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by Teresita de la Torre

Basic Training
by Tim Schapker
Each of six Basic Training photos presents a magazine opened to a remix of vintage ads that explores issues of gender, social roles and conformance propaganda.

Black Rock
by Michael Tscheu

Black Rock Barbie
by Darryl Krieghoff

Blankety Blank (2010)
by Rich Mackin
An interactive series where the artist makes the art, but you make the story!

Burners Portrait Book
by Nicholas King
The Burners Portrait Book is a collection of portraits of Burners and essays about the impact of the Temple on Burners. As a book, all profits from its sale will be donated to next year's Temple construction project.

by John Barry, Lisa Lisa, and Dragon Debris
C3: Center of the Center of the Center is a billboard-style inkjet print of the Black Rock City Map, 32' across. Combined from numerous sources, C3 presents an interactive and easy walk-on way to locate camps, art installations and city services.

Feel free to bring a sharpie and draw in your camp's placement & name.

Camp Mini
by Kevin Speaker
A table top diorama in 1:6 scale made of recycled Barbie, GI Joe, and other action figures arranged to represent a Burning Man camp and participants in miniature.

Cities on Fire
by Moose Maravilla
In the distant future Sol grows weary.
Soon it will burn out and become a memory.
The sky burns orange hot.
It is ablaze, smoldering and bright.
Earth's metropolises begin to burn.
Citizens flee to underground, in vain.
Soon it will be dark.

URL: www.cargocollective.com/maravilla

City Benches
by Kitty G
Have you ever wanted to feel like Godzilla but in a non-destructive, relaxing way? Maybe when Godzilla was rampaging a city he was really just looking for a nice place to sit down. Have a seat in Center Camp Cafe while feeling large and in charge. City Benches are four-sided benches that replicate a city block. Made from reclaimed wood and covered in bottle caps, these benches are scaled so that you tower over skyscrapers, your rear end is as wide as a downtown street (but in a good way!). Many of the bottle caps used to make City Benches were collected in the Bottle Cap Deposit Box located in Center Camp Cafe in 2009. You'll have an opportunity to contribute again in 2010. Bottle cap deposit slots will be located in each of the three benches. Keep an eye out for Mothra!

Contact: kittyg (at) kittygsculpture (dot) com

City Time
by Darren Fitzpatrick
City Time communicates the beauty of architecture that has been created around the world and the graffiti that has been sprayed upon these structures. The shadows that fall onto streets and footpaths create negative spaces that are sometimes more important than the buildings themselves. The letters of the word METROPOLIS look like buildings. The project also demonstrates that the element of time is no different in Black Rock City than any other city around the world because cities never sleep.

A sundial uses the letter "I" as its hub and its shadow falls over the other structures, 12, 3, 6 and 9, creating a visual timepiece for the playa.

Clark Kent's Metropolis
by Clark Clark

Cycle of Social Evolution
by Kate Russell
If you ruled the world, how would you make it work? Share your insights and wisdom with the citizens of Black Rock City at the Cycle of Social Evolution Table in Center Camp. Tell visitors one and all how you would handle issues such as transportation, utilities, commerce, taxation, housing, agriculture, medical services, and education, just to name a few. Compare your views with other Burners and leaders throughout history at the Cycle of Social Evolution Table in Center Camp today!

De Umbris Idearium (On the Shadows of Ideas)
by BlackSwan
The genesis for this project was the destruction of a ramshackle cottage in the Oakland Hills. The interstitial spaces of our lives, the flotsam and jetsam that is hidden, lost, or temporarily forgotten and then rediscovered inside of walls, attics, and boxes is one of the facts of urban re-building, and can be a source of great mystery.

De Umbris Idearum (In the Shadow of Ideas) is a memory palace constructed from parts of a 1920's cottage and other found objects. It will be a roofless structure that may be entered. The assemblages that compose the walls invite the viewer to form their own backstories about the objects within, and also invite reverie, reverence, and rememberance within the person's own phenomenal experience. It is a reliquary of the mystery within our own and other people's lives.

Divided Souls
by Kendall Knowles

The Elephant's Trunk
by George Pickard and Joshua Lee Vineyard
You ought to have seen the monk. He sat on the Elephant's Trunk.

Contact: georgepickard (at) georgepickard (dot) com

Flowing Presence
by Kendall Knowles

Free Radical's Abstract Cartoon Visionary Madness
by David Fleischmann
Free Radical's art is about drawing the viewer's eye and keeping it, trapping the viewer's focus in a maze of circuit-like patterns and colored shapes, from which it may never escape. It's totally kewl!

Full Frame Sensor
by 2ravens
Poster-size photographs of Burners and Burning Man bound and suspended along the top edge such that they can be leafed through.

by David Normal
The Illuminations are a series of glowing, self-illuminating prints based on Normal's imaginative paintings. Exquisitely printed images are made to glow, like a kind of stained glass window. The handsomely framed glowing Illuminations are a uniquely mesmerizing mode of display that is ideal for Normal's otherworldly visions. The Illuminations will ring the perimeter of the Café, while a set of framed large format prints will hang from the central structure of the dome. David created the first set of these Illuminations during the Spring of 2010 and recently exhibited them in Italy, Minneapolis and also Des Moines, Iowa. They are currently on display in Salt Lake City.

URL: normal.bz/401/2010/07/the-illuminations

Karmic Chaos Jars
by Kimberly Gregory
Karmic Chaos Jars is a recycled art project made from glass jars. They are all decorated or filled with things and as a collective look really cool. The glass is secure in a shelving system. It is also interactive, as you can take an empty clean jar and add to the collection either right there or take it with you and bring back. Many items/material used to decorate the glass jars are not recyclable themselves. There are many jars that give green education facts, many relate to LNT, sustainability and the playa.

Little Big Bird
by Allen Christian

Living High
by Gary Esser
Words of wisdom in barbed wire.

Loretta Dancing
by Christina Schanda

by Oscillator
Luxopolis is a mixed media light sculpture depicting Conway's Game of Life cellular automata as a metaphor for generations of urban populations. From a random initial pattern of living cells on a 25 x 25 LED grid, observers will find the population constantly changing as the generations tick by.

Man Over Metropolis
by el brew ho
Two flat hanging multimedia collages, each focused on a representation of the Man astride/atop cityscape images are inspired by Fritz Lang's classic Metropolis film. The pieces incorporate EL wire and other lighting effects along with the use of color and monochromatic finishes, providing a visually expressive rendering of the Metropolis theme intersecting Burning Man culture.

(micro) Portraits
by yma
Interesting things can be found everywhere. Some of the most interesting things can be found as closely as our own body. At SOAK, the Portland Regional Burn, the artist challenged participants to think beyond snapshots, to pondering their essence on a micro level. The photos displayed in this collage are the result of the collaboration between participants and photographer.

The Minty Fresh Gift Ring
by Jefferson Ballew
A large metal ring with many chambers is holding mystery gifts... to take one is to break the circle which can only be closed by including a gift for the next person who comes to break the circle.

Mojag gets fired
by Kathy Adams

Organic Armor
by Paul Hersey, various photographers and models
Depicted in these images are a Winter Wood Spirit, Tarot Priestess, and the Greenman, among other magical entities. They were created in collaboration with costume designer Paul Hersey of Organic Armor. Featuring many talented photographers and models, they playfully reveal the archetypes within us all.

Playa Principles
by Merritt Pelkey
Playa Principles is a visual journey of the 10 Principles of Burning Man as seen through the artist's eyes. Six collage style 20" x 30" images depict how the artist has witnessed the Ten Principles of Burning Man through nine years of attending the Event.

POPUP DREAMOPOLIS: Miniature Cinema Projecting Digital Dreamscapes
The miniature buildings of the Popup Dreamopolis hold much bigger surprises inside. Peering through their windows reveals wondrous secret inner worlds in motion, while ringing their doorbells turns their eyes on you. Cutting-edge architectural video mapping technology enables multi-dimensional projections, pop-up moving-picture-books from the imaginable realm of private thoughts and dreams, while cameras can add you to the story if you choose. Like Black Rock City itself, this pop-up city is both fixed and mobile, a dream-map that magically and maddeningly just won’t stay put… Its mobile structures might be encountered anywhere on the playa, because as BRC’s denizens know, home is something you carry with you, both a private interior sanctuary for escaping the waking-world fray of city life, and the surreal rabbit hole of your own densely populated unconscious.

Portraits of the Tarot
by Nathan Corwin
Portraits of the Tarot presents a new way of visualizing four classic Tarotic archetypes: Death, The Heirophant, The Devil and The Priestess.

Prayer for Healing the Air and Water
by Technicolor Nudibranch
Prayer for Healing the Air and Water is a collaborative art piece encouraging community dialogue around sustainable modes of living. Participants may add to a drawing of a woman breathing bubbles into the air - in the empty bubbles, they draw their visions, sigils, and dreams for healing the air and water. An attached journal invites burners to draw or write their visions of social structures, city design, technologies, etc. that foster responsible stewardship of earth and all its beings.

Rise Up
by Flora Bowley
Rise Up is cocoon shaped pod created from a 20' x 7' painting on canvas hung "in the round" with the image facing inward between two large hoops, above and below. The painting depicts a flurry of moths rising up out of a city-scape, symbolizing personal transformation and connection to nature (even in the city). The outside of the pod is draped with shimmery fabrics and LED lights that illuminate the cocoon from above and below. Inside the cocoon, participants relax on pillows, experience the beautiful painting and enjoy a semi-private space within Center Camp.

by Rupert "ProjectBoy" Hart with Brad "SnugglePimp" Grossman
Ever wondered what is really going on in the mind of Rotwang, the wealthy dictator from the 1927 Fritz Lang movie "Metropolis", the man who brings a sexy robot to life? You might think it is filled with gray matter and DNA. You would be wrong! In fact his head is filled with humanoid robots having fun. This four foot hollow cross-section of Rotwang’s head has a robotic creature surfing the tongue, chased by a robotic shark. The man’s eye rolls under control of a robot and displays messages. A robot diver exits the ear. A "California Threesome" of robots completes the vista. Each of these robots has several motors controlling their joints and the sequence is controlled by several computers. Participants can interact with the art piece.

by Irene LaChance

by Nite Owl

Snaggle Heart
by Corinne Vivers
Snaggle Heart is inspired by the thought of how to best guard your heart. Things come to mind such as electo-shock wire and being armed to the teeth. The collection of teeth comes from over 10 years of practice in veterinary medicine and were obtained from animals that absolutely needed the extraction and were completely anesthetized for routine dental prophylaxis.

Steampunk Weapons
by Sara Raintree and Edward Misenar Raintree
These pieces were created by Edward Misenar Raintree and are sent to Burning Man with his love. He cannot attend himself and perhaps never will because he is in hospice care with terminal cancer. Please send a prayer his way.

by Oleg Lobykin
Explore the connection between human perception and the natural world and the ways that we both influence and are shaped by our environment. A few abstract stone sculptures, some representing objects are carved in limestone, sandstone, granite and onyx.

The Convergence
by Mikell Haynes and Elizabeth Mallory
A 12 foot tall archway with ceiling painting, the arch is symbolic because it traditionally provides a support structure in addition to passage of one space to another.

The Sun King
by Marie Stockwell
The Sun King is a painting of the sun in front of a purple/red/orange sky. Below the sun, which looks like a black woman, is a giant tree in a field of orange flowers with two large trees off to the side. The whole painting is symbolic of the gifts of the sun.

SuZen's Sayings
by Susan Merrell
SuZen's Sayings share her message of support and empowerment to help people who are navigating challenging times in their lives. This is done by manipulating her original photographs in unique and expressive ways as backgrounds for her original inspirational sayings.... messages she would like to share with others based om her own journey through breast cancer and divorce.

This Ends Up
by Emily Zuckerman
This Ends Up presents a visual play of the intersections between plant and city structures and their underground supporting systems (trees and roots, city buildings and underground infrastructure). The dynamic between these four elements is a ground for both conflict and mutual growth. The city's constant building over land disrupts the natural ecosystems, but at the same time nature's forces of growth degrade the city and reclaim the linear structure. At the peak we find beauty in this complex relationship and peace in a city that benefits from the growth of both nature and industry.

by Carol Foldvary-Anderson
Experience the ethereal flow of time, while viewing the quiet, gentle, meandering movement and visual display of shadow and light. This is formed in the imagery of black and white painted fabric and mixed media elements. It is arranged in a fashion to represent the celebration of the moment. This one single moment we now share!

One, single triangle shaped column approximately 6.5 feet in height and 18 inches wide, on all three sides, hinged together, is to provide a surface for the developing work; a sculpture that is purely ethereal in nature, as too, in its construction. No two works can ever be produced in the same exact style or look; some similarities do exist; equivalent to comparable moments in experiencing Time.

Like Time, the art presented is able to move within us, beside us, and all around us. Time is certainly Magic, the Unseen and the Miraculous! Time is here, it is now, it exists, yet we shall never grasp what it really truly is and entails. This piece you are viewing is regarded as a sight specific work of Art, made exclusively for this space and time…this particular piece shall be considered destroyed upon moving from this location, but it shall evolve into another sculpture if taken somewhat intact to another place and time!

Artist/Designer Carol Foldvary-Anderson has created over 50 similar sculptures in paper for the schools and cultural centers of Reno, Carson City and Lake Tahoe. In 2001 she received a Professional Artist Grant from the Sierra Arts Foundation in Reno, Nevada for her efforts. Only 3 known pieces exist, which is in the artist's possession; they are works made of paper, and you certainly can't sell something that will be destroyed when moved! What value is that?

This piece titled "Time" is the artist's first work represented in painted fabric, her debut at Burning Man 2010 Metropolis!

Time Frame
by Chris Dunphy

Urban Deities of San Francisco
by Robin Russell
Our immediate urban environments are sacred spaces that are filled with beauty. The ordinary, everyday urban details become sacred with the quality of attention that is given to these details. During her daily walks through San Francisco’s Tenderloin and SoMa neighborhoods, the artist took notice of her environment and began to photograph these beautiful details—burglar bars, pot hole covers, pipes, graffiti. As the artist cut out the images to make photo collages, the manifestation of urban deities began to take shape, in the form of such deities as Tara and Kali. These deities are transformed and reborn into our urban world to enlighten us and to remind us that compassion lives in unexpected places.

Vivo Valparaiso & Barrio Brasil
by Jessica Israel

by Tony Deifell