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In 2008, the Man was surrounded by the following installations. Click the name of an Art Installation in the list below to see details about it.

American Dream Bingo
by David Butts
A world globe and large bingo cage filled with beach balls represents the multitude of individual dreams that make up the American Dream. Participants are encouraged to write their own dreams on a beach ball and place it in the bingo wheel.

Contact: david_butts (at) comcast (dot) net

Ellis Island - Black Rock City
by Amy Shapiro
Ellis Island - Black Rock City is a wooden gangplank of a ship surrounded by piles of old luggage that participants descend as they read signs asking questions regarding medical, political, criminal and legal status. On a podium at the end of the gangplank is the Black Rock City Registry Book in which one is asked to enter their name to create a historical document.

Immigration is a controversial issue with realistic concerns bumping into altruistic, even romantic notions. Hopefully participants will recall and discuss their own family history and the role they had in creating our America. We are all, burners and immigrants, adventurers searching for something of value in the unknown. On Friday night the artwork is taken to a burn platform where there is a New York City Community Burn.

Contact: amy (at) amyshapiro (dot) com

Heart of Burning Man
by Gene Cooper
The Heart of Burning Man empowers participants with the ability to transmit their own heartbeat to a neon/glass sculpture located in the chest of the Burning Man centerpiece. The heartbeat of participants is read, wirelessly transmitted and ultimately translated into a glowing simultaneous hearbeat in the chest of the Man and in an inflatable soft heart sculpture directly located directly in front of the participant.

Contact: gene (at) fourchambers (dot) org

Talking Voting Booth
by Eric Griswold
The talking voting booth invites people to vote on a variety of interesting, topical questions. Results will be correlated and provided to media sources at BRC.

Contact: eric (at) clevian (dot) com

We the People
by William Berryhill
We The People need to let our representatives know what we think. They are OUR EMPLOYEES!!! If they are not doing the job we hired them to do, then we need to let them know. WE THE PEOPLE is your chance to tell EVERY ELECTED FEDERAL EMPLOYEE what you think of what they are doing. Stop by. Fill out a card. Drop it off. Your comments will go to every Senator, every Representative, The President, and the Supreme Court. Be HEARD!

Contact: billvaxman (at) aol (dot) com