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The mission of the Burning Man Executive Committee is to consider short and medium-term high level issues to provide a broad range of considerations for the best outcomes for the future of the Burning Man Project, keeping in mind any principles, vision statement and goals of the Project. The Executive Committee is the authorizing body for the creation of and all proposals made by the various standing and ad-hoc committees and subcommittees.

Members include the members of the Burning Man Board, plus:

Charlie Dolman
Event Operations Director

Charlie directs event operations and logistics and plays a major role in strategic planning to ensure the long-term success of the Burning Man event. Among other responsibilities, Charlie oversees management of BRC event-specific departments (Emergency Services Department, Department of Public Works, Community Services, Playa Safety Council, Art, Café/Ice), provides leadership to the Operations Team, and is a member of Burning Man's Executive Committee.

A native of London, England, Charlie has 17 years of event-production experience, 12 of which he spent producing events of all sizes across Europe and the UK (and one in Zambia!). He co-founded and later served as Financial Director of The Secret Garden Party, an annual music and entertainment festival with 30,000 attendees. Charlie has extensive event-related experience in project management, logistics, safety, licensing, marketing, budgeting, crises management, and managing and developing teams. Most recently, he served as Projects Director for the MAMA Group.

Charlie first traveled to the playa in 2006 and has hasn't missed a Burn since. Charlie co-ran a camp on the Esplanade (The Flying Monkey Pub) his first year and has been instrumental in the leadership of several large-scale communal camps: The Untied Nations Embassy, the UnNatural History Museum, Burningdales, HMS XS, and in 2012, Terminal Y. Charlie is deeply committed to the 10 Principles and enthusiastic about this opportunity to guide their manifestation in Black Rock City and beyond.

Doug Robertson
AKA "The Controller"

Doug first attended Burning Man in 1996. He arrived on the playa with a cooler full of drinks to share, a dozen bagels and a jar of peanut butter. He was eventually adopted by his "Flattery Camp" family on the playa. Now he returns as alumni and as an occasional "guest" flatterer. Doug really enjoys the "repeat offenders" who wander into Flattery Camp and never notice the theme camp sign.

He oversees the day-to-day operations of the Accounting Department, finance activities, as well as the Ticketing Department. As a member of various Burning Man committees, he lives to participate in the ongoing success of the Burning Man Project.

Doug has served professionally as a CFO for Pacific Union Development Co., a San Francisco based Real Estate Development and Management Co.; Controller for the Maybach Foundation, an international non-profit; a business consultant for Pacific Crest Group; and Investment Specialist for Charles Schwab and Co.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Doug has earned a BS degree from Chico State and has managed to land in Mill Valley where he enjoys playing soccer, sailboat racing, biking and meditating with his guitar.

To him, Burning Man is the trough that feeds the soul. It's the nebulous affair that rejuvenates, inspires, and allows him to be authentic. His personal philosophy is to live life as a free thinker and imagine possibility.

Heather Gallagher
AKA CameraGirl, CalendarGirl, ComputerGeek, CG!

Heather Gallagher aka CameraGirl is a recovering corporate IT consultant with a Master's degree in Computer Science tucked under her rhinestone-studded belt. Heather first stepped foot onto the playa in 2000 and, in many ways, has not left it since. CameraGirl was born in 2001 as the Documentrix for the Center Camp Cafe and CampArctica, where she got hooked on Burning Man imagery, joined the web team and eventually became the Photo Editor for burningman.com. Since 2003, under the guise of her secret identity, CalendarGirl, she has produced each of the Burning Man Wall Calendars.

In early 2004, she could no longer deny her inner ComputerGeek and began managing the Burning Man Technology Department. There she uses her cat herding abilities and special powers to bring some method to the madness. At first, her conservative east coast family wasn't certain about all this, but as this sort of resembles a real job and they have since visited Black Rock City, they seem to have gotten used to her super high-fi color-shifting blonde dreadlocks and her serious costume addiction (warning: colors and costumes may change often, and without notice).

In her "spare time", Heather practices Anusara yoga and further scratches her constant creative itch as a photographer, mask artist, photo journalist, web geekette and image productioneer. You can see her collection of Burning Man imagery, webumentaries, and tons more artsy crap on her websites bohemianmasquerade.com and photosbycameragirl.com. Heather is a Scorpio in Leo rising, born on Halloween, with about 5 planets in Scorpio. So you see, it's really not her fault.

Kat Steinmetz
Head of Human Resources

In her role as Head of Human Resources, Kat has worked with all things "Human" and pertaining to staff at BRC since 2005. Kat also serves on several Burning Man committees and volunteers with the xRT (External Relations Team) by giving tours of the playa. Kat is a true curator of costumes, and was lured to Burning Man in 2003 with the promise of "as many costume changes as her heart desired." Burning Man delivered on that promise and she has been participating ever since.

Kat's expertise lies in working with non-profits, creative companies and helping start-ups get set up. Kat has extensive experience in the technology and creative industries and has held positions both technical and in management. She excels in connecting people and resources, finding and hiring talented employees, and developing people to their fullest potential. Other companies she has worked with include: Black Rock Solar, Black Rock Arts Foundation, Slide, CTN (Computer Technology Network), Magenic, and Catch.com.

Kat has lived all over the U.S. but considers San Francisco her true home. She received her BA degree in Sociology from Washington State University and loves any spirited discussion about people, behavior and all things pertaining to the brain.

Living in the cultural Mecca that is San Francisco, Kat has fully realized the many other facets of her dynamic personality: as a singer and performer with the award winning Kepi and Kat voted "Best of the Bay" for two years, as well as working as a professional make-up artist.

Raymond Allen
Government Relations & Legal Affairs Manager

As the Government Relations and Legal Affairs Manager, Raymond Allen’s primary mission is to build positive collaborative stable relationships with the various government entities that share jurisdiction over the health, safety and welfare of the Burning Man event and its participants—both at the federal level in Washington, D.C. and at the local level in Nevada. Raymond focuses most of his year on securing permits, ensuring regulatory compliance, streamlining processes and mitigating costs—all while preserving participant freedoms. During the Burning Man event Raymond meets with government officials, tribal leaders, members of the press, event benefactors and owners of Burning Man related businesses in an effort to acculturate newcomers to the Burning Man experience, as well as stimulate creative new ventures and partnerships. In more recent years Raymond has begun collaborating with neighboring municipalities near Black Rock City to implement economic development efforts in the Northern Nevada region. Raymond has delivered numerous speeches and presentations on various Burning Man related topics including, “Burning Man & the Law” at a Washoe County Bar Association Luncheon, “The Ten Principles of Burning Man” at a Western Industrial Nevada Luncheon, and “Talking About Burning Man” on KOLO-TV in Reno.

Raymond received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Florida, and then in 2002, received his Juris Doctor from the University of California, Davis, School of Law. Burning Man has been Raymond’s passion since 1996, as well as his occupation and profession since 2004. Raymond believes that being able to dream, build and realize Black Rock City on federal land is a testament to the power of collaboration among a broad spectrum of government and citizens with a multitude of competing interests and at times diverging opinions. “Burning Man represents the extreme culmination of what is possible when people work together.”

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