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Burning Man 2001 Themecamps & Villages

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Adult Playpen
Relive your childhood (or the one you never had) in the Adult Playpen. Children of all ages are invited to come play with toys, read children's books, and generally act like children. We've got the shade, the carpet and the toychest -- *you* have the playful creativity! Come play in the Adult Playpen, part of Fandango Village.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: greg(at)dancefucksleep(dot)com or mishi(at)dancefucksleep(dot)com

The Riyad is the inner garden courtyard in a typical Middle Eastern home. Protected from the sun, it is cool and private, welcoming for family and guests alike, a spot for refreshment, relaxation and refuge.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: jred(at)onebox(dot)com

Anthrax Kissing Booth
Lounge in our insane asylum and watch our video wall, our gore-gore girls, & a live show that will leave deep scars.

Hometown: Cowslingsly, PA
Contact: Surrealty1(at)aol(dot)com

August Institute of Life Studies
AOK! The August Institute of Life Studies, an educational organization dedicated to expanding the potential of all humanity, is proud to establish an outreach station on the playa this year -- and to interface with people interested in living a life without limits! Dr. Victor August, founder and president of the August Institute, will be wandering the playa, bestowing wisdom and giving out free copies of his new book, Know Thyself, Show Thyself to those activated enough to deserve it, as well as appearing at several scheduled Spectrum Sessions throughout the week of Burning Man -- don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn more about yourself!

Hometown: New York, NY
URL: www.augustinstitute.com
Contact: john_clavis(at)yahoo(dot)com

Beemers at Burning Man
Airheads sponsored site for ANY motorcycle camper!! Dave Rankine & Gary Hanson will have extra water, food, shade, chairs, shower, and Barley Therapy at about 8:30 & Soldier.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
URL: www.airheads.org
Contact: garyhanson2(at)juno(dot)com

Black Rock Desert Nerd Sanctuary
This year keeping up with our nerd theme we are doing another star wars theme... this time we will be MOS EISLY CANTINA!!!; Drinks for barter. There will be droids, there will be a replica of the infamous bar from Episode iv, & many other suprises... See you on the Playa! -Rev. Danno; (we we're located @ 6:30 and Gut last year, and about the same area for the prevous years as well. We shall try to be in the same area.)

Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Contact: charcy(at)pacifier(dot)com

Black Rock Travel Agency
This is year 9 for the Black Rock Travel Agency, and what a great bunch of years they have been. We remember way back in 1992 when that $&#* Airlines pilot flipped his rig and got himself an FAA spanking! But seriously, this year we will be the travel agency you have always dreamed of. An agency that hears you, then delivers. Welcome.

Hometown: Nevada City, NV
URL: www.nevadacityfreepress.com
Contact: mikea(at)clientworks(dot)com

Black Rock Weather & Supercooler
Black Rock Weather will be back again providing weather forcast and commentary over participating radio stations of Black Rock City. This year the solar powered supercooler will be back with Christopher the Red at the controls. The RT, weather nut, and practicing electrical engineer will attempt to fire up the highly modified supercooler at the same time as he forcasts some warmer weather. In an interview RT was quoted stating; The cooler worked as well as hoped for its first appearance. The hybrid solar/wind power system worked as designed. The one element which was out of our control, the weather was less than compatible. Out of four days of operation there were only two hours hot enough to interest any users of our cooler. But we will be back in 2001 with an improved version. But the weather was where the action was. Black Rock Weather camp will be located on the outer reaches of the solar system between 4:30 and 3:00. Come by on a hot day and cool off and get a weather update. Have a great day and take one moment to look up and see, feel and experience some weather, its yours to enjoy, and you have already paid the price for admission!

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Bluegrass Rave
'Deep' Kentucky breakdowns, washboard'n'bass, and 'out' house music return to throb and thump The Playa on the last Thursday of every August. Resident DJ's Tennessee Valley Authority and MC Pretty Mouth are once again all over the decks to spin Black Rock City's phattest smathering of bluegrass breakbeats and drown your chakra in good corn liquor. Visuals by Carl's Tow & Wrecking Service. Upscale rural dress code enforced.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.bluegrassrave.com/burningman_01
Contact: mrrichardsmoker(at)bluegrassrave(dot)com

Bob's Slacktime Drive-In
Late-Night Slack-Flick Drive-In Theatre with NO Cars, Bring Your Own Chair, Frop. Bob himself selected these Best of the Bad Icons of Questionable Judgement for your viewing and nodding pleasure showtime begins at Dark Thirty.

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA
Contact: philo(at)subgenius(dot)com

The after hour hot spot spots hot.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: freewill23(at)yahoo(dot)com

Body Hair Barber Shop
The two-story tent of The Body Hair Barber Shop is back, and in order to interact with and beautify ALL the citizens of the Playa, this year we're MOBILE on the roving, singing and dancing fool Isle of Lesbos! To be Trace-less we've enclosed the lovely view of the upper deck by screens this year, and the wind can't possibly shut us down - so come on by, visit with our Captain, Reverend Gadget, and while you're waiting for that special trim, somehow convince Mr. Steve Kerver to give you a rum Tiki-tail at the downstairs Tiki bar.

URL: houseofbliss.org
Contact: kleeninc(at)netscape(dot)net

Botanica Del Fuego
Come to cure what ails you, be it dry skin, scurvy, bland food or love sickness. We have hierbas, spices, charms, blood cleansers, teas, lotions, oils, magical things. Bring an offering, make a wish, light a candle -- charm and be charmed.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: todzak(at)hotmail(dot)com

Burning Man Audio Archive
This is an online audio archive of sounds recorded exclusively at Burning Man 2001. Our favorite part of Burning Man? The sounds! We will be distributing tape recorders to people in Black Rock City or bring your own. Please remember to ask permission before taping. We will be offering special rewards for anyone returning tapes to us. Located at VW Bus Camp.

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Contact: digitaladobe(at)hotmail(dot)com

Butterflies Kitsch Cocoon
This is the home of the Social Butterflies, the half girl half insect creatures who will be capturing your wishes and causing magical chaos and madness across the playa.

Hometown: Dorset, England
Contact: helspinkletters(at)hotmail(dot)com

BRC Black Light Body Paint Shop
Come play and decorate you or your friend with our collection of fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark paints. By day, play with the variety of color that is available. At night, bathe in the glow of black light. Either way, we'll have something to offer your imagination. Just remember that they are for external use only. We'll either be in the Greeters' camp or around 8:00 & Child/Lover.

Hometown: Golden, CO
Contact: zane5100(at)aol(dot)com

Bunny Camp
Some bunny loves you!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: bunnycamp.tripod.com
Contact: todd_barringer(at)hotmail(dot)com

Burning Chaos
The Ministry of Interplanetary Multi-Dimensional Temporal Chaos -- Burning Chaos for short.

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: gcarter(at)cartersystems(dot)com

Burning Man Love Militia
The Love Militia is joining with remnants of the Drum Gods camp and with a another group of burners to co-exist as a really cool little triangle somewhere near center camp.

Hometown: Western United States
Contact: strings334(at)aol(dot)com

Camp Birthday
Welcome to Camp Birthday, Where Everyday is Your Birthday! Drop by to celebrate your special day, and join us on Saturday for our big birthday bash - come dressed as your favorite birthday, or just wear your birthday suit!

Hometown: Victoria, BC
Contact: snkmstr(at)spooge(dot)net

Camp BreakAway
Feel Like breaking away? Come to camp break away (parachute pants not included), dance to our breaks and sink into the ambiance of your Burning Man experience!

Hometown: Berkeley, Burlington & Natick, CA
Contact: dcsnuggler(at)hotmail(dot)com

Camp Bumble
Camp Bumble will be a two-person camp with limited in-camp activities. We intend to spread ourselves thin over the rest of the playa volunteering for larger camps. If you happen to meet up with us, we'll have a gift of Bumble just for you! Bumbles Bounce! :); emily sparkle and bucky

Hometown: Boston, MA
Contact: emily(at)burningman(dot)com

Camp Cul-De-Sac
If you long for the comforts of your neighborhood suburbia, you might find a home here. Then again, you might remember why you came to Black Rock City in the first place. Come visit us, and have some Cake.

Contact: pike(at)midsouth.rr(dot)com

Camp Hallucigenia Sparsa
A pre-Cambrian and Post-Apocalyptic evolutionary cul-de-sac at the sign of the stainless steel magician.

Hometown: Redway, CA
URL: www.hallucigen.com
Contact: hsparsa(at)hallucigen(dot)com

Camp Nomad
Mobile Camp And Comfy Chairs.Come Ride with us or put us up for the night/day, we're everywhere!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: brcguy(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Scarab
United States of Mind, and The Seed bring you Camp Scarab... Indulge with the proper tools for the newly Wizened!

Hometown: Monterey, CA
Contact: John_Henderson(at)monterey(dot)edu

Camp Shortfuse
(Incoming Transmission) Dropship Shortfuse requesting permission to land in Black Rock City. Our projected touchdown coordinates are 3:30 and Enlightenment. With your permission, we intend to immediately begin preparations for an extended colonial mission. Alpha team has made the necessary preparations for a recreational 10k run early Thursday morning. Our drop-zone will include a galactic-swank motel and lounge for weary space travelers, a full bar and an anti-gravity thruster (or as they call it in the Migdari system-a trampoline), Thursday night, we will do recon/infiltration of the Midnight Popcorn Palace; join us there for Camp Shortfuse night. Friday PM we will have a light and sound show with legendary DJ D6. Also look for our mobile slave bar that will make daily refreshment runs with kegs of cold beer to a quadrant near you. This is a diplomatic mission, so please come and improve intergalactic relations. Shortfuse out! (End of Transmission)

Hometown: Reno, Portland, Seattle, Santa Cruz...
Contact: gregburge(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Simple
Camp Simple will be on the Playa from 8/26 to 9/2, your simple home in the world's biggest temporary community. We are building a small camp linked by friends, using our combined resources to have a cool place to chill without a stressed out consumer frenzy.

Hometown: Bay Area, CA
URL: www.mut8.com/~jillian/camp_simple
Contact: cam(at)ilm(dot)com

Church of the Brain
A multi-denominational church designed around the integration of spirit, mind, body and psyche incorporating ideation from: teachings of the compassionate Buddha, elementals, Edward Cayce and more. This path finds higher spiritual consciousness through optimization of brain usage.

Hometown: Gerlach, NV
Contact: pixpoet(at)ix.netcom(dot)com

Color Camp
Located in sunny KidsVille, Color Camp brings you art for the artistically challenged. We have 2000 thousand different images, from butterflies to Cthulhu, from which you can choose an image to color right away or grab a few of your favorites and make your very own coloring book to take home.

Hometown: San Pablo, CA
Contact: ananta(at)gowebway(dot)com

CSB -Clean and Sober Burners
A place for those dedicated to living a chemical free life to meet other like minded Burning Man participants to chat, discuss life, people watch etc. Free-form social gatherings scheduled for 9AM Wed. Thur. Fri. and Sat. Rise and Shine at Nine. Look for location on Center Camp bulletin board in red marker on white paper, or find us by seeking out the 'SPLASH' trailer.

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: Mr_Bee_15(at)hotmail(dot)com

A bunch of crusty old guys with deep ties to the community hang out and venture forth. Kite buggy rides available as well as counseling for truth seekers.

Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Contact: ahclem0013(at)aol(dot)com

Distraction Labs
Stop by for some relaxing during the day or night.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: klaasl(at)hotmail(dot)com

DMT Labs: Vodka Bar and Café
At DMTLABS, we've been specializing in clear liquids since the 1900's. Stop by the Lab @ happy hour each evening for a semi-enlightened, semi-organic, semi-orgasmic treat ~ Bring something to share, spin a tale, pet my dog, light up my life ~ Look for the black jeep and black dog somewhere between the Child and Lover, 8 pm'ish, Black Rock City, NV.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: vodkabar(at)chumming(dot)com

East of 3rd

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: codicabana(at)aol(dot)com

Eklektro Projection
A mobile multi-media mini-theme camp based on a solar-powered recording studio/RV, Eklektro will be roaming, roving and looking to interface with real-time electronic musicians and VJs.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: www.warehouse600.com
Contact: gw(at)warehouse600(dot)com

El Circo de Poesia
El Circo de Poesia comes back to Burning Man! After 3 recurrent visits we have almost tripled our forces and are ready to give you a sight you won't forget. Bring your instruments (whatever they might be) and get ready to make music like you have never made it before. Are you from abroad? Come kick it with this eclectic South-American, Canadian, European, and everything else crowd. Don't worry about accents, one way or another we will speak your language.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: ESLUDENA(at)AOL(dot)COM

Estrella Family Camp
Group of musicians, dj's, friends, & family. Will be performing at various camps during the week...

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
URL: www.estrellafamily.com
Contact: joel(at)estrellafamily(dot)com

Extreme Elvis Poultry Farm
Extreme Elvis invites you to the only comedy traffic school/poultry farm on the playa this year or next.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.extremeelvis.com
Contact: extreme_elvis(at)hotmail(dot)com

Fandango Kung Fu Theatre
Come on over and enter the 36th Chamber with the Five Deadly Venoms of the Fandango Shaolin Temple, in a Drunken Kung-Fu stylee. We'll be showing a double feature of vintage 70's kung fu movies, every night, as one of the many features of the Fandango Village which is listed on the city map. (Stop by earlier in the day for showtimes.)

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.fandango.net
Contact: steve.courtney(at)akqa(dot)com

Flight Recovery Center
Located at the BRC Airport, Port of Entry village, The Black Rock City Flight Recover Center provides a relatively sedate semi-minimalist atmosphere, offering self-directed art therapy, tactile reintegration, and low-impact recreation for those experiencing rough flights into and around Black Rock City. Open daily. Cocktails & Croquet in the late afternoon. Come & play.

Hometown: Black Rock City
Contact: bagnut(at)earthlink(dot)net

Foreskin Barber Shoppe
We're just a snippet away from making you half the man you will soon be after visitng our salon! A little off the top?

Hometown: Halfeninch, PA
Contact: Yellozno(at)aol(dot)com

Freed Spirit Enlightainment
We will be a kitchen with breakfast and lunch, some munchies as well as snacks and coffee type things. We will also display art projections and shrines as well as art of all kinds, we are planning to be wed at this event so it will be a reception of sorts.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: spacenoodle66(at)hotmail(dot)com

Free Radio Takilma
In an octagonal night club with walls of original batiks we will have eclectic music playing at all times for your dancing and grooving pleasure!

Hometown: Takilma, OR
Contact: videot(at)cdsnet(dot)net

Garage Mahal
Take refuge within Garage Mahal with warm chilled out beats to recharge and socialize. Black Light Party MONDAY night to start off the week right - we'll be at the corner at 7:00 or 7:30 a couple of streets back from the Esplanade. All the way up and down the coast - I'm talkin to YOU - yes ma'am yes sir... GET READY!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: pleasuresean.homestead.com/PleasureSean.html
Contact: pleasuresean(at)hotmail(dot)com

Garden of Hedon

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: chad.barker(at)intel(dot)com

Global Floundarity Project
Come to the Arena of Floundarity. Get Strrrretched and Bflat with Elvin & Flanj!

Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Contact: marshallmilton(at)hotmail(dot)com

Hang-Nail Hut and Flip-Flop Bar
Our theme, simple: Full self-service Nail Bar. There will be no location. There WILL be a party. There will be polish. There will be sinners & saints. Get your glow-ON now!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: miss_niles(at)yahoo(dot)com

Head Lamp Camp
You know, it's not like you actually Need a headlight on your bike ya know, that's why doG gave you Glow Sticks. And I hate having my nightvision blown, and besides if your driving on the playa at night you've got bigger problems anyway. However if you insist on using a headlight, stop by Gigsville, come into the Tower and step up to the cafe, and say Color My World! I'll be supplying gels and Gaffers tape so you can tint your lights. If I'n not there, help your self, just clean up a little afterwards.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Contact: urborb(at)xsite(dot)net

High Rollers

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: derekkazee(at)yahoo(dot)com

A friendly little island surrounded by a sea of chaos. Drop by and get beached.

Hometown: Concord, CA
Contact: Howzit_camp(at)Hotmail(dot)com

Ice Rustlers of the Open Playa
From the fun folks who brought you The Mystical Frog of the Playa, come those lone desperados who ride the open playa, the Ice Rustlers of the Open Playa!; These masked bandits will descend upon unwitting camps and deprive them of their most valuable resource, the stuff of life itself, Ice! Wearing their black hats, these bandits of badness will descend like locusts upon camps, riding their trusty hobby horses, and terrorize the inhabitants (if they don't fall down laughing first). They will be preceded by a small boy warning of the dust of their approach. Luckily for their victims, the Sherrif of Playa Gulch will show up and deputize all the willing members of the camp to track down these desperadoes, following the trails of their hobby horses, as the posse of deputies corners them and engages in a non-violent flag gun (fingers ok too) shootout. Interested camps and members of the posse should contact us ahead of time if possible. Some daring robberies of large ice hoards may also happen, as these desperate individuals; roam the open playa.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: waffleck-asch(at)qwest(dot)net

Warm and soft. pastels. light gold rings. easter bunny smile. Where may I find my money you sweet sweet bitches? Trick different. 4:15 and ?

Hometown: Palms, CA
Contact: woodenpidgeon(at)hotmail(dot)com

Karmic Savings and OM
The Karmic Savings and OM will have morning and evening yoga classes in the Yoga dOMe. Bring a mat if you like, or one [dusty] mat will be provided!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: zeches(at)jhco(dot)com

Kindergarten Camp
Relive your childhood at Kindergarten Camp! All your old favorites, including tinkertoys, etch-a-sketch, lite brite, sit-n-spin, play-doh, coloring books, arts & crafts, sock puppets, and the complete songs from Schoolhouse Rock. Drink Kool-Aid and play, or have a story read to you while you snuggle up with Curious George. Daily 5-7 pm.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: jena_pop(at)hotmail(dot)com

Land of The Lotus Eaters

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: burn(at)poshjam(dot)com

le Petit Guignol
Oh the horrors! Literally... we are a haunted attraction complete with gore. Ask about our zombie fun run...!

Hometown: Cleveland, OH AND Pittsburgh, PA
URL: www.legionofterror.com
Contact: Yellozno(at)aol(dot)com

Liar's Camp
Liar's Camp, I mean LYRES Camp, is the home base for the Oracle of Black Rock and her Rolling Mountain of Prophecy.We also tell tall tales, give misinformation, teach children the forbidden secrets of believability, and encourage imagination and exaggeration in all their forms.

Hometown: Monte Rio, CA
Contact: damascus(at)ap(dot)net

Lite Brite Camp
All the childhood fun but on a GIANT scale - come and play on the 6ft x 8ft Lite Brite! We invite all Burners to swing by our camp during the day to peg up their favorite designs on the Lite Brite board, then come back at night to see it all lit up! We are planning to set up the Lite Brite between 3:30 and 4:30, 3-4 blocks in from the Esplanade. See you there!

Hometown: Oakland, CA
URL: litebrite.sogroovy.com
Contact: nick(at)sogroovy(dot)com

Love Rangers
The Love Rangers exist to provide a loving attention gift culture matching those in need of attention to those who want to give. In service of those duties, Love Rangers may give massage, hair detangling, attention deficit services, healing, assistance in attention emergencies and love.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.loverangers.org/index.html
Contact: aaron(at)gila(dot)org

Lunatics' Lounge
Lounge in our insane asylum and watch our video wall, our gore-gore girls, & a live show that will leave deep scars.

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Contact: Cannoli666(at)aol(dot)com

Manic Inn
Stop by and enjoy hospitality at its best, we'll let you wait on us hand and foot. Dolls, Heads and mannequins are back in rare form and at your service...

Hometown: Minneapolis, London, San Francisco...
Contact: maidenkatt(at)yahoo(dot)com

Mendi For Your Mind
Henna Body Art. All I ask is that if people wish to have Henna done for them to help supply the lemon juice and sugar needed to glaze the tattoo.

Hometown: Williams Lake, BC
Contact: gretchin54(at)hotmail(dot)com

I'm not a hero - i'm not a saviour - forget what you know - i'm just a man - whose circumstances - went beyond his control...

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.mezziah.org
Contact: mez(at)mezziah(dot)org

Mezlabs Self-Deification Center
The Mezlabs Self Deification Laboratory and Transhumanist Resource Center is back to provide you with all the tools you need to realize and actualize your own divinity. Walk the Path of Transformation. Read about amazing scientific and spiritual advances. Submerge yourself in the Mind Hookah for a truly explanding experience.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.mezziah.org/transhuman
Contact: mez(at)mezziah(dot)org

Well its no big thing but... we're doing a chill camp, where we're doing free art (big wall of paper, art supplies) will have some glass blowing and some really good food... mmm

Contact: moonleap(at)mantramail(dot)com

Mr. Lucky Fortune Cookie
Hello fellow citizen! We will be providing you with much luck during the Burning Man! Offer a favor to Mr. Lucky and you may receive a fortune cookie in return! Remember, you are unique, just like everyone else! What would YOU give for a little fortune, cookie?

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: homepage.mac.com/megaspore/mrlucky.html

Mr.Sciences Rickshaw Service
Two rickshaws providing playa transportation wherever you can find us. Based in Campartica.

Hometown: Wichita, KS
Contact: mrscienc(at)southwind(dot)net

Mystery Temple of Bill the Cat
Bill the Cat is back. Better, badder, bolder. Ack, phtbb, oop. He demands sacrifice. Ritual. Icons. Beer. Kitty litter. Beer. Wild women. Plagiarism. Altered states of consciousness. Beer. Join us in paying tribute. We will endeavor to build the Temple of Bill. We will paint, draw, sculpt, work in Cool Neon (tm). We will mostly be silly with images of Bill the Cat. We welcome other, creative and unfocused souls to share our journey. Ack ack, oop oop. Phtthhhbbbb. Yes, the Bloom County & Bill the Cat, you morons.

Hometown: Davis, CA
Contact: rattatrat(at)hotmail(dot)com

No Name
Burningman is going to be like a giant board game. We made two 8 foot square dice.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Contact: NUSZBAUM420(at)AOL(dot)COM

Noise Camp
A roving sound camp with portable speakers, electronics, homemade instruments. A mobile ambient sound installation that is on a small scale.

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: jeremy(at)jeremyslater(dot)net

Non-Stop Godot
Learn a part of Beckett's Waiting for Godot or just wing it. Come tag in to play a part of this 24-7 non-stop performance. Beckett would be proud! We will have scripts available.

Hometown: The Tree
Contact: poetkind(at)hotmail(dot)com

OM Camp
We'll be sharing the spirit of Tantra at Burning Man. Join us for OM chanting each evening at sunset.

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Contact: cpuig(at)home(dot)com

Omarz Otter Oasis
We are a west coast clan of festivaliens who camp in the vicinity of 3:00 a couple of blocks from the outer edge. We will have an oasis with waterfall, shade, pyramid, art to burn and live music on sunday.

Hometown: Los Angeles / San Francisco, CA
Contact: omarz(at)mediaone(dot)net

Our Lady of Schlongs Meat Inspect
This camp is dedicated to the inspection of meat as ordained by Our Lady of Schlongs. Stop by for a cold brew and get your meat inspected on the outermost road somewhere between 4:00 and 5:30.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: tataume(at)hotmail(dot)com

Pee Funnel Camp
Ladies Unleash Yourselves! Sick of the only thing standing between them and you being a toilet seat? Stand free and pee! Barter for your very own Pee Funnel at Pee Funnel Camp! Review optional accessories with friendly Pee Funnel campers. All Pee Funnels are sanitary and pre-tested (not with pee, though!)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: zoe_girl(at)hotmail(dot)com

P-town Possie
A place where all, especially Portland people, can come and chill.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: david(at)cv-mfg(dot)com

Pinwheel Camp!
A garden of Pinwheels blooms at the north edge of Black Rock City! Home of Ranger Anntix, the Jr. Ranger and Burning Kid, and seom funky house DJs. Drop on by!

Hometown: Pt. Richmond, CA
Contact: rocklifter(at)home(dot)com

Playa Life
Life on the Playa is pure freedom. Here we feel free to express ourselves uniquely. Our camp specifically helps us feel free in the form of music. The Ant Tie Band is an ongoing music stage for everyone to sing like a bird or strum a guitar, there is no such thing as bad art in the ant tie band. Free to express your sound, rhythm, beat or skip a beat and experience whatever flows. We also will have a funky unique clothing exchange. Express the union of you and your partner with an unwedding! A unique expression of union - get unmarried with us in a ceremonial unwedding (groups welcome). All welcome.

Hometown: Apache Junction & Chico, CA
Contact: yamanne(at)extremezone(dot)com

Razor's Edge
Razor et. al. will be working on a few projects this year: the new DPT, Draka, and of course the Temple of Atonement to name a few.

Hometown: Davis, CA
Contact: razor(at)411(dot)com

Neo-Roman city of REVERIE. Paints, brushes and canvas. Have a drink, stay and paint.

Hometown: Ashland, OR
Contact: SplinterXman(at)aol(dot)com

Rock Bottom Camp
No life journey is complete without hitting rock bottom. Come share the best of the worst at Rock Bottom Camp.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: darilyn(at)darilyn(dot)com

Rokerij at Lil' Amsterdam
The Rokerij will have Sunrise sessions of ambient and downtempo music every day. Come and start or end your day with us.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Contact: truffle(at)san.rr(dot)com

Rythymic Image
Towering above and nearby areas of sound, Rythymic Image will display eye candy lighting never before seen on the playa.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: kwmr(at)hotmail(dot)com

Sake and Green Tea Emporium
A place for people to chill between 11:30pm-1:00am Thursday onwards. Serving Green Tea and Sake. On parle francais, Se habla espanol, wij speekt het nederlands, snake Norsk/Dansk/Svensk.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: joechapman(at)hotmail(dot)com

Satanic Suicidal Chicken Deathcamp
Fed up with changes? Kill yourself! Sign our Suicide pact. Commit suicide as our chickens/judges score your attempt. Win a fabulous trip to the afterlife! Location TBA.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: uranus69(at)pacbell(dot)net

Sibyl of Black Rock's Rolling Mt.
The Sibyl of Black Rock moves about the playa in a rolling mountain of prophecy. Thanks to the awesome generosity and wisdom of the incredible god Apollo, among others, she will answer any question put to her... for a small offering.

Hometown: Monte Rio, CA
Contact: damascus(at)ap(dot)net

Solar Oven Jugglers and...
Jugglers, fire jugglers, Solar Ovens and an alternative-fuel van that runs on vegetable oil! Drummers and dancers, too. Argentine tango or lindy, anyone?

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Contact: patriciaaleya(at)yahoo(dot)com

Soup Advisory Board
The Soup Advisory Board (SAB) will be once again be subsidizing the Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO). Please look for us under that listing on the BRC Map and on this Website. Soup!

Hometown: Cupertino, CA
URL: www.bagnut.com/soup
Contact: sylvia8(at)mindspring(dot)com

Soylent Baby Kamp
Donate your excess children to Soylent Baby Kamp to help feed the hungry for world peace. Our patented Dead Baby Processor will render them down into real, edible baby food.

Hometown: Zephyr Cove, NV
Contact: aardvarkk(at)msn(dot)com

Astroturf, lounge chairs, a shaded patio, all the comforts of home! Brought to you by Playadelfuego!

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
URL: www.playadelfuego.org
Contact: protozoa(at)tux(dot)org

Swiss Family Larry
Swiss Family Larry -- Home of Snack Daddy.

Hometown: Oaktown, CA
Contact: PhotoBee(at)aol(dot)com

2001: A Spaced Oddity
An arena of audio and visual effects celebrating the majesty of Stanley Kubrick's film masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. This site will feature a 12' Black Monolith; nightly Dawn of Man chimpanzee bone dance; captured space walker; Hal the computer; and a Time Tunnel simulating each participant's passage through time and space culminating into their own perception of a new Age of Man.

Hometown: Redwood Estates, CA
Contact: roklikker(at)earthlink(dot)net

Technomania Circus
Technomania Circus is performing it's brand of chaos early... on Monday night in Ill Vill. Most anything goes and all performers of most any type welcome to join our significant forces. Later in the week we'll be making the rounds on our portable stage... a small UFO will help transport this device for viewing and participation from various humans. Aerialists, blacklight theatre with mystery and illusion, circus faire, performance art, improvised and choreographed dance and whatever the hell we think of by then... We will be based out of Illumination Village (illvill)

Hometown: San Diego, CA
URL: www.technomaniacircus.com
Contact: technomaniacircus(at)yahoo(dot)com

Temple of Virtual Wisdom
Come to the Temple and take a shortcut to wisdom - virtual wisdom, that is. It's good enough in a pinch. We can all be God at the Temple of Virtual Wisdom.

Hometown: Prescott, AZ
Contact: dreamers(at)zenzibar(dot)com

Theta Wave Zone
Meditation basswaves by day, mind blowing dance music by night. All on 4 corners of the cleanest soundsystem around.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: whumpsound(at)hotmail(dot)com

TOOL TIME every night at 10.00P.M. begining monday with opiate and ending friday with lateralus look for the flag on the outer ring.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: 2lgk(at)msn(dot)com

Childhood games for all ages to be played and enjoyed with no competition.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: rkelly6094(at)aol(dot)com

Tutunui's Shanty Whale Camp 2001
Tutunui the Whale hosts a shanty themed camp of pirate treasure and drunken sea creatures.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Twocannedtales(at)earthlink(dot)net

The BRC planetarium, fully loaded. Experience a full year inside one night.

Hometown: Boston, MA
Contact: epik0(at)yahoo(dot)com

Virgin Cherry and Happy Face

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: ikemobl(at)msn(dot)com

Vibrant - Mutant Tribe
SF vetrans Vibrant and the newly formed Mutant Tribe providing a diverse auditory oasis, join us, in vertigo.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: augustiron(at)pathlink(dot)com

Voodoo Ldoom
Voodoo Ldoom serves dual functions: 1)The camp provides the academic community with the theories of Peri while awaiting the spaceship landing 2) It also serves as a specialized repository of relics and artifacts including a single chamber full body resurrection crate, a chaosphere vortex in magic mirror form, test tube chemical human experimentation, and other displays and interactive exhibits pertaining to life in Voodoo Ldoom.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: mojotony(at)thevortex(dot)com

Wayward Home For Unwed Brewers
Cellar rat stories, free beer, shade, shower, stool, tent. FRS Radio Channel 4, code 20.

Hometown: Vacaville, CA
Contact: olhogg(at)earthlink(dot)net

Welcome To The Dollhouse
We are a costume trading-post/dress-up camp. Remember playing dress-up with your mother's (or father's!) clothes when you were little? Come play dress-up in our closet on the playa! We would like to encourage everyone that takes a costume to leave a costume so that we keep a rotation of costumes coming through the camp. Remember--one person's junk is someone else's treasure!

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.zenslut.com
Contact: zenslut(at)zenslut(dot)com

Rebirthing inside a 13 foot 500 year old Valley Oak drum.

Hometown: Chico, CA
Contact: wombtombdrum(at)hotmail(dot)com

Wrong Side of the trAX Camp
Stop by the Wrong Side of the trAX and hitch a ride on the Dave Train! Currently taking applications for Conductors, Engineers, and Colliers... No prior experience necessary.

Hometown: Santa Barbara and the Bay Area, CA
Contact: sandycat85(at)hotmail(dot)com

You Are Here
You Are Here is a meditation on orienting the self in space, time and spirit. If we have a goal with this installation, it is to put more enthusiasm and vigor into the (by now) trite truism that wherever you go, there you are by turning it on its head: Wherever you go, You Are Here.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: kmtaylor(at)orca.ucsf(dot)edu

Zen Pride Sanctuary
Pronoia is the opposite of Paranoia : It's the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings. Come to the Zen Pride Sanctuary and boost your capacity to attract Pronoia into your life. We offer Extreme Pronoia Therapy: 888 Steps to Becoming an Aggressively Sensitive, Wildly Disciplined, Lyrically Logical, Ironically Sincere, Insanely Poised, Lustfully Compassionate Master of Rowdy Bliss.

Hometown: San Rafael, CA
URL: www.beautyandtruth.com
Contact: worldkiss(at)home(dot)com