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667:The Neighbors of the Beast
BRC Hellions unite, and set-up at the invitation of the Dark Lords of Terminal Village. Hothshot the Robot, d6 audio damage, Spectralcodec participant-controlled Video Screens return for the 9th year, movie nite, Jackbot, HU-go2:the Intruder Alert! Robot Centurion, and more await!
Hometown: Reno, NV
URL: www.robotronia.com
Contact: d6 (at) robotronia (dot) com

7 Sins Lounge
Come embrace the heat as the Playa's friendliest little slice of Hell returns for a 6th straight year! Why take a chance on Eternal Damnation when our Church sanctioned "GET OUT OF HELL FREE" cards can save the day?
As night descends, 7 Sins turns up the heat with a hotter beat, flaming cocktails and a stage show where eager Sinners can take a spin on the Wheel of Sins - and our highly skilled staff will happily deliver absolution and ENCOURAGEMENT with a FIRM hand! And don't forget the dreaded (and much anticipated) Flaming Blue Phucks - 150 proof and now guaranteed almost 100% poison free!!!
Be sure to start your Sins at 7!
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
URL: http://www.7SinsLounge.org
Contact: Campmaster (at) pacbell (dot) net