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Haunted Garden
by Simran Gleason
An icosahedron dome contains a sound environment featuring software that controls the placement of harmonic tones throughout the space.

Contact: fermatslasttheremin (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hellfire Weenie Roast
Concept by Todd Kurtzman, Concept and Execution by Todd Kurtzman and Ben Pink. (Financing 100% by Todd Kurtzman).
A Hellfire Weenie Roast takes place nightly at this group of praying figures with hell-fire spewing from their minds. This work of art, brought to you by Citizens for a Coercion Free Spiritual Experience on Earth, is where dogma and barbecue meet.

Contact: thebenpink (at) yahoo (dot) com

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by Quentin Davis
At the base of a 6’ tall black dome a 12’ bamboo tower hung with LED lanterns rises. Inside the dome is a 3-tiered miniature diorama. Participants interact by placing their face into the viewing port, immersing their minds in the diorama and separating themselves from the outside chaos.

Contact: Quentin (at) earthlink (dot) net

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If You Meet the Man on the Playa
by Byron Chell
A 35' representation of the man asks: "What do you do if you meet the Man on the Playa?" An answer board in the shape of his head stands ready for written replies near a number of bells for ringing.

Contact: bbchell (at) earthlink (dot) net

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Improbable Orchestra
by Improbable Orchestra
The Improbable Orchestra is an interactive sound installation that allows four participants to jam, remix, and reshape music in realtime. Its easy to use control surface and loop-based song structure ensure that even those with no musical training can create dynamic, interesting sounds in a variety of musical styles.

Contact: tina (at) eds (dot) org

In the Shadow of Death
by Efrat Shalita Bondy
"In the shadow of death" invites participants to walk around, sit on, and/or lie down on the grass. To enjoy the beauty and innocence of a girl, thrown on the grass, to come near and adore the late winter wildflowers, to rest their heads in a peaceful green spot. We are fascinated by the calm and tranquility, and then find that death is always around, above our heads, and it is so beautiful and quiet - is that the face of freedom?

Contact: sh-bo (at) zahav (dot) net (dot) il

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by J9
Some once told me when I was burning her ropes that she was a "metaphor for life". When I first had the glimmer of Jenavive in my eye it was my first burn five years ago. I thought of what burning man gave me and I thought of what I had to go back to. Then I realized how all encompassing her idea was. Thank you to those who saw her bound. Thank you to those who saw her burn. Thank you to those who saw her free. And thank you so much to those who saw her as more than metal.

Contact: j9dsign (at) aol (dot) com

Jivin' Jelly
by the Manic Mechanics
A 14' tall translucent jellyfish mesmerizes people with colorful glowing light. Complex patterns of morphing colors pulse from the Jivin' Jelly's bioelectric nervous system. The Jivin' Jelly can also be charmed by sound and rhythm, responding with changes in its light emitting organs.

Contact: pugslymix (at) yahoo (dot) com

by David Asti
A pyramid of 200 clay cylinders rests on a gold platform.

Contact: davidwithmia (at) gmail (dot) com

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La Contessa
by the La Contessa Crew
The ghost ship of the playa returns, anchored in the deep playa. She drops anchor in a different location each day, and at night is surrounded by burn barrels.

Contact: CURBCAMPE (at) hotmail (dot) com

Lamppost of Freedom
by Philip Reay
The lampost of freedom is intended as a transitory meeting place, a common point of reference, and a "content aggregator" for useful memes on the topic of freedom. It's form is a simple steel post with a conical lampshade on top, creating the overall form of an upwards pointing arrow. A wide roll of white tape will be around the pole, and black sharpies (installed in holes) for onsite contributions by visitors.

Contact: rand0mmm (at) mac (dot) com

LifeSize Mousetrap
by Mark Perez
The Mousetrap is a fantastically hand crafted, 16 piece, 50,000-lb. interactive kinetic sculpture set atop a 6,500-square-foot, 2,000-lb game board .This giant Rube Goldberg style contraption comes complete with a vaudeville-style carnival show, original musical score, can-can dancers, acrobatic hijinx, and other spectacularly scripted scenarios dedicated to the bending of reality.

Contact: maustrap (at) earthlink (dot) net

Lissajou's Dream
by Tracy Bugni
This interactive sound visualization utilizes lasers to project an oscilloscope pattern. Before the days of digital frequency, meters and phase-locked loops, Lissajou's figures were used to determine the frequencies of sounds or radio signals. A signal of known fequency is applied to the horizontal axis of an oscilloscope, and the signal to be measured is applied to the vertical axis. The resulting pattern is a function of the ratio of the two frequencies.

Contact: tracy_bugni (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Neith Doffing
The Logorinth is an interactive labyrinth of letters and word-symbol vibrations encouraging conscious word use. Within the 30’ x 30’ seven circuit, white rope labyrinth lie words broken down into root meanings and channelled divisions indicating their original vibrations/intentions.Much of this has been lost in our habitual, unconscious language patterns.The Logorinth offers the process of lingual and literary illumination for our re-membering.

Contact: wcphoto (at) gulfislands (dot) com

by Paul Greyson
Algorhythmic patterns respond to ambient sounds in this video projection installation.

Contact: i (at) theminkus (dot) net

Mind Your Beacon
by Francis Wenderlich
A brain in the shape of a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone is consistently turned by the wind. Another component attempts to illuminate that fact that former Black Rock Gazette staff now publish the Black Rock Beacon.

Contact: francis (at) burningman (dot) com

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by Rex Norman
Miniman is a fully articulated, walking, dancing "Land Puppet" and alter ego of The Man. Standing 11 to 12 feet in height, he is most active-and brilliant at night, and his spinning brain relates his subconscious impulses.

URL: http://www.mutantvehicle.com/miniman.htm
Contact: 4doobers (at) pyramid (dot) net

by Stefan Haefliger
MISSION ETERNITY creates an interactive multiuser sarcophagus for the network generation. Agents of etoy. CORPORATION set up mobile user scans in order to absorb and crystallize the traces left by the users in the social, informational, psychological and financial domain of the mortal here and now.

Contact: haefliger (at) etoy (dot) com

by Mark Woloschuk and the MOB Collective
The MOB is an array of thirty-six identical, reflective windvanes. Their shape is a life sized representation of a pointing human figure. Thirty-five of the windvanes are arranged in a hexagonal pattern around an open central point and turn in unison towards the direction of the wind. The remaining one is offset from the others and always points in the opposite direction.

The MOB invites the viewer to examine the positive and negative aspects of community versus individuality.

Contact: mark (at) BulletTrainMedia (dot) com

Musica Organica
by Angelina Fabbro
A garden of guitars and stringed instruments planted with desert-friendly plants becomes Black Rock's own miniature song garden; pots made of instruments connected together demonstrate the complementary nature of sound and plant life.

Contact: angel (at) chrematisai (dot) com

No Ice, No Dice
by Jack Haye
In front of Arctica, a life-sized skeleton sits on a throne, framed by a ring of candle lanterns. It is a graphic representation of the primary importance of water and hence ice to life, and especially to life on the playa.

Contact: jackhaye (at) comcast (dot) net

by Skeeter and Maxwell Pegasus
The Oasis is a Victorian house consisting of columns, arches, gables, a tower, mansard roofs and cornices. The interior consists of a furnished living room complete with carpets, couches and one large mural. The Oasis is an all inclusive collage of collective consciousness.

Contact: clearheart (at) clearheart (dot) org

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Order and Chaos
by Jordan Tenney
Taking the form of a towering cosmic obelisk, Order and Chaos protrudes sharply upward from the broad plane of the desert floor. This architectural wood sculpture attempts to explore the ancient, but ubiquitously persistent cosmological archetype known as Axis Mundi, the symbolic pivotal point at the center of the circle of space, where earthly and heavenly powers combine. Around this symbolic central pillar the communal cosmic play is performed, creative energies are focused, and mind is expanded. Through the use of symbolic geometry and directional orientation, Order and Chaos serves as a model, a map, a compass, and a beacon for the wandering cosmic traveler.

Contact: jordan10e (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Joshua Marker
This is a physical implementation of Shelley's Ozymandias poem; two 'vast and trunkless legs' and, nearby, the shattered head of an ancient statue of an egomaniacal king. The poem: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozymandias.

Contact: joshua (at) nowhereville (dot) org

by Whit Bissell
Peeps is an audio, visual, and tactile psychological experiment comprising an eight foot cube that may be entered by participants.

Contact: wbissell (at) wsgr (dot) com

by Dennis Smith
At the trash fence fifty birds frolic in the playa energy, each one telling a story.

Contact: cransmaster (at) earthlink (dot) net

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