Easy Livin' with rock stars Rosin Coven, Mystery Cult, and Hypnogogue. Come to our den to sample our hospitality, and play with us at the Burn when the Man falls.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
URL: www.argawarga.com
Contact: feral(at)argawarga(dot)com

Art Car Camp
A welcoming oasis for all artcar artists and those who wish to enter our wonderful world! Come and hang out with artcar creators, go for a gentle cruise with us on the playa in art-style and help create new and exciting forms of vehicular works of art!

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: vhoorn(at)aracnet(dot)com

Artists Republic of Fremont (ARFCamp)
The Artists Republic of Fremont will be once again issuing passports and running the Cirque de Flambe. Stop by and become a citizen.

Hometown: Seattle (Fremont), WA
URL: www.arfarfarf.com
Contact: gwally(at)halcyon(dot)com

Astro-Galatica's: Axis of the Inner Sanctum Camp
Come and expand your mind at Astro-Galactica's: Axis of the inner santum camp. An ever-mood changing atmosphere with a space age theme. Featuring nightly mind/visual entertainment to the music of Astro-Galactica. Let the Cosmo Kid take you thru the Axis of YOUR inner sanctum, a musical mind/visual experience.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: hydroponics69(at)hotmail(dot)com


It starts as sloppy-wet batter and cold grinds -- but through the magic of your creative contribution and our appreciative execution -- it becomes your morning pancakes and coffee.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: dotj(at)pacbell(dot)net

Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska welcomes all to feast and fest with the best of baked Alaskans. What we do when we get there is anyone's guess, I mean hey, we're from Alaska.

Hometown: Ranchos de Taos, NM
Contact: y.wren(at)excite(dot)com

Barbershop Roulette Camp
Barbershop Roulette Camp. Take a chance on a new look! Spinning the wheel determines what style of haircut you will receive from our professional barber. Not for the faint of heart!

Hometown: Emeryville, CA
Contact: norris(at)jps(dot)net

The Barbie Nation Freedom Fighters
In our tireless (and color-coordinated) effort to free our oppressed sister Barbie, this guerilla army will be training volunteers at our boot camp. Come fight the patriarchy and get a make-over at the same time!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: pan-dora(at)chickmail(dot)com

Beanie Blast
A paintball shooting range with the little fraggers as targets. Cool prizes for just showing up and blasting away.

Hometown: Fremont, CA
Contact: earthwiz42(at)aol(dot)com

Bear Lair V "Renaissance"
Following example created by the masters of the Renaissance period, we will work to rediscover art for ourselves. Using ideas of the past, present, and what we believe is the future, we will create our own work of art.

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA
Contact: Mrbear(at)Ulink(dot)net

bianca is love.
love transcends time.
time evolves burning man.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.bianca.org
Contact: biancatroll(at)yahoo(dot)com

Biscuit lounge, and Camp Biscuit
Don't believe the hype! Just check out the Biscuits.

Hometown: Scotts Valley, CA
Contact: hyperelf(at)cruzers(dot)com

Black Hole Stalkers
Come on by and spin our exalted Wheel of Fortuna, proceed to the very attractive BLACK HOLE out on the playa, and return to BLACK HOLE STALKERS CAMP to peruse the LOST and FOUND for those elusive single socks among other things...

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: kalapf(at)ptld.uswest(dot)net

Black Rock Boot Camp
The dayglo army is looking for you. We'll be training the next generation of dayglo recruits at our state of the art black rock boot camp. If you're looking for a wild-eyed life of adventure and indecision, come join us. We'll have obstacle courses and a crack team of drill seargents. Burn all that you can burn in the dayglo army.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: jayhoo(at)exchange.microsoft(dot)com

Black Rock City Cab Co.
Black Rock City Cab Co. will provide Taxi and Tour services to anyone on our cushman art cart. We will respond to cb calls on channel 11 and FRS channel 1 as well as being hailed by customers with a leg, whistle, or wave. Barter and trade accepted. The cab will also sport a LED message sign displaying Theme Camp Advertising, please send in SHORT commercial style promotions of your camp, limericks and poems, we will be everywhere!. Find us at Tic-Toc-Town for the evening Hay Ride Playa Cruize (bring food and make it a *dinner cruize*.)

Hometown: Winter Garden, FL
Contact: avalon.serv(at)worldnet.att(dot)net

Black Rock City Ministry of Statistics
The primary mission of the Ministry of Statistics to collect, process, and present vast quantities of information about the Burning Man festival and its participants. This mission serves the dual functions of genuine scientific inquiry and self-satirizing performance art.

Hometown: Davis, CA
URL: www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~mos
Contact: mwcrepeau(at)ucdavis(dot)edu

Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe
In the future, there will be only one tool... and that tool will be Duct Tape! We will provide duct tape (and a few other tools) to the other theme camps at Burning Man. Our camp is NOT secretly a front for the Temple of VOLIS, the god of CONTROL.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: dhyde(at)ccsf.cc.ca(dot)us

Black Rock Community College
Black Rock Community College is THE place to go for quality learning. Earn a degree or just take a class, all are welcome. Come and be a part of our faculty, share your special brand of knowledge with the citizens of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: kbevington(at)aol(dot)com

Black Rock Dance Collective
Homebase for a community of freestyle dancers. We will parade and gallivant en mass throughout Black Rock, using movement and costume to create a series of kinetic expressions throughout the week.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: mdr(at)tpl(dot)org

Black Rock Expeditionary Party
The Black Rock Expeditionary Party will be onsite this year, involved in a scientific research project, focused on the study of wildlife in Black Rock City. Our researchers will be gathering information on native rituals and culture, conducting interviews, and fully equipped with a mobile sound studio for recording performances.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: MichaelTheblack(at)yahoo(dot)com

Black Rock Hillton
We are the exclusive cheap representation of quality entertainment in a cool environment, with games and naked participants.

Hometown: Sparks, NV
Contact: craigm(at)aci(dot)net

Black Rock Hotel
Come hang out at Black Rock first hotel. Visit our newly renovated atrium and bar. Spectators check in but they don't check out.

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
Contact: mail4buzz(at)aol(dot)com

Black Rock National Speedway

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: tricialu(at)earthlink(dot)net

The Blinkingman Camp
What is Time? A Blink of an Eye, A Tick of the Clock? Visit our clock towers and you can be in any time zone you desire. Set one of the clocks to your favorite time of day, then pull the plug and stop Time where you like it. Bring any clock that has a flashing light display to add to our towers.

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, Chicago & San Francisco, CA
Contact: theowl(at)wenet(dot)net

Body Hair Barbers
Body hair art! We intend to clip, shave, trim, style and color body hair into fabulous works of art. Looking for hairy volunteers and stylists to join in.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: mrgreg38(at)aol(dot)com

The Brooklyn Boys Boom Buggy
Our "Sound System" van will roll across the country to bring the pulse of Brooklyn to the people. Basketball, breakbeats, fly rhymes and graffiti.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: drjohnlove(at)yahoo(dot)com

Dedicated to bringing you the wonderful world of Bubbles. Stop in and drift about under the 25' BubbleTower where magical orbs of gas are generated to infiltrate the world at large with their swirling iridescent colors and random dances. Or slip into the BubbleDome, dip your wand into the sweet soapy nectar and blow your own. (You do know how to make Bubbles don't you... put your lips together and blow! "And fear not lest Existence closing your Account, and mine, should know the like no more; The Eternal Sake from that Bowl has pour'd Millions of Bubbles like us, and will pour." --Omar Khayaam 1123 A.D.

Hometown: Venice, CA
Contact: SSSQQQ(at)aol(dot)com

Bunk Camp
We here at Bunk Camp are committed. It is our mission to reach out our own special hand of love.

Hometown: Concord, CA
Contact: ANAWNEMSTR(at)aol(dot)com

The Burning Band
Calling all acoustic musicians, percussion and paraders! The Burning Band wants YOU! Meet at band camp everyday at 1pm for meeting, rehearsal, party, etc. Meet every night at 7pm for parade along the esplanade. Tons of fun as we entertain ourselves as well as the masses.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Contact: AKAdweeb(at)aol(dot)com

Burning Bell Message Center
The Burning Bell Message Center will enable all Burning Man attendees to easily find their friends at camp. Attendees can leave messages for their friends, filed under their friends' names, which the friends can then receive when they come to our booth.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: sbradley(at)upstart(dot)com

Burning Hell-0
Rotating heads buried in the playa, moving to lights and sounds. Nightly social hour with cocktails and Farmer Vencent fritters.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: hayth(at)uisreno(dot)com


Camp Alien Love Nest
Get your hand made limited edition "Burning Man 99" pendants, at our daily talent/costume gong show. Every afternoon between lunch and dinner. No jokes please!

Hometown: Bay Point, CA
Contact: bescharp(at)aol(dot)com

!camp ATARI!
Join !camp ATARI! for another year of low-res games and high-tech music. Atari 2600's, Old-School Nintendo, The Odyssey2, and more will all be there. Bring your old cartridges!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: fiveht(at)slice(dot)net

Camp Chaos
A single large golden apple symbolic of the goddess of discord shall dominate our camp. I will be living in it with two chicks.

Hometown: Richmond, CA
Contact: tina(at)hatschek(dot)com

Camp Coup d'etat
We are Camp Coup d'etat. We are taking over. Resistance is not just futile, its a useful electrical phenomena.

Ride with Jackie and the Governor in the Last Parade of Camelot while the descendants of Lee (and Larry) Harvey give you a piece of their minds from the Grassy Knoll.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: sgh(at)cruzio(dot)com

Camp Creation
Camp Creation invites you to re-create ancient mythical archetypes and usher them into the new world. Experience rites and rituals of "fertility" so you may become pregnant with possibilities.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: rapideye(at)xmission(dot)com

Camp Cthulhu
This is a conventicle for fans and devotees of the Elder Squid God, Cthulhu. Auditory guidance is provided for meditators.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: costello(at)teleport(dot)com

Camp Digital Xpression
Computers coming to their end of time, Reuse them! Wear them, smash them, model them, shower in silicon. A digital camp for the non millenium compliant, with a British side touch.

Hometown: Davis, CA
Contact: PlasticRocker(at)hotmail(dot)com

A camp where you can go during the day or night to just sit back and relax on one of our couches as you watch the gentle undulations of the sails in the breeze, or perhaps you can barter for a nice tropical drink and say to the rest of the civilized world "DILLIGAF".

Camp Dub
Camp Dub will be 3 Dubs from Dublin Dubbing the Dub and deconstructing the playa surface sands and thoughts with a stripped down dub. Come dub with us!

Contact: dub.com(at)iname(dot)com

Camp Fink
Camp Fink is a beautiful and safe place to have a cold drink. If you fink on a friend you'll get one! But please, stay the hell off the lawn and have a nice day.

Contact: campfink(at)angelfire(dot)com

Camp Flavor
Flavor is a place you can escape during the day with ambient lounge music under our 800 sqft tent, then as night falls you can take your feet into our dance chamber of funky beats.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Contact: riga420(at)aol(dot)com

Camp Hardcore
20 foot high 'praise to unsaid things' mushroom, motorized shopping cart racing, music and theater performances encouraging breath holding contests, free beer given to all visitors with psychic abilities. Visit site for details.

Hometown: Bellingham, WA
Contact: jderose(at)lovemachine2000(dot)com

Camp Littleton / Columbine High Shooting Gallery
Tired of being pushed around by popular kids? Confused by violence in the media? Come relieve your aggression an maybe win a prize, too!

Hometown: Spahn Ranch, CA
Contact: nobody(at)mashed.pota(dot)to

Camp Maya Papaya
During their stay on earth the Cosmic Maya carried the burden of time. At Camp Maya Papaya we are bound to the cycles of time. We honor the Papaya as the holy orb of sustenance and perform daily ritual Papaya sacrifices. Will you give yourself to the Papaya?

Camp Orgasmotron
Come and dare to fully explore the outer limits of the brain's infinite capacity for pleasure! Master Hypnotist Dr Alex Loving, MD, and his assistants will guide you through (and teach) various sensual trance phenomena, among them: hyperesthesia (sensory enhancement), submission, pleasure amplification, structured seduction, and The OrgasmotronTM.

Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Contact: ali(at)post.harvard(dot)edu

Camp Skynyrd
An oasis of Ignorance in a sea of enlightenment.

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: jackass(at)lefthandshake(dot)org

Camp Sleizure aka Camp Buglight
Camp Sleizure embodies sleaze, leisure and seizure. Our goal is to provide visual stimulation, comfort and the best video art ever.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: leo.villareal(at)nyu(dot)edu

Camp Sunscreen
Camp Suncreen is dedicated to the health and safety of the many scantily clad Burning Man attendees. We and our many volunteers realize the importance of proper sunscreen application and will be ready to assist you in case you leave home without it.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: snookiewookums(at)juno(dot)com

Camp Theraramalis
The leisurely, sybaritic culture of Thera detonated and its detritus has assembled in our great city. Come relax, perform, be fed before it all explodes again.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Contact: wbissell(at)wsgr(dot)com

Camp Tubular Bells
Come and play our percussive sound sculpture that routes sounds thru big tubes and then finally back out to the listeners, creating truly unusual and silly sounds, while looking like something out of Dr. Suess.

URL: www.onelist.com/subscribe/tubularBells
Contact: bpowell(at)dnai(dot)com

Camp Videogasm
At Camp Videogasm, we will be displaying examples of "video art" on our twelve foot video projection screen. Our "art" will take a critically satirical look at American film and television. Some interactive activities are planned, around our couch potato, superhero, master of ceremonies, "Sofa King." We also plan to premiere the documentary video we shot at Burning Man '98, and will be videotaping Burning Man '99 for a videotape to be shown at BM 2000.

Hometown: Woodhaven, MI
URL: www.videogasm.com/burningman/
Contact: early(at)videogasm(dot)com

Campain Headquarters
A pot in every chicken... er ah air conditioning... and... real plumbing... and we have a canidate that can diliver. He ain't no chimp on a stick.

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA
Contact: brettt(at)sirius(dot)com

The Casting Couch
We will be plaster casting people's bodies. The purpose is to see if we can capture in the moment the expressiveness and passion of the event and display it to the community at large.

Hometown: Mariposa, CA
Contact: EllenHurst(at)MariposaInstitute(dot)com

CaTaClYsMiC MeGaShEar rAnCh
Dedicated to the realization of absurdities since 1895.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: labinski(at)earthlink(dot)net

Chef Juke's Blue Light Bistro
The Blue Light Bistro is a communal/community kitchen and gathering spot where all citizens of Black Rock City are welcome to participate and join in the sharing of meals (Although, if EVERYBODY came it MIGHT start to get a WEE bit crowded). Bistro participants communally buy & prepare food for one meal a day and create a special place where we can share it together, along with music, good conversation, etc - communing with each other, the friends we know and those we have yet to meet.
Village: The Blue Light District 3.0

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: pmackey(at)digiforest(dot)com

Chromatic Camp
Get your team together and join us under the rainbow for our Scavenger Hunt. This isn't you ordinary scavenger hunt. You will be asked to find some rather peculiar items, such as a "Best Bum", or a "Below the Neck Body Piercing". Prizes will include Handy Wipes, a first aid kit, bottled water, sunscreen, and other niceties and necessities. The Grand Prize will be a bottle of Honey Mead. One hunt is planned each day of the event. Don't forget to pick up your Burning Man Community Pride ribbons. Each made in various shades of the rainbow to signify the diversity within our community.

Hometown: Sun Valley, NV
Contact: panthera(at)gutterpup.reno.nv(dot)us

Chump Camp
Chump Camp is populated by the moronic barbarian brain-children of the "Chump Internet Cult." Dedicated to the propagation of global Chumpiness, we will manifest our chump-nature through architectural sculpture, frenzied engineering, and glorious slack.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.chump.com
Contact: chumps(at)corp.chump(dot)com

Church of Holy F***'n Sh**
We're the Church of Holy F***'n Sh**! Join our clan of overly agnostic religious fanatics, and become abruptly assimilated into the most confusing religious sect on the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.gigsville.org
Contact: john(at)get.topica(dot)com

The Church of Mez
The Church of Mez is back again to tease your inner Mez into a mass of frizzy blonde hair! Join us for self-transcendence, a giant human jousting ring, and good transhumanist fun!

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: mez(at)mezziah(dot)org

The Church of St. John the Baptist of the Alien Artichokes
Enjoy misty shade and relaxation while learning the holy truth of the artichokes at the Church of St. John the Baptist of the Alien Artichokes. Send musical signals to other Galaxies with the Orchestron VII alien communication device.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.modernsolutions.com/artichoke/
Contact: argon(at)mods(dot)com

Clevian Circularity CampCream City
Near 7:00 and Venus--Arrt from the midwest--Milwaukee style poetry slam, disembodied talking oracular heads on sticks, interaction games, an artificial Lake Michigan made entirely of light, elephants stepping out of thin air, Mahatma Gandhi back from the dead. Glorious national award-winning access television show 'Brain Box' returns to the playa to film and broadcast it all. The Clevians will also exhibit their cultural traditions from over 30,000 years ago, like Knackling, the Abrasion Wheel, and the dragging, burning Bratwurst that will cross the Playa and explode.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
URL: www.clevian.com
Contact: eric(at)clevian(dot)com

Cloud People Of Jupiter
The Cloud People Of Jupiter present our 3 cloud stage, with live circus, Dj's and musical performance acts. Experiences the heights and breath of art, in all its many forms.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: bug(at)bigbrother(dot)com

Cloudfactory ChillSpace
An ambient temple of dreams with far out futuristic decor. Featuring the best of the bay area's downtempo and chill freaks.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
URL: www.cloudfactory.org
Contact: catweasel(at)cloudfactory(dot)org

Come Into the Light
You see it in the distance: a beautiful light. You walk across the dark playa, the light gets brighter. A voice on the radio urges you on, to the light at the end of the darkness. You can be happy here. It is beautiful. It is warm. It is safe. Come into the light and everything will be alright.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: comeintothelight.com
Contact: rusty(at)soma(dot)net

A Coney Island of the Mindless
A short stretch of Coney Island boardwalk, and a short stretch of your mind.

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Contact: brucew(at)colorado(dot)edu

The Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet
The Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet will offer quality name brand and private-label soulmates at substantially lower prices than can be found through conventional wholesale sources.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: modes(at)thespoon(dot)com

The Cult of Distraction
Toxic Temporal Syndrome (TTS), do you have it? This debilitating condition is rampant, stop by for a free exam, generous doses of Distraction therapy (DT), or learn more about the disease. DT providers will also perform house calls, community outreach, and emergency distraction.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.cultofdistraction.org
Contact: andi(at)sirius(dot)com

Cultural Workers Union
CWU returns to the playa this year with eye-popping and eardrum-massaging treats. Don't Blink !

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: jeremy(at)got(dot)net


The Dante Network presents BATTLE OF THE BURNING MAN THEME CAMPS! Watch the most prestigious theme camps duke it out in events ranging from Sordid Porn Trivia Challenge to Blind Knife Wrestling. All other theme camps are invited to battle one another on Dante's live broadcast -- piped directly to every television in HELL!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: smoke(at)toke(dot)com

Day at the Beach
Relax, throw a frisbee, drink a beer, visit our suntan lotion lube station, groove to the sounds of the seashore--we guarantee that it's seagull-shit-free--chill out and share your experiences.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: null(at)ucker(dot)net

Deadly Sunshine Cleaning Camp
Beware the Skull and Crossbrooms! Under cover of brightest daylight, our brutal service representatives cleanse unwitting campsites like yours of filth & spiritual pollution; tips gratefully demanded. You have been warned.

Contact: jfurst(at)pobox(dot)com

Death Guild/Barter Town
A Post-Apocalyptic amphitheater of bizarre acts and weird stuff. Featuring: the Thunderdome, Ritual Combat, Teh Vectro Car, Motorcycle Monstrositeis and Death Guild - Gothic/Industrial/80's Dance Club at night.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
URL: www.deathguild.com
Contact: thunderdome(at)deathguild(dot)com

Debbie Petting Zoo
What if... the future were full of color instead of drab? What if!... the future were full of happiness instead of hopelessness? What if?!?!?!?! the future could be embraced instead of feared? What if?... you could dance and play and experience life the way you did as a child? Full of wonderment, excitement, inventiveness, and joy? What if??? Plus there are A LOT of animals to play with! The future is in our hands...

Contact: topher(at)tangled(dot)org

Ded Keg Saloon
Howdy pardners. Yall knows that the Texsun is hottern hayul. You get reel thirsty after a long day fishin at yer favorite bass hole. So if yer toung is draggen inta da playa, put on yer best unaware and overhauls and ya'll cumon down to the Ded Keg Saloon. Have yer druthers and drink em too. Heck, if yer lucky, old Sally might git buck nekkid and put on a show. If not, at least ya got beer.

Ded Keg Saloon - Hah dolla Texas beer for the commonist folks who cain't afod it.
Village: HAmlet

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Contact: rovingbar(at)yahoo(dot)com

The Delightful Paintbrush
Free Bodypainting and Glitter adornment camp. Home of the Giant Light Maze.
Village: Gigsville

Hometown: San Francisco CA
URL: www.attila.com
Contact: attila(at)attila(dot)com

Didj Camp and the Dreamtimers
We are the past, present and future as told through the aboriginal creation myth. Come join the Dreamtimers as we roam the playa telling our tales, our stories, our legends. Our Dreams.

Hometown: Idyllwild, CA
Contact: 71533.3620(at)compuserve(dot)com

Digital Light Camp
A nerd camp featuring two (or more) aspects of digital light: A large digitally controlled light show, and displays and examples of digitally manipulated photography of Burning Man, including a 15 foot long photo-quality panorama of all of Black Rock City 1998. We may also attempt at time-lapse digital movie of the city.

URL: www.templetons.com/brad/dlcamp.html
Contact: bt(at)templetons(dot)com
Mailing list: dlcamp-request(at)templetons(dot)com

The Dingo Parlour
Join us daily for an ever-so-slightly-less-boring version of Bingo with a particular bent towards the native Australian wild dog.

Hometown: Melbourne by way of San Francisco
Contact: Joel_Barnard(at)lowesms(dot)com

Dirt Nap Camp
Dirt Nap Camp... where you play God... Come to D.N.C's "Tomb-o-Rama" and inscribe the name of your soon to be departed on one of our 66 tombstones and the pact shall be sealed... after our tombstones are full they shall become the path of despair leading to "Sterning Man" our art installation. Can't make it to B-Man this year? Visit our web sight and hit the E-kill button... We'll do the dirty work for you. D.N.C.'s mission for the millennium, to extinguish the evils of the shock media industry... and better to represent that facet than our beloved "Sterning Man" The king of all media and soon to be one big goddamn campfire.

Hometown: Sparks, NV
Contact: dirtnap(at)softcom(dot)net

The Disco Headhunters
The Disco Headhunters are a groovy collective hailing from San Francisco, Northern Cali, Eugene, Portland and Seattle. We believe in radical egalitarianism, continually strengthening the psychic web, and shaking your booty to some bouncing jams.

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: mkleckne(at)gladstone.uoregon(dot)edu

1999 brings with it a smaller and better Disturbia. Visit our mini village which will feature Antarctica, aka The Ice Age; The Energetic Alchymists' pyrotechnics; a replica of Giza; the Sunshine Pussy Hut; the Obelisk of Dancing Light; a giant Sundial; and our amazing Perimeter filled with time related art and other oddities.

Hometown: Denver, CO
URL: www.disturbia.com
Contact: dalton(at)isis.cr.usgs(dot)gov

Domestic Chicken Concentration Camp
A merciless concentration camp for domestic chickens. See armed cocks herd flocks of innocent chickens into a mass incineration chamber! See cock witch hunters burn hens at the stake! Eat fried chicken on us!!!

Hometown: Springfield, OR
Contact: bweetfood(at)yahoo(dot)com

This year we'll share a Mist Carosel, Karaoke, Aura Janitors, Pillow Tent, Labyrinth, and more with Black Rock City. Come play with us.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: alicia(at)glitter(dot)org

Dorian Trance presents "Pajama Camp"
Pajama camp will be a 24 hour a day slumber party with less slumber and more party. If you can't find us just follow the Sealy Mobily when you see it in the playa. Ask for details on the After burn Pajama burn party.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.weid.org
Contact: freakdeak(at)aol(dot)com

Dragon's Lair
A camp of caretakers of the creation of a Dragon with all pertinent sounds and commotion. The ambience of a cool forest with the primal energy of a dragon.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: Bobpark333(at)aol(dot)com

DranoVision - The Arcade, The Stage, The CD
DranoVision - The Misty Bar and Brothel
DranoVision - Flash The Man The Mystery
DranoVision - The Lounge Lizard, Papa

Hometown: San Francisco, CA & Reno, NV
Contact: reggievision(at)earthlink(dot)net
& dranovision(at)hotmail(dot)com

Dream Time
Through out time, through out space Dreaming has inspired the human race.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: aega(at)jps(dot)net

Dream Towers
Once again, we bring you the Dream Machine. A favorite among the slightly impaired, giving visions of enhanced life and entry into a wonderful dream-state of semi controlled thoughts.

Hometown: Felton, CA
Contact: drj(at)cruzio(dot)com

Drift Catalyst
Drift Catalyst is a freely evolving 24 hour sound (eclectic, experimental, ethnic, hypnotic) and visual field exploring radical and experimental arts such as skilled fire play, traditional Japanese rope bondage and Skeito bata skat. Guest and resident performers are invited to our stage to interact on the cutting edge.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: ruby(at)easystreet(dot)com

Drum and Dance Camp
Hand drummers and dancers of every type & tradition are welcome at the BM 99 drum and Dance Camp. We will drum for Center Camp rituals and events, have classes, toy making workshops and nightly drum jams.

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Contact: happy(at)drums(dot)org

A stage for performers to do their thing as well as a community meeting place.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: erin(at)lumicast(dot)com


Eggchair Camp
"If you can't find the meaning of existence while doing something as simple as sitting in an Eggchair, where the f--- else are you gonna find it!" -Zen Master Po

Hometown: Alamdea, CA
Contact: eggchairsteve(at)earthlink(dot)net

Elf Camp
Brush your teeth at ELF CAMP, bring a toothbrush and some water and tryout our freaky flavors. Make your mouth happy and transform your attitude!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Erotic Science Reading Room
Erotic Science Reading Room: So you think you know it all? We have reference books on sensuality and sexology, ranging from the mild to the wild, from the strange to the unusual. Cum on in and browse! Erotic massage classes held daily. (Not responsible for perversions, pulled muscles, or pregnancies suffered as a result of ideas encountered in this camp.)
Village: HAmlet

Hometown: Richardson, TX
Contact: esrr(at)iname(dot)com

Exhibit F: Not Admissable
We are not responsible for evidence held in contempt of court. To make Lasada, please see page 17. Thank you, and please stop by and talk.to/fna.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
URL: talk.to/fna/
Contact: fna2012(at)hotmail(dot)com

A large luminous eye that sees all will be ceremoniously paraded around the Playa by a group of dedicated mylar monks: followers are welcome, as the omniscient eye looks over all. A CCTV image of the Eye's eye view is relayed back to EyeLand Camp.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: marketchup(at)aol(dot)com


A sexually explicit language interpretation of DaDa space-time manifolds created by partial differential equations, and the use of F-Space in these solutions, with interactive displays, experiments, and presentations. Oh, we were not supposed to use sexually explicit language. Doh! did it again!

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
URL: F-Space.com
Contact: fspace(at)yahoo(dot)com

Fabulous Faces in Far-Out Places
Fabulous Faces in far off places offers you another change to be in a fantasy, change your persona... bring your camera!

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR
Contact: eatalgae(at)cdsnet(dot)net

What's a Glockenspiel? It's one of those big mechanical clocks with the little army of mechanical people in lederhosen who come marching out of the clock tower. Swing by Fandango to watch the life-size Fandango Glockenspiel chime at noon and eight o'clock p.m.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.fandango.net
Contact: steve_courtney(at)chbnet(dot)com

Fanny Flame's Magic Makeovers & Fashion-Sets-U-Free Hut
"...'cuz a fanny pack and flip-flops ARE NOT enough!"

Stop on by our little ol' house o' style! Let us exorcise your fashion demons, snazzle up your look, and MAKE YOU SHINE!! And that's not all - Chef BOY-ARE-"D" will spank your taste buds with the nummiest of nibblets, lovingly concocted in our kozy kitchen... and remember -- Baby, You're -HOT-!!!

Contact: yellenln(at)halcyon(dot)com

Flag Farm
Lots of color flying in the wind. Please join us for flag making - limited space available.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Enter FLESHLAB and explore the body and mind. Outlaw theatre, bartered foot pampering, delicious chill space, and a sultry horde of marauding doctors will greet you.

Hometown: Austin, TX
Contact: narrator(at)idiom(dot)com

Florida Escape Camp
A haven for Florida based participants to relax and soak up some good Black Rock City vibrations, and lament about our culturally deprived homeland!

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Contact: st(at)cybersun(dot)com

Flying Hands
Flying Hands camp, It is like seeing noise, hahaha like eyes candy ! A language with hands = called, American Sign Language. It is strange deaf culture in a big world. You are welcome to join us in big dome tent and enjoy the events with us. There are flying hands everywhere! Using a lot of facial expression and body language as a gesture. Don't be afraid. It is fun.

Hometown: San Francisco
Contact: LEOWYC(at)aol(dot)com

Forge Camp
Forge Camp will melt aluminum and some glass. Molds and casting sand are available, so come and be creative.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: jricker(at)meltguns(dot)com

Four Calendar Cafe
Coffee brews in the mornings, mist sprays in the afternoon and Cocteau Twins etheria plays all day. Soothe your soul and fill your coffee cup!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: redwood(at)rangers(dot)org

Free Martian Xenologist
We are the Free Martian Xenologists from 2337. Our hope is to create cohesion between all beings, but especially the citizens of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Everett WA
Contact: grandpa_jumpy(at)yahoo(dot)com

Free Photography Zone
Act, play, pose and posture at the Free Photography Zone (aka Polaroid Camp), where interesting participants earn free prints. Now in it's 4th year of giving Polaroids to true participants.

Contact: johnbrennanphoto(at)yahoo(dot)com

The Frequency Publica OverReactor
The scientists at Frequency Publica have succeeded in bringing you the listener even closer. Now, the roaming public will actually be the program material, through the technology of: The Six Dimensional OverReactor (6-DOR). The (6-DOR) will know you and respond to your every move and mood by OverReacting to your movement through time, space, color, and seismic impact. Enter the (6-DOR) and your every action will be amplified and twisted (and broadcast on Frequency Publica 91.5).

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: moebius(at)dnai(dot)com

Fusion Valley
Home of BurningBell and PlayaNet. Soon to be radiating near you!

Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Contact: taz(at)armory(dot)com and shoefnik(at)loonie(dot)com

The Future Forest Primal
Satori3 presents The Future Forest Primitive. 7 nights of Tribal beats and alien trance, set in a twisted, timewarp arboretum.

Hometown: Edmonds, WA
Contact: code(at)candyraver(dot)com


Gambol Camp
The Self-Powered-Whirlygig: I want my pay-back for exercise right now. The Human Car Wash: A dust exchange center. Exchange your old dust for fresh re-cycled dust. Gambol Camp: Anyone can gambol.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Contact: bondi(at)earthlink(dot)net

The Gemini Manor Fantasy Matrix
Gemini Manor is a safe place for people to expose and explore their fantasies, desires and dreams. Our Gemini Manor-at-Burning Man camp will provide an artistic forum for the presentation of ideas, music, writing, workshops, massage demonstrations, free-dance, etc.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Contact: geminimanor(at)earthlink(dot)net

Ghost Town Camp
A saloon and playa watering hole, with playa weddings, live-playa space music, SF playa fashion and usual eccentric fun!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: ultralupe(at)hotmail(dot)com

Gift Camp
Welcome to Gift Camp - Come create a metaphorical gift of Love or Hope or Passion (etc.) for yourself, a loved one or even greater humanity. You came take it with you, leave it to be burned on the last night or have me deliver to another person on the playa.
Village: Gigsville

Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA
Contact: CaptnELF(at)aol(dot)com

Glitter Camp - The Sequel
In the heart of Gigsville, Glitter Camp rides again! Come one and all friendly bodies for lounging in the glitter pool and anointing with the spectacular speckles we're famous for.
Village: Gigsville

Hometown: Davis, CA
Contact: jldew(at)ucdavis(dot)edu

Golden Goddess Temple
Creation of a sacred goddess site for imagery, dance & meditation. OPEN INVITATION to other artists to contribute to site...

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: brentxxx(at)aol(dot)com

Gooey Glazed Sugar Donut & Streudel Camp
Gooey-goodness aficionados, come taste our sponge cake, lounge in our jelly-donuts, lick our lollypops, and savor the syrupy wonders that thrive in Gooey Glazed Sugar Donut & Strudel Camp. The Ultimate Fructose Experience. Warning: May get sticky upon entry.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: lydiaf(at)earthlink(dot)net

Gotcha Camp
We'll be organizing circular games of tag using waterguns, which we can help provide. Each player will be issued a computer generated ID card of the person they need to get. The goal is to get your target before somebody gets you!

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: dave(at)gotchacamp(dot)com

Greetings From a Plastic Atmosphere
Helping to expose thee thoughts Ov un-reality through tonal/mekanikal exploration.

Hometown: Federal Way, WA
Contact: mechacid(at)hotmail(dot)com

Gringos en la Playa
Our motley crewe of poets, bards, tarot readers, dancers, and dabblers too. Provoke ye vagabonds to merge with us in quest of majic we can brewe.

Hometown: Nevada City, CA
Contact: vagabond(at)nccn(dot)net

The Groove Shack
We will provide shack-like environment to get one's "groove" on.
Village: Boom Town

Contact: kineticgrooves(at)yahoo(dot)com


Haute Couture Camp
Every morning, our staff of designers will construct clothing for clients which reflects their individual sense of style, as well as the Black Rock City environment and the theme of Time. Every evening, these clients will return to model the fashions which we've created for them on our runway.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: coyote(at)lenscraft(dot)com

Headhunters Hut
One should be so lucky as to be captured by these feral wymen, who only want your head.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: espy(at)teleport(dot)com


Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: mrowley(at)v-site(dot)net

The High Energy Magick Camp
A point, a line, a circle, spinning patterns of the wheel of time. There will be an intimate space where patterns are created and a huge ring of light on the playa where the patterns are seen. 2000 years, 2000 lights, 2000 patterns per second, we are playing pretty flashing games with your sense of scale.

Hometown: San Jose, CA
URL: www.quantalink.com
Contact: tblack(at)quantalink(dot)com

The Holiest Of Holy Poet's Watering Hole
Open your ears and your mouths to let us pour euphoric verse down your throat! The souls of such poets as Ginsberg, Bukowski, and Blake (as well as others) will reverberate and vibrate against your own soul, creating the eternal, burning soul of "us".

Hometown: West Valley City, UT
Contact: Tr0utpilot(at)aol(dot)com

The Hotnspicy Lounge
Come cool down and heat up at the Hotnspicy Lounge! Your senses will come alive! Your tongues antagonized! Ignite your passions and incinerate your mouths! A sensational assault on the senses!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: mrkmrtnz(at)hotmail(dot)com

HOURland Camp
HOURland is a transmodern outpost with environmental, theatric and musical offerings - housed in the Vgypt Pyramid and Casbah. It is also the home base for the groups creating the Saturday night Community Dance, Black Rock Crop Circle Project, Eternal Return Ritual Performance and Annual Burning Man Fashion Show in Center Camp.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: events(at)burningman(dot)com

The House of Jimmy Durante Emotional Camp
The church of Jimmy Durante is an attempt to de-diefy the aspects of our life that frustrate and confound. "Jimmy" signifies the tire-less pursuit of whole-ness, while allowing for the expression of simple human emotion (costume noses provided) for/by all participants.

Hometown: Beverly, MA
Contact: lanedaniel(at)hotmail(dot)com

The House of Wyre
Are you stuck in a religious twister? If so, come and join our camp full of misfits, pagans, and crispy critters: in this camp anything goes, who knows, you may like what you see...

Hometown: Lowell, MI
Contact: alostsoul(at)hotmail(dot)com

This year, hubcamp will the a centre for Kanadian Kulture in all its splendor. We will be organizing and hosting the Burning Man Hockey League (BMHL) and inviting all other interested pickup teams to play. we will be using hockey sticks and tennis balls (sorry, no ice this year).

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Contact: canada(at)burningman(dot)com

The Hug Not-Sees
The Healin Heathen is back with the "Hug Not-Sees" - bringing love and submission to this crazy world! We are a roving group (with spiked bras and riding crops) dedicated to finding those determined to submit (blindfolded) to random luscious hugging! YOU VILL HUG ME AND HUG ME NOW!

Hometown: San Francisco CA
Contact: healinheathen(at)juno(dot)com


Icarus Camp
Dedicated to alternative forms of flight. Come fly the friendly playa, of come ply the friendly skies.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
URL: airtekusa.com
Contact: sebas(at)airtekusa(dot)com

The Illumination Village
The Illumination Village: Creating world class Art and lighting it on fire.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.burningart.com
Contact: charlie(at)burningart(dot)com

ISMIST camp "We don't accept any theories, we embrace all" Come add a word to the IDIOM art piece, bust someone's balls on the playa pooltable, have a playa punch cocktail at the Ismist lounge, eat the culinary miscreations ejected from the ismist cafe, take a ride on the playa pounder, use the pink hair brigade communal shower, jam in the drum circle, or just lay on the ground.

Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Contact: ismist(at)doitnow(dot)com


John C. Holmes's Ornery Roman Empire
The golden glory of Rome recreated in all it's gluttonous excess with a priceless, golden, vibrating, bucking, spewing, eight foot phallus, and nightly, open throated, top fuel, chariot racing.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: jetperu(at)aol(dot)com

The Jonestown Kool-aid Company
Stop by and have a drink with Jim and the gang at the Jonestown Kool-aid Company.Relax and enjoy the light show in our second story "Theater of the Apocalypse".

Hometown: Hollister, CA
Contact: Mienghsbar(at)webtv(dot)net


The Kaleidome
The Kaleidome is an interactive environment where participants work together to create sound and visuals by playing the room--no skills or talent required...just imagination.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: NUKEPICNIC(at)aol(dot)com

Providing a loving environment for people to meet and inspire each other. Enjoy chilled tribal grooves in a creative atmosphere.

Contact: trace(at)blueroomusa(dot)com

The Kava Zone
A place in the shade to feel the peacefulness of the South Pacific. Drink some kava and sail into the harmonious oneness... essence of Burning Man.

Hometown: Arlington, TX
Contact: markzem(at)flash(dot)net

Keepers of the Dimensional Gateway
Witness the pangalactic panoply of the Rollertronic Dimensional Gateway. Bring your skates, your bikes, and your hairy halves of homo sapiens. Your presence will power the temporal doorways where you will see the most exotic extragalactic cultures and relics from across the time continuum.

Hometown: Denton, TX
Contact: justin.mccaleb(at)gtedc.gte(dot)com

Kids Camp
"Kids Camp" Burning Man "A new family Vacation". A kid friendly camp with activities, shade, and other kids. Let the kids make their Burning Man friends. An oasis away from those silly adults. Co-op child care and games for all.

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Contact: davidg(at)cet(dot)com

Krackutopia presents the Temple of the Golden Cracker
Worship at the Golden Kracker, be initiated. Or just hang around upside down and show your Freak pride.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: xian(at)nanospace(dot)com

Kunst Stoff camp is a community of dancers, actors, and musicians who will perform a large ballet performance "White Time". The Camp will have music and choreographed dance pieces, with a general theme of through creativity we can stop the linear progress of time.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.kunst-stoff.org
Contact: sparkle(at)logx(dot)com


La Iglesia del Santo Pollo
See thee chicken saint, taste thee chicken saint, worship thee chicken saint because thee end is near and salvation is right around thee corner at thee liquor store. It's cheap, it's fun and it goes quite nicely with a 40oz. OV Olde E.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: jon(at)23evol.sparks.nv(dot)us

Lake Lahontan Yacht Club
We do not know if we are thousands of years too late or maybe several years ahead of our selves. No matter how you look at it, we feel that Lahontan deserves to have a yacht club, and so here it is.

Hometown: Shelbyville, TN
Contact: curtmc(at)edge(dot)net

The Last Outpost of Black Rock City
It was after the Millenia Wars. Bill Gates was dead unprepared for the backslash after the leap year crash. Frat boys, media whores and the Humongus pillaged what was left. Most of the Internet running Linux and Unix servers was still intact. Rumors about a walled city with a 12 volt solar grid were confirmed by scraps of E-mail from an NT server that managed to boot. Those that returned were changed, different somehow. No matter how they tried to put it off as the deranged visions of old hippies or the mad ramblings of the psychotic ones the man still burns in Gigsville, the last outpost of Black Rock City.

Hometown: Kagel Canyon, CA
Contact: mutech(at)allenlund(dot)com

Lawn Games
The back-yard of Burning Man, Lawn Games provides just what it says: Games to play in the grass. Come play croquet, bocci ball, lawn darts, badminton, four-square, and so on. Feel free to contribute a game!

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
URL: www.dzm.com/lawngames/
Contact: dzm(at)dzm(dot)com

An ancient sunken civilization resurrected on the Playa through sounds, lights & motion... a transmission from the bottom of the sea. Brought to you by the SINdicate.

Hometown: Burbank, CA
Contact: Glitter700(at)aol(dot)com

Leopard Queen's Transient Body Adornment, Part II
Transform yourself into living art in the shade and comfort of "The Leopard's Den" RV. Henna tattoos and body painting using high quality theatrical make-up by an artist/animator. Trades for services are always welcome!
Village: Gigsville

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact: leopard_queen(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Library
The library will be run on a casual basis, basically open 24 hours every day. A variety of books will be free for the taking, we ask only that you try to keep them in decent condition, and bring them back when you're finished (which might not be until next year.)

If someone wants to own a particular book, we will probably swap it for something.

The Library can serve as a distribution point for any free publications that anyone wants to drop off.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
URL: www.bookbill.com/bookcamp.html
Contact: rex(at)bookbill(dot)com

Love Camp
Positive ENERGY collides with sensual flowing art to form an orgasmic audio-visual experience. Come hang, hug and be hugged... but if you come... come with LUV!!!

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Contact: playerstv(at)aol(dot)com

Love Project Unlimited
A hip-hop, reggae, funk and soul night club with live music and DJs frum dusk till dawn, one of Burning Man's best chill spots by day. We invite all to take part in the project by performing, DJ-ing, or coming to shake your booty until the mothership comes.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: herz(at)hooked(dot)net

The Luminous Tiedye Theme Camp
We will create glowing, pulsing psychedelic visual magic for all to revel in. Come see the world's only tiedyed balloon, tethered at night and filled with fire!

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Contact: jonathan(at)sky-dyes(dot)com

Lunatic Spot
All planets are represented in form of streets on the playa, but not the Moon. Homeless moonchildren will therefore settle down/make their nest on Earth. All lunatics welcome.

Hometown: Germany
Contact: evam(at)augusta(dot)de + siedler(at)trionet(dot)de


The Blue Light District 3.0
Middle North (Loud)
Our oldest official village. The Blue Light District has been at Burning Man since 1997, and ever since they've been building their community on the playa, over an e-mail list, and through numerous mid-year events to provide a supportive, entertaining, loving, playing, dancing, singing, guffawing, ridiculous home for all types of friends. You will find BLD members to be a welcoming bunch of rugged individualists, comprised of BM "veterans" and "newbies" of all types. Based in San Francisco, CA

Contact: Sculpto105(at)aol(dot)com

Boom Town
Far North (Loud)
Our latest and final Village on the far loud side of the playa will be a techno collective. They are about spreading love, creativity, happiness, and education through electronic music. We are bringing major music artists from around the world to participate for the first time in Burning Man, and to play their music for whoever wishes to listen.

They wish to establish a camp where people interested in electronic music can camp together and share stories, meet new friends, and explore creative music avenues together.

URL: www.thump-radio.com
Contact: boomtwn(at)excite(dot)com

Middle South (Quiet)
After last years success, Gigsville is ready to reign again. They have theme camps (Temple of Atonement, Gift Camp, Camp Skynyrd, The Delightful Paintbrush, Sandalla, Dish Camp, Pole Camp, Camp Digital, The Last Outpost, Storm from the East, Prom Camp), Interactive Art (Gateways, Dancing Gig-men, a Good Vibes VooDoo Doll), Public Games (Black Rock Electrical Parade, Gigsville Drag Races, He-man competition (to contrast), Radio Controlled Demolition Derby, Community potluck dinner, Homecoming Dance) and more! Based in Anaheim, CA

URL: www.gigsville.org
Contact: jimk(at)hitchhiker(dot)com

Far South (Quiet)
Celebrating the diversity of the two genders. Named after HA, the man/woman figure burned at Burning Flipside (an Austin based Burning Man event), it represents the union of opposites, community built out of individuality. A community of Texas burners invites you to join our vision with art, projects, and participation.

HAmlet is ideally suited for individuals, first time Burning Man participants, vetrans and theme camps looking to make a substantive contribution to a larger community within Black Rock City. Based in Austin, TX

Contact: prost(at)justamonkey(dot)net