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Building Burning Man
The Official Journal of the Burning Man Project - Winter 1999 Newsletter

Burning Man 2000
The instincts that prompt us arise out of darkness. The lust of the loins, the fires of the belly, and the reasons of the heart -- these blind urges drive our lives as if impelled by an immediate force of Nature. Burning Man 2000 will explore this dark and secret world of our embodied being.

Our plan is to extend a giant human figure across the plain of the desert floor. Straddling the inverted arch of our city, it will measure a full mile from the tips of its toes to the ends of its outstretched arms. We will locate artworks and performances within the sprawling outline of this giant pictogram. Other featured works will be arranged along its spine. Beginning at the groin (the site of this year's opera), they will be aligned upon a grand axis extending through the body's gut and heart and culminating in its vast diamond-shaped head. The statue of the Burning Man, our city's orienting landmark, will become the solar plexus, the radiant center of this colossal being.

As in the past, large portions of the playa directly fronting our city will be available for any artwork participants may create. Instructions for contacting us concerning the placement of such works will be included in our next newsletter. However, artists wishing to contribute to this year's theme may contact us now at: body (at) burningman (com).

What does it mean to live and die as an embodied being? Go to 2000 Theme - The Body for more information about The Body.