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E.Z.R.A. Presents: LIT UP
Somewhere in the night, far away from the bustle of the inner-city, lies a place where a new experience will be created... WITH LIGHTS! In 2008, E.Z.R.A. Invites you to get LIT UP: A warm environment where you can interact socially with others; in a space to bring friends and make new ones. Abandon your boundaries and reinvent yourself here! This camp promises to be visually aesthetic and welcomes you home!! E.Z.R.A: Living the American Dream on the Playa since 2006.
Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: bdeywoo (at) yahoo (dot) com

Earth Guardians
Earth Guardians inspire our community to embrace LNT /Green principles. Hug the playa, then go beyond no trace and Green Your Burn. Join us for daily yoga, MOOPing, nature walks, hotspring patrol, classes and happy hour. Rest by our bar and expand your mind with our enviromental library and movies.
Hometown: Incline Village, NV
URL: www.earthguardians.net
Contact: karina (at) burningman (dot) com

Earth Tribe Village/Flower of Life
Earth Tribe Village is composed of a global group of people. We manifests each year as a home for our these people. As well we strive to be environmentally friendly. We also run The Sound Stage "The flower of Life" on Esplanade which features an assortment of global dj's and intentional seminars.
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: et.hello (at) hotmail (dot) com

Easel Park
Easel Park has a collection of large, two dimensional paintings, displayed on over sized Easels, arranged in a circle, creating a large outdoor galleria one canvas will be painted during or Wednesday night party, another will be available all during the event to whom ever needs to paint and can.
Hometown: Sebastopol, CA
Contact: tomflournoy (at) aol (dot) com

Eastern Sierra Burners
Eastern Sierra Burners
Hometown: June Lake, CA
Contact: logos (at) peterhodges (dot) org

Come experience a bukkake of fractal universes, hyper-dimensional nature films, and mind-expanding psychedelic visuals and audio of all varieties, engineered for your synaesthetic pleasure by the media gurus of MandelBot.tv, a forward-thinking collective of cultural engineers / djs / vjs / and visual artists devoted to developing new forms of mind-expanding media for the 21st century.
Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA
URL: www.ecosutra.tv
Contact: russell (at) ecosutra (dot) com

EE Camp
EE Camp: a MOBILE theme camp. Hosts: Environmental Encroachment, EE Marching Band, Chicago. A base for marching bands, wayward musicians, roaming paraders! A TRANSFORMATIONAL MARCHING BAND for planned or spontaneous events, ceremonies, processions, the Billion Bunny March, parades on the playa.
Hometown: Chicago, IL
URL: www.encroach.net/burningman
Contact: encroach (at) mindspring (dot) com

The Elders
"The Elders" are providing Brie, Bach, & Talk from 4:00 to 6:00 each day. Join us for a snack of Brie (and other cheeses too), crackers, a glass of wine, some soothing music (not all Bach), and lot's of conversation. Other activities: community art & the "Why Clothes" nude art bike ride.
Hometown: Corvallis, OR
URL: lalagom.net/theelders
Contact: jim (at) thenoels (dot) us

Ellipsis — The combination of three types of art; sound, fire and lights all in one place.
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
URL: www.myspace.com/ellipsis2007
Contact: duffdog (at) hotmail (dot) com

Elven Nation
The Elven Nation was seeded in the frequency of the BC westcoast tribal dance community and the LA Gathering of the Tribes in Black Rock City in 2003. Representing this intentional dance community the Elven Nation continues the vision of the Cosmic Elves by aligning and regrouping of elven tribes.
Hometown: Nelson, BC
URL: www.elvination.org
Contact: rob (at) novadiem (dot) com

Energy Riders
The Energy Riders are a group of people whose mission is to harness collective energy so that everyone may ride it! Stop on by to help us build up the energy, dance to some funky beats, and chillax in our Love Jungle.
Hometown: Denver, CO
URL: www.myspace.com/energyriders
Contact: energyriders (at) comcast (dot) net

Entheon Village
Entheon Village is a gathering place for a worldwide community of visionaries collaborating to manifest healing changes to the earth and the global human community.
Hometown: Chicago, IL
URL: www.entheonvillage.com
Contact: matt (at) entheonvillage (dot) com

Come chillax and chat with the good peeps at Equilibrium. Be sure to say hello to Michael.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: tool (at) rangers (dot) org

Epstein Barr & Lip-Sync Lounge
Epstein Barr & Lip-Sync Lounge will be serving up refreshing beverages to our patrons while you, the participant, lip-syncs to your favorite tune. Live the American Dream of being rock star; no talent required.
Hometown: Marina, CA
URL: www.cypresslounge.com/epsteinbarr.html
Contact: griffin (at) cypresslounge (dot) com

Equipment yard Support Services
DPWs Support Services Div. Equipment Yard.
Hometown: Burning Man Office, CA
Contact: richard (at) burningman (dot) com

Camp Excess, screw moderation, we do everything in excess.
Hometown: Daly City, CA
Contact: grantlg (at) gmail (dot) com

The Exploratorium
Come hang out with fun, open, happy people. Come one, come all, come now!
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: seankelly (at) berkeley (dot) edu