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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

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Cafe Archway
by Michael Christian
The cafe portal, made of cut steel, is adorned with the artist's whimsical metal cutouts.

Contact: mc (at) michaelchristian (dot) com

Cathedral for the Masses
by Shevaun Gallant
This 9' tall climbable Gothic cathedral cutaway features arched and clover windows, gargoyles and other ornamentation and will function as a viewing platform in the cafe.

Contact: shebatt (at) hotmail (dot) com

photo by
Attesa Chehrazi
Death Triangle
by Attesa Chehrazi
A triangle with a Christian cross, a star of David, and "Allah" in Arabic script captures and tangles our human spirit.

Contact: atcheh (at) comcast (dot) net

Illuminomicon and Passage
by Radiant Atmospheres
After passing through a walk-through altar one arrives at the foot of the Illuminomicon, spire of alchemical imagination, organic machine, eons-old ruin of celestial archaeology. Hallucinatory, ever-shifting patterns play across interior planes, as light leaps into the night sky, opening the eye of the Cafe's oculus wide in disbelief.

Contact: lighthaus (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Carie Okano
This 9' tall blue bunny goddess has four arms that hold a sword, a severed golden bunny head, a flaming golden egg and a blacklite OM symbol. As the terrible manifestation of the Divine Mother, she is known for destroying ignorance and for helping all those who strive for knowledge of the truth.

Contact: caryokano (at) yahoo (dot) com

Light, Truth and Existence
by Russell Wilcox
The Light, Truth and Existence pavillion is an educational and thought-provoking exploration of the ultimate answers to the question "what is light?" There are six answers there, all true, depending on how the answer is used. Hands-on optical experiments and demonstrations you can do at home will provide an empirical basis for the truth of classical science, while the philosophical challenges of quantum theory are related to questions of ultimate reality. Beyond belief lies justified true belief, a state of knowing the real as it presents itself to our salivating senses. Mix colors, talk on a laser beam, see a galaxy, decelerate a photoelectron, see the uncertainty principle in your hair. Do we create reality by observing it, or does the harsh desert turn its face away, uncaring? Perplexing fun for all and one!

Contact: rwilcox (at) jps (dot) net

by Spokes
Select your brand of Truth at this spiritual vending machine.

Contact: duffb (at) cox (dot) net

Sacred Space, Sacred Center : Jewels in The Net of Indra
by Ezra Eismont
Indra is the Hindu god of Space. It is said that a net extends through all of reality, at each point in the net is a jewel that is so highly polished that it reflects all of the other jewels in its faces infinitely, like a hologram. In this holographic universe we are the jewels in the net. We are asking burners to bring some aspect of who they are to leave in the net, on the back wall of the cafe, to symbolize themselves as a jewel in the net.

Contact: Ezrali (at) ezrali (dot) com

Saris For World Peace
by Annique Mahieu and students
Students in Ghent, Belgium have made seven hand-printed silk saris in each of the colors of the seven chakras to adorn the cafe. Annique, the teacher, collaborated via the internet with Team Bollywood to create this project, and will travel from Belgium to install the saris.

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URL: www.dragondebris.com/burning_man_2003/Peace_Saris/
Contact: annique.mahieu (at) pandora (dot) be

Stairway to Heaven
by Nicholas Valle
Utilizing classic trompe l'oeil techniques and incorporating elements of the Playa and surroundings, Nicolas will create a visual "portal" to another dimension. His mural will be located in front of Media Mecca.

Contact: buzzcut2000 (at) mindspring (dot) com

Wheels of Incantation
by the Nipplese Monks
Propelled by the masses, the Wheels of Incantation recite the wishes, aspirations, and fantasies of the scrolls contained within. For three quarters of an eternity, the elusive Nipplese Monks have revered these relics which are thought to harness the vigor and passion of the elements. The four remaining Wheels of Incantation will be available at the cafe to carry your messages. As part of a daily pilgrimage, scrolls will be ceremonially collected and placed in a sacred chamber deep within the wheels. You are encouraged to participate by scribing on special parchment at the center camp cafe and by spinning the Wheels of Incantation as you pass by them.

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Contact: gadget (at) gadgetshead (dot) com

by the Lunches
In the center of the cafe, a lush waterfull faces east and provides a site for meditation, relaxation or just having a nice lunch.

Contact: lunnnch (at) hotmail (dot) com

ZipTie Mandala
by Gadget
All hail the majestic ZipTie, plastic savior of the playa. The ZipTie mandala in the cafe is a tribute to the little fastener that we know and love. 55,000 fluorescent ties adorn a polyvinyl chloride armature to produce a colorful geometric pattern to help one focus and reflect.

Contact: gadget (at) gadgetshead (dot) com