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photo by Zachary Triesman
Hyperbolic Immersion
by Zachary Triesman
This unruly surface is a manifestation of non-Euclidan geometry and the emergence of chaos from mathematical order. Sevenfold hyperbolic symmetry plays foil to the spherical geodesic patterns of the city, and its intrinsic finiteness suggests life.

URL: www.math.washington.edu/~treisman/hyperbolic_immersion/
Contact: treisman (at) math.washington (dot) edu

by Scott Gasparian
These voice-reactive mandalas of light respond to your voice with intricate patterns.

Illumination Project #20
by Charlie Gadeken
This length of painted canvas flutters above the playa surface and goes up in flames.

URL: www.burningart.com
Contact: charlie (at) qbox (dot) org

Lahontan Wagon
by Marshall Elliott
Talismanic poles surround a disabled car wrapped in burnt cloth and rope.

Contact: marshallelliott(at)hotmail(dot)com

photo by Joshua Schrier
Laser Cage
by Joshua Schrier
An ultrasound motion-detector triggered triangular 'cage' of laser light, made visible by ambient dust, waits on the open playa to snare unsuspecting wanderers. Upon entering the cage area, laser pointers are turned on in sequence, enclosing the triangular area and its inhabitants.

URL: homepage.mac.com/jschrier/burningman/laser_cage/
Contact: jschrier (at) mac (dot) com

Lincolnshire Poacher
by Noah Lang
Whimsical 'broadcasting and receiving' antennas in a field emit transmissions of numbers stations. Numbers stations appear on the short wave radio band and are encoded meesages used by governments to communicate with undercover field agents.

Contact: noah (at) trilliumpress (dot) com

Meditate and Levitate Dream Catcher
by Mike Maung and Arthur Rudiak
An el-wire dream catcher glows in the dark playa night.

Oh NO!
by Mark Bradford
A nine foot stainless steel, copper and brass figure bends in a playful salute.

Op Wheel
by Nelson Lacey
A black and white spiral is created by spinning a wooden wheel.

Contact: artbylacey (at) hotmail (dot) com

Phoenguin Rising From The Ashes
by Stephen Lynn
A 10' wood and metal sculpture of a Penguin stands in the traditional pose of the Phoenix.

Contact: cryingbunnies (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Dave Galat
A 900 square foot pyramid made of skinned and latticed wood is enhanced by lighting and projected visuals.

Contact: davegalat (at) yahoo (dot) com

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
by David Madison
A life-size version of the old Mattel game contains two 8-foot tall robot skeletons on wheels within a boxing ring. Participants may enter and control the robots.

URL: davepics.com/Album/San_Francisco/2002-07-28.RockEm-SockEm_Robots/
Contact: burningman.com (at) daveola (dot) com

Sharon's Missing
by Michael Taluc
A 35 foot structure made of rectangular steel tubing, wood, and steel latticework contains bright, translucent red fabric panels. Each panel acts as a wind vane moving independently from the others.

Contact: mtaluc (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Peter Hudson
This 3D zoetrope is a 16' turntable with plaster cast swimmers mounted in sequential movement around the perimeter of the disc. When people start the turntable rotating, a strobe light flashes in sequence with the advancement of each piece, so that the figures appear to be swimming.

Contact: hudzo(at)earthlink(dot)net

by Cedar Goebel
This functional sculpture is meant to be climbed into so one may experience oneself in new ways.

Stream of Subconsciousness
by Juan Thorp
Ten blue worms emerge from the playa surface.

by Shirley Nachmana
Ropes, strings, cables and fabrics are stretched between the metal frames of two large nesting cubes, forming a spider's web on which one may climb. Israeli video art is projected onto one of the fabric surfaces.

URL: www.lama-lo.co.il/Sukkah
Contact: shirleynach (at) bezeqint (dot) net

Sunrise Station
by David Van Brink
A BRC Imaginary Transit System entrance features a stairway which appears to lead down into the ground, and is enhanced by solar-powered lighting and recorded sound effects.

URL: www.omino.com/~poly/playa/sunrise_station_2003/
Contact: poly (at) omino (dot) com

photo by David Ellingsworth
The Eye
by Ryon Gesink
A metal arch supports a large flaming eye which sweeps the playa with its spotlight vision.

URL: www.theshipyard.org/who/ryon.html
Contact: ryon (at> hotmail (dot) com

Time Teller
by Michael Zwerg
A solar-powered sundial functions by night as well as by day. At night, 60 lamps arranged in a semi-circle illuminate the gnomon in the same manner as the sun by day.

URL: webzwerg.net/sundial/index_sundial.html
Contact: Zwerg (at) ATTglobal (dot) net

Trailer TrashMan
by Richard Friedberg
Standing 12' tall, he is the man of steel made from trailer park parts, and also functions as a pyrophone and a mesquite grill.

URL: www.trailertrashman.com
Contact: alkymist (at) yahoo (dot) com

photo by
Taco van Ieperen
Vision Garden
by Taco van Ieperen
A lovely garden features a tree surrounded by a bed of flowers and mythical animals. By day the creatures vanish into their dens and the flowers close to protect themselves from the harsh sun. At night, the flowers open and the creatures come out.

URL: members.shaw.ca/tacovan/garden/VisionGarden.html
Contact: tacovan (at) shaw (dot) ca

Window to the Soul
by Cali Mastny
"The eyes are the window to the soul."

Year of the Snake
by Jerico Woggon
Two snakes hide within a 138' long wall of polka dotted blacklight paintings.

Contact: jerico (at) cherrymeltdown (dot) com

photo by Carl Mears
Yo' mama!
by Panna Lossy and Carl Mears
A copper pipe, fiberglass and mosaic tile figure provides drinks to those who suckle at her breast.

URL: www.pbase.com/camears/telemama
Contact: panna (at) sonic (dot) net

photo by Tom Scott
Your Move
by David Collins and Neil Webb
A small table containing a chess board is flanked by two chairs and an indicator of whose turn comes next in the game. Make your move and move on.

Contact: dwcollins (at) lbl (dot) gov