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by Adam Mostow
I study glassblowing at my university. I love it. The full title of this project is the "DMtrees, survivors of the post apocolyptic nuclear blast of 3030." Made out blown pyrex glass and steel recycled geodesic dome door frames.

Contact: adammostow (at) yahoo (dot) com

Drink Water!
by David Wilson
The Official Black Rock City Garnish Mural 2007 features scenes from Burning Man adventures past and present. La Contessa! Dr Megavolt! Draka the Dragon! The Bone Tree! Flaming Stilt Soccer! This year's mural brought to you by the Garnish Fire Conclave, Camp Suckie Fuckie, and the campaign to re-elect Neptune for Mayor.

URL: http://www.davidwilsonlives.com
Contact: davidwilsonlives (at) hotmail (dot) com

Eddemama, Design for Cafe Music & Performance Stage
by Scott Siedman
In our hands, humble pods... fuzzy, green. We pop and free these vital nuggets with a simple pinch, ingest these powerhouses while the main course is cooking. What if these babies were fifteen feet long? What if colossal bean sprouts wrapped their glowing tails around the swelling hips of the pods... sexy? Maybe it's time to glorify the infantile urge to make new life.

Contact: scottzart (at) earthlink (dot) net

Fence and Panel Paintings
by Shu Yamaguchi
"Big Wheel" is a cafe counter piece inside center camp. The piece expresse energy and fun through color and motion/perspective.

"Java Snail" is another counter piece inside center camp, showing a snail crawling over for a cup of coffee, an expression of how the artist feels sometimes when he doesn't have coffee.

"Lord of Sound, deviation 2008" This fantastic alien figure floats on 3 spheres with a halo behind and tentacles reaching out. There's some emphasis on the coinciding Full Moon, and eclipse that happened in 2007.

URL: http://www.alienpowered.com
Contact: almightyshu (at) yahoo (dot) com

Green Man 3D
by Harold Baize
A display of 21 stereoscopic (3D) images covering eleven years of Burning Man plus some computer graphic fantasy images. Each image is presented in an individual viewer arranged on three panels. The photo at right is a color angalyphic (red/blue) 3D image of the piece being enjoyed this year. Red/blue glasses reveal stereoscopic depth.

URL: www.3dculture.com/bm3d
Contact: baize (at) 3dculture (dot) com

Green Man & Entwined Serpents
by Monika Lea Jones
Two 8' x 8' Murals are painted outside the cafe wall, one represents the theme of Green Man in context as a cloud Being hovering over Mother Earth with a sunset backgroud. The second Snake mural is primarily pink and green colors, representing the male and female aspects of energy enterwined and remnicent of DNA.

Contact: monikajones (at) gmail (dot) com

Perspectives - A journey in sensory perception!
by Christopher Wiggins
The mind is a powerful thing!! Perspectives provides a brief look at how our mind's eye interprets several illustrations and how our vision can interact with our mind to create random but fluid movement by flirting with 3-dimensional perception that actually appears in a two dimensional plane.

URL: http://www.snowolf-digital.com
Contact: chris (at) snowolf-digital (dot) com

The Maze
by Jeff Carver
The Maze is a 3D interactive kinetic sculpture made from used automobile exhaust pipe and broken golf balls. It is an example of how trash destined for the land fill can be repurposed for fun & games. An exhaust pipe is twisted into a large 7 foot tall knot with one entrance and one exit. The knot is placed into the center of three consecutive rings that pivot to allow rotation of the knot in all directions. One or more players use their inner eye to navigate the ball through the maze.

Contact: JeffMetalArt (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mother Earth Reclaiming the Earth
by Suzanne 'Zanne' Vasaeli
Mother nature reclaiming the earth. Inspired by the Green Man of 2007. Medium: acrylic and playa dirt.

Contact: s (dot) vasaeli (at) ca (dot) rr (dot) com

No Borders Free Bookstore
by Raymond Soulard, Jr and Kassi Soulard
Since 1999, the No Borders Free Bookstore has been gifting BRC with literature old and new, famous and obscure. Come get a book, find a shadow and a seat, see how the City looks a few hours hence.

URL: www.geocities.com/scriptorpress/nobordersbookstore.html
Contact: cenacle (at) mindspring (dot) com

Roots of Green
by Epi, Onion
A Mural of the global soilscape -- Tundra - Taiga - Prairie - Desert - Savannah - Equatorial Forest: representations of the major classes of soils on Earth and the plants/biome they support. Without soil there is nothing for plants to root in and, hence, no GREEN to exist. Roots of Green is acrylic and soil on zinc-coat sheet metal and chipboard panel, 9 feet by 24 feet.

URL: http://soilscapes.blogspot.com
Contact: soilartist (at) metakron (dot) com

Second Coming
by Gina 'Ranger Binky' Roccanova
Second Coming is my first visual art piece. It was inspired by my experiences with the fertility industry — alienating, stressful, dehumanizing, and ultimately, blissfully successful. Our baby girl is due in December 2007. You can read more about my journey toward parenthood on my blog:

URL: binkys-scrambledeggs.blogspot.com
Contact: magillagorilla2 (at) gmail (dot) com

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Terms of a Woman
by Dora Ogden and Don Dueck
A multi-textured representational art piece, in an acrylic box sealed from dust. An instance of a woman in various forms of birthing and of the physical inner developments lay within, and some historical quotes dot the box.

Contact: adora (at) telus (dot) net

The Unopened Door
Design for Cafe Spoken Word Stage

Figures: Elizabeth Mallory
Backdrop: Mikell Haynes
Transportation and construction: Lars Gilstrom
A 3D door that leads into an old, archaic, courtyard is overgrown with natural vegetation. Four figures are also overtaken by moss and vegetation; they are the 'green men'. The natural world and the civilized world have reclaimed each other.

Contact: kat (at) mikellmail (dot) zzn (dot) com

Water - Woman - Womb - Life
by Carol Foldvary-Anderson
An image of a waterfall and pregnant woman lying in the water amongst the rocks. The pictorial refers to the viewpoint of our planet Earth giving birth to humans through the basic means that have been provided to us, water being one of those primary elements.

We as the guardians of this planet are given the responsibility of development and protection of ourselves, each other, and the place in which we live. This responsibility entails us to also being able to give birth to new beginnings.

It is up to us alone to provide the correct essential elements to inspire and engage our lives while we are here. It is also our responsibility to protect the environment as we believe necessary. We are given the choice to destroy or delight in what has been offered us! It is our individual choice alone.

URL: http://www.varycarolarts.com
Contact: varycarolarts (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Tony Deifell
More than 400 burners (from 2004-2006) featured in Polaroid portraits answering, "Why do you do what you do?" (AKA wdydwyd?) The wdydwyd? project started at Burning Man has inspired people around world to upload their own images answering this simple, yet challenging question. Answers include: "Because otherwise I'd be punished;" "To be stirred awake;" "Because everyone has aspirations;" "For sex and for chocolate;" and "To save us all."

If your picture was taken for this project in the past, make sure the organizers have your latest contact information. Just contact us at the email address below.

URL: http://www.wdydwyd.com
Contact: moto (at) wdydwyd (dot) com