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Burning Man Journal
All the News That's Fit to Burn — Summer 2002

AfterBurn Report

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The 2001 AfterBurn Report was published on our website earlier this year. It tells the story of the Burning Man organization: who we are, what we do each year, and how we spend our money. It was accompanied by a survey that asked participants many questions about who they are. It is the beginning of a portrait of the Burning Man community.

We hope to conduct a second survey during this year's event. This will be Black Rock City's first on-site census. A census form will be handed out at the gate, along with our city map and other materials. Every city needs a census. Participate, and help us expand civic awareness.

After the event, the JackRabbit Speaks newsletter will inform you when the 2002 AfterBurn Report and survey results from the 2002 Census are available online.