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FIRE IN THE BELLY: Standing Pregnant Between Hope and Fear
by Glimmer, Sunshine and the Silicon Valley Pyro Team
A 13' tall pregnant nude built of plywood slices, rope and paper mache is flanked by two 11' tall pagodas, one a child's nursery (hope) and the other a doctor's waiting room (fear). Participants can write messages and bring mementoes; all will be consumed in the burn of the structures. We are symbolically using all-natural materials and fastening methods except when necessary for safety. On Friday of the event, the figure's mask of happy hope will be removed to reveal a face of anguish, and blood-red paint will be spilled on her abdomen to signify a miscarriage. On Sunday, she and the pagodas will be mounted on platforms and moved to where the Man stood the night before. Following solemn ceremonial pageantry fire will initiate from her womb and consume the installation, releasing the sorrows and fears of all parents to the heavens.

URL: www.fireinbelly.com
Contact: glimmerkz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Five Minutes After
by Margaret Clayton
What happens five minutes after the Doomsday clock hits midnight? Caught unawares, a scorched skeleton and his son sit in their picket fenced yard, surrounded by the melted remains of suburban life.

Contact: maggiemayday (at) comcast (dot) net

Flight of the Future Seed
by Marc Ricketts and Norm Dibble
Arched tension fabric wings emanate from a central object, the Future Seed, made from clay, circuitboards and glass flowers. At night images are projected onto the wings.

Contact: marc (at) guildworks (dot) com or norm (at) cultureseed (dot) org

Future Unconscious
by Michael Stachowski
A 3' square cube made entirely of electronic circuit boards is suspended from a curved steel armature; at its center is an opening which contains a model of a human fetus at thirty weeks of development, integrated with the circuit boards via thin braided wire. The installation represents the potential future of mankind: humanity is synthetic, completely integrated with technology.

Contact: msenterprise (at) socal (dot) rr (dot) com

Future you Post
by Betsy McCall
It looks like an everyday mailbox, with paper, envelopes, and pens available. But the intention here is that you write yourself a letter and it is delivered to you five years from now. The intention is for participants to write their hopes and fears, only to be surprised by them in the future. Especially for people whose off-playa lives are very different from their on-playa lives, the experience of receiving this letter from themselves in 2011 could prove extremely powerful.

Contact: smallmccall (at) yahoo (dot) com

Garden of Hope
by James Caddell
Seventeen blue tulips rise from the parched earth to sing songs of hope at the wind's caress. Seventeen blue blossoms spiral joyfully toward heaven. The Garden of Hope, an Aeolian organ, is a quiet place to escape the brouhaha of BRC and listen to the songs of the earth. When the wind blows, the organ plays. When the wind is still, you can hear the quiet. It's the perfect place for a blanket, a lunch, a nap, a bottle of wine, your lover, your mantra, your yoga class, your prayer rug... or even a dust mask, to experience the next white-out in a completely new way.

Contact: jim (at) caddells (dot) us

Goes Around Comes Around
by Jamie Vaida
A 15' tall, 30' diameter carousel powered by a 1920's Case steam engine tractor is based on the original flying horse carousel designs. Riders are able to sit on four chariot seats and eight different creatures that will float to the sky during rotation. Half of the carousel represents a sense of fear and half represents hope. Mosaics of glass and mirrors decorate the roof and scene panels. When not powered by the steam engine, the carousel is people-powered.

URL: kineticsteamworks.org
Contact: jamievaida (at) hotmail (dot) com

Havelah Garden
by Adam C. Crocker and Jen Gebbie
The Havaelah Garden Project is a structure consisting of a walkway of Fear, a garden of Hope and a Tree of Emergence. Participants enter through a daunting entrance portal to find an enclosed lush sitting area where they are enveloped by an array of sights, sounds, smells, and textures. Outside and beyond the garden is a welded tree with flaming flowers and misters, where one may pause and ponder the mysteries of the future.

URL: www.oacious.com
Contact: adamc (at) sbcglobal (dot) net and jen (dot) gebbie (at) gmail (dot) com

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Hopes and Fears for the Future
by Jim Kelly
Hopes and Fears for the Future is a large, interactive timeline that will record people's hopes and fears for the future. What will October bring? What about 2007? 2027? 2127? Let us know.

Contact: burningman (at) dialogworks (dot) com

Hot, Homicidal Hammock
by Al Fink
An unusual and certainly very post-modern take on the comfy old backyard hammock of yore, this hammock features stainless steel instead of canvas or rope. This will definitely be attractive to Burners who are unable to locate adequate sources of FEAR elsewhere on the Playa. Just give the Hot, Homicidal Hammock a try. Helmet provided.

Contact: afink (at) rmi (dot) net

Intelligent Design
by Bob Marzewski
Life crawled out of the seas and evolved through many small steps toward Man. What comes next?

URL: wizzard.com/bm2006
Contact: bobmarzewski (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Mark Greenberg
Time exists... for the lucky KIDS... just around the corner from their homes... careless sun filled days at the playground... soaking up the sunshine... breathing easy... playing easy... making friends easy... playing fair... that was easy too... being fair. Time exists... for the un-lucky KIDS... no home... sun filled days begging for survival easy... dehydrated from the heat easy... breathing not so easy... priority is working for food easy... my friend died from HIV easy... fair... we don't know fair. Time exists for all... no geographical boundaries... my HOPE is for the Future of all KIDS of Earth. A future with a home... sight... friends... dreams and fairness. Isaac and Candle playing ball on the Playa. 25,000 puzzle pieces holding hands to form the shape of any 6 year old girl and 10 year old boy.

Contact: mark (at) avidworx (dot) com

Kinetic Steam Works (K.S.W.)
by KSW
Kinetic Steam Works (KSW) is a Bay Area industrial arts collective dedicated to bringing steam power + steam art + kinetic art together, creatively. We started our collaboration in 2005 to explore and re-purpose the artifacts of clockwork modernity. Steam power is beautiful, rhythmic, and evocative. Earthy like an elephant, it canít be missed. Our main engine is a huge 1920 Case Traction Engine. It provides the steam power for BRCís first Steam Sauna (*operated at night), smaller kinetic art projects, and a large Insect Carousel. It also pulls a fiery Tender behind it when the Steam Engineís cruising the playa at its leisurely top speed of 2.5 MPH. There is space enough for participants to ride on the Tender. When not in motion, the Steam Engine lives at Camp Carp.

URL: kineticsteamworks.org
Contact: kineticsteamworks (at) gmail (dot) com

Letters for the Future
by Stefan MT
There is a mailbox for hopes, a mailbox for fears and a dead letter trunk for all undeliverable letters. Hopes and fears can be expressed along with contact information if desired. All anonymous letters go to the dead letter trunk in the cafe where hopes and fears are lost.

Contact: producebuyer (at) hotmail (dot) com

Little Schoolhouse of Hope and Fear
by Dan Webster
Hope rising up from a violent and chaotic past, fear transformed into building blocks: found metal, often riddled by gunfire, torn by the wind and baked by the desert sun are incorporated into this replica of the traditional "little red schoolhouse." The Little Schoolhouse of Hope and Fear stands on the playa as a beacon to those who wish to teach a better way for the future, or to those ready to learn from the failures of the past. If all you had was the rough detritus of war, the cheap rubble of calamity, what would you build with it? A bunker or a school? Would you create a place of hope or fear? Of the past or for the future?

Contact: danbwebster (at) cox (dot) net

Many Faces of Hope and Fear
by Becky Hunt
The Many Faces of Hope and Fear is an interactive sculpture of found materials in which different faces can be created by turning the face segment boxes, two male, two female, two hopeful and two fearful. Remember the flip books from the past?

Contact: The Many Faces of Hope and Fear is an interactive sculpture of found materials in which different faces can be created by turning the face segment boxes, two male, two female, two hopeful and two fearful. Remember the flip books from the past?

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Menorah of Thorns
by Arella and Adam Barlev
A 9' tall menorah is covered in thorny, varnished artichoke thistles, representing apocalyptic future fears.

Contact: deltaentropy (at) gmail (dot) com

Message Out of the Future
by Jan Kriekels, Arne Quinze and the Uchronians (Belgium)
We descend to share beliefs and to show a sign of trust since in your Future there is no grief, no exile, no fear, no judgement, no internalization for once we will descend to you conscious souls and realize our biggest project ever we will create a pure organic shaped sculpture elegantly fashioned out of local pinewood — a glimpse of Utopia encompassing visions of your highest hopes Utopia as a radical framework measuring a floor span of 60 meters, 15 meters high with a circle of 30 meters in radius in the middle its extreme dimensions also display some fears — being without limits it will never be captured completely — but hey, we canít give it all away.

Utopia constructed from beams with different lengths, nailed beam by beam, laid out from the floor inside the 3 tree-trunk elements sunlight dropping shadows inside of the structure, at night the light comes from the structure dropping its shadows in the surrounding area we choose beams as symbols of the human race like each individual on our planet, all with their unique traits it is the earthly expression of our inner sense of being, the immense form being inviting to others it is the core, the center to all others that seek warmth, it will serve as a potential to grow, opening all chakras, it will stimulate the purest form of inner sense.

URL: www.uchronians.org
Contact: jbudenaers (at) jaga (dot) be

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by etoyCORPORATION (Switzerland)
MISSION ETERNITY is an information technology driven cult of the dead. etoy. CORPORATION digitally sends M∞ PILOTS across the ultimate boundary to investigate afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds. The plan is to install a community of the living and the dead that reconfigures the way information society deals with memory (conservation/loss), time (future/presence/past) and death. Under the protection of thousands of M∞ ANGELS (the living) the PILOTS (the dead) travel space and time forever.

At BM2006, etoy.CORPORATION will be presenting the the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, a mobile sepulcher for users who prefer to be buried at an undetermined geographical location. The mobile cemetery tank is a 20 foot ISO standard cargo container which potentially travels planet earth forever. The inside walls of the tank are covered with 12,000 individually addressable LED's, forming an immersive, semi-interactive display system, with each LED forming the potential last resting place of a M∞ PILOT. The system therefore allows for simple re-location of the mortal remains of up to 1000 M∞ PILOTS.

URL: www.etoy.com/blog/mission-eternity/tanks/
Contact: vincent (at) etoy (dot) com

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NeverWas Haul
by NeverWas Crew
The NeverWas Haul explores the theme of the intrepid explorer, boldly adventuring into the unknown, seeking golden cities, mysterious artifacts, fame and glory. This pre-turn of the century, steam powered, mobile Victorian house is 3 stories in height, and is decorated with the relics and artifacts collected in its journey around the globe, as well as a few more specimens collected in Black Rock City. Participants are interviewed, measured and documented in arcane and amusing scientific experiments. Traditional Irish tea is served every afternoon, and visitors may tour the Haul and be impressed by our advanced steam technology and finely polished brass scientific instruments.

Contact: kathytuckerjsj (at) comcast (dot) net

One Blinking Thing After Another
by Shannon Tamsin
This 3D-Poetry installation is a beacon of light and steel. Five blinking hazard lights ironically draw spectators closer. Upon arrival one realizes the lights are actually the heads of five figures that are clinging to a chain. The piece investigates the voluntary nature of holding onto ones fears, and celebrates the momentary flashes of self-realization that illuminate our own mental topography. The lights are homage to the unlimited potential of epiphany.

Contact: shannon (at) rantnyc (dot) com

Ouija Says
by Alanna Ward, Brian Kelly, DaBomb, David Ede and Nurse Dale
Is this large interactive theme -based ouija board a portal to the spirit world, or a toy? Ask Ouija!

URL: www.ouijasays.com
Contact: askouija (at) gmail (dot) com

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