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2000 Themecamps & Villages
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M.A.S.H. 4207th

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: taylorsr(at)wellsfargo(dot)com

The Ladies' Militia Forced Aid Camp (aka Drag Queen Petting Zoo). If you can't find someone to talk to, you'll be able to find someone to talk about. Emergency makeovers may be demanded. Home of NAMBLA the Clown, the Penis Painting Salon and Piss Clear. Prepare to be boarded.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.ggreg.com/bm/
Contact: mashcara(at)ggreg(dot)com

Macaroni Art Stand
Recreate your childhood art projects. Make Necklaces, anklets, sculpture, pictures, or work on the group mural.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: amyenslow(at)hotmail(dot)com

Mad Hatters Tea Party
The Mad Hatters Tea Party in the desert, We just made a fresh pot.
Join us for a cup of tea or a game of croquet.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Contact: tamsinlucy(at)hotmail(dot)com

MadScientists Theme Camp (Mad-Sci)
It's A-L-I-V-E! The MadScientists that brought you last year's L2K return to uncover their latest creations fresh from the lab for your interactive enjoyment at the Mad Scientist Theme Camp. Part carny sideshow, part serious science the MadScientist Theme Camp is laden with all sorts of strange and sometimes dangerous devices and installations for your body and mind manipulation pleasure. Come be amazed, or should we say aDazed by one of our favorite creations the HypKnowTron (aka. OmniChakra)--a 10 ft diameter spinning windmill of hundreds of really bright LEDs designed to enrapture your photoreceptive senses--no epileptics please. Also scheduled to appear: Neon Garden; Mad Lab; Dr Jeckel Memorial Bar and Grill; ELeCtRoShOcK; MadScientists Hall Of Fame; Orgasm Accumulator; Mark 2000 ElectroShaminic™ Soul Processor (big fun this one); Data Pipe... and of course, L2K. If you are a MadScientist or simply play one on TV, we invite you to submit your installation concept for possible inclusion amongst our mad creations at the MadScientist Theme Camp. Not a MadScientist but compelled to help in the Lab? (good the mind control beam is working) We need lab assistants and Junior MadScientists to help bring the camp ALIVE.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.mad-scientists.com
Contact: skysquid(at)web3droundup(dot)org

Magic Fingers Motelopolis
Remember when you could trek across a desert, check in to a motel and submit your weary bones to the "hands" of your bed? Well, those days are here again. Stop by morning, noon or night and let our "staff" of manipulating mechanical massagers "carries you into the land of tingling relaxation and ease." Enter the dome a frail, haggard, helpless creature... Walk out vibrating.

Hometown: Denver, CO
Contact: milkman(at)strangeday(dot)com

Magic Glasses Camp
Be careful with these glasses, they're really magic! So says Keith and he should know. Try on the Magic Glasses and see things as they really are. Enter the Tunnel of Trance and enhance your Playa experience in the optical dimension. Looking forward to seeing people from last year and new friends too... "Would you like to try on the Magic Glasses?"

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.magicglasses.com
Contact: marks_people(at)yahoo(dot)com

Making Shade in the Love Robot Camp
Making Shade in the Love Robot Camp will have lots of shade, love and yes robots. Bring your robot, B.E.A.M bot solar bot, art bot to the burn and chill in the shade with us. Website will be up in July.

Hometown: Grapevine, TX
Contact: yonder(at)spddallas(dot)com

Malpractice Camp
Malpractice camp: Come and relive your childhood and test your skills on our giant Operation Game. At Malpractice camp, we're not doctor's but like to play - so we'll be helping to improve your BM state of health using our alternative medical technologies!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: karinaoc(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Mason Jar (district)
The Mason Jar will be collecting and classifying all types of playa bugs and creatures. We want to pin you to the fur wall, identify your species, tag you, take your photo if you want, and try to put you to sleep with some liquid!

Hometown: Boise, ID
Contact: pat_64(at)yahoo(dot)com

The Medicine Dream
Relax under the Big White Dome and heal your body and spirit.

Hometown: Hayward, CA
Contact: LudditesFc(at)aol(dot)com


Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Contact: jakoye(at)pacbell(dot)net

about this photo
(brought to you by the Church of Mez)
MezLabs is your full service transhumanist research provider, offering a full array of 21st century testing and research services. Donate your mind, body, and soul TODAY for our scientific experiments!

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: mez(at)mezziah(dot)org

The Medieval Camp of the Flaming Heads
It will be an Elizabethan era theme complete with costumes, heads on stakes that look like they are on fire, stockade and a jail.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: tvkas(at)excite(dot)com

Mingle Camp
Mingle Camp enables continuous interaction across multiple theme camps. The goal is to add additional layers of communication and participation available to Burning Man participants to foster a deeper sense of community throughout the event.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: josh_crandall(at)hotmail(dot)com

Miracle Camp

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: cbbluedog(at)aol(dot)com

Mister Pyramid

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: milrod(at)aol(dot)com

Motown Fandango: Grass is Green
Bring it on back to Motown, as Motown Fandango presents the Grass is Green. Take your shoes off and walk your dogs in our very own shaded grassy knoll as you contemplate how life is gooderer.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: billfrog(at)mail(dot)com

A theme camp in the Black Light District. Movecamp celebrates the human body's trajectory through space and time using various forms of kinetic expression in the enchanted neon environment of the Black Light District. Come and rediscvoer dance as play, as a sacred art, as an antidote to techno-culture, and join our early evening improvisation class, which will culminate in a mass-inspired group performance (in neon body paint) on the night of the burn.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: www.swirl.com
Contact: jlewis(at)laweekly(dot)com

The Museum of 10,000 Wonderful Things

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: noah(at)nbn(dot)com

Mystic Krewe of Satyrs
The Mystic Krewe of Satyrs return with our fourth annual float, "Draco de Foc". Look for us on parade, catch the elusive Shrine of the Mermaid ritual, have a cocktail at our bar.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA


Does the left breast know what the right breast is doing?

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: jyk(at)feastorfamine(dot)com

Nipple Clamp Camp
Nipple Clamp Camp-Consensual Sensual: Our camp is based on the idea that TIT-ilation with ice, feathers, clamps etc is fun. The best part of Nipple Clamp Camp is taking them off... and then laughing. To be THERE, you have to be a couple, and be invited by us. Take a chance, Email your assets to the contact link below. (One) photo is best.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: nippleclampcamp(at)hotmail(dot)com

No-No The Naughty Naked Ape
Visit No-No's caged habitat and indulge your beastiality fantasies--love the beast--become the beast. Shuck the human veneers of modesty and shame and enter No-No's pre-verbal world of incredible freedom and creativity.

Hometown: Sonoma, CA
Contact: nono(at)bboy(dot)com

No Tanline Camp
Come and learn about why some of the participants at Burning Man choose to go about without any clothes and the importance of 'Body Acceptance' that nudists and naturists have. Drop by and find out where there may be a nudist club or beach close to your own home, maybe you will want to give it a try.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Contact: burningmannude(at)hotmail(dot)com


Oaktown Village
Oaktown is the SUPERFUNK.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: eskae(at)hotmail(dot)com

O.B.E. Out of Body Experience
Looking for that out of body experience? Then join us at camp O.B.E. our scientist have developed a technic using mind altering artwork,light,sound,and spin technology to assist you on your spirtual conquest!!!

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Contact: Madhatterhippie(at)webtv(dot)net

Oracular Madness Revenge Choir
(a sub-camp of Camp Sunscreen)
Oracular Madness Revenge Choir: Divinatory utterances by the Poison Path travelers late--very late--at Roller Disco's Chill Hour. Daytime visit our Pharmako/Salon at Camp Sunscreen.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: lauramcc(at)ix.netcom(dot)com

Oregon Country Fair Embassy
Performance art inspired by the Oregon Country fair.

Hometown: Eugene, OR
URL: www.eugeneweb.com/~bm/
Contact: clif(at)efn(dot)org

Ossicle Project
The World's Ear.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: sutherland(at)pacbell(dot)net

Otomari... sleep over... make noise!

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: sserata(at)hotmail(dot)com

Outer-space and Inner-space:
This Mortal Coil and The Mind's Eye. The focus of our installation will be the mortal body and in extension, the immortal soul temporarily housed within it. We will literally define the outer dimensions of festival participants by tracing the outline of their physical bodies on life-sized canvasses, and then we will allow participants to reveal metaphoricallyl their inner dimensions by providing them with the materials to creatively fill in the space of their outlines. We will be facilitators to help individuals discover the expression of his or her true inner selves by way of the starting point of the physical body, the boundary between 'outer space' and 'inner space'. This will be a dynamic process and participants will be encouraged to return over the span of the week to make additions and changes to their forms. Each canvas will be mounted as an individual flag and displayed on a vast field on the open playa.

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Contact: diana.mcmulkin(at)utoronto(dot)ca


Palookaville Institute of Contemporary Art

Hometown: Bolinas, CA
Contact: mvp(at)sirius(dot)com

Painting Camp
Painting Camp, a camp where anyone who craves to delve into their creative side may reside.
With body painting, picture painting,sculpture, found art, Painting Camp offers a little of everything for the black rock artist.

Hometown: Placerville, CA
Contact: kgrace(at)inforum(dot)net

pElvis Camp
pElvis Camp provides environments for people to experience basic lower chakra grounding experiences through Yoga, resting and enjoying the miracle of water as well as contemplating the primal inseminating intiatory force as represented by the giant phallic sculpture.

Hometown: Nicasio, CA
Contact: loren(at)cinematrix(dot)com


Hometown: Vallejo, CA
Contact: djbuddhaful(at)onebox(dot)com

Phantopolis, a village combining forces with the Woo Woo Field, The Glamour Goblins, Prometheus, and MagmaVox will come alive to entertain and inspire through performance, music, elaborate costuming and communal spirit. Love, Magic, and tribal energy will be offered to anyone passing through.

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
Contact: bolyarddax2000(at)yahoo(dot)com

about this photo
Phoenix Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: don(at)blastoff(dot)org

Phunonogy - an interactive play space where we will explore an infinate number of physical and intellectual games, ranging from improvisation to tag to chess. We will be engaged in a number of different games at any given time; come indulge in your desire to play.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: laura_a_ellison(at)yahoo(dot)com

Piazza Solare
Come be tantalized by body and art, stimulate you appetite with sweet sensation, enjoy and thrive on therapeutic morning food. Piazza Solare = Joy.

Hometown: Daly City, CA
Contact: gordon(at)rebelsun(dot)com

about this photo
Picasso Camp
Picasso Camp is a highly interactive camp which encourages participants to utilize their talents, and materials which we supply to paint two large prepared canvases expressing the "Burning Man" experience. 2000 will be Picasso Camp's Fourth successive year at Burning Man. This year, participants will be encouraged to paint artwork related to the "The Body", this year's Burning Man theme.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: jmotter(at)sppc(dot)com

Pink Chakra
Pink Chakra is the Heart Zone encompassing love in many forms.

Hometown: Kenwood, CA
Contact: roberthe(at)sonic(dot)net

Pink Pickles and Bubblegum Tacos

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: twist(at)uclink4.berkeley(dot)edu

Pink Pleasure Palace

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: pinkpleasurepalace(at)yahoo(dot)com

Pirates Cove
Visit when the jolly roger is flying (moderate wind conditions), and take your chances on the open sea in a landsailer. if you can liberate the treasure, prizes await. but beware the pirates!

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Pirate Ship
(Art Vehicle)

Hometown: Livermore, CA
Contact: Buckford13(at)aol(dot)com

Planet Bruka opens its interactive playa market place and art space for the day and transforms itself for otherworldly theatrical performances at night.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: Brukapro(at)sierra(dot)net or archidea2(at)aol(dot)com

Planut Hatu's Cafe and Caberet
An over-the -top, anything goes, fire breathing and stilt walking, cabaret style theater group.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: clowninorbit(at)uswest(dot)net

Playawood-Home of the Playawood Bowl and the Playawood Walk of Fame!

Hometown: Gerlach, NV
Contact: hartone(at)gbis(dot)com

Pleiades Mission Research 'D' GK2K
Pleiades Mission Research, in its ongoing efforts to devise a means of transporting humans to the far reaches of space, will attempt a bold MINDWARP EXPERIMENT high above the Black Rock Desert in an experimental craft. Three thousand miles away, a group of psychics in a sealed room will attempt to transport the aircraft one hundred miles BY THOUGHT ALONE - will the plan succeed?

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA
Contact: c.batten(at)att(dot)net

about this photo
Plug 4
Plug 4 is back 'Yall, carrying all the energy to keep the body and soul of the Man alive.
"Plug 4" is a 200 times scale, bright orange, 6 sided replica of, and shrine to, the almighty extension cord. The ponderous plug will be birthed from the earth with it's 3 huge prongs reaching skyward for connection. Night time brings all the elements of soul and hip hop together at Plug 4. DJ's Charles and This Kid Named Miles and many guests too special to mention will come through to rock the soul, rare funk, hip hop, breaks and rock steady for you beat starved playa nuts. Plug 4's huge front door opens mechanically to welcome home our art vehicle, the electric powered Giant Ghetto Blaster SOW 4080v2K from it's forays of funk, soul, and hip hop on the open playa. During the day Plug 4 will double as a public screening room for film, documentaries and animation with it's wall to wall carpeted floor and 8'x 8' movie screen.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: grandprix63(at)earthlink(dot)net

PLUR Camp (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)

Hometown: Bear, DE
Contact: andys(at)ezy(dot)net

Port of Coalita
Port of Colita offers a bunch of cool interactive visual stuff for everyone to play with. All ages and species welcome.

Hometown: Dunsmuir, CA
URL: www.snowcrest.net/finleyfryer
Contact: finleyfryer(at)snowcrest(dot)net

Postman of the Playa & Warrior Slut PVC Pyramid Camp
PENFOLD: Postman of the Playa & his wife Dena: Warrior Slut offer a shady space to rest after dropping off your Off-Playa Mail (all inked with a hand carved 'Commemorative' stamp) and staying to have your passport/journal/? stamped. Please do not confuse us with the Disgrunted Postal Workers! As a show of our Gruntledness, we offer an interactive art project; the Fire Pyramid, four huge triangular panels of paper just crying out for your Drawing/Painting/Poetry/Musings where it will be assembled into a giant Pyramidal Envelope, brought out to the Playa, filled with Propane and it's spirit released in a Glorious Conflagration!

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
Contact: penfold(at)artnet(dot)net

P.R.E.D. (or the People's Republic of East Davis
The Black Rock City Embassy. Home of Mr. Burning Man 2000, Festival of Bad Wines and Church of the Wheel services.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Contact: krysta(at)dcn.davis.ca(dot)us

about this photo
Diverse participants in the greater entity that is THE BODY are as the various cells within each individual. PULSE proposes that the atmosphere of the playa IS the bloodstream of THE MAN and examines the internal actions, structures and rhythms that keep us strong and enable us to grow, individually and collectively. What would it be like to BE IN AND OF the vascular system, to be a white blood cell... a T-helper cell... or even a virus...

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
URL: dragondebris.com
Contact: dragondb (at) pacbell (dot) net

Predawn camp is an effort of the Predawn collective. It will include electronic music, a public kitchen, puppets, and the second annual Sara(h) party.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: pootpoot.com/theme/

Pyramid Lounge

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: abraham(at)xprt(dot)net

Pyromid? Yes! Yes! Bigger, brighter, better. Beware citizens of Black Rock City.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: davegalat(at)yahoo(dot)com

PyroPercussion Camp
Associated with Mason Jar camp/village. All terrain mobile 5 ton vertically variable unit designed to go anywhere needed for troop entertainment via synchronized display of fire to drums and/or music.

Hometown: Boise, ID
Contact: dymax(at)micron(dot)net

Pyrot Island
Pyrot Island is a rougish collective of pirates, accepting of any beings willing to free their minds from the constructs of status quo.

Hometown: Denver, CO
URL: pyrot.org
Contact: daud(at)pagan(dot)net


Radio Kaos
Radio Kaos: back for its 4 consecutive year broadcasting electro-industrial music, interviews, and entertainment live from the playa! Drop by and participate.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: noivad(at)mac(dot)com

Rainforest Refugee Camp (RRC)
Rainforest Refugee Camp (RRC) is a relief station where overheated participants from lands graced< with lower temperatures and higher humidity can seek Refuge and ask for asylum from the harsh treatment they are enduring on the Playa. The entrance of the RRC has a painted female eye with overhead misting system giving the appearance the eye is crying over the loss of her homeland of rain soaked forests and mist covered lakes and streams... Passports or bodies will be stamped with our blessings.

Hometown: Hoquiam, WA
URL: snursery.com/rrc/rrc.htm
Contact: mark(at)snursery(dot)com

Rancho Relaxo
Rancho Relaxo will be a center for calm and peace in the hot and wild playa (and a reward for arf's passport victims). Barter for DRINKS, provide or encourage entertainment, play board games, give and receive face and body painting, share a joke or two, and relax... in the SHADE.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: jcreilly(at)speakeasy(dot)org

RECHARGE! Whatever your condition, we will chill you out, rev you up, restore your yaya, quench your thirst, zap your mind. YOU WILL BE RECHARGED!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: vhowell(at)cornerstone(dot)com

Reflections of a Dust Free Camp

Hometown: Redwood City, CA
Contact: myee66(at)hotmail(dot)com

reFRACTion of Light

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: ben(at)reFRACTion(dot)net

The Reverent Blind Toaster Absolution and Sin Bartering Hut

Hometown: Logan, UT
Contact: dennish(at)dellnet(dot)com

The Reverand Bun E. Love's Temple of Testicle Testimony
Midnight masses of paganistic revival guaranteed to bitch slap yer soul.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: nemitravel(at)yahoo(dot)com

Root Chakra Camp (Tortoise!Project)
Nada Brahma: Sound into Light, Spirit into Body
Root Chakra Camp (Moontribe/Tortoise!Time Project) - Free-roaming playa souls are transformed into body by sacred sound. Drum, dance, perform, eat, drink, relax, love, ENJOY the gift of this life of the body as you move through our Root Chakra Camp station into the larger Black Light District village and "higher" chakra experiences. SOUL becomes BODY, SOUND becomes LIGHT: white light by day, black light by night.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: shamanbliss(at)yahoo(dot)com

Rose Red's Hot Lips
Rose Red's Hot Lips will warm even the coolest of lips... an encounter you will never forget.

Hometown: Mclean, VA
Contact: arhconsulting(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Roulette Of Punishment
The Roulette Of Punishment is a spin of justice coming your way and your luck determines whether you face pain, embarrassment, humiliation, or even surprise pleasures.

If caught spectating by an inhabitant of Gigsville, you're force to spin the wheel and fulfill your fate... but this of course may be exactly what you're looking for.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: davemarrr(at)burningman(dot)com

Rhythmic Oasis
...through the blurring playa heat, one can find Rhythmic Camp Oasis... or is it a mirage?

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: shmoe_nameless(at)hotmail(dot)com

Rhythm Society

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: pkingduck(at)hotmail(dot)com


Sacred and Propane
With the merger of the Sacred Church of the Holy Flame Inc. and Consolidated Agglomerated Propane LLC. we are now able to offer to you, our valued customers, both the Sacred and Propane. Please join us each evening during our customer appreciation week (August 29th through September 4) for displays both hot and holy.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA
Contact: coda(at)goplay(dot)com

Sacred Heart Oasis
Make your pilgrimage to the "Shrine of the Sacred Heart", Feel the Love where "Love is the Law". Share and expand your experience of the Heart thru chanting, movement, and ritual at 11am and 4pm every day.

Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Contact: jbartkus(at)flash(dot)net

Safer Sex Camp
Safer Sex Camp promotes safer sex practices, primarily by distributing free safer sex supplies. We are located in Tower Camp (Opera area). Look for a white parachute tent with a 4 foot red band around the bottom. Come by and help yourself - all are free. Volunteer distributers are needed - all orientations and ethnic groups. Safer Sex Kits - Never Leave Camp Without One!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: WalkingOak(at)hotmail(dot)com

Same Same But Different Camp
Come check out our typically unique tribute to the extraplanetary retro-future camp to get bindi'd by the sari sisters. Don't forget to bring your working TV - we'll turn it on before we let you bash it to bits with a variety of destructive tools!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: jlargman(at)hotmail(dot)com

Sanctum of the Erotic Goddess
Interactive body ritual space.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: ocrow(at)skymind(dot)com

Sand Box
(Maybe, name may be revised... Still making a few decisions)
SAND BOX: Non-restrictive play in sandbox with lots of curious and surprising things... your imagination is welcome, bring your toys or share ours come play in the sand box.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: k_pawsha(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Sandala Project
Shells and sands... wedded in the BODIES of sea creatures... The Sea... the same salinity content and planetary percentage as the WATERS of our BODIES... Come be a part of the wedding and dissolution of those ELEMENTS... come, create a SANDALA.

Hometown: Pacifica, CA
Contact: unshetek(at)best(dot)com

A theme park for geeks - featuring: Life size foozball field, bowling for Jesus, fire dancing, body painting, a loungy area with misters (and the secret tunnel to the Sacred Kitsch Mosque and Bar), music, interactive games, and more.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: sven(at)liden(dot)cc

A savannah of complete comfort awaits. Welcome to shockabuku: a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.

Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Contact: captaind(at)shockabuku(dot)com

Shrine of the Oracles of Boobfoot
Shrine of the Oracles of Boobfoot is a place where visitors immediate or long term futures will devined. You may pay your respects with an offering (optional) or have your photo (you supply the camera) taken with Boobfoot, a sacred relic of an ancient or alien culture.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Contact: anntracy1(at)aol(dot)com

Six Degrees of Lucy and Molly
Lucy and Molly are mapping out all their friends and loved ones - come and see if you made it!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: tulip(at)burningman(dot)com

Skiing Man Camp
(In Black Light Village)
Snow skis on playa soil, pulled by a water ski boat with an outboard motorcycle! Hmm - perhaps we had too many margaritas from the gasblender on the Toe Boat.

Hometown: Fremont, CA
Contact: kevinl(at)cisco(dot)com

Sleizure presents: The Disorient Lounge
Disorient Lounge (aka Sleizure) is a hypnotic installation that provides stimulation from dusk to dawn. Features BMVR, a virtual reality simulation of Burning Man + other custom made video + light displays.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: leo(at)disorient(dot)com

Slip and Slide camp
This will be the first every Naked Slip and Slide Olympics held at Burningman with preliminarys leading up to the finals. Awards will be given to those showing the most style and form, looking forward to seeing you all in your slide suits.

Hometown: Fresno, CA
Contact: perrilious(at)attitude(dot)com

Slo Motion Living
Slooooooo Motion Living. Like sloths in the trees, our camp will please you while you relax for a bit and shake off the ringing in your ears between raves. Bored of the way you look? Came out to the playa unprepared? Check out our costumes and toys. We will also be ready to barter with things so needed in the desert. Cigarettes, lotion, toilet paper, body painting, sunblock, chapstick... Come check us out! And don't miss our roving sloth mobile...

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Contact: julia.booth3(at)gte(dot)net

Snowflake Village
Snowflake Confederacy features Art from the Midwest/flyover regions of the country. We will serve as a primary early-evening warmup spot for those anticipating the night's pleasures.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Contact: eric(at)clevian(dot)com

The Soup Advisory Board
Through the BRC Post Office, SAB presents the BRC Immigrations, Socialization, and Nationalization Services (INSS) in order to issue Green Cards to certifiable participants and citizens. Look for the "rules of the game" and applications in literature available throughout the city...

Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Contact: sylvia(at)slip(dot)net

Imagine George Jetson crashing his hovercar onto the set of Barbarella as Napoleon Solo saunters past and Emma Peal stands on the sidelines tossing off witty one-liners. Imagine a world of endless TANG and robot weavers that churn out limitless bolts of Sabre-tooth cat fur to tinny lounge muzac piped through cheeep speakers. It's a collision of cheesy 60's Bondesquery and 50's soooper-future. It's Spacelounge!!!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.spacelounge.com
Contact: adam(at)spacelounge(dot)com

Space Cowboy World
The cowgirls and cowboys are back yet again with their version of the wild west. Travel the playa on the chariot train to the edge of the playa map. Put on your best duds and enjoy your experience at the Space Cowboy Lounge where we barter, trade, howl, laugh, dance and share liquid libations, music and much, much more. Bring a bottle, a twelve-pack or a bag or two of ice to make your lounge hours cool and comfortable. Be sure to join us for the Black Rock hoe down on Friday night, a party that will be out of this world.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: nealmurray(at)yahoo(dot)com

Space Vikings
Hell bent on galactic supremecy the Space Viking horde travels the far flung reaches of space searching for worlds to conquer. They are mightily ineffective, but terrible weapons stand ready to crush all who oppose them. drunkeness, total lack of organization, and general lazyness.

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Contact: bpringle(at)wwonline(dot)com

Space Vikings

Hometown: Modesto, CA
Contact: max_bryant(at)prodigy(dot)net

Regain your virginity thru ritual purification.

Hometown: Bellevue, WA
URL: thunder.prohosting.com/~svirgin/
Contact: kelkph3(at)aol(dot)com

"The good hands people" Safe sex through exessive masturbation is our aim, safe spankin' kits and "playa fires" are our game. Listen for the air raid siren as we cruise the playa in "Jizzabelle" our lincoln playa car... and if you're brave, try a playa fire and earn your nut!!!

Hometown: Fair Oaks, CA
Contact: goodhandspeople(at)aol(dot)com

Spiral Oasis Ultra Lux
S.O.U.L is a collective of theme camps for your enjoyment.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
URL: www.spiraloasis.org


Hometown: North Hollywood, CA
Contact: katherine.delaney(at)wbr(dot)com

Spock Mountain Research Labs
Cyberbilly genius Jed Sanders and his band of backwoods hyperscientists at Spock Mountain Research Labs return to the Playa for the third year running! Robots, home-made hyperwhiskey, cool porch, hillbilly jug band, rocking chairs, and of course SPOCK.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: mr.bad(at)pigdog(dot)org

Spore/Body Cartography Camp
Our camp will transform you, from a ritual body painting to the performance space where your true colors will emerge.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.bodycartography.org
Contact: pato(at)draves(dot)org

Spooterland, a union of self owning ones. Your body is the least mediated Media!

Hometown: Redmond, WA
Contact: Sanford(at)Spooter(dot)com

StarLust Lounge
The StarLust Lounge an alien beach barter bar. Come by and make a free choice creating your reality.

Hometown: San Anselmo, CA
Contact: hmallis(at)icplanet(dot)com

Stealth Bombing Camp
For a non monitary fee (ie a song and dance, or something of entertainment value to us) you can set up a contract hit on a loved one, enemy, or object of your affection. The contracted "assassination" will vary in severity depending upon a number of factors, but may range from being subject to public humiliation, having to perform bizzare or ludicrous antics and we are always open to any idea that would otherwise be considered "unusual" punishment. You will not know how or when we will come, and all "assassinations" are surprise attacks. ** This is for entertainment only, and we will not bring unwanted harm or discomfort to anyone who is "marked" for "assasination". ** Come see us!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: kbmedley(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Sultan's Oasis
The Sultan's camp is to be a place where you can prostrate yourself before a greater entity and find transformation...

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Sun Valley DMX
(No, not Sun Valley Idaho or some other weak ass town.)
We at Sun Valley DMX have no plan, no objective no guiding principals that distinguish our camp from other mindless camps. However, we are familiar. Like your home town that banned you for life, or the gently embrace of your Mom, who thinks you're a lazy, disrespectful waste of good genes. Think of us as home... Your home (until you piss us off and we throw your worthless ass out into the street). A place to come home to, a place of safety, a place you'd better love, or we'll hunt you down and gut you like a fish. Sounds nice doesn't it? Welcome home. (Bartering available)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: LENNYJ1026(at)aol(dot)com

Superheroes of Atlantis

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: aquamon8(at)hotmail(dot)com



Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Contact: leaddog(at)IX.netcom(dot)com

Tasty Powdered Beverage Camp
Tasty Powdered Beverage Camp seeks to transcend the physical properties of water, transforming it from one of life's essential building blocks into something far tastier. Come to our laid-back Powder Room to fill your water bottle with happy powders, sugars, and dyes, as well as a wide assortment of cold, pre-mixed beverages.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: frolicmagazine(at)yahoo(dot)com

Technicolor Forest
For those free spirits who need a sanctuary for electronica worship, come play in Technicolor Forest. Bring your good vibe and your sunglasses because you're not leaving 'till the sun rises on the playa.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: jerryb(at)efn(dot)org

Technophobia: Take a break from electronica and shake your groove hang to the sweet and sassy sounds of punk rock.

Hometown: Emeryville, CA
Contact: imthecritter(at)aol(dot)com

Temple of the Monkey & Monkey Business Labs

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: sharonkg(at)pacbell(dot)net

Temple of Virtual Wisdom
Come to the temple for yoga, meditation, fun and become virtually wise. Meet Mr. and Mrs. God in person!

Hometown: Prescott, AZ
Contact: dreamers(at)zenzibar(dot)com

Temple Phaj
(Phresh Arange Juice -- cut us some slack, the A just sounds better).
Temple Phaj: Citric Acid by Day, MandleAcid by Night. Refresh yourself - Feed the Vibe!

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Contact: gregroemer(at)netscape(dot)net

We are part of Gigsville.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: jodie(at)walrus(dot)com

Ya'll come on over to Texas (in Gigsville)! Sit on the porch, settle in and watch some football, and be prepared to accept our superiority over all other states in the union.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: gigsville.org
Contact: eksee(at)aol(dot)com

The 8th Chakra: Bike Barter & High Tea Harem
Discover your 8th Chakra at the High Tea Harem Tent at 3PM daily. High tea is followed by free bike clinics and bikes are available for barter.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Big Ass Camp

Hometown: Vineburg, CA
Contact: max(at)vom(dot)com & davidnormal(at)hotmail(dot)com

the BIG TV featuring Bigtop Noah's Burlesque and Freak Show
"a rootin tootin improv extravaganza!" -someone important

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA
Contact: mick674(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Cult of Doctor MegaVolt

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
URL: www.drmegavolt.com
Contact: electrobot(at)earthlink(dot)net

The Dragons' Spectral Orb Camp
Join the Dragon's minions as they creat orbs of spectral beauty and listen to the sounds of progressive rock/ jazz. Barter for drinks at the beggars' bar or chill the late night in our mellow space while listening to mellow sounds while snuggling with friends.

Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
Contact: Dragonsfire66(at)aol(dot)com

The Emerald Forest
Presented by: Your Mamma Presents. A recreation of the forest, music, and art from the Northwest Landscape that inspires us most. We invite all participants to come chill in the misting trunk, shake their ass to some hip hop, or kick it in our virtual urban forest.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: vitalproducts(at)hotmail(dot)com

The Five Pillars
The Five Pillars celebrates five years of the burningband. Arranged in a circular form, they will sit atop a giant "birthday cake" and will illuminate the immediate area on each still night. while overall light levels will be relatively low,it should be able to be seen for many miles.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Contact: AKAdweeb(at)aol(dot)com

The Headless Maiden
Have mechanical cake and cease to be the sum of all your parts.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.violetshivers.com/John/camp/
Contact: john(at)violetshivers(dot)com

The House of St. Eve Theme Camp
The House of St. Eve.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: eve(at)st-eve(dot)net

TheJyna Camp
TheJyna Camp invites your to expose yourself! We are a temple dedicated to that precious flower of the desert--TheJyna! We invite you to stop by and take a creative, close-up, self-photo (polaroid). No two desert flowers are alike, and we invite you to add your precious flower to our continuously blossoming JynaTree. All are welcome. Anonymous spankings also offered to those who like to be naughty... and if you don't come to us, our roving field reporter, "JynaMan", may come to you...

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: dean(at)deanwolf(dot)com

The Midnite Popcorn Palace
Come worship at the palace and feast on hot buttery popcorn. From our heart to your stomach. POPCORN TO THE PEOPLE.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: meltingpot(at)gbis(dot)com

The New S.M.U.R.F. Collective
As the New S.M.U.R.F. Collective we wish to spread joy, sustainable social fun, and communal cooperation. We are launching our global revolution from Burning Man 2000. Viva la Blue Solution!

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: asears(at)microsoft(dot)com

The Solo Collective
The Solo Collective is a system for uniting brave souls who dare to travel in to the unknown alone... We are creating a sense of community for solo travelers, including ourselves.

Hometown: Boise, ID
Contact: melani(at)neo-tokyo(dot)org

The Temple of Atonement
Repent now; ask us how! With Black Rock City's premiere S themed Temple. Confess your sins to the Judge who will help you atone for those years of debauchery and capitalist greed with the help of our dominant disciples. And after you've been cleansed, why not stay a while and share stories or just work on stocking up on more sin in our harem tent. It's all here in our little oasis in the desert.

Hometown: Culver City, CA
Contact: rmarley(at)ix.netcom(dot)com

The Temple of the Masks
Like glittering jewels cast upon the desert sands, this mysterious caravan of mask-makers snakes across the barren wastes, carrying strange cargo and, some say, the withered husks of their dead. See their bizarre reliquaries with your own eyes in the secret meeting place of this curious and ancient cult. Renew yourself in their luxurious sanctuary, make a mask, and discover hidden aspects of yourself long imprisoned by your conscious mind. As you fall under the spell of this pleasurable form of adornment, you will be transformed from a weary, dusty playa dweller into a thing of comeliness. Partake in the portentous rites of this weird tribe, and become a full-fledged devil-dancer by donning your sacred mask and purifying your soul.

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

The Temple of WaterBoy 3.0
Temple of WaterBoy 3.0 The Playa's only Scuba Diving Oracle. Denounce your dry ways and spread the moisture.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.falsegods.com/burn/
Contact: waterboy(at)falsegods(dot)com

The Tesseract
An intimate space illuminated by the wind.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: jons(at)twilziewop(dot)com

The Traditional BM Opera: "The Thar-Taurs of Atlan"

URL: www.burningmanopera.org
Contact: twan(at)burningmanopera(dot)org

The Thistle and Homo-playus

Hometown: Boise, ID
Contact: 3329pat(at)yahoo(dot)com

The Touchy-Feely

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: gmontgomery(at)agency(dot)com

The Tower of Inferno Power
Brought to you by Labia Land in conjunction with Spyral Eye Camp. This cocoon of art will stimulate the fives senses as our homage to the Body. Perseptions will be bent as one frolics within its mind altering surroundings of sound and light. Surrounded by sensual simulcasts the good vibrations will massage your being. The taste buds are not forgotten as one samples succulent flavors while understated aromas tickle the nose. The Colorado Kid returns with his rasta fare. But this year Spyral will join him with an expansive and ecclectic format.

Hometown: Piedmont, CA

The Womb

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: britton(at)burningman(dot)com

The WOO-WOO FIELD vibrates again! HEAR live-performed Playa-tronica and DANCE! Forget Feng-Shwei... this FUNG-SCHWING baby!!!

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: bizzycarl(at)mindspring(dot)com

Thermal Shock Camp
Thermal Shock Camp, not necessarily just a ranger camp, offers a safe secure place to call home to all event staff, artist, and citizens of black rock city for the burningman 2000 event. We seek talented performance oriented artists and participants to make thermal shock camp a diverse colorful multi-activity theme camp. Interested people are requested to contact toecutter ranger to coordinate in advance of the event.

Contact: toecutter (at) rangers (dot) org

The Temple of Love
The Temple of Love is a place to raise awareness, educate, entertain, heal and enhance the experience of Sacred Love, Relationship, Sensuality & Sexuality in the world. You are welcome to join us in celebrating and sharing divine connections with other participants.

Hometown: Sausalito, CA
URL: ishtartemple.org
Contact: glenn(at)ishtartemple(dot)org

Tic Toc Town
The heartbeating of the celebration of life. Senuous pleasures by day, motion and colors by night, just for you!

Hometown: Folsom, CA
Contact: donsyrek(at)ix.netcom(dot)com

Tiki Fest
Return to a time when Tiki Bars dot the California coast, the Surf is up, and Disneyland is a new concept. It is the early 60's when exotica is hip, everyone knows how to limbo, and tall, strong drinks beckon with umbrellas and Tiki Gods (BRING A CUP OR THE TIKI GODS WILL ANGER). Wander into our community and meet Texas Burners, strange art, stranger people, and the remnants of HAmlet and Pyropolis.

Hometown: Austin, TX
URL: www.tikifest.com
Contact: gpaap(at)austin.rr(dot)com

Till the Break of Dawn
dj michael anthony from spundae productions in san francisco will be setting a guiness world dj record for live endurance set. come and share two sun-rises, one sun set and an incredible journey with one of america's most sought after modern day shamen. no-stopping, no-breaks just the story.

Hometown: Alameda , CA
Contact: michael_levitt(at)hotmail(dot)com

Tiny Camp
Beneath the surface of Burning Man is a tiny microcosm of a whole 'nother burn, and if you're careful while you're wandering around the playa, you just might find it. Or step on it.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: ksolomon(at)dnai(dot)com

Toast Camp
Come burn your toast...

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA
Contact: sandoren(at)att(dot)net

Tomales Bay Explorers Club
Flying Dinosaurs and Elian Abduction Camp. Viva la Revolución!

Hometown: Point Reyes Station, CA
Contact: bobstahl(at)sirius(dot)com

Tool Man
Toolman is a Burning Man effigy welded together from donated tools. We need YOU! More specifically we need your old tools to sacrifice to our glorious sculpture. Participate! Become one with the man. Earn Hardware points(TM)! Watch our skilled team weld your submission into oneness with the man! Contribute to the beauty of post-industrial, post apocalyptic art.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.invisiblecollege.net/volis/
Contact: tukraal(at)hotmail(dot)com

TOTEM: Temple Of The Eternal Mysteries
TOTEM continues its tradition of throwing a no-holds-barred week-long party for Black Rock City. This year we will feature two barter bars, an art temple, a beer garden, a stage, and a killer sound system. Please join us!

Hometown: Westford, MA
Contact: tadmuck(at)mindspring(dot)com

Tranquility Base
Tranquility Base offers a 60 foot in diameter geodesic dome in which to chill and relax, serving electrolite teas / fruit, and cowboy coffee. DJs from Taos, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oregon, New York, and London will play ambient, deep house, downtempo, breaks, jazz, etc. Emphasis on chill... At night, Tranquility Base comes alive with Sleizureís Disorient Lounge, featuring hypnotic video projections, all custom made for Burning Man plus elaborate light sculptures. Special events include "OREGONISM", a single cell complex Oregonism with 22 extra strands of "junk" DNA. Stop by Wednesday night for "El Circo" featuring "Moda Galactica." Sexy Oregonisms on fire and new wave form sound frequencies from Random and Urry. You love us Oregonisms-We love you Oregonisms.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: leo(at)disorient(dot)com

Tribal Thunder Camp
Back for more abuse,Tribal Thunder camp returns. Hell, we only build 'em, we never said we knew how to play 'em. Come, shake the playa with these enorrmous, homemade drums. No spectators.

Hometown: Martinez, CA
Contact: toddtool(at)netvista(dot)net

Tribe Chakra
What color is your trip? Come explore your heavenly body and infinite energy at TRIBE CHAKRA!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: bauerkris(at)excite(dot)com

Two in the SAC

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA



Hometown: San Mateo, CA
Contact: bruce(at)myteam(dot)com

Universal Spirit Transformational Dance Camp
We are a support network for the universal flow of energy through dance and sound. With trance, intent and vision, we aim to strip away limitation to connect eye-to-eye on the dance floor.

Contact: universal_spirit(at)hotmail(dot)com

Urbus Orbis Playa Edition

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Contact: urborb(at)xsite(dot)net


VW Bus Camp
VW Bus Camp is back for our 3rd consecutive year. Celebrate your nomadic spirit, bring your bus and good vibes. Create, share, emulate, and "Burn" with us. Enjoy the all new Bus Camp lounge and Massage tent.

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Contact: Buscamp(at)hotmail(dot)com

Vena Cava Inn
Come on by to hear music by bands and djs, see the play, dance and get the blood pumping.

The Vena Cava Inn, flow to the heart of the matter.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: smile(at)sirius(dot)com

The Village Blacksmith
The Village Blacksmith, bring us your broken toys for prompt dependable service.

Hometown: Fallon, NV
Contact: pete(at)phonewave(dot)net

Violet Hour Studio and Gallery
We in the developed world are losing contact with the very essence of that which makes us human, that which makes us feel and think, want and need. Using Infrared Film, we attempt to visually describe the relationship between all of the seven senses as they interact in different planes of the same reality.

Hometown: Fullerton, CA
Contact: candy(at)violethour(dot)com

The Virgo Birthday Party / Burning Sounds Camp
All Virgos w/trade get BURNINGMAN-2000 balloons & everybody gets a heavy dose of 70's FUNK nightly!!!

Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Contact: bewisdom9(at)aol(dot)com

German trance camp, come space out, dance, chill...

Hometown: Munich, Bay
URL: www.vision34.de
Contact: basti(at)vision34(dot)de

Viva Lost Wages

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: Stoneman96(at)aol(dot)com

Vorpal Lounge
Come dance to the techno beats of Vorpal Lounge or barter for a spin on "The Wheel of Miss-Fortune". You could win a cocktail or dance an irish jig...

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
URL: www.geocities.com/vorpallounge/

Vortices of the Body

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: bauerkris(at)excite(dot)com


The Wacky Shack
The Wacky Shack- great trance DJ's most afternoons, evenings, and nights. Come bask in the sun, have a drink, bring a drink- cocktail hour begins at high noon. Feel the vibe, have a smile, meet great people, get naked, dance, sing, recite spoken work or poems, get body painted, catch the mad beats, enjoy the scenery. Dig the lights, barter for our one-of-a-kind momentos. See the burning bitch. Speak your mind, pass out, do yoga, lose your mind, and most of all don't take life too seriously. All this and more can be had at- The Wacky Shack.

Hometown: Denver, CO
Contact: djschmide(at)raveworld(dot)net


Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: Tempface(at)hotmail(dot)com

Wasabi Camp

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: jeffcaplan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Water Follies

Hometown: Venice, CA
Contact: defdes(at)earhlink(dot)net

Wet Paint, Paint and Play Camp
Paint. Paint your friend. Paint your friend a picture. Try our giant puzzles. Go do something else.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: addison(at)teleport(dot)com

William Blake Tarot & Poetry Camp
Daily Tarot & psychic readings + hypnotherapy 1-5 pm for barter, with reading room or haiku rubber-stamp print camp while you wait. Scheduled open-poetry readings at night.

Hometown: Nevada City , CA
Contact: edburyn(at)jps(dot)net

The Wishbone Line
We are an art project. We call ourselves engineers. We have developed "The Wishbone Line". Our art installation is for observation of this product line. We're not dope-up, bleary-eyed speed freaks. No. We're serious engineers who have a message to show the world. How the world can more easily feed itself! The "Wishbone Line" of innovative casualware / tableware products.

Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Contact: rfkltd(at)rmi(dot)net

Witness Relocation Camp
Can I get a Witness? Witness Relocation Camp:new identities, safe house, relocation adventures, testify, costumes, dislocation games, and more.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: lardnap(at)aol(dot)com

A Womb with a View
Burning Man is, perhaps, a way to shed that which needs shed from the past. We'll take that a step further w/ reincarnation and rebirth!

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA
Contact: tom(at)funkweb(dot)net


Actually we are just a small group of people who like to dress up in the "gothic" style. We plan to bring lots of extra makeup to help those who wish to do the pale faced thing and read pathetic romantic poetry to any who might listen. We will just have a boombox set up to play some goth/industrial music in the background. We would also be open to setting up the makeup "painting" as a barter experience.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: ytima(at)gay(dot)com

Xenologist Camp
We are Xenologists. This is are first passion. Our second is Galactic historians. Our third is going to Burning Man and sharing this knowledge.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: grandpa_jumpy(at)yahoo(dot)com


Yes Camp
All our lives our creativity, freedom of expression and thoughts have been hindered by the word NO. At Yes Camp the only acceptable answer to any question or request is "YES".

Hometown: Winnetka, CA
Contact: ed-eye(at)webtv(dot)net


ZONATION - The Sense Station Camp
Take shelter from the mid-day sun, stroll our grassy knoll and entertain the spirit, reward the body & enlighten the mind. 5 sense stations will provide psychedelic visuals, mood enhancing aural soundscapes, exotic smells, tasty treats and dreamy tactile feelings.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
URL: www.barkley.org/burningman/
Contact: hilander(at)xsite(dot)net