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Palace of Psyche
by Bob Noxious
Zephyrus, the west wind, carried Psyche away to a magnificent palace in a fair valley where she was attended by invisible servants until night fell. In the darkness of night the promised bridegroom arrived and the marriage was consummated. The strong ego within is found when the two hands are brought together. Where the hands come together in prayer, Love marries Beauty.

Contact: rfclarkson (at) aol (dot) com

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Picture Frame of Dorian Gray
by Maureen Garrett
"When they entered, they found hanging upon the wall a splendid portrait of their master as they had last seen him, in all the wonder of his exquisite youth and beauty. Lying on the floor was a dead man, in evening dress, with a knife in his heart. He was withered, wrinkled, and loathsome of visage. It was not till they had examined the rings that they recognized who it was." - Oscar Wilde

Stand inside the Gothic picture frame and imagine the self you want to be (but aren't), the self you want to repudiate (but are), the self you can't imagine (but might be)". Visitors to the Picture Frame of Dorian Gray are also invited to write on the privacy of the dark wood all that they desire to give away and transform.

Contact: maureen_garrett (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Psyche and Perception
by Tom Wilson
Emanating from the heart and hands of Psyche, the personification of inner beauty and the soul, are arcs representing the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. The shifting nature of thought is represented by wind driven kinetic elements. One element is located at Psyche's heart, and one each at the ends of the overhead arcs. A fourth kinetic element, within Psyche's head, is located where the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds intersect and overlap. This represents perception, how perceptions are formed, and the accumulative mental processes that determine what is perceived to be real, imagined, or a dream.

Contact: tjwilson_1 (at) excite (dot) com

by Burning Hobbits
Feed your head at a three-sided lunch counter, serving up twelve sculpted entrees, each depicting an item from the extensive menu: Brain Child, Mind's Eye, Head Phone and other favorites. Ask about our daily specials! Take out available.

Contact: gregor (at) ndesign (dot) com

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Psyche-Pics: Drawings from the Mind
by Seabrook Leaf
Fleeting thoughts, deep thoughts, unconscious thoughts... What dwells in the psyche that we rarely have the chance to let out or to have others see? This project is an experiment in facilitating artistic expression of normally unexpressed thoughts. The portable micro-studio was accessible to artists of all ages and levels. Thousands of people at various west coast gatherings have been invited to draw their immediately accessible ideas on small plastic cards (salvaged from trash). Myriad thoughts can then be seen by participants who view the gallery. Viewing the gallery in turn triggers more ideas and inspires the thinker to let the psyche flow by making a card. Participation has been huge and most of the resulting 1269 cards are displayed here for residents of Black Rock City. The success of this project can be attributed to the highly inspirational nature of the gallery, combined with the highly inviting tiny canvas size.

Contact: seabrook (at) frogwood (dot) org

Psychic Fossil
by Judy Gardner
Psychic Fossil is a metaphor for traces of shadow that hide within the human psyche. In life, the hurts, fears and losses we experience leave behind their calcified remains in the depths of our souls. In order to experience healing, these shadow "fossils" must be unearthed and embraced. As long as they stay hidden from conscious consideration, they can continue to wreak havoc in unseen and unrecognized ways. By prying loose the fossilized remains of an old wound, acknowledging its existence and recognizing that in addition to pain, it has created strength- that is the path to finding healing. Fossil could be (geographically) the largest installation in Burning Man history. The individual components of Fossil are intended to be STOLEN by who ever finds them and taken home. The discovery, exposure and unearthing of the fossil is symbolic of facing that aspect of personal shadow. Taking the fossil home and displaying it prominently is symbolic of the individual's conquest of that aspect of their own shadow. It also makes a nice memento of Burning Man 2005.

Contact: jgardner (at) gasanim (dot) com

Psych-Oh Drama and Therapy Chair
by David Brandt
A psychiatrist's chair is surrounded by a frame from which dark curtains are hung, creating a space where several therapy "games" can be played, and where puppet shows with a Psyche theme will take place.

Contact: dblonghair (at) hotmail (dot) com

Pyramid of the Collective Consciousness
by Lewis Zaumeyer
Humanity's awareness has been depicted as having the form of a pyramid or triangle, with the most basic levels of awareness existing at its base. More advanced and enlightened awareness occupies the ever diminishing space in the top of the form. Derived from sacred geometry, the pentagon and the five pointed star represent the enlightened human; this combination forms the primary image of this structure, a five sided pyramid. Inscribed within a 100' diameter circle and rising to 32' at its apex it presents a visually impressive symbol of ancient mystical magic and knowledge. At the intersection of each face of the form, the planes have been separated to form entrances and a ramp is created. A third story observation platform in the plan of a five pointed star is designated as the Level of the Enlightened One and from that level flaming Spheres of Enlightenment are released down the ramps to the playa world below. One sphere is outfitted to allow a human passenger; daily lotteries are held to determine the riders.

Contact: archideaz (at) aol (dot) com

Reverse Psycholotron
by Mathew Mackey
Those who are bold enough to seek out this device will encounter a black monolithic machine. It has a large red pushbutton as its sole means of interaction. The button is clearly labeled: "Do not push." While physically benign, the psychological consequences of obeying or disobeying this simple instruction are known only to the Reverse Psycholotron. That is, of course, until a person finds out for themselves...

URL: http://homepage.mac.com/mmman/rp/
Contact: mmman (at) pacbell (dot) net

SACRED SPACES: Where Soma meets Psyche
by Hilary Bryan
SACRED SPACES is an interactive array of 7 icosahedrons built to human scale rigged with lights and an intricate EL wire sculpture. Visitors interact by entering into the icosahedrons and moving through various bodily postures as coached by light and sound cues from each corner. The physical process of embodying each posture evokes internal imagery with accompanying emotional or mental states. Visitors are encouraged to sense into their imagery and explore the emotional or mental states that come up for them when rising, crouching, advancing, retreating, opening, closing, etc.

URL: www.hilarybryan.com/SacredSpaces.htm
Contact: hb (at) thebodyatwork (dot) com

by Tom Wiltzius
Nothing leaves a scar on your psyche like a hole in your heart.

Contact: twiltzius (at) sppc (dot) com

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Secret Shrine of the Unconscious Mind
by Ari Hollander
This is one of three shrines or small totem pole-like kiosks that incorporate mysterious artifacts, arcane symbols, words, illustrations, and an illuminated glass head. Participants in the Bioluminati Quest will find secrets here that will help them unlock the Layers of the Psyche.

Contact: ah (at) firsthand (dot) com

Sigmund Saw
by Steven Fritz
A 12 foot long (2 person) seesaw rests on the head of Sigmund Freud. It also supports a giant pocket watch, which sways hypnotically with movement of the seesaw by participants.

Contact: sfritz2994 (at) aol (dot) com

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Silence of the Other
by Diamaid Horkan
For many years, The Other lived within, hurting, doubting, confounding the young man. Until one day...

Cut from his Mind and imprisoned in a public gibbet to slowly die, The Other now sits isolated, left to fade away under the Playa Sun, a stark warning to any Others who may seek to find purchase in the future. Our community will be invited to Disabuse, Torment, and Taunt the The Other, in retribution for all his Malignant Deeds.

"You came to the Wrong Place, Other, We are Too Strong."

Contact: bribh2005 (at) prodigy (dot) net

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by Shannon Tamsin
This Mixed Media Interactive Poetry Installation attempts to protest motion in a kind of kinetic sit-in. Incorporating tinted spheres, verse, motion, and light, spin in begs to be investigated. Made of steel, acrylic, vinyl, and el wire it spans twenty feet in length and five in height. Spin-In is a playful exploration of our consciousness illuminating and rebelling against the felling of spinning out of control, homage to our very lucid existence.

Contact: sholloway (at) slc (dot) edu

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The Subconscious
by Daniel James, Michael Bayne and the Jade Ringers
A small bright yellow submarine emerges from the playa. Crawl into the airlock conning tower at the rear to discover a white-walled felt room, decorated with a myriad of colourful felt symbols. Fresh pieces of felt and scissors invite you to cut out your own symbols or shapes to further decorate the Subconscious. During the day the soft interior is cooled by the netted portals that look out over the playa, and at night white Christmas lights illuminate this calm oasis of symbolic contemplation.

Contact: d (at) djames (dot) org

SuperEgo Awareness and Reprogramming Station
by Daniel Trevisan
A spoken word recording with music empowers the participant to identify and, if desired, silence the voice within them that limits their creativity, wonder and childlike imagination.

Contact: trev10dan (at) hotmail (dot) com

Token Ring
by David Erb
There's something in the human psyche that wants to be remembered. Subconsciously we know how transient our individual presence is. We dream of completion by leaving behind a permanent self-expression. We achieve a form of immortality through physical tokens we leave behind. We carve our name in trees, we build huge temples, we produce children. Historically, a particularly successful marker of remembrance is the stone ring. The stone ring's timelessness and power have integrated it as a genetic memory. The energy of the cooperative societies which built the rings is never to be lost. From the outside, the Token Ring honors the stone ring as a marker. Inside each megalith in the ring is a chance to leave a token of yourself. Video, audio, fingerprints, sculpture, writing, graffiti, invitations, mementos...

Leave yourself and be remembered.

Contact: dave (at) paqq (dot) com

by Emmanuel Katz
Often, a transition in identity happens during a journey. We leave a place, a past, a frame of mind, headed towards new motion. Somewhere in between the past and future is a station where the passengers wait for the future to arrive and to take them forward. Even though it is still and quiet, they can hear the ghostly sound of locomotion approaching: a train of new thought; the next instant of memory.

URL: http://www.malchik.net/trainspotting/
Contact: amikatz (at) slac.stanford (dot) edu

by Alex Monkey
In the shape of a fibonacci spiral grid, this work has been created to symbolize what people would like to say, or do, or give to what we are calling the DIS-UNS: the dis-abled, dis-missed, dis-enfranchised, dis-criminated, etc. It is a message of hope, courage, and inspiration to anyone with physical or mental disabilities.

Contact: ghost_train09 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Wizard of Id
by Jack Schroll
How strong is your psyche? The Wizard will test you. As you sit in a special chair you will see a reflection of your own brain. If you have strength of mind you will bring life to the dormant. If you are able to let the power of your id rule your body you will be treated to a brilliant display of light and fire. It is only then that you will see the power that lies within each of us.

Contact: gt350jack (at) aol (dot) com

Wheel of Collective Consciousness
by Mark Wade
We see what appears to be a large, tibetan prayer wheel standing alone on the Playa. On closer inspection, we see that it is more than it appears at first glance. The wheel stands head high under a red pagoda frame. An inscription on the wheel invites all who pass to contibute a prayer or wish of their own, by depositing it in one of the various slots around the wheel. By turning the wheel, we make an energetic connection between the individual and the greater inteligence of our Collective Consciousness. As the wheel turns, our thoughts, prayers and wishes are sent out into the great colective quantum pool that we call our Collective Consciousness, The conscious thoughts and memories of the individual blending and adding to the greater power and wisdom of mankind's collective memory. A larger memory of which we are but a small part. Like cells in a larger body, our individual consciousness is but a small thought and expression of a greater cosmic intelligence, our Collective Consciousness.

Contact: marksharky (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Where Did You Go?
by Michael Emery
This sculpture was designed to offer the viewer/participant a variety of self portraits. The multitude of small cut mirrors offers a cubist reflection. By choosing one's viewing location, the rising sun or alternatively the "yet to be burned man" can be positioned into the chakra of one's choice. Two people can stand on either side of this mirror and view the other as themselves, or one might look through the mirror and capture a Buddhist portrait of one's self as all and nothing. I've been participating in a series of conversations with my recently passed father. Usually I find myself asking him "so where did you go?" He usually offers me a response similar to any and all of the reflections described above.

Contact: milo111 (at) pacbell (dot) net

You Are Here
by Harrison Karr and Deep Heaven Camp
"You are here" is an outdoor interactive, self-service digital photography studio. At least three distinctive backdrops designed and painted by our in-house artists will evoke this year's burning man theme, psyche: the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Burners are both the photographers and the models, and are encouraged to bring their digital cameras and their imaginations to create photographic art within the context of the psyche.

Contact: h.karr (at) comcast (dot) net

Your Brain on Drugs
by Greg Bischoff
Upon entering this enormous brain, with its neurons flashing, participants find a 14' trampoline, a collection of skeletons, a flying bat, and a talking raven.

Contact: suncrest (at) intercomm (dot) com

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