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Burning Man Journal
All The News That's Fit To Burn: 2001 Summer Newsletter

Danger Rides Again

Ten years ago a small caravan of vehicles stopped at the edge of the empty vastness of the Black Rock desert, a place where you could gain nothing or lose it all and no one would ever know. Danger Ranger took a stick, drew a line across the earth, and said "On the other side of this line, there exists a world where everything is different." Then everybody held hands and stepped across that line. The first settlers of Black Rock City had come to burn a wooden man. In doing so, they created a community.

Danger Ranger enjoying a might fine mornin'.
Photo by George Post — 1994
That community has grown. Based on the values of giving and sharing, it is now rich in art and culture. Danger Ranger will soon be crossing that line again, bringing object lessons of a gift economy to the regional communities of Burning Man that now exist beyond the boundaries of our desert home. Traveling the asphalt rivers of America, like some burning Santa, he will reach out to everyone.

Danger will be driving across America in a 30-year old conveyance known as the "Silver Seed", a kind of mobile, self-contained theme camp enclosed in an aluminum skin. His mission is to redistribute gifts and, by so doing, reconnect participants in Burning Man with one another. When our event is over every year, participants often lament that they must wait another 358 days to be reunited with our community. Danger's message to you is that you need no longer wait. Take what you have learned from your experience, organize with friends and fellow burners, and be ready to greet him.

Danger Ranger's trip in 2001 will span 18 states. Departing from the Black Rock Desert on the first of May, he will travel through the Southwest, cross the Mississippi River, turn northward and make his way to New York City. From there he will begin a return path, traveling Westward through Middle America toward the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin. He will return to the Black Rock Desert in time for Burning Man 2001.

The Silver Seed on the road and beyond.
Photo by Micheal Micheal — 2000
Along this route he will explore the crossroads, outposts and obscure recesses of our dispersed community. Danger wants to hear your story. His journey will become a survey of who and what we are. His stops along the way will be a magnet drawing us together. Be prepared to express yourself before thousands of participants who follow this trip on our website. Be ready, also, to contribute to his progress. Give a gift that you create to Danger Ranger and let it flow downstream.

Danger's mission is to furnish you with information that can help you reconvene your Burning Man experience-round. Burning Man is not an event. It is a movement, a force, a river, a culture with a thousand tributaries. We want to show you how to drink from these fast-flowing streams. The Silver Seed will bring you instructions and advice about how you can organize with other people and discover the resources that our community has already created. Take a ride on the gift stream. It appears from somewhere beyond the horizon. It disappears somewhere down the road. You can't really imagine where it might take you — but you can begin to plan now to get on the boat.


Like Burning Man itself, the success of this trip will depend on participants. Plan events, share your stories on our website, and be ready to assist Danger Ranger while he is on the road. If you are somewhere along his route, think about meeting Danger at one of his layover points. Like a placid oxbow lake on a meandering river, Danger's route is subject to change based on available resources, mechanical failure, wanderlust and other acts of god/dess. The final list of Docking Stations and layover dates will be scheduled and announced as the trip progresses. The first step in getting involved is to join one of the Regional Burning Man e-lists in your area. You may contact Danger Ranger, learn more about his journey and follow his daily progress at http://roadtrip.burningman.com