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Building Burning Man
The Official Journal of the Burning Man Project - Summer 1999 Newsletter

Q & A

Q: What are the dates of the event in 1999?
A: Burning Man will begin on Monday, August 30 and conclude on Monday, September 6 (Labor Day).

Q: Where is Black Rock City?
A: Our city is an ephemeral community and can't be found on any normal map. While it exists, it is located in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, approximately 5 miles from the nearby town of Gerlach and 100 miles north of Reno. This year's city will occupy the same site as last year's. Your survival guide will contain a map that will guide you to our gate.

Q: When will the Man burn?
A: This year Burning Man will burn on the evening of Saturday, September 4. This is a departure from our traditional Sunday night burn. Last year, for the first time, traffic jams appeared on the playa as participants attempted to leave the desert. Our new schedule will afford participants two full days to return home before the end of the Labor Day weekend.

Q: What do tickets cost?
A: This year tickets again will cost $65 at the beginning of the year. This ticket price will increase to $80 on April 16. The price of a ticket will increase to $90 on June 16. Finally, ticket prices will advance to $100, on August 1 (two weeks in advance of last year's deadline). This graduated schedule is intended to encourage early commitment. Participants who buy their tickets in advance come better prepared to contribute to the life of our community. Furthermore, early purchases supply us with money for essential preparations. During the event ticket prices will continue to increase, rising $5 daily. This means that by the day of the Burn, Saturday, September 4, the price of a ticket will be $130, double the amount of the earliest purchase. It makes sense to buy an advance ticket! Late arriving participants who purchase tickets at our gate are a lesser burden on the physical infrastructure of our city. However, they represent a much greater burden on the social and cultural infrastructure of our community. This daily increase in price is a tax we levy on a lack of preparation and participation.

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Q: Can I drive my vehicle in Black Rock City?
A: Come prepared to drive your vehicle to your chosen campsite and anchor it there throughout our event. Black Rock City is designed for bicycles and pedestrians. Our city will be larger in 1999; therefore, we strongly urge every participant to bring a bicycle (and, quite sensibly, a lock to secure it). Art cars and other art-based conveyances form a partial exception to this rule. Providing they meet certain safety standards, they will be licensed by our Department of Mutant Vehicles, and can enjoy a limited mobility. Other vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATV's, quad-runners, wind-powered sail vehicles and electric motorized conveyances, such as golf carts, will not be allowed to pass through our gate. They must remain there in a parking lot for the duration of the event. If a motorcycle is your sole means of transportation, it will be treated as a car. You may enter our city and secure this vehicle at your campsite. You may not use it as transportation during the event. For further details, contact our Rangers at : rangers(at)burningman(dot)com

Q: Can I leave and return?
A: As in 1998, a $20 fee will be charged to those who wish to use their vehicles to exit and return to our event. This year, however, we plan to offer daily bus service to the nearby towns of Gerlach and Empire. A small fee will be charged for this service.

Q: Will public showers be available?
A. No. This is wilderness camping. We strongly recommend portable solar showers. Consult your local outdoor store.