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1 to 2.7 Billion - Saturn
by Morley John and Ian Baker
1 to 2.7 Billion is a precise scale model of the solar system, extending from Center Café to the farthest reaches of the playa. Saturn, the ring bearer, is perhaps, the most magnificent of all the planets, 2nd largest to Jupiter, and encircled by extensive rings, and will be located in the Center Café Sunspot.

Contact: morley (at) hellyeah (dot) com

Cancerian Obelisk
by Shawn Powers
This obelisk is a tribute to the sign of Cancer - those of us who became inhabitants of Earth between June 22 and July 22.

Contact: shawn (at) akacreativegroup (dot) com

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Celestial Goddesses Obelisk
by Christian Colquhoun and Cristina McAllister
The Celestial Goddesses Obelisk explores multiple interpretations of the word heaven, combining the astronomical elements of Sun, Moon and Stars with associated mythological figures, symbols and meanings drawn from a multitude of cultures, philosophies and traditions. Found in the Center Café.

Contact: skeletngrl (at) aol (dot) com

Create a Holy Book Booth
by Lenny Jones
Create a Holy Book Booth is a place to express the spiritual being in one's self by creating a personal living, breathing religion, complete with all the usual rituals, requirements and beliefs that have been used as repression for so long.

Contact: lennyj1026(at) aol (dot) com

by Atessa Chehrazi and Karl Rooth
2004 marks the first year that Center Camp Cafe embraces BYOCup! The sun of many cups will give your reusable coffee-chai-cocoa mugs a sunray to sit on. Lids highly advisable.

Dog Star
by Talia Botone
Intergalactic love jones is a cosmic fortune teller dog. The surrounding structure is a SIRIUS place where one can place pictures of dogs past or current for cosmic exemplar mentorship.

Contact: taliabotone (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Annique Mahieu and her Belgium students, with John Barry
The DREAMGLOBES are a collection of large-scale, interactive and light reactive snowglobes, inhabited by a fantastic array of curious mythological creatures inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings and located in the Center Café. These wonderful creations come all the way from Gent, Belgium's De Academie voor Beeldende Kunst. They were created by the same talented students who made 2003's SARIS FOR WORLD PEACE, under the guidance of Annique Mahieu.

Contact: annique (dot) mahieu (at) pandora (dot) be and john (underscore) barry (at) paramount (dot) com

Enchanted Voice of Persuasion
by Rosanna Scimeca
At the three entrances to the Center Café sit the sculptures epitomizing the three sirens: Aglaophone, Thelxpeia, and Peisinoe. The heavenly music made by their motions of the grace, mystery, and awe navigate the stars above. These stars are the road maps for the sea-men and women, the wanderers and lovers of wisdom in Black Rock City. They will charm these travelers to the comfort and safety of a home base, through the arms of the sirens, inside Center Café.

Contact: vinirina (at) hotmail (dot) com and yogaperv (at) earthlink (dot) net

Flight Dimensions
by Michael Wilson, aka Wandering Angel
Side-view of earth, massive surface of the sun, atmospheric layers and viewscape spheres of interconnected-passion imagery with angel figures and dragons entwined in mid-flight on Center Café's back fence.

Contact: wanderingangel (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Free Form Radio — Fully Automated Radio Station
by Philippe Lewis
Wanna send something to the airwaves? Trying to find someone, something, or some place? Got a story to tell Black Rock City? Looking for a soulmate? Come to Center Café and find the Free Form Radio (FFR) 104.1 table/kiosk, record your message, and listen to them played on the airwaves! Free to say *anything* you want — enjoy your free expression!

Contact: fryday (at) california (dot) com

by Bob Burnside
Geo-Language builds upon the hexagonal Center Café benching. Learn and lounge.

Contact: bobburnside (at) comcast (dot) net

Hypnotic Chinese Lanterns
by Dave Loomis
Slowly undulating hanging Chinese lanterns mesmerize in changing patterns, suspend one in bubbles in the Center Café.

Contact: dave (at) lumieria (dot) com

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LBC (Lego Block City) – Build Your Own Theme Camp
by Benjamin Jones and Craig
An interactive installation in the Center Café mimicing Black Rock City and Burning Man, made out of Legos. The project is a one-day event on Wednesday that uses Legos to bring people together to build a city.

Contact: beenjamminj (at) yahoo (dot) com or firedoctor (at) gmail (dot) com

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Light in Flight
by Claudia Anfuso and Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs
Representing the ever-changing movement of light and warmth, this 13-foot-high by 10-foot-wide mobile in the Center Café radiates rainbows through the air, conveying delicate and subtle grace in each movement of the arms of the mobile. Constructed from 220 crystals, 24 unique end pieces, 75 exceptional rice paper cranes of non-repeating paper types, 5 yoga bobs, and 2 poi, it speaks to art in motion and the only constant: change.

Contact: claudia (at) seriousilly (dot) com and glitter (at) glittergoddess (dot) com

Light, Truth and Existence Kiosks
by Russell Wilcox
An explorative return to the mystery of light, truth and existence. Self-illuminated and enlightening, to be discovered in the Center Camp Café.

Contact: rwilcox (at) jps (dot) net

Mandala Factory
by Andres Amador and Amy Ornoski
A participant-constructed, ever-changing blacklight mandala that furthers the interactiveness of the Center Café.

Contact: andres (at) analogia (dot) org

Playaphone Valise
by Sophia Green and John Link
Playaphone Valise brings back Playaphone to Black Rock City and the Center Cafe this year, including a couple of telephones playing recordings of 1998 Playaphone out-takes not on the CD.

Contact: pinktoe12 (at) yahoo (dot) com or john (dot) link (at) celera (dot) com