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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

The Great Temple - The Keyhole - The Plazas - The Odd, The Strange, and The Weird - The Realm of the Wholly Other - Mobile Art - Center Camp


Black Rock Scarab of 1000 Playa Delights
by Kim Lacy
Four mythical scarab beetles surround a 10' diameter dung ball. Each beetle is aligned with a cardinal direction, symbolizing the elements of the earth uniting in self regeneration and rebirth.

Contact: kmlacy2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

by the Natraj Design Team
This grand and peacefully rotating 40' wheel is a shrine for performance, practice, and meditation by day. At night, it will awaken with the Sol System dance temple and Sonic Runway, pulsating its psychedelic synchronized lights, projecting sacred laser animations, and burning rhythmic flames into the skies.

Contact: amit.k (at) rocketmail (dot) com

Cleavage In Space
by Rosanna Scimica
Some say that in every bed a promise is made. At the intersection of myth and reality a deceit was used as a prelude to the passion play. As a consequence, a gigantic chandelier from the goddess's bordello fell through the ballroom floor and crashed into the playa just outside Black Rock City's streets... and of course, it is larger than life.

URL: www.cleavageinspace.com
Contact: Saffron (at) madagascarinstitute (dot) com

Dancing Under the Stars of Lyra
by Tim Thompson
The myth of Orpheus comes to life as his lyre, long ago placed in the heavens as the constellation Lyra, comes back to earth to create beautiful music. The 24 strings of this 10-foot high lyre are rope-lights which are controlled independently by the notes of the music. Surrounding the lyre are 4 dance pads, on which people will dance to interactively control and generate the music being played.

Contact: tjt-burn (at) nosuch (dot) com

Insightment: A Luminous Prayer Wheel
by Aaron Ximm
A group of colored lanterns on bamboo poles is arranged so that the conscientious viewer can walk around them and discern a mantra hidden within the grouping, thus activating this prayer wheel. This mantra contains five letters, each in a different color, and one will appear to encircle the man.

Contact: ghede (at) well (dot) com

Johnny On the Spot
by Saul Melman and Ani Weinstein
This large scale installation, made of wood with a white translucent skin, stands 32ft wide, 40ft long and 24ft high at the apex of its vented dome. A cylindrical portal allows access into its protective interior, which provides a serene space for congregation and contemplation. The sculpture's form strongly references the human body, religious architecture and Marcel Duchamp's revolutionary conceptual art piece, "Fountain," thus embodying the sacred and the profane, the everyday and the ethereal. Under the dome, a spouting fountain adds a subtle sound component, while hinting at Duchamp's "readymade". At night the sculpture is illuminated from a hidden source, and glows with trancendental luminescence.

"Johnny-on-the-Spot" is a meditation on how context shapes our experience and creates a structure for what we believe, challenging the readymade beliefs that inform our experience.

URL: www.johnnyonthespot.ws
Contact: saulmelman (at) earthlink (dot) net, aniweinstein (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Michael Christian with help from Phil Sadow
This year, in the spirit of St. John Climacos, I will be constructing a Klimax beyond belief. The Klimax, Greek for ladder, has been an icon of the divine ascent for centuries. It was originally referred to as a series of steps by which a goal would be achieved-most notably as the ladder between heaven and earth or as in the alchemical belief in deriving gold from the sun and silver from the moon. Over time, anticipating the culmination was replaced by reference to the goal itself. Regardless of its symbolic, metaphorical, or allegorical significance, the physical act of climbing is still one of my favorite pleasures and as such inspiration alone for this climatic endeavor.

URL: www.michaelchristian.com
Contact: Mc (at) michaelchristian (dot) com

Mutant Vehicle Labyrinth
by Harlan Gruber
The seven circuit labyrinth has been found in ancient cultures all over the world, from Hopi Land to Crete. Now for the first time will it be implemented for use by modern means of transportation, the automobile.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

photo by Lisa Slocum
Security Blanket
by Lisa Slocum
Out in the Wholly Other, intrepid adventurers in need of comfort will find a serene place to consider the sources of comfort for our daily lives. The bedside journal offers up images representing some old faithfuls: sex, religion, food, money, love, knowledge, hope, shopping, and spirituality.

Contact: lisaslocum (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sonic Runway
by the Retinal Burn crew
The Sonic Runway is a corridor of lights that visualizes waves of sound emanating from a dance floor far into the playa. Beats from the speakers trigger flashes of colored light that race down the corridor at the speed of sound. Participants within the Sonic Runway will enter a realm beyond faith and belief - the miracle and beauty of scientific truths. These truths are philosophically engaging and require introspection about our place in the universe and in time relative to all that we each perceive.

Contact: rj (at) pixar (dot) com

Spirata Luminosa
by Roger Carr
What is enlightenment? What does it have to do with light? What did it mean for the Creator to say "Let there be light?" Why is the devil's name "Lucifer", the light-bearer? The glory of God is shown in religious paintings by halos and light glowing around its image. Light is a primal aspect of belief and faith, a fundamental component of religious imagery and of the images of gods themselves. Out on the playa at night you come upon a small chapel, seemingly made of light. The lights vary in intensity, color, and pattern in response to your presence. You approach the central light altar, and you can see the eye of God, and connect it to your heart.

Contact: Carr (at) SLAC (dot) Stanford (dot) edu

Temple of Chance — A House of Cards
by Lewis Zaumeyer
Out on the playa a structure recognizable yet unbelievable exists in a Colossal scale - a house of cards designed to encourage serendipitous interaction by those who approach and enter the temple of chance. Visit the four exquisitely appointed playing rooms on the ground level and explore the metaphysical meaning of each suit of cards. Sit in on an impromptu card game or grab one of the commemorative decks and start your own game. Visit the central Hall of Royals and go to the second level where you can give or receive a tarot reading in one of the four rooms of the Jokers. Step out on the second level observation deck or climb the stair tower to the third level deck and view the surreal sites of the playa and city. You've really nothing to lose; perhaps the odds will be in your favor.

Contact: archideaz (at) aol (dot) com

Temple of Divine Light
by the TeleVangelisticators
Thou shalt create images in My name, and the images shall flicker. Thou shalt listen to the Word and spread it as Entertainment.

Contact: drperipheral (at) telus (dot) net

Temple of Gravity
by Zachary Coffin
The Temple of Gravity will address a vital need: the need to worship something we know is true and one of the few constants in our ever-changing lives. The attraction of two or more bodies, any-body, is fundamental. In this godless era it is now time to worship GRAVITY. Come to the temple, think weighty thoughts and speak of heavy deeds. GRAVITY will always let you down.

URL: www.templeofgravity.com
Contact: zach (at) gravitybites (dot) com

Temple of Initial Attraction
The Goddess NUT invites you to explore your belief systems through symbolism within her Temple of Initial Attraction. Built upon the geometry of the octagon, those who choose to approach, circle and enter will find painted and mosaic images derived from various sources as well as the mystery within unpredictable chance meetings with other participants.

Contact: iamdegala (at) yahoo (dot) com , thelastspectator (at) aol (dot) com

photo by Ben Chun
The Medium Is The Religion
by Irie Takeshi
The medium used to be the message. It's become so much more. The boob tube can be your faith, your forgiveness, and your salvation.

Contact: tak (at) derisilab.ucsf (dot) edu

Tranquility Base
by Jason Siadek
The night of the burn is a new moon; that moon will rest on the surface of the playa. Visit Tranquility Base, an achievement that's beyond belief.

URL: home.comcast.net/~gigapede/mOOnshOt/
Contact: gigapede (at) yahoo (dot) com

Vision X
by Don Soloway and Alek Grabinski
It appears in the night,at a distance, as an ambiguous array of glowing amorphous blobs of varying shifting shapes. As you draw closer, your mind shift into inquiry: "What is that? Is it something I've already seen? What will I discover?" You might say what it is that you think you're seeing.

What is real - what you see, or what you say? Beliefs are creations of language, and the declaration "It is..." is itself a declaration of the nature of reality. In the inquiry of what is real, you will discover the source of reality. The moment you realize you are the creator you are now beyond belief.

URL: www.greatoasis.com/museum/BurningMan/BM03/VisionX.html
Contact: don (at) greatoasis (dot) com

Wholly Burger
by Chris Neary
An 8' X 10' double cheeseburger contains a shrine to fast food and a museum.

Contact: chrisneary (at) earthlink (dot) net

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Wind Oracle
by Vibrata Chromodoris and David Shamanik
Four rotating cubes suspended in a 15' steel tripod contain mystical symbols which align according to the wind patterns to answer one's questions.

URL: www.vibrata.addr.com
Contact: look (at) vibrata (dot) com

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