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The Black Rock City (BRC) Ops teams makes decisions about event-related issues affecting public welfare, event operations and event resource management for the Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert.

Beth Scarborough
AKA Bettie June
Associate Director of Art Management

Beth first heard the siren call of the playa in 1997, and attended her first event in 2002. Having heard about "free-spirited people doing art in the desert", she was intrigued and wanted to learn more. She had a wonderful time, and vowed to be back. Little did she know Burning Man would become a full time focus.

After enjoying the wonders of the Floating World, Beth moved to London for a couple of years to pursue a degree in art history. But the siren call still echoed, and Beth quickly found a way to incorporate Burning Man's ground breaking art efforts into her studies. Her master's thesis was on how Burning Man is creating new artists and a new museum space. While in London, she began doing some work for the art department, supporting Crimson Rose, and returned to the States for the summer to do work in the office. Working in the art department gave Beth the chance to leverage her years of marketing and project management experience while also pursuing her passion for art.

Wrangling artists and volunteers has now become a primary focus for Beth — well, secondary to her son — and one that gives her excitement each day to see what crazy, beautiful, eccentric, out of this world ideas people want to bring to the playa.

Charlie Dolman
Event Operations Director

Charlie directs event operations and logistics and plays a major role in strategic planning to ensure the long-term success of the Burning Man event. Among other responsibilities, Charlie oversees management of BRC event-specific departments (Emergency Services Department, Department of Public Works, Community Services, Playa Safety Council, Art, Café/Ice), provides leadership to the Operations Team, and is a member of Burning Man's Executive Committee.

A native of London, England, Charlie has 17 years of event-production experience, 12 of which he spent producing events of all sizes across Europe and the UK (and one in Zambia!). He co-founded and later served as Financial Director of The Secret Garden Party, an annual music and entertainment festival with 30,000 attendees. Charlie has extensive event-related experience in project management, logistics, safety, licensing, marketing, budgeting, crises management, and managing and developing teams. Most recently, he served as Projects Director for the MAMA Group.

Charlie first traveled to the playa in 2006 and has hasn't missed a Burn since. Charlie co-ran a camp on the Esplanade (The Flying Monkey Pub) his first year and has been instrumental in the leadership of several large-scale communal camps: The Untied Nations Embassy, the UnNatural History Museum, Burningdales, HMS XS, and in 2012, Terminal Y. Charlie is deeply committed to the 10 Principles and enthusiastic about this opportunity to guide their manifestation in Black Rock City and beyond.

Erin MacCool
AKA Playground
Project Manager/Labor Coordinator, DPW

Playground came to Burning Man in 1995. From San Francisco, she drove what seemed like all night, sleeping on the side of the road, to wake up and continue driving to see the desert in the beautiful morning light. Now the drive is no big deal (and seems WAY shorter) and she drives it many times a year for DPW work weekends and the production of the Burning Man event.

Playground has the ability to make order out of disorder and find the clarity in the chaos. This aids in the juggling of human resources/volunteerism, resource management and scheduling that helps make DPW tick. Playground has held at a wide range of jobs from OddzOn (home to the Koosh Ball and the Vortex Football) to a medical research facility to house painting. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, problem solving and ceramics.

Heather Gallagher
AKA CameraGirl, CalendarGirl, ComputerGeek, CG!

Heather Gallagher aka CameraGirl is a recovering corporate IT consultant with a Master's degree in Computer Science tucked under her rhinestone-studded belt. Heather first stepped foot onto the playa in 2000 and, in many ways, has not left it since. CameraGirl was born in 2001 as the Documentrix for the Center Camp Cafe and CampArctica, where she got hooked on Burning Man imagery, joined the web team and eventually became the Photo Editor for burningman.com. Since 2003, under the guise of her secret identity, CalendarGirl, she has produced each of the Burning Man Wall Calendars.

In early 2004, she could no longer deny her inner ComputerGeek and began managing the Burning Man Technology Department. There she uses her cat herding abilities and special powers to bring some method to the madness. At first, her conservative east coast family wasn't certain about all this, but as this sort of resembles a real job and they have since visited Black Rock City, they seem to have gotten used to her super high-fi color-shifting blonde dreadlocks and her serious costume addiction (warning: colors and costumes may change often, and without notice).

In her "spare time", Heather practices Anusara yoga and further scratches her constant creative itch as a photographer, mask artist, photo journalist, web geekette and image productioneer. You can see her collection of Burning Man imagery, webumentaries, and tons more artsy crap on her websites bohemianmasquerade.com and photosbycameragirl.com. Heather is a Scorpio in Leo rising, born on Halloween, with about 5 planets in Scorpio. So you see, it's really not her fault.

Kim Vaccaro
Human Resources

"Kimmie" knows she's the luckiest HR person in the universe to have landed the role of Burning Man's Human Resources Representative. She first joined the staff in 2003 for a short-but-sweet stint building and refining the complex function that is now the Burning Man HR department. After spending a few years thinking she could change the media as the head of HR at Current TV, she longed to return to the Burning Man org for a million reasons -- and did so in 2009. Since that time, along with her disgustingly talented teammates, she's continued her mission to make Burning Man's HR systems the best they can be.

Originally from an uninteresting suburb in Connecticut, Kimmie attended Boston College where she graduated with a BA in psychology. She was drawn out west in 1999, where soon after she fell deeply in love with three things: Burning Man, San Francisco, and the game of Texas Hold em' poker. She continues to pursue all three interests with avid curiosity and lots of love.

Megan Miller
Public Relations Manager

Megan Miller joined the Burning Man staff as Public Relations Manager in 2012. A member of the Leadership Forum and Operations Team, Megan works with ticket-holders, volunteers, government agencies, the media, and the broader public to keep information moving to and from Burning Man Headquarters. She manages Burning Man's communications strategies and oversees Media Mecca, the Black Rock City Census, and Burning Man Information Radio (BMIR).

Before joining this crazy bunch, Megan spent ten years in the public and nonprofit sectors working for environmental protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, political campaigns, and the Federal Government, including four years as Field Representative for a United States Senator. Megan was born and raised in Alaska. She earned a B.A. in English & Art History from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and was a 2007 Graduate of the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs. In 2009, Megan found her way home to Black Rock City, where she was pleased to find her heart had been waiting the whole time.

If Megan had any spare time, she would be teaching prenatal yoga and sharpening her skills as a doula. She also loves photography and any excuse to travel overseas. On playa she's knows as 'Juno' and can be found at Media Mecca.

Terry Schoop
BRC Community Service Departments Manager

Terry Schoop graduated from the San Jose State University with a degree in Graphic Design. Rejecting the notion of pursuing a career in advertising, Terry obtained training in computer graphics working for business graphics vendors first in his native east bay, and then the silicon valley. Shortly thereafter he found himself serving the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, where as a vendor since 1987, he has been bringing graphic 'order from the chaos' of medical research theory and data.

His second year on the playa, Terry joined the Burning Man Lamp Lighters in 1999, and moved from Luminary, to Volunteer Coordinator, to Council Member, then to Project Manager in 2004. Along the way he designed LL posters, t-shirts, and necklace charms, built Greeter booths at the Ranch, and worked just a little on playa art installations, including 2001's Spinnin' Anemone Carousel, and several of the Temple Crew projects.

At the conclusion of 2004, Terry resigned from Lamp Lighter leadership, only to accept a new senior staff position, overseeing the management of nine of Black Rock City's Community Service Departments: Airport, Earth Guardians, Greeters, Lamp Lighters, Placement, Playa Info, Recycle Camp, Shuttle Bus, and the Volunteer Resource Team.

Wally Bomgaars
AKA Odwally
Playa Safety Council Manager

Wally first came to Burning Man in 1997 with a group of friends who had been going for a couple years and couldn't stop talking about it. The event left quite an impression, and he has been throwing more and more of his life into it and the Burner community ever since.

Having participated in community service most of his life — from serving food to the homeless on Christmas Day as a youth, to years spent volunteering on a crisis hotline as a young adult, and recently sitting on the Board of non-profit after-school arts program for at-risk youth, Mariposa's Art — it naturally followed that he would volunteer with Burning Man. He has been involved in many aspects of the Burning Man project over the years, including managing the Exodus team, sitting on the Rangers management team, and managing the Department of Mutant Vehicles. In 2009, Wally took over management of the Playa Safety Council.

Wally has a degree in Business Management with a focus on small business and entrepreneurship. He also has a degree in Culinary Arts. Passionate about food and cooking, he spent most of his life cooking before moving on to other endeavors. He still loves to cook whenever possible. He also runs a security business that provides services for burner type events around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.End of page