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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

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Philosopher's Stone
by Ezra Eismont
This 19' icosahedron represents the interlocking perfect geometric solids. They are called the Platonic solids because Plato referred to them in the Timaeus, saying that all of nature and matter was comprised of a combination of these five solid perfect geometric forms.

Contact: Ezrali (at) Ezrali (dot) com

Phoenix Temple
by Bobbie Van Sleet
A flaming phoenix beckons all to come to the Phoenix Temple. He stands in a nest of fire as his plumage blazes in multi-hued flames. We offer this temple of contemplation to the community to consider the phoenix's message of renewal and rebirth. Enter the temple behind the blazing bird and recline as you reflect on your personal dream of renewal. On the altar rests a large single phoenix egg where you can insert your written hopes. There will be a ritual burning of the egg at the end of the week and other rituals planned. We plan to schedule works of renewal by acoustic musicians, drummers, spoken word artists and others in the temple. At nightfall, fire dancers are welcome to celebrate outside the temple around the fiery phoenix.

Contact: bobbie (at) holonet (dot) net

Phone Booth to God
by OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)
This phone booth is equipped with a direct line to God. Pick up the phone and talk to God (assuming he/she/it is in).

URL: www.obop.org/2003/plans.htm
Contact: dave (at) glenmuse (dot) com

by Syd Klinge
Take a seat and watch as hundreds of glimmering lenses project fields of stars into the heavens. Feel free to project your own wishes, beliefs, and dreams onto what you see. Look beyond, then look within. Cast an image, then reel it in. Shows nightly, weather permitting. Votive candles provided for consecration purposes.

URL: www.playahearth.com
Contact: syd (at) playahearth (dot) com

Playa Prayer Bell
by Tom Wiltzius
A large magical bell, blessed and inspired by the Goddess herself, awaits you on the playa. Find the bell and pray, meditate, laugh, cry, wish, and hope. When you are ready, ring the bell to release your intent to the Creator. Be careful what you pray for as it will come to pass.

Contact: twiltzius (at) sppc (dot) com

Playa Wisdom Dispenser
by Peter McKinney
Mystics and Seekers of wisdom have travelled the globe in search of enlightenment. You on the other hand have arrived! If you are a believer then, rest assured, the Dispenser has the answer you have sought most. Present your question to the universe, then spin the handle for your own personal, divine, insightful and inspiring answer.

Contact: peter.mckinney (at) verizon (dot) net

Playamancy: Giant Tarot & Giant Ouija
by Logan, Raven, Marty, Rachel, and jD
LOOK for the lighted tenselite that marks the divination area. SPREAD the Giant Tarot Cards to see their images of the human condition in the realm of science. SIT AND SPIN on the mystic pointer-on-wheels to see what the Giant Ouija Board has to say to you. The viewing hole in the center of the pointer eerily illuminates the selected character on the board. RECORD your readings into the books provided, and come by at the event's end to take a card home with you.

Contact: logan (at) omino (dot) com

Prayer Wheel of the Collective
by Larry Peterson and Susan Ford
A prayer wheel spins around sending our prayers out to whatever Deity one holds close to their own spirituality. Turning a prayer wheel brings purification and causes one to ponder the path to enlightenment. If you search out and find the Wheel of the Collective, I encourage you to add your own prayers to the wheel, next to those you will find there.

Contact: xsugarboy (at) yahoo (dot) com and theimaginarygirl (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Denise
Participants may confess their sins and profess their wisdom in this wooden structure based on the Golden Ratio and painted by Philadelphia artists using Sacred Geometry.

Photo by Sean McKnight
Contact: livnlifefully (at) hotmail (dot) com

Revolving Epistolaries
by Antonio Quinn
Glowing rice paper cylinders of calligraphy spin out their messages in the playa winds.

Contact: nantenbo (at) quetzpalin (dot) com

Shining Path
by Doug Golden
This metaphysical journey requiring insight, perseverance and transcendent awareness to complete starts at the Oracle located near Center Camp. From there you'll sweep a torch across the vast playa and Waypoints on the Shining Path will be revealed. Off in the distance is the truth you seek. When you arrive a marker will reveal a word you'll need when you are ready for the Final Test. The test will ask of you the Secret of Life and if your path was true then a reward of priceless schwag will be yours.

Contact: dousias (at) adelphia (dot) net

Shrine Of The Mind
by Leopard Martini Lounge
If you close your eyes and imagine a shrine, what would it be? A Buddhist temple? Tibetan prayer flags? A pristine place in the wilderness? And then, what would it mean to have a shrine of the mind?

Contact: sacredflame (at) burningman (dot)com

by Dave Ambrose
Several informational and directional signs will be installed throughout Black Rock City. A community is a shared belief system - a construct which only exists as such if we believe in it. The signs highlight the underlying absurdity of the assumptions we make in the belief system we call "everyday" life. In our city one can choose her/his actions and identity based not on tacit adherence to some forgotten authority, but by active participation in the process of becoming, deciding, and living in the moment.

Contact: lucky (at) gigsville (dot) org

Slowdance Pagoda
by Shannon Coulter
A luminous, 40 square foot fluttery white pagoda curves upwards into the night sky, announcing itself as the only shrine in the world dedicated to the lost and highly transcendent rite of slow dancing. Offering a nearly extinct form of interactive worship to its glamorous and amorous supplicants, the Slowdance Pagoda exists solely for the greater glory of slow dancing and is rumored to bring on an irreversible state of nirvana... but only to those who pay homage in the form of a slow dance. In dusty ball gowns and tarnished tiaras, pretty pilgrims commune with the sacred and profane as they rock and sway to the gentle music of days gone by.

Contact: scoulter (at) mail (dot) com

Space Bison Bison Space
by Adrian Stimson
This homage to the North American bison is a metaphor for the clash between colonialist and native ways of being. Bison and Native identity are interconnected; they can also be energy or matter. The matter which once existed in the form of the North American bison was released into the universe during the historical slaughter, and this energy continues to exist in and around us, ever evolving.

Contact: littlebrownboy (at) canada (dot) com

by Sherrie DeBord
It is not far, by bird, from image to man, it is not far, by image, from man to what he sees, from the nature of things real, to the nature of things imagined. Their value is the same. Matter: movement, need and desire are inseparable. -Paul Eluard

Contact: shareffa (at) hotmail (dot) com

by John Ricker
The Tear Drop is a 40' tall kinetic sculpture which represents the sorrow of loss. On Wednesday night the tear drop will be transformed into a flaming Lotus Blossom. A dance performance will accompany the blossoming of life which the flower represents. On subsequent nights a fire will burn in the center of the Lotus and people will be able to sit in the inner petals and enjoy the fire.

URL: www.meltguns.com
Contact: John (at) meltguns (dot) com

Temple of Dog
by Talia Botone
COME SANCTIFY YOUR CANINE FRIENDS THAT LOVE YOU LIKE NO OTHER! I MEAN — LIKE "ONE" OTHER: "Because I have created this new animal to be a reflection of my love for you, his name will be a reflection of my own name, and you will call him DOG." Pictures of dogs past or current should be brought to the Temple for enshrinement.

Contact: templeofdog (at) taliabotone (dot) com

Temple of Honor
by David Best
David's fourth temple on the playa is the evolution of an idea that began three years ago with the Temple of the Mind, and was followed by The Temple of Tears and last year's Temple of Joy. An imposing multi-story temple made of densely patterned black and white paper over a cardboard and wood frame, the Temple will be a place to honor each other, the earth, our families, ancestors and communities. The temple of honor will also have space to address one's dishonor, a place to leave it, to release it and let it go. Just as we need a place to honor those things and people we hold most high, so too we need a space to deal with those people and ideals we have dishonored, including ourselves.

Contact: Bestart (at) earthlink (dot) net, gcarver2 (at) pacbell (dot) net

Temple of Truths
by Mathew Spellman
Sacred texts of the world are spread out on the floor of this temple, and one may express one's own truth upon the Tome, on a podium in the center. In the end, the tome will be retrieved and the temple will burn, taking with it all the world says. The Tome will be cherished, and shared online.

Contact: templeoftruths (at) hotmail (dot) com

The Palm At The End of The Mind
by Sawmi Sensei
A quiet meditation based on Wallace Stevens' poem, "Of Mere Being", awaits those about to enter The Realm of the Wholly Other.

Contact: sawmi (at) sharktown (dot) com

The Ring
by Jonah Emerson-Bell
Four upright wooden rings are positioned at the cardinal directions, connected by a series of vertical wooden poles that form a complete circle. The rings act as portals collecting and focusing the energies of the earth as well as those of celestial bodies such as the sun and the moon. This piece acts as a bridge between heaven and earth where the energies of both are collected and held. Those who enter will be able to receive or transmit the power held within the space. The piece combines the traditions of ancient Druidic earth worship and modern spirituality to create a stage for a new form of sacred experience.

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Contact: wwjonahd (at) aol (dot) com

by Therm
Thermo Kraken, desert siren with blood-volatile liquors of solar promises captured, distilled and pressurized beyond several atmospheres, pulses under the touch of those who made her. Perhaps the ancients would recognize in her the beauty of Vulcan's forge, the Phoenix in cyclical immolation, or Prometheus unbound, but our eyes see shapes and dreams forged in times of enervated archetypes. The Kraken's song unfolds in ever mounting protest and ardent surrender to calefaction. With harsh euphony that shudders and careens from inchoate murmur to throaty ululation until it can take and give no more, its screaming heart erupts in a vertical orgasm of pyrrhic fury, howling defiance to absent gods while exulting in freedom and transformation.

URL: www.therm.biz
Contact: eccentric (at) pacbell (dot) net

by Peter McKinney
Your thirst is unbearable. Mirages appear and disappear before your eyes. Suddenly, in front of you, a faucet appears. Are you dreaming? Is this the fabled oasis?

Contact: peter.mckinney (at) verizon (dot) net

Three Thousand Pound Candle
by Billy Miesch
A 53 cubic foot candle on a pentagon-shaped platform features six wicks made of dried fennel stock.

Contact: unclebillymiesch (at) yahoo (dot) com

To Infinity and Beyond
by Don Peck
Let your imagination travel through space and time to realms which are truly beyond belief in this "observatory" that features the nighttime sky and thoughts about the stars, the cosmos, and belief. Listen to facts about our universe and about things that are beyond the range of ordinary vision.

Contact: donald.g.peck (at) disney (dot) com

by Jason Mika
The totem casts its multi faced gaze on the horizon.
The totem hears your prayers and casts them with the wind.
It is a divining rod for a holy fire.
Your heart will be burned pure.

Contact: lucid (at) neuron (dot) net

Tower of Enlightenment
by Bryan Finch
The Tower Of Enlightenment will incinerate self-help books provided by the citizens of Black Rock City, who will be able to rid themselves of various junk psychology texts, diet books, and spiritual quick fix programs. They will also have the opportunity to unburden themselves of any expectations they may have about their week at Burning Man '03. While no books will be turned away, it's requested that people not contribute what are commonly accepted and historically recognized as sacred books, such as the Bible, Koran, Bhagavat Gita, and Torah, nor any books printed before August 6, 1945.

Contact: BusterFriendly (at) LABridge (dot) com

Trial By Fire
by Chico Lasky
A majestic and colorful glass shrine contains a glass blowing studio where participants can undergo a ritual of trial and reward. At sunrise and sunset one may create a glass medallion, and at night glass-blowing demonstrations will showcase this form of fire art.

Contact: chicodelfuego (at) hotmail (dot) com

Walk The Talk
by Larry Meyers
An 8' diameter horizontal prayer wheel features prayers in raised letters on its surface. One may spin the wheel by walking in it, like a hamster's wheel, and a temporary impression of the prayer will be left on the playa surface.

Contact: wildguys (at) mindspring (dot) com

Web of Life
by by OBOP (Ojai Bureau of Pleasure)
Using shreds of fabric from their own clothing, participants will weave their memories and dreams into a twenty foot high web. Weavers will find shade and comfort nearby and will receive nurturing visits by goddesses from the Pantheon. On Sunday at dusk, a great procession of song, dance, and fire will emerge from the Pantheon, arriving eventually at the web, which will be ignited, releasing its essence to the universe.

URL: www.obop.org/2003/plans.htm
Contact: dave (at) glenmuse (dot) com

Web of Tears
by Gail McDowell
Get out of this tangled Web of Tears casting its shadow down to seekers to purify and cleanse one's self and the world. Illuminated willow root and branch tears hang down to cast lacey, intricate patterns onto the playa floor. Willow Purge Tears and silk strips will allow you to write off and get rid of bad thoughts. Silk ribbon impurities will be tied and tucked into tears. Tear sacs will take flight on the backs of winged moths from the Larvae Lounge at Camp Cocoon and be deposited and burned at the Burning Man and Temple of Honor.

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Contact: knothere (at) sisqtel (dot) net

Woman Fashioned By The Sun
by Carole and Bud Lung
Her feet encircled by the moon, a crown of stars upon her head, arms outstretched, the Woman Fashioned by the Sun patiently waits to receive weary desert wanderers, who will receive cool water from her womb.

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Contact: CaroleFamous (at) aol (dot) com

by Christopher Schardt
A 40' tall, 86' diameter structure made of aluminum poles and cables contains, at the top, a white light representing the truth from which all religions have developed. Halfway down to the ground in a circle 40' in diameter are 12 symbols representing the world's main religions, 1 symbol representing all the religions that have been forgotten, and 1 symbol representing all the religions yet to be created, in el wire.

URL: www.schardt.org/yantra
Contact: yantra_bm (at) moeskitchen (dot) com

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