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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

The Great Temple - The Keyhole - The Plazas - The Odd, The Strange, and The Weird - The Realm of the Wholly Other - Mobile Art - Center Camp


Great Temple Architectural Ornamentation
by Dana Albany
Dana will create two altars in the interior of the Temple where participants may leave gifts and offerings. She will also create decorative panels for the stage, side entryways, and alcoves at the base, as well as a stone marker for the top of the temple.

Contact: danaalbany (at) juno (dot) com

by Russell Wilcox
A fourfold laser beam pattern will emit from the pyramid under The Man, going in the four cardinal directions (referenced to the city). Each constant, green beam will be directed toward a target at the periphery of the city, on top of the Café or far out on the playa. In ancient times, the world was conceptually divided into four quadrants, probably an early realization that a square coordinate system is convenient for two-dimensional maps. The Cartesian system of numbering locations based on their x and y position on such a map calls the crossing point of the axes "the Origin". This kind of division expresses a belief in an orderly universe. A conceptually simple scheme for organizing our knowledge of the earth's surface works for us, and becomes the very picture of reality. The linear laser beams embody the idea of simple order, and a belief that our mathematical concepts reflect nature's intrinsic character.

Contact: rwilcox (at) jps (dot) net

by Todd Dworman
This 80' diameter black & white labyrinth will be lit by el wire that dims and glows to the pace of meditative breathing. The concept is to allow people to interact with themselves and others and reflect upon the emotions, state of mind, or philosophical thoughts produced by the journey through the labyrinth. The design of the path takes into account the history of labyrinths and the varied purposes they have served over the past five thousand years.

Contact: Gen2 (at) earthlink (dot) net

This L.A.community of 22 performance artists, acrobats, dancers, costume and crafts people have been working together for a year creating a dance drama based on this Hindu myth. They will perform a 20-minute ritual at the Great Temple, an acrobatic dance of monkeys in the cafe, and regular visits to various temples of our city, where the monkeys will swarm.
Description of artwork.

Contact: thefabmonsters (at) hotmail (dot) com

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
This 30-member gospel church will perform at the Great Temple at 7 PM nightly, delivering their message about the evils of consumerism. Their work is political, anti consumerist, pro peace and text driven. All burners are welcome to try out -- can you sing and shout Stop Shopping?!!

URL: www.revbilly.com
Contact: revbilly (at) revbilly (dot) com

Voice of Fire
by Tim Black
The voice of the people emerges from a burning bush of fire. Like flipping channels on the collective consciousness of Burning Man itself, messages both banal and profound will be mixed into a whispering, hissing Voice of Fire.

URL: www.quantalink.com/VoF.htm
Contact: tblack (at) quantalink (dot) com

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