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Fairyland at the Isle of Avalon

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: scottmbarney (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Fandango Village; home of the Orbitals, Butterzone, Motown, and the Remnants of Funk Camp, launchpad for the Temple of Atonement, and birthplace of the Slow-Dance Pavilion, welcomes everybody back to their Playa. Expect the usual assorment of late-night films, dancing, and cocktails. (Warning, may be dusty.)

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: steve.courtney (at) akqa (dot) com

Fast Furnishings
Find your Ultimate Sock Mate! Pay tribute to your last chance to wear white shoes!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: greg (at) acmeart (dot) com

Faust's Fun House
Come to our All-Seeing Eye Pyramid and choose your path, Heaven or Nirvana, and travel along either a simple labyrinth or an intricate life-size board game that leads you to your destiny. Inside Nirvana will be a cooling chill space with an evaporative cooling fountain, All-Seeing Eye-lixer bar and vinegar foot baths; inside Heaven, or Hell, will be a fun-house type atmosphere filled with interactive tasks.

Hometown: Chico, CA
Contact: kalitara22 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fey Abbey

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: feyabbeyburn (at) hotmail (dot) com

filthydogrecordings.com camp
Evenings of filthy music for filthy people to dance to.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: filthydogrecordings (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fire Conclave Convergence
Gathering convergence for members of the Fire Concalve. Daily activites will include: Check in by each members of the Fire Conclave, knowledable represensatives will be checking & repairing fire tools, Fire Safety meeting for all Fire Watch that are responsible for the safety of the fire performers, Leaving & receiving messages, radio distribution for Burn night and great discusssions of fire art in the world.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: crimson (at) burningman (dot) com


Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: sneuringer (at) earthlink (dot) net

First Church of Skee Ball
First Church of Skee Ball. Skee ball beyond belief!

Hometown: Chico, CA
Contact: wastrom1 (at) msn (dot) com

Flatulence Amplification Research Team
F.A.R.T. Flatulence Ampflication Research Team /Frogstone Island: Stop by eat Playa chili beans and return later to FART into our Megaphones. Wear your worst OD Green millitary surplus shit and share a cigar! The best FARTS could get you a prize. Now 5 years strong. Listen for live simulacasting on FM Radio, CB and FRS Radio CH#8. hats off to the Canadians for giving us our name. Home of Light the burning FART dart game Lets trade.

Hometown: Pacific Grove, CA
Contact: ODGreen (at) redshift (dot) com

The cross-section of the Leri online community (http://www.leri.org/) the physical world and BurningMan minus FOODLAB. Having undergone a mass exodus of structure, Fleshlab will this year be somewhat sparse, which means there is room for all! Huddled masses yearning to breathe dust, arrive here and be welcome! Diversions of the mind and body. Comfy furniture. Random music. Random people. You. All for free. On the other hand if you prefer structure there's always FOODLAB.

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN
Contact: gheller (at) ia (dot) net

Flight To Mars
Step right up! Prepare to be dazzled as you climb the dizzying heights of the Gland Canyon, but be wary of the spinning Disk of Deaths, transcend the bonds of dogma and earthly gravity to experience the ultimate in off-world entertainment. Get ready to climb aboard our starship hull as Flight to Mars prepares for its nightly countdown to the red planet, you're guaranteed to experience visions of realities profoundly different than that of the Earth.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.flight2mars.com
Contact: jeff (at) flight2mars (dot) com

Foos Revenge
Imagine yourself drinking and playing a game of foosball, when suddenly you find yourself transported into the game as a real life foos player with giant foos Gods looking down on you. Your only way out is to win. Loose and you will forever be lost in the living hell known as Foos Revenge.

Hometown: Mooresville, NC
Contact: firefighterfrench (at) yahoo (dot) com

Forest of Enchantment

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: silavroc (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fremen Spice Traders (Free Coffee)

Hometown: Arcata, CA
Contact: ben (at) benblake (dot) net

Free Photography Zone
Free Photography Zone, once again, giving the best photogaphs of the best people on earth to the best people on Earth. Come, have your photograph made in a studio setting by a Burning Man institution and leave with your print.

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
URL: www.johnbrennanphoto.com
Contact: johnbrennanphoto (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fudo Myoo
Experience the celebration of the buddist diety, FUDO MYOO. Conquer your' doubt and illusions with intelligence and truth.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: lyleb (at) sutterhealth (dot) org

Funkee Monkey Camp
Funkee Monkey Camp - A bastion of funky beats to move your feet with banana pancakes & coffee served up after a night of monkeying around on the playa (42.0 minutes post sunrise)- if you're lucky, you may even find a monkey to spank?!@#

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: francoischadwick (at)yahoo (dot) com

Fusion Valley
Home of PlayaNET.

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
Contact: taz (at) burningman (dot) com


The Gates Village
The Gates Village returns with the Burning Woman crew. The Dragons will be performing The Great Marriage, a fire show that has won them acclaim as the hottest fire troupe in So Cal. Plus, many of our old friends are returning to give the Gates its warm, homey feeling.

Hometown: Culver, CA
Contact: tedward (at) burningman (dot) com

Are you having more trouble getting up off the floor than you used to and are you taking more prescription drugs but enjoying them less? Then Geezerville, the focus of BM activity for older postal workers and their guests is the place for you to pass the endless afternoon until it is late enough to go to bed.

Hometown: Carmichael, CA
Contact: lheid (at) saclink.csus (dot) edu

Genital Portrait Studio
Back by VERY popular demand, particpants of Burning Man '03 will once again be graced with the Genital Portrait Studio, BRC's most exciting stop for the nether-parts connoisseur. A plethora of choices await burners in showcasing their beloved bits & pieces including various props, celebrity cutouts, and the ever-popular laminated Genital ID cards, which may be requested for entrance into other select genitalia-friendly camps, or by random playa size queens.

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Contact: gimmethoseshoes (at) yahoo (dot) com

Get Lost
If you're here you're here... if you're there you're there... in between... get lost!

Hometown: Kingsbury, TX
Contact: sunny-d (at) candyraver (dot) com

about this photo
GG Lounge
A lounge at the edge of Black Rock City, beckoning wanderers from the lunarscape beyond to come in and enjoy tasty liquid treats, funky beats and a relaxing chill area.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: woodsong (at) beer (dot) com

Basketball, urban movies, and DJ dancing await you at Ghettopia. Ghettopia is a place where corporation control and societal judgement do not exist. All are welcome to Ghettopia!

Hometown: Sanger, CA
Contact: djpat (at) yahoo (dot) com

Glittercamp: Naked and shining as nature intended!
Glitter Glitter Everywhere!
On our bellies and pubic hair!
Don't be shy sat over there!
Come, boys or girls, round or thin
The glitter's warm, jump on in!
There's plenty more here to share!
We'll rub you down - we don't care!

Because we can.
Because everyone is beautiful,
Especially in GLITTER.

Hometown: Davis, CA
URL: www.gigsville.org
Contact: jpgarner (at) ucdavis (dot) edu

Glowball of Happiness
Visit our Glowball of Happiness, an interactive exhibit where your movements control the color of our Magic Glowball and your own destiny. Experience Glowballization tonight! Interact with our Sphere of Influence. You Have The Power!

Hometown: Newark, CA
Contact: jonathan (at) diamondsystems (dot) com

Green Fairy Bar Camp
Learn how to make homemade absinthe, and then bring something to barter for a drink at the Green Fairy Bar.

Hometown: Ventura, CA
Contact: philfear (at) rain (dot) org

Green Penis
Male fertility ritchul... free facials

Hometown: Federal Way, WA
Contact: ricochet1961 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Greeters Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: Blondie (at) burningman (dot) com

Green Tortoise Camp

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: info (at) greentortoise (dot) com

GroovePharm, come shake your butt, and surround yourself in beautiful visuals as you groove to our funky beats.

Hometown: Austin, TX
Contact: jennifer (at) ayersdesign (dot) com

Group W

Hometown: Bay Point, CA
Contact: rolfinhell (at) yahoo (dot) com

Gypsy Witch Farm Camp
Gypsy Witch Farm Girl Camp, Meditation, Catering to First Time Burners or those who come alone. Fire - Fire!

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Contact: burninggypsy (at) hotmail (dot) com

Gyrational Bliss Asylum
Gyrational Bliss Asylum is a day spa, providing foot washes, manicures, pedicures, tarot card readings, massage, energy treatments, and spankings. Hang-out in our Asylum of Bliss or our hammock chill structure.

Hometown: Sun Valley, CA
Contact: dr_dhe (at) yahoo (dot) com


Hair of the Dog (HOTD) Lounge
Welcome back to your blue-collar bar of the playa! It's the HOTD you know and love, complete with cold bevvies and YOUR musical performance stage. If you're lucky, Jesus Christ himself will serve you a cocktail, and that's almost beyond belief... sort of. Bring your favorite instrument and/or bar accoutrements: we provide the drinks and music, you provide the drinks and music.

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
URL: www.std.org/hotd
Contact: ld (at) ldwriting (dot) com

Hands Across the Playa
Citizens of Black Rock! Link up with all of the inhabitants of the city! On Friday afternoon, we will stretch our collective bodies across the Playa, including the Man! Stop by the camp for all the details!

Hometown: Arlington, VA
Contact: yoni42 (at) hotmail (dot) com

What's Beyond Belief? Actually doing something... like Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god. Hanuman battled demons, carried mountains & won wars. Come on by & add something to the altar or bang a drum in honor of the ultimate participant Hanuman.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: rsberry (at) aol (dot) com

HeadSpace - a sanctuary on the playa for all Psychonauts, or anyone interested in consciousness exploration. There will be a small library of consciousness texts and periodicals, as well as talks and discussions over many aspects of consciousness exploration, shamanism, and harm reduction information. Come let your mind roam in cozy dome filled with chill, eclectic beats. Located in the Sanctuary village!

Hometown: Oakland, CA
URL: www.sanctuaryvillage.com
Contact: djbuddhaful (at) hotmail (dot) com

Heaven and Hell

Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: admin (at) darkfirerpg (dot) com

HEC Pyra-moydal Guild
Ancient vows of ReHymenization?... The ritual lives on, but the outcome is errant.

Ancient life has come into the ReHymenator bringing mad visions of things long gone. Come revel in delight like the small child you once were!

Hometown: San Carlos, CA
URL: honisoitcroquet.com
Contact: davidamclain (at) yahoo (dot) com

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
In the midst of the desert, we are your home for healing, quiet meditation, massage, energy work, yoga and grounded community. Come and revel in our 4000 sq feet of quiet, carpeted, cool shade where you are sure to meet new friends and connect with healers from previous years.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO
URL: www.heebeegeebeehealers.org
Contact: michael (at) mac-magic (dot) com

Hobo Logistics
Prong 3, Phase 3 nearing completion; IGNITE your Potential, the infomercial will be ready for your viewing, and subsequent transformation into the 'you' you always knew you had in you! Hobo Logistics: The Business of Science, The Science of Business.

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Contact: karltuvan (at) hobotix (dot) com

Holy Karaoke!
Come Karaoke with us at Holy Karaoke! We'll provide the equipment and song lists, as well as a Japanese decor. All you have to do is let your inhibitions go and grab the mic. You can also bounce on the trampoline, sculpt rock garden designs or just chill out and support your fellow burningman stars.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.digitalrites.com/bm/index.html
Contact: travelingwego (at) hotmail (dot) com

Honisoit Croquet & Cosmo Lounge
Bang some balls and shake it up!! Cool Cosmos and hot play. Come enjoy some croquet, cosmo's and karaoke on the playa with us.

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA
URL: honisoitcroquet.com
Contact: sdurtschi (at) foothill (dot) net

An oasis of luxury in the desert offering an extraordinary measure of hospitality, we set the mood for enchantment through flavored tobacco smoking, sunset ceremonies, and evening fire-dancing rituals. Tribal rhythms and soothing melodies bathe your senses as you enter the Altar Dome and spin the Wheel of Faith, travel the playa in style on the Magic Flying Carpet, or enjoy the intimate pleasures of the Cuttle Shuttle.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: specialstephen7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hookey Pookey Camp
Hookey Pookey Camp, Really is that what it's all about. Hookey Pookey every morning at 10 Am and meeting at 6pm for friends of Bill W.

Hometown: Calexico, CA
Contact: marvo03 (at) direcway (dot) com

Hot Wheelz
Hot Wheelz wheelchair Camp is intended to provide camping space with easy access for Burners in wheelchairs to the City's Center Camp support and entertainment services. A limited number of specially equipped electric handicapped golf Carts with hand controls will be provided for use by qualifying disabled Burners.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: freeheadspins (at) yahoo (dot) com

House of Lotus
The House of Lotus kindly offers beats to move yo' feets inside the giant yellow temple of funky house and breakbeats. Just follow the light poles...

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.houseoflotus.com
Contact: timalbinson (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hushville is an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos. The village is open to anyone who wants to camp with us, as long as they abide by three simple rules: 1) no generators; 2) no amplified sound; 3) clean up after yourself.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.playachicken.com/hushville
Contact: david (at) peterman (dot) org


about this photo
Idolator's Camp
Join the shriny happy people at the Idolator's Camp! We offer space for worship and adoration of a plethora of gods, revelry, reflection, Bacchanalian release, and general pagan fun. Spin a request to your favorite god on the CD prayer curtain, lounge in the iconic chill space, make an offering at the polyshrine, or take a turn at the Kama Sutra Wheel of Fortune.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: mjwillia (at) rcn (dot) com

Illumination Village
The Illumination Village:
Burning art today for a better tomorrow

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.barcar.org
Contact: thinc (at) well (dot) com

Image Node
Camp Image Node will free your mind.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: twina (at) interport (dot) net

I'm Ok! You're Ok! Corral
I'm Ok! You're Ok! returns with more of the hottest & sexiest playa residents. And yes, Bar Car will rove the playa with its fantastic party people (the corral & you!), endless beverages on tap, proper house music played by our resident DJs, a larger dance floor and another vehicle, the chill out Love Sub will follow via remote control.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: brcinsf (at) yahoo (dot) com

Infinite Oasis
Infinite Oasis will be the village space that will help your be soul nourished, your mind expanded and your body soothed. Come dance through our medicine wheel, visit our camps and walk through the Tunnel of Transformation to burn away the past.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO
Contact: michael (at) mac-magic (dot) com

Inga's Slut Hut
Inga's Slut Hut is THE afterhours "hot spot" for participants who have employed themselves well in the art of civic service duty... "Backstage arrangements" can be made through the friendly volunteers of the BRCPO...

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Contact: ladyerato (at) hotmail (dot) com

Are you really a Citizen of BRC? Well, the Immigration, Naturalizations, and Socialization Services (INSS) would like to help you explore your impulses through participation. Just come on down to the Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO) any time, and meet the friendly staff of INSS volunteers, dedicated to helping you find your ideal BRC experience!

Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Contact: sylvia8 (at) mindspring (dot) com

Interdimensional Space Portal
InterDimensional SpacePort(al)! A trance-reality spaceport/airport...
Join the International Psychedelic Trance Community in our ventures beyond Creed and Dogma into the realms of Direct Experience...

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: aaron (at) burningman (dot) com

Iraq, Inc.
When you stop, flickering face tattoos on Maori warrior start to glow, the eyes light up, it chants sucking your soul from your body & Reno area trailer trash rifle your pockets for spare change. Coming inside, we are Explorers in Consciousness, nonprof talking about the direct experience of the quantum and shamanic worlds.

Hometown: Reno, NV
URL: web1.greatbasin.net/~keck/BM2003.html
Contact: keck (at) dri (dot) edu

Irrational Geographic Society
The Irrational Geographic Society is honored to return to Black Rock City in 2003, offering a host of activities including LED madness, Krotus worship, gift bar and lounge, massage, 800' of el-wire and more!

Hometown: Jamaica Plain, MA
Contact: achilles (at) alum.mit (dot) edu

The Institution
Commit yourself to The Institution and spend some quality time in our public padded cell. BDSM'ers of all flavors welcome.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: squirm (at) latexpajamas (dot) com