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by Jiro Hirano
Every summer in Japan the "Obon" ritual occurs, welcoming our ancestors from the other world to share food and drink. Afterward, we see them off.

This is a special event to say goodbye to the happiness and sadness of the past.

Ginga consists of balloons filled with helium and battery-operated light bulbs. The helium lasts for about five hours while the battery dies in approximately seven. This natural occurrence is intentional as it represents the Shinto driven concept "Born to die". Using traditional "Obon" methods, we welcome the dawn of the future in appreciation of the presence of this light as our guide.

Contact: vince (at) lotyscalyx (dot) com

Glotus combines our world - symbolized by the globe - with enlightenment - symbolized by the lotus flower. But lest you believe our global evolution is bound for the path of light, consider the shadow side. Visitors can pivot and tilt the world or the lotus flower toward the sun to view both the light and the shadow.

Contact: BRCgidget (at) comcast (dot) net

by Stefan Werner and Ulrich Klumpp
Gort is two metal grids serving as antennas. Participants can play spooky spherical sounds reminiscent of 1950s early science fiction movies by moving around those antennas.

by Ben Zero
The Grapestem is an attempt to recreate the randomness and beauty of a nearly-consumed bunch of grapes in stainless steel, polyurethane, and light. Installed between Center Camp and the Man in 2007, and near Mutopia in 2008, the Grapestem emits a peaceful, steady green glow, creating a quiet gathering and resting place.

Contact: grapestem (at) benzero (dot) com

Great Golden Hive of the Invisible
by Derek Dyer
Consider the role bees have played throughout time in Evolution of flowers, plants and all living things by pollination and cross pollinating species, creating new species and shaping all life. Concerning the worldwide phenomena of disappearing bees and what this could mean for the future, this is the Hive of the Invisible, ceaselessly pollinating the Unseen, Creators of what is to come.

URL: www.derekdyer.com
Contact: derek (at) utaharts (dot) org

Groovik's Cube
by Barry Brummitt
Rubik's Cube was a clever mechanical puzzle you could hold in one hand. Groovik's Cube is an electronic version the size of a house. The power to solve it is split between three separate control stations and participants will have to work together if they wish to solve it.

Contact: cube (at) groovik (dot) com

Heartbeat Amplifier
by Hitch McDermid
Up to three participants at a time comfortably relax in armchairs and place their hands on a tin Electrocardiography (EKG) plate. The EKG plate amplifies the R-waves of their hearts via skin electrodes, extracts the heartbeat frequency in the range of human hearing and then further amplifies the heartbeat over bass heavy pro audio speakers into the deep playa. Multiple users can amplify the sound and a unique color of their heartbeat simultaneously, creating a musical and visual orchestra of the human heart for all to enjoy. Participants may also sit or lay down on the vibration platform to feel the heartbeat pulses of their fellow burners.

Contact: HeartBeatAmplifier (at) gmail (dot) com

H.M.S. Beagle
by Jean Schulz, Paul Chausee and Renee Donmon
The H.M.S Beagle is a whimsical version of Darwin's vessel meeting Charles Schulz's imaginary character's Snoopy (the world famous beagle) with his faithful sidekick Woodstock. Their adventure/voyage they will take participants through the Black Rock desert.

Human Cost of Deception
by Ellen Beckmann and Aaron Lander
From WorldCom, to Enron, to the Wall Street bailout, and the all-out fight against health care reform; human beings are increasingly sacrificed to insatiable thirst for capital. This piece displays the empty suits of the unemployed as a metaphor for the human cost.

Contact: net (dot) registrations (at) prodigy (dot) net

Hypothetical Organisms Reconstructed in Gypsum
Several fossils have been unearthed at various locations scattered about the Black Rock region. These paleontological digs reveal organisms from our distant past that have all convergently evolved similar structures in their body designs, heralding the prevalence of Occlupanids in our present industrial world.

by Becky Stillwell and Steve Hall
Ichthytude is an aptitude and attitude adjustor. It appears as a nine foot long fish with six legs and a woman's head. Included are three puzzles, the solution of which will adjust the participant's attitude and aptitude. Ichthytude is painted with black light paint and is illuminated at night.

Contact: stillhall (at) aol (dot) com

Incardia Vere
by Nancy Hestand, Bill Fuller and Love Potion Camp
Incardia Vere (Latin for in heart real) is a larger than life three-dimensional anatomical heart, we are opening to you. Come in and explore. Climb in through a vein, enter the different chambers, and crawl through the aorta. Incardia Vere will come alive with the beating of your own heart—the beating amplified throughout, lights pulsating.

But be gentle, while residing in the physical realm, this heart is symbolic of an emotional journey of growth and an intention of opening up and letting people in.

Contact: incardiavere (at) gmail (dot) com

In Color
by Whirlygig and Leo
In Color is a fully functional giant kaleidoscope, big enough for several people to sit in at once, enveloping them completely in a spectacular world of color and shape. The visual effect drum can be rotated from either the inside or the outside and the visual background can be either clear (showing the unadulterated outside world) or one of various multicolored filters.

Contact: incolor (at) amberbug (dot) org

Intelligent Design
by Bob Mazewski
A ramp coming out of the playa holds a fish, crocodile, dog, orangutan and human and waits for you to finish the scene.

Contact: wizzard (at) wizzard (dot) com

It's About Time
by Jim Cavera and Lisa Cavera
It's About Time is a device that tracks subjective, rather than actual, time. Physically, it is a sculptural piece with a digital display that states, in text, something as to the current time. This is not the actual time, but rather time in more human form such as "dinnertime" or "nearing six".

Contact: j_cavera (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kaleidoscopic Dreams
by Colby Kauk
A giant, interactive walk in Kaleidoscope!

Contact: colby (dot) kauk (at) gmail (dot) com

by denny smith
50 SLR cameras will be united with art objects - organic and humanoid... each will adorn a post on the fence at 12:00 past the Man... fourth in a series of PhenceArt projects... a green project using recycled materials... discover the evolutionary relationship with each Kamera...

L.H.O.O.Q is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp that incorporates the elements of creation by the participant and of gifting.

Contact: kenatik (at) hotmail (dot) com

Labyrinth 2008
Labyrinth 2008 is an amazing labyrinth to twist you all up disorient you and frustrate you.

Learning To Fly
by Kurt Ritta
"Learning To Fly" chronicles the evolution of flight in animals and Man's endless desire to rise up off of the tarmac. Six large wings glide with the desert breeze: from prehistoric pteradactyl to insect to fish to bird to bat to Man's angular imitation, all circling around a lone man whose feet are trapped in the earth, but his upwardly stretched arms yearn for the air.

Contact: kritta (at) earthlink (dot) net

Luminosa - The Light Trees
by Bill Watson
The Light Trees are a luminous grove of three trees with leaves that glow with vibrant colors and patterns. It is an inviting space where people can relax and enjoy the constantly changing ambience created by light flowing from the trees that respond to a variety of stimulus, such as sound and movement near them. There are also controls that allow the participants to directly control the colors and patterns of the luminous leaves.

The Light Trees are also intended to be a gathering place that creates an energizing and inspiring environment, a perfect place for spontaneous and creative acts to occur. The Light Trees are here to remind us of the beautiful possibilities that life has to offer.

URL: www.LightTrees.com
Contact: evolution (at) lighttrees (dot) com

Lux Tonalus
by Oscillator
Do you play a musical instrument? Ever wanted to make music? An interactive musical light sculpture, now in its third iteration on the playa, Lux Tonalus has evolved -- just for you! Generate ever-evolving tonal polyrhythms from a touch playing surface. Arpeggiate with springfrogs at dusk and welcome the dawn with your own geometric voice amongst the birdsong melodies.

by Peter Longatti and Tilo Usbeck
monolution is a spatial representation of the altitudinal development over the past 24 years of the Man. In a clockwise movement the heights of each year are arranged around a center point.

by John Hagar, Ron Hagar and Steve French
A ten foot high wood and glass mixed-media installation, the Maya Temple is illuminated in neon and hand painted throughout. It is an altar for icons: Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas' indigenous peoples, symbol of Mexico's identity and independence; and La Santa Muerta ("Saint Death"), patroness of those who exist at the fringe, she who comprehends the inherent dangers of post-NAFTA life, who forgives our frailty of flesh, who does not discriminate when granting her dark blessings.

The installation is not intended to judge, but to provoke reflection. How may our spirituality adapt to a changing world? Do we humans possess core values, or is our spirit determined by culture or chance? If the evolving State, organized religion, faith and ethics prove irrelevant, may we begin to negotiate our day-to-day existence with Death? Participants are invited to pause and reflect, bestow offerings, and compose messages to the dead.

Contact: hagarart09 (at) gmail (dot) com

by Wes Fenrir, Geoff LeMond, Zinzi Lemond and Tomasi Sulu'Ape
Would you like fries with that? Enjoy a Sharkfin sandwich or a child Labor shake! McMoney&Drugs, coming to a desert near you!!!

Contact: wesfenrir (at) gmail (dot) com

Memortrees invites participation in evolution through memories that gives the visitor great joy. The philosophy behind this piece is the belief that we are energy beings. That we co-create the lives we are living through the vibrations of the feelings we are offering, feelings that are the result of our thoughts, words, and actions. By consciously activating positive feelings within ourselves we participate intentionally in the manifestation… in the evolution… of our own lives.

Specifically, the piece invites participants to declare a memory that has already happened OR a memory that has yet to happen, but to declare it in the past tense as if it has! Memories will be written on leaves and attached to trees which will contribute to the piece’s own evolution throughout the week.

URL: www.memortrees.com
Contact: Robert (at) TheArtofDetail (dot) com

Menage a' Trois
by Rob Buchholz
Constructed from 2,250 lineal feet of steel pipe, this 30,000lb nest reaches 24' tall, spans 65', and encourages participants to explore its powerful limbs day or night. The nest surrounds three mirror and blown glass mosaic eggs... the piece in its gargantuan state creates a soothing and subtle environment.

URL: robertjamessf.com
Contact: burninghombre (at) yahoo (dot) com

Messianic Reflections
by Graham Laird Prentice
A fragmented mirage lies on the horizon. Emerging from the landscape like a body of water, reflective panels suggest a liquid surface, refracting the infinite color mind of the Black Rock Desert sky. The sculptured panels, seamed together to evoke the balance of sky and earth, draws the participant closer until they seem to float upon the reflective surfaces. To the observer arriving from a distance, they will seem to walk on water. In witnessing this miracle, this birth of a new messiah, the new observer will in turn be drawn closer, will in turn occupy the place of the former, will in turn inhabit the space of I and I. This is the stage of evolution; the process of recognizing the other as ourselves, our bodies as the point of completion between the circle of earth and sky, the plane at which we create our own prophecy.

Contact: graham (dot) l (dot) prentice (at) gmail (dot) com

by Alex Andre Thevenot
Metamorphosis is an interactive shortcut to the future unity of mankind through evolution. Participants stand on opposite sides of the free standing structure, facing a see-through mirror in the center. A strobe sequence begins and each viewer then sees their face flashing, then the opposing person’s face flashing repeatedly, so that they experience in real time the morphing of each others facial attributes such as: age, color and bone structure.

Over time, Bio-evolution and Technology leads the human race to blend physically, consciously and spiritually together into one.

URL: www.atelieralexandre.com/metamorphosis.html
Contact: info (at) atelieralexandre (dot) com

Mini Wacky Putt-Putt
by Scott G.G. Haller
Three holes of putting challenges await. A variety of dimpled orbs can be nudged by oddly shaped clubs into metal cups under the peaceful gaze of the Buddha, the maniacal glare of the laughing snakes, or the restful snoring of the dozing dragon.

Contact: ScottGGH (at) aol (dot) com

by Erica Fuenmayor
A monkey skeleton made of steel, wrapped in cotton, soaked in lighter fluid, cased in wax and burned.

Contact: elfmasterelf (at) yahoo (dot) com

The figure for this art installation is a tall steel constuction portraying a fantastic combination of an ape, giraffe and wheels. The Monkiraffe appears to be produced by an absurd, symbiotic coevolution transformed into a single figure. The primary inference of the sculpture is that the Earth's possible future evolution will produce wild diversification.

Contact: artbylacey (at) hotmail (dot) com

Monolith 2.0
by Tim Thompson
In Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey, the first generation of Monoliths triggered shifts in the evolution of man by encouraging tool development and space travel. Appearing at first glance to be similar, this 11 foot high black slab is the first in a new series of Monoliths that fosters user-generated evolution through interactive and collaborative tools, both musical and visual.

Contact: tjt (at) nosuch (dot) com

Mormon Cricket Crusade
by Kathy D'Onofrio
Avenging their near annihilation over a century ago, the Mormon Cricket Crusade employ evolution to reassert domination over their world. No longer mere one inch shield-backed katydids as they had once been, they hatch out of 12 inch, lime green, cocoon-like egg pods into one foot, two foot and three foot long demons. The three foot variety are immense, blood-red locust-like mutants with a powerful set of working wings.

The egg nest stews upon quartz crystals where these devil-spawn accrue their potential. Although it is believed that crickets band together in search of salt and protein, in reality, these ultra-modern crickets seek vengeance. Unfortunately the California Gulls aren't enough to placate their needs, so they stalk the unsuspecting, innocent humanity of Black Rock City.

Contact: kathygirl (at) ltol (dot) com

by Thomas Park and Eri Takase
Mu (zen, nothingness) is an installation of tall, starkly meditative calligraphic banners in the feudal Japanese style. The writings describe a fleeting moment, philosophers' musings, poetry.

The music.ouch is just that, a music couch. Facing west to take in the sunset music.ouch emits fitting tunes to prepare you for the night. The only controls provided (on/off, next track, volume) keep you immersed in the music leaving you only to set the mood you want.

Contact: bizdid (dot) stuff (at) gmail (dot) com

by Ed Whyman
Books are free for participants to take and read/write/draw upon, then they are encouraged to Gift the book as an art piece to a stranger. MUSTart is a collaborative artwork that is about the process rather than the product and is devised to empower everyone to create art and selflessly give it away, and in so doing so, to change their behaviour and the way they life, for the better. It is subversive art and has existed in an undercover way for a while now.

We put on interactive events that include everyone. www.Mustart.org is created by www.UGCunion.org.

Contact: bizdid (dot) stuff (at) gmail (dot) com

Naked Edges
by UCLA AUD 2010
Naked Edges creates a duality between two material systems: one of physical lightness apparently caught in an instant of movement, raindrops frozen, a motionless swarm. The other is a system of apparent mass and weightiness, one constantly evolving, moving, changing its orientation to the other. In reality neither condition is so one-sided. What is apparently still is constantly moving, tangling, drifting being pushed and disrupted by air currents and exploring visitors. The other, while much more massive than its floating counterpart, is materially related to the minimal system above as if to reinforce the idea of temporal suspension of two stages of one organism that are able coexist in a moment.

Contact: uclaburningman (at) googlegroups (dot) com

by Wendell Hensell/Don Streeter
Three panels, laid out in an upright hexagonal shape, read VENI, the second FLAMMI, and the third NASCI. In smaller print above, below, or on the side in different languages (English, Celtic, Arabic, an Asian language) the translation reads "I Came", "I Burned", "I Was Reborn" respectively. Eight 12ft tall banners encircle the piece and 8 feet out from the NASCI panel is suspended a gong which will invite burners to ring to declare their 'rebirth'. The banners, gong, and each panel are lit at night only and the backside of each panel has artwork representative of the 2009 theme 'Evolution' relative to rebirth. Thoughts that come to mind are the rising of the Phoenix, cleansing by fire, the never ending circle of life. The back of one panel may be made available for individual expression by visitors to the piece.

Contact: lildudeor (at) msn (dot) com

by Joel and Julie Baron and Desert Pearl Crew
Inspired by the feathered and furry creatures that make their homes in the trees, Nest offers comforting respite among its interlocking branches which perch high above the playa floor atop a rustic tree house.

Contact: jujobaron (at) comcast (dot) net

Neverwas Haul
by Shannon O'Hare
Neverwas Haul is a self-propelled three-story Victorian House made from 75% recycled equipment and materials, based on a Jules Verne-inspired imaginary world where steam technology is considered cutting edge. Participants interact with the intrepid explorers of the Academy of Unnatural Sciences by viewing the specimens and trophies of their travels.

Contact: shannon_o_hare (at) yahoo (dot) com

New Age
by Anne Henderson and John Walmsley
A circle is attached to an inverted cross, reminiscent of Native American place markers. Upon closer inspection the sparkle and the dangles come from what might be found in a post apocalyptic society. Plastic containers, cd's and bottle caps combine to form art in this "New Age".

by livorletdie
Teb man-size letters are outlined with light ropes; spelling REVOLUTION. The R is connected to a timer switch, inviting bypassing participants to interact.

PUSH THE BUTTON! Revolution demands progressive action - otherwise it's just evolution...

Contact: liv (at) defekt (dot) nl

One of Nine/ Giant Mushroom Rocket
by Zenon Krause
One of Nine is a metaphoric recreation of the 400 million year old mushroom called prototaxites. 400 million years ago the tallest plants were only a few feet tall, prototaxites were 30 to 40 feet tall. This sculpture expresses experience of the mushroom kingdom and draws attention to the work of Paul Stamets on bioremediation and cleaning up our toxic waste on this planet.

Life is the holy grail and it is something worthwhile for all people to consider participating in the cleaning up of the mess we humans have created. The health of life on this planet is founded on the health of the fungal kingdom. Happy fungus happy plants, happy animals etc. Warm and fuzzy, bright and beautiful, funny and profound, full of possibility.

Contact: chicagostargazer (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Jan DeLano and Wendell DeLano
A Plywood VW Van with the windows cut out for photo opportunities is painted with creatures from the sea, representing evolution.

Contact: jan (at) delanoconsulting (dot) com

Pe-nutty Psychiatric Help
In need of psychiatric help on the playa, Peanuts style? Stop by to receive or give some helpful (or not) jewels of (pe)nutty wisdom. Rates vary.

Contact: rev (dot) sugarpux (at) gmail (dot) com

by C Mack, M Abilgaard and J Gelff
A horse is a horse of course of course unless it's a cow... or maybe if it's a dinosaur... but when you come close you'll see it's only the skeletal remains of some such aforementioned creature and that the belly of the beast is now a place to play triangles, to whack them really hard, beat out a rhythm, and declare... "Come and get IT!!!"

Contact: gelffmack (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Phone
by Brent Chapman and Brad Templeton
The Playa Phone is a no-pay phone that, through the magic of Playa Dust, allows you to place real live *FREE* phone calls to anywhere in the world. Every year, thousands of Burners use it to call their mom, their boss, their kids, their parole officers, their...

Contact: playaphone (at) greatcircle (dot) com

by Adam Baer
The skeleton of an aquatic dinosaur made of recycled found objects.

Contact: spacebaer (at) gmail (dot) com

Prayer Dragon
by Ryan Mathern
In Tibetan Buddhism the Dragon represents the "sound of compassion that awakens us from delusion". Prayer wheels offer liberation from suffering through the mechanical recitation of the prayers and mantras inscribed upon the cylinders. Fire Prayer Wheels in particular bring purification of negative karma, which can facilitate realization of the path to enlightenment.

A wood burning fire cauldron in the shape of a Tibetan dragon has a tubular steel spine and legs with a sheet metal formed body. Emerging from the spine of the dragon are six stainless steel prayer wheel cylinders that spin as a result of the convection heat rising from the fire cauldrons.

Prayer Dragon is a representation of the Evolution of Consciousness. Four principal wheels portray the four stages of enlightenment. Participants write their prayers, wishes and goals for their own evolution upon small pieces of wood which will then burn in the dragon. The heat from the wood will turn the wheels thus sending the prayers and wishes out over all it touches through light and warmth and power of wind. We wish to evolve consciousness to a higher state of compassion for all sentient beings... starting with oneself.

Contact: r_mathern (at) mindspring (dot) com

Punctuated Equilibrium
by Andres Amador
The art piece consists of lines raked onto the surface of the playa in various designs that are an exploration of the ways our world is experienced, from the perfection of geometry to the chaos of organic form. Each design tells us something about our own nature, dealing with our own life experience. The viewer is invited to reflect upon the relationship of the designs to their personal experience and spare rakes will be provided to encourage participation.

Contact: info (at) analogia (dot) org

Pyroplexity II
Blurring the lines between perceived and real danger, Pyroplexity II is an enormous vapor-based fire cannon with a twist.

Contact: bohdi (at) pspyk (dot) com

Rainbow Ramps
by Serial Carpens (aka Publisher Emeritus MG Nos)
Playa mirage meets suburban skate punk treasure. A handful of mellow two foot tall quarter pipes, launch ramps, slant ramps, 'hump' ramps, and a stripper pole hand painted by artist Serial Carpens in the key of 'Psychedelic'. 'As a teenager growing up in the deserts of El Paso, TX the artist and friends would roam the deserts on bmx bikes and skateboards discovering ditches and ramps such as these. This a throwback to those times with a playa 'twist'.

Contact: configuration1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Rebirth of the Forest Spirit
by Jacob Appelbaum
An altar to the harmony between the earth and its beings, represented by a five foot square platform with a seven foot spire adorned with mirrors, wind chimes, dream catchers and totems of the Forest Spirit. At night the spire is lit with gentle blue and green LEDs that promote harmony and peace.

Robot Uprising
by Adam Ebel, Arwen King and Sebastian Lange
Robot Uprising uses negative space as a way of implicitly telling a story about a large robot... which is to say that it has woken up from a deep slumber beneath the desert and is disoriented, curious, and excited. The robot is formed in such a way as to be engaging and accessible, with multiple compartments that people may travel into and find interactive components including a touchscreen mounted inside its chest and a space inside the robot's head where people may climb into and control the robot's eyes and voice. The touchscreen allows participants to program the robot with experience in a number of ways including leaving a story, playing a game with the robot, or sharing something of deeper value. This is also an opportunity for people to see what others have left, and to share experiences in real-time while simultaneously helping the robot learn and evolve.

Contact: spacefreq (at) gmail (dot) com

Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
by David Ljung Madison
You're walking along the Playa thinking about your childhood and how simple it was to be amused. Suddenly, as a mirage, two robots loom before you. It is Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, from your youth, but this time they're big enough to knock *your* block off. You climb into the boxing ring and climb into the Blue Bomber, and suddenly you've become an eight foot tall robot fighting machine. Your trusty companion grabs hold of the steering controls outside the ring, while your two combatants gear up in the Red Rocker. The hot arena lights pound down on you while the crowd cheers you on. You hear the bell ring, and the fight is on!

Sacred Space: Black Rock Zen
by Michael Tscheu
Celebrate the sacredness of our home and the space that holds us:
bring your presence, open hands and empty heart.

Contact: mtscheu (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

School of Blue Bottle Noses
by David Boyer
"School of Blue Bottle Noses" is a playful wind-driven kinetic sculpture. Sitting atop a sturdy steel structure are six independently pivoting fish-like elements. At the front of each "fish" is a cobalt blue bottle. At the tails are stainless steel fins. These fins are unique in that they pivot when acted upon by the wind. This pivoting action causes the "fish" to swing back and forth, similar to the swimming motion of a real fish.

Contact: windart (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Shaddy Sunrise Sunglass Stand
by Michael Beaudoin and Eyrn Snograss
Out on the playa one tends to lose track of time and can get caught far away from camp. On a glorious morning, all you may need is coffee and sunglasses. Coffee is easy to find, sunglasses not so easy. The Shaddy Sunrise Sunglass stand is a little sun glass stand, offering a little shade, coffee, mellow morning beats, sunscreen, and most importantly sunglasses and goggles of all types and styles. If you are caught in a sunny sunrise with no eye protection, look for the Shaddy Sunrise.

Contact: hswindowcleaning (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Stacey Stemach
A long time ago someone abandoned a pile of broken concrete in the desert. Baked by the sun, massaged by the weather, and permeated with the radio waves and latent energy leaking from our cities, something began to grow.

Contact: signal (dot) 2009 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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