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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

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Solar System - Deep Space - Mobile Art


by Mikhalya Harrell
Plato's term Anemnesis means "the act of remembering what we already know." Up to one hundred round 6" paintings of interstellar space scenes represent the Cosmic Ancestry Theory.

Contact: pandorayoga (at) yahoo (dot) com

As Above, So Below
by Kellee Hiatt and Andy Kuepper
Through an audio-triggered progressive montage of video including outer space, inner space, geometric space, and particle space, we aim to present our view of the ongoing universal story.

Contact: qk (at) vixenvoice (dot) org and andy (at) filmandtv (dot) biz

Black Hole of Desire
by Beverly Reiser, Mark McGothigan and Milton Fabert
"Black Hole of Desire" is an interactive installation using video projection, sound equipment, PC based interactive software, and a round video projection screen mounted on a 10' x 10' wall. We are using the metaphor of a black hole - a dense force drawing all matter around it inexorably into it - to portray the human capacity to relentlessly desire, never reaching a point of stasis.

Contact: beverly (at) idiom (dot) com and markmc3us (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cosmic Wish Launching Machine
by Mari Stephenson
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... the Cosmic Wish Launching Machine is a hand-operated Rube Goldberg-type of machine with mechanical and electronic sound effects.

Contact: mariametro (at) hotmail (dot) com

Creation Of Adam (with the Tin Man)
by Mark Madel
A digital Tin Man comes to life when his finger is touched by the participant, playing the role of God.

Contact: madel (at) daysalive (dot) com

Obelisk 3
by Kevin McCormick and Carl Gruesz
Two 100" tall sticks of LEDs display persistence-of-vision images from the Vault of Heaven in 12 bit RGB color.

Contact: fbyte (at) piperazine (dot) net

Optical Acoustics
by Tim Black
At Burning Man 2002, hundreds of messages were sent over a lightbeam to the stars via the Ship to Ship project. Now, a closed manifold of spacetime has turned the light of these messages back to the playa. Look at the blinking stars through the optical acoustic telescopes and hear the messages return to earth.

URL: www.mad-scientists.com
Contact: tblack (at) quantalink (dot) com

The Heavens On Earth - Live And In Color
by Frank John Piwarski and his Astro-partner
A live video feed of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, a few constellations, and the star Aldebaran will be projected onto a big screen inside the Observatory. The images come from a video camera attached to a 10" Newtonian telescope. By day the full orange disk of the sun will be projected. You will be able to see sun spots and also get a feeling for how the sun rotates. By night the projection will be primarily the full disk of a full moon. Around 4am Saturn and Venus will be visible as a couplet, and the constellations Orion and Perseus will rise, followed by the star Aldebaran, the Eye of Revelation, used by the ancients in navigation. It is approximately 40 times the size of our sun, and rises just before day break.

Contact: newton (at) mymy (dot) com

The Universe As A Pachinko Machine
by Javan Ivey
An 8' X 8' pachinko machine uses ping pong balls to represent planets/celestial bodies bouncing through galaxies of pins.

Contact: harlinn (at) mac (dot) com

Twisted Infinity
by Arthur Zwern
A trio of tweaked infinite mirrors within a mirrored environment creates altered views of space, time, and the humans viewing them. The Infinity Drill punches visual holes in empty space using light. The Wormhole displays a spinning multitude of reflections suggesting an alternate galaxy. The Face Flipper reverses left and right to show viewers their faces the way others see them, displays the backs of people's heads, and spins to twirl it all around. Photons are the only evidence available that the Vault of Heaven exists, but can they really be trusted?

URL: wizzard.com/bm2004/observatory.html
Contact: arthurz (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Universal Awe
by Jerelyn Hanrahan
In this interactive media installation, participants can visualize their place, both large and small, in the universe. As children or adults, we lie under the stars and wonder what is beyond. It is this sense of wonder that keeps us engaged in living our lives... we are driven by our sense of endless possibilities.

Contact: jerelink (at) aol (dot) com

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