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There is an old African proverb that says: 'It takes a village to raise a child'. In our case, it takes a village to raise The Man.

Hundreds of people contribute their time, energy, creativity and talents to creating this festival. Throughout the year, artists, writers, construction workers, attorneys, computer wizards, office workers, accountants, and graphic designers (to name a few) work tirelessly to ensure a positive experience for the citizens of Black Rock City. While some have chosen to dedicate their lives to Burning Man, many others put in thousands of volunteer hours to contribute to an experience that has changed their lives. Few organizations can boast of having this sort of support and loyalty.

The following pages contain information about some of the coolest participants you might encounter at the event. You will find biographies for Larry Harvey and the Project staff, the senior and office staff as well as an incomplete listing of our support staff. In addition, you will also find bio's for the geniuses who redesigned this website. If you come across them, thank them for their hard work!