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Pour les enfants d'astrios et eos ii: Voile
by John S Hoeft
The human relationship with wind is one of mankind's oldest inspirations for technology, and the project, "voile" reflects that interaction. This project is a ship, a whimsy that anyone can sail. But 'Voile' does more than just sail; it is also veils, which conceals and reveals, perhaps making ghosts of its visitors, by chance permitting us to see our surroundings through a shimmering curtain.

Contact: jonathanschork (at) aol (dot) com

Pylons of Philosophy
This project consists of ten pylons, each with a large insignia, that represent 10 different philosophies. These philosophies coincide with those on light sabers. Each pylon will provide a hub for expression and communication, as well as being a launch position for the great light saber giveaway.

Contact: hib (at) kcd (dot) com

Red Random Array Redux
by Mark Hansen
This project is a series of red blinking lights, which are both LEDs and incandescents.. The piece contains elements of Red random array (Burning Man 2005) and Pied array (Burning Man 2006) as well as multiple new elements.

Contact: marquequark (at) yahoo (dot) com

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by Alex Milshteyn
A thirteen foot tall Man takes form as he rises from his charred remains to float over the playa. As the night falls the life cycle is complete as the man transforms into a green glow.

Contact: alexm (at) brandeis (dot) edu

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
by Dave Madison
The dueling robots from your youth are now big enough to knock your block off. Be the Red Rocker or the Blue Bomber, and battle an opponent with life-sized Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots!

Contact: haleymaureen (at) yahoo (dot) com

Rock Opera ~ Sublime Dreams
by Ronnie Nelson
This 24' tall Step Pyramid is used daily for sunset and sunrise incantations. A live exotic electronica event with over 150 Fire Performers, Belly Dancers, Cirque Performers, Stilt Walkers, Drummers and Dancers will start on Friday at sunset with a Mutant Vehicle Procession from Center Camp, and concludes with breathtaking pyrotechnics and a pyramid burn.

Contact: Ronnie (at) ColoradoBurningMan (dot) com

Sancto de Azul
by Jan DeLano
This Blue Sanctuary celebrates the power of the color blue while creating an oasis on the playa.

Contact: jan (at) delanoconsulting (dot) com

Sanctuary Labyrinth
by Ned Beebe
A 400' wide, circular medieval labyrinth provides a place to walk and meditate.

Contact: bluesharpned (at) excite (dot) com

SandMan SlumberLand
by Robin Fitzpatrick Borgers
The silent king of the land of Nod sleeps here, on a bed, more soft, supple and strange than any in our world. This entity, brother of Green Man, drifts into our nights to sprinkle us with the dust of sleep.

Contact: storyelf (at) gmail (dot) com

Scrabble Board
by Shing Yin Khor
The Scrabble Board is exactly what it sounds like, just bigger.

Contact: shingykhor (at) yahoo (dot) com

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by John Neary
Six small bronze sculptures are arranged around a central sculpture.

Contact: letgogh (at) gmail (dot) com

Shaman Shack Meditation Pod
by Betsy Lyon
Within the Shack , via two ascending Dogma Filters, your meditative thoughts or prayers will be cleansed of any unwanted ideology and sent to the Universe as pure love.

Contact: betsysf (at) yahoo (dot) com

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by Patricia Melero
A mirrored female figure rests at the base of a tree.

Contact: wildbuug (at) yahoo (dot) com

Shiva Vista
by Carlyn Perona
Shiva Vista is an interactive play space where artists can showcase their talents both day and night, as well as an interactive fire experience for all playa participants. At each of its four corners reside four massive 13 foot tall Fire Talons that will explode in participant-controlled flame effects during scheduled times each evening.

Contact: wrangler (at) gbis (dot) com

Siberian Sunrise
by Thomas Haan
Situated deep within the epic hinterland that is far eastern outer playa, the Siberian Sunrise serves as an ideal vantage point to catch a surreal sunrise.

Contact: thaan (at) bojon (dot) com

Sneech Beach
by Bob Noxious
Sneech Beech is the place where one may gather for frankfurter roasts and marshmallow toasts.

Contact: rfclarkson (at) aol (dot) com

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Starfucker's Oasis
by Stu Gibson
Umbrella covered sofas and a carpet provide a place to sit and drink Crappacino.

Contact: burningman (at) sgibson (dot) com

Swirling Vortex
by Robert Jensen
The Swirling Vortex is a glowing orb that models the natural forces that create complexity and drive life. Participants provide raw energy, creating patterns that emerge along the surface, rippling from pole to pole.

Contact: robjjensen (at) mac (dot) com

Tea Temple
by John Oda
This stupa pays homage to the temporary structures of the silk road where tea was traded for thousands of years. The Tent has five gates. This makes it a Mandela of the five elements, which are space, air, water, fire and earth. We serve rare oolong tea as drinkable art. To find us, look for the Alchemical Eye sign on the pinnacle that says in Latin "Don't Sleep".

Contact: jon (at) tealchemy (dot) org

Tennis in the Nude
by John Wilson
A dirt tennis court for play and exercise features lighted lines with glow-in-the-dark balls & racquets.

Contact: wilsonofsf (at) aol (dot) com

The Big Giant Head
by Ulrich Buddemeier
Intricate patterns of light are projected onto the triangular screen of this nighttime installation. The color composition adapts to the sound of human voices.

Contact: ubudde (at) gmx (dot) net

Think Green
by Zeke Mandel
Stacked in a pyramid shape are 10 8'x 4' dollar signs; spouting from the top is a copper Dollar sign with flame effects.

Contact: zeke (at) zekeman (dot) com

A Thousand Dreams
by Jeff Nelson
A Thousand Dreams is a visionary landscape where subconscious thoughts, images and emotions have been transformed into tangible objects. What is real and what is not? Let your imagination unmask the truth in this beautiful and disturbing world of fantasy and memory.

Contact: jnelsonic (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Phil Nott
TriFlector is a wind sculpture of multicolored wind twirlers arranged in three blades and is suspended within a metal tripod. The sculpture continuously moves as hundreds of moving reflections mesmerize the viewer. At night the reflections are of LED light effects.

Contact: pnott (at) birdpop (dot) org

by Jordan Parulis
TRUTHBURN is a mammoth steel frame sculpture designed to provoke questions about what really happened to the World Trade buildings on September 11, 2001. Towards the end of the festival, the steel- melting incendiary thermate will destroy its two support columns. Traces of thermate were found in steel support columns at ground zero at the World Trade site. A growing movement of architectural and engineering professionals has come to the same conclusions that we have- the World Trade buildings were deliberately brought down by controlled demolition techniques. Can Truth be destroyed? You decide.

URL: www.911truthburn.blogspot.com
Contact: johnp (at) brightpathvideo (dot) com

Tsalagi Prayer Flower
by Kandy Burke
The Tsalagi Prayer Flower rises from of a tipi in ruins; it is a symbol of altars lost to time and overgrown by neglect, but it will grow with love and beauty until it is taken by flames of hope. It is the altar of my experience. I offer it to those who are already on a path to Black Rock City. The fire will consume whatever is offered and as it disappears into the heavens, spirits rise from the flames and from the ashes life is renewed.

Contact: Kandy (at) sonic (dot) net

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Ulaume's Chimes
by Tiahaar Kurtheru McKenzie
A set of tubular bells made from wood and steel can be played simply and mysteriously, hidden out in the deep playa, and lit softly at night.

Contact: palominomale (at) yahoo (dot) com

Vertical Keys
by Craig Link
Eight illuminated arches produce musical tones when walked through. Groups of participants can create melodies together.

Contact: craig (at) moonrock (dot) com

Where did you go?
by Michael Emery
This sculpture is designed to offer the participant a variety of self-portraits. The multitude of small cut mirrors offers a cubist reflection. By choosing one's viewing location, the rising sun or the man can be positioned into the chakra of one's choice. Two people can stand on either side of this mirror and view the other as themselves, or one might look through the mirror and capture a Buddhist portrait of oneself as all and nothing. I've been participating in a series of conversations with my recently passed father. Usually I find myself asking him "so where did you go?" He usually offers me a response similar to any and all of the reflections described above...

Contact: miko111 (at) comcast (dot) net

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Wiffle Ball Vortex
by Kathy D'Onofrio
This assemblage sculpture is made from recycled tent poles, paint roller covers and wiffle balls.

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Wings of Desire
by Sam Morrel
These stained glass, wire and steel wings represent the desire to obtain the wings we once had, and the wings to achieve.

Contact: quasarsam (at) yahoo (dot) com

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