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The Burning Man organization is made up of a staff of over 30 employees and independent contractors who work year-round out of headquarters in San Francisco, CA and Gerlach, NV to produce the Burning Man event and to propagate Burning Man culture around the world. The organizational structure that makes this possible is as follows:

The six-member Black Rock City LLC (the Board of Directors for the Burning Man Project) is headed by Larry Harvey, and includes Harley K. DuBois, Marian Goodell, Michael Mikel, Will Roger and Crimson Rose. The LLC governs the Burning Man Board, which includes the LLC and additional invited members.

The Executive Committee, which includes all six members of the Black Rock City LLC and five members of Burning Man's Senior Staff, oversees short- and medium-term strategic planning for the Project, and acts as the authorizing body for proposals coming from Burning Man's Subcommittees.

The Senior Staff is made up of the aforementioned bodies, plus representatives from all of Burning Man's departments, who come together to act as the primary information-sharing and advisory group for the organization.

The BRC Ops Team is responsible for the planning, logistics, and decision-making for the Burning Man event itself.

Additionally, a number of standing and ad-hoc Subcommittees with wide cross-departmental membership are in place to invite a greater selection of staff and volunteers to participate in feedback and implementation of organization-wide initiatives and projects.

All of these groups are supported by the hard work and determination of the Year-Round Staff and Support Staff who work to bring Burning Man to fruition.

The thousands of hours of sweat, blood, and love that these people readily dedicate give new life to the Man each year. At the end of their hard work, they gather with their fellow citizens of Black Rock City to burn it down, so that the next year, they can do it all over again.

Here's a history of Burning Man's organizational structure, and how it came to be.End of page