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by Harold Baize
3-Devolution: Burning Man 3-D returns with stereoscopic 3-D slides from 13 years of Burning Man, plus 3-D computer graphic images. Visible in daytime by natural sunlight, and at night by a light bulb. This year the new 3-D computer image will show how the man evolved.

Contact: baize (at) 3dculture (dot) com

Born From the Stars
by Flora S. Bowley
The mural celebrates the beautiful, subtle, mystical and ever-changing qualities of the natural world and of our human connection within it. Wings, sprouts, hives, branches, petals and pods morph into semi-abstract forms and co-mingle with color fields to create timeless and magical new "landscapes." The painting is created through many layers of spontaneous mark-making, bold color and careful rendering of organic forms. The painting honors and highlights the connectivity all all living things, both ancient and alive.

Contact: info (at) florasbowley (dot) com

Bottle Cap Fun Zone
by Kitty Gordon
The Bottle Cap Fun Zone full of the fun that naturally comes with being in the presence of thousands of used bottle caps. It is comprised of three elements: bottle cap bar, Sit and Spin, and Bottle Cap Deposit Box. Come see what they are all about. It's fun; I promise. We all understand the benefits of recycling. We have evolved into a nation that cares about and encourages recycling and reuse. Reuse is great. It does not generally require additional resources or expense unlike recycling. I love reusing bottle caps. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Contact: kittyg (at) gmail (dot) com

by John Barry
The Center of the Center of the Center. An interactive map of BRC '09.

Contact: jb.dragondebris (at) gmail (dot) com

Communicable Dis-Ease
by Maria Partridge and seven other artists
Communicable Dis-Ease is an inter-state collaborative project that demonstrates the ways that we as artists explore and express frustration and dis-ease with our environment. It also addresses fundamental questions such as: What are we as human beings and what are we becoming as a society? The project connects with those who participate with the installation, attempting to communicate something intimate or unresolved and to bridge the distance between creator and viewer and find a sense of kinship in our anxiety or dis-ease.

Like Evolution, the project is based on the concept of chance and change and will evolve, in an organic way, from artist to artist.

Contact: maria (at) partridgedesign (dot) net

The Evolution of Jellyfish
by Rene A. Westbrook
Discover the true story of Jellyfish. Evolution at this mixed-media sculptural installation!

Contact: westbrook (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fire Meets Ice
by Scott Prentice
The Fire Meets Ice room has a dual personality. The icy cool blue and silver side is meant to inspire calm in the midst of the chaos at Burning Man. The opposing red and gold fire side of the room was designed to enhance the fervor of Burning Man, and ignite a spark within. The steamy center of the room represents the chemical reaction created by the meeting of fire and ice. What side will you be on?

Contact: scottprentice (at) hotmail (dot) com

Illusive Embryology
by Gina L. Jones
Illusive Embryology is a series of seven paintings arranged and connected as a room screen 24 feet long. These five foot tall paintings of embryos are an expression of my interest in evolutionary science, visionary dreams and bubbles. I was inspired by the naturalist and zoologist Ernst Haeckle's illustrations (1834-1919). As a scientist who documented with an artists flair, he created the infamous and controversial illustration of comparative embryology illustrated the pattern of unification in the organic world. My embryos are user friendly and walk a thin line between creepy and cute.

Contact: mousegeek (at) gmail (dot) com

The Museum of Unnatural Selection
by Jen Forbes, Lex Talionis and Goatman Dan
A museum style diorama built within the staple building block of industrial art spaces - a 20' shipping container, the Museum of Unnatural Selection is a sensual cornucopia of interactive fire, sound, light, and metal sculpture.

The museum contains sculptural elements that represent an alternative evolutionary perspective: a life-sized tree, an ethereal woman, animals, fish, flowers, pond and stream invoke many questions. What could be? What might not have been? What almost never was? From afar you merely see a box in the distance from which fire, light and sound emanate, but what lies inside? It is a place where participants control the light, sound, fire, and creatures. It is a museum unlike any any other and is created using 90% recycled materials at NIMBY by a group of artists and volunteers who know its better if you make IT together.

Contact: redteam510 (at) gmail (dot) com

Must Art
by Ed Whyman
Take one free book, read/write/draw on it. Give the book away as a free art piece to stranger. Its a great ice breaker and you will make someone else's day. This is a collaborative artwork that is about the process rather then the product and empowers everyone to create art and selflessly give it away in so doing changing their behavior and the way they live.

Contact: edwhyman (at) gmail (dot) com

Pinball Wizard
by Serial Carpens
An acrylic and oilpaintstick four foot x five foot mural painted last year upon returning from Burning Man and inspired by the mind expansion of last year's event. Forty smaller gicles prints of the mural Evolve and Come Together around Pinball Wizard like Easter eggs.

Contact: configuration1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Temple Book Project
by Nicholas King
"Burners in a Small Room" is an art book portrait project of burners of all stripes, polka-dots, ages and dress (or undress).

Contact: nickk527 (at) mac (dot) com

The Cycle of Social Evolution
by Kate Johnson
Come take a spin on the Social Evolution Game! Societies evolve in a series of cycles, beginning with Freedom, followed by Administration, which deteriorates into Bureaucracy, eventually resulting in Revolution. Take a few minutes to add your input to the Cycle of Social Evolution Table.

Contact: gypsypitcrew (at) clearwire (dot) net

The Sound Cave
by Tyson Ayers
The Sound Cave is a small room built out of piano parts. When participants crawl inside, the strings on the walls capture any sounds the person creates and echoes them back for long periods of time. This resonance creates a space that can evoke meditative reflection or childlike exuberance, and many points in between. Additionally, each sound board is tuned according to various scientific and sound healing principles with the intention of positively affecting a participant's mind, body, and spirit. This is the public debut of the fully developed Sound Cave with performances by participating artists.

Contact: firebrandart (at) yahoo (dot) com