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Many people are surprised to learn that the Burning Man Project is, in fact, a year round operation. An incredibly dedicated team works throughout the year in our San Francisco and Gerlach offices to support the day-to-day operations of the ambitious undertaking that is Burning Man.

Angela Sanders - Brody Scotland - Cat =^..^= - Chris Petrell - DJ Momme
Frog Gilmore - Ian Starr - Kelly Anders - Lee Anna Mariglia
Kim Vaccaro - Logan Mirto - Meghan Rutigliano - Molly Vikart - Paul Schreer
Rachel Kallett - Rosalie Barnes - Demanda Fortune - Termeh Yeghiazarian
Will Chase

Angela Sanders (aka Muse)
Communications & Government Relations Administrative Assistant

After years of urging from friends, Muse finally made it to the playa in 2003 and has been an active member of the community ever since. She spent five years as a Volunteer Coordinator for the DMV and the past three years on the Man Crew. Muse also started and led two large theme camps: Spike's Vampire Bar and Undercity.

Unbeknownst to many, while Muse was dedicating all those hours to Burning Man projects she was also racking up an impressive professional resume. With 12 years of experience providing administrative assistance to high-level corporate executives, Muse is now enjoying the best of both worlds, using her experience and expertise to support the Government Relations and Communications Departments.

When not plotting projects and organizing the office, Muse enjoys geekery such as World of Warcraft and table-top Dungeons and Dragons. She is also a founding member of the backyard barbecue sing-along family known as Jerk Church.

Brody Scotland
Art Administrative Assistant

Brody is a native Californian and recovering shy person who enjoys hugs, Snacks and increasing the amount of happiness in the world. She is slightly internet-famous for creating the Desaturated Santa costume for SantaCon, and is glad to be known for something that's not horribly embarrassing or illegal. Brody first attended Burning Man in 2004 and found out that she doesn't actually know how to relax for an entire week. A volunteer with Greeters since 2005, she now sneaks in Greeter shifts like crack before or after her regular on-playa job making magic happen behind the scenes at the ARTery. Year-round Brody can be found in the Art Department wrangling data, creating order from chaos, and feeding her co-workers homemade marshmallows.

Cat =^..^=
Systems Administrator

Cat attended her first Burning Man in 2000. Cat was immediately drawn to the event and being part of it, and she joined the Burning Man crew as lead Sysadmin in May 2006, and has since been running the growing server and network infrastructure. She gets the call when things geeky go wrong, and makes operating systems, network, email and websites run smoothly. She loves to get involved in art projects, such as the Crude Awakening project in 2007. She also runs the online box office for SF IndieFest, loves to hit the slopes of Tahoe in winter, and enjoys visiting the Black Rock area for shooting and other desert adventures, unless she decides to chill with her two felonious cats or play her lvl 70 Undead Warlock.

Chris Petrell

Chris (aka Taz) lives year-round in Gerlach, Nevada. Formerly he was a Unix system administrator who worked for several larger corporations, but decided to move on after the dot com bust. Now working for Burningman he is responsible for building out, managing and providing support for all the technologies located on Burning Man's Nevada Properties along with providing internet and technical support to the staff before, during and after the Burningman event.

Born in Southern California and raised in Half Moon Bay, CA, Chris attended his first Burning Man in 1997, volunteered with DPW and highway cleanup from 1999-2003, and joined the Burning Man year around staff in 2003. Chris served for 6 years on the Gerlach General Improvement District (GGID) board, being Chairman for 2 of those years since he moved to Gerlach.

Chris enjoys spending time with friends, Taking random spontaneous road trips, soaking in the local hot springs, riding his quad around the desert and hills of Northern Nevada, playing with fire, and geeking out. Often all in the same day. Sadly there is no more ice hockey in Chris’s life, as there just is no ice to skate on in Nevada.

DJ Momme

Works for the Man

Frog Gilmore
BMHQ Ticketing Support, Playa Animal Welfare, Co-Founder Snark Subcommittee

Frog spends working hours at the Burning Man office answering participant inquiries, processing ticket orders and managing the scholarship ticket program. On playa she is on the Gate Perimeter & Exodus crew, heads the Playa Animal Welfare team (lost, found or injured animals), and has worked in the box office in years past. When not in the office she volunteers for local animal groups VetSoS, ACC and is on the board of directors for Friends of Roman Cats in SF (a feral cat advocacy group) and Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada.

Frog is originally from Texas, where she was a vet assistant, puppeteer and a proponent of animal welfare. Since the South is no place for vegans she escaped to San Francisco in 1999 with her four legged best friend Puppy and a Donkey Kong arcade game. Puppy has since passed and she is now the guardian of the rescued playa dog Jerky-Girl. Traveling and sarcasm are Frog's favorite hobbies, and she boasts of an international collection of fake poo.

Ian Starr
Project Manager

Ian, whose name rhymes with 'Brian', finally made it to Black Rock City in 1999. She was born and raised in a small mountain town in Northern California, spent some time at UC Davis where she obtained a BS in Environmental Design and moved to San Francisco in 1995, applying her design skills to the dot.com madness.

In 2000, Ian joined Playa Info, where she invented the small BRC maps, coordinated volunteers and gave PI its signature red color through the 'red party' and red fabric that remains hanging from its ceiling. Finding herself with spare time to share as a result of the dot.bomb, Ian began volunteering at HQ for the ticket team while she was completing a program in project management (PM). She became a Burning Man employee in 2002, doing project management for the Tech Department and Community Services. In 2005, she took a hiatus from the employee realm of things, but remained involved with Burning Man, volunteering for Perimeter with her husband, whom she met at BRC in 2002.

In 2007, Ian returned to the office in a project manager role for the Tech Department with an emphasis on tech support (IT) and database administration. She loves to organize, develop infrastructure, improve quality and enable people to be happier and more productive at their jobs.

Kelly Anders
Secretary to the Board

As the Board Secretary, Kelly wears the hats of Executive Cat Herder, Administrative Documentrix, and Administrative Support Lady on the Regional Network Committee; as well as direct assistant to Larry Harvey, Marian Goodell and Harley DuBois. If it needs coordinating, calendaring, minute taking, message taking, listing, recording, mailing, faxing, sorting, filing, color coding, alphabetizing, or another cup of coffee to get it through the afternoon; Kelly will serve it up with a toothy grin and a hand on her hip sporting any plethora of patterns, particularly polka dots and plaids with a shot of stripes on the side. On playa, Kelly manages the office trailer, supports Senior Staff and wrangles Larry Harvey.

Kelly came to Black Rock City in 2003 when she was finally able to convince her dad to let her borrow his pickup truck and cover it in dust. After brief stints as a local desk jockey for a huge software company and resident super woman for a small venture capital firm, Kelly stumbled into the Burning Man office pinstriped and patent leather pumped in 2005. In her ever elusive spare time, Kelly is passionate about being passionate about things, particularly local art, bike riding, traveling, sunshine, knitting, alliteration, ellipses, lemonade, and the color green. She is an only child and a double Sagittarius. Now you understand.

Kim Vaccaro

"Kimmie" knows she's the luckiest HR person in the universe to have landed the role of Burning Man's Human Resources Representative. She first joined the staff in 2003 for a short-but-sweet stint building and refining the complex function that is now the Burning Man HR department. After spending a few years thinking she could change the media as the head of HR at Current TV, she longed to return to the Burning Man org for a million reasons -- and did so in 2009. Since that time, along with her disgustingly talented teammates, she's continued her mission to make Burning Man's HR systems the best they can be.

Originally from an uninteresting suburb in Connecticut, Kimmie attended Boston College where she graduated with a BA in psychology. She was drawn out west in 1999, where soon after she fell deeply in love with three things: Burning Man, San Francisco, and the game of Texas Hold em' poker. She continues to pursue all three interests with avid curiosity and lots of love.

Lee Anna Mariglia
Media Operations Supervisor

Lee Anna's passion for community, travel and experience first brought her to Black Rock City in 2006. Landing back in the States after years of travel and desirous to find the year round spirit of Black Rock City, she moved to San Francisco in 2008 and quickly began volunteering at BMHQ. Over the next three years, she participated with myriad teams and departments including year-round volunteering for the Media Team, coordinating communications for Burners Without Borders (BWB), organizing volunteers for the Center Camp Cafe, wrangling data for the Tech Team, and acting as lead events producer on a number of fundraisers for both the Black Rock Arts Foundation and BWB.

From first sweeping the floors of BMHQ as a volunteer, Lee Anna has grown her role over the years and now works year round as a member of the Communications Department. Her duties include wrangling media 365 days a year, managing the Media Team, overseeing the image approvals process, coordinating the media's experience at the event, and running logistics for Media Mecca, Black Rock City's on playa press room. Lee Anna is driven to bring the Burning Man story to the world.

Lee Anna received honors degrees in both Film & Digital Media and Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2006.

Logan Mirto
DPW Crewmaster and Overlord

Logan is a writer and artist from Austin, Texas. His first Burning Man festival was in 1998, where he hitchhiked in with a circus troupe, worked off the cost of his ticket shoveling burnt hay, and spent his year rustling bicycles with the Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch. He's been back every year since, eventually accepting his fate as a member of Black Rock City's Department of Public Works in 2004. In 2005 he collaborated with artist Christian Davies to create The Dicky Box - arguably the playa's most interactive art installation, and the only one that involved locking someone in a large solar oven. Logan prefers Jameson whiskey over ice.

Meghan Rutigliano
Burning Man Communications Coordinator

Megs first attended Burning Man in 2005 after making a pinkie swear with her roommate in Chicago to make the big trek out to the desert. Having worked for years in the performing arts world of Chicago---from comedy houses to circus tents----Megs was deeply inspired by the lively and colorful performances, grandiose styles, and larger-than-life personalities in Black Rock City. Her desire to participate year-round in the performance scene in the Bay Area prompted her move to San Francisco in 2007. Months later, she started working for the Man and has the pleasure of working alongside intelligent, savvy, and hard-working friends.

Megs spends her time at BMHQ helping to maintain contact with over 180 Regional Contacts from around the world and planning Burning Man's annual Regional Leadership Summit. Megs also works closely with the Media Team to build Media Mecca, wrangle Media volunteers, and keep the Press happy, entertained, and well-informed during their time in Black Rock City. Megs also is a member of the Regionals Committee, Communications Subcommittee, and Burning Man's Retreat Planning Committee. She has also worked over the past few years with friends to restore Pepe Ozan's "Ark of the Nereids" art piece from the 2002 "Floating Worlds" Burning Man event and bring it to the playa as a performance stage (see photo). When she's not working, she enjoys singing, dressing lavishly, and traveling the globe. For information about the Regional Network, email regionals (at) burningman (dot) com.

Molly Vikart
Office Manager

Molly is a native San Franciscan who spent her growing-up years in Wyoming chasing cows and developing a lifelong love of geology. After returning to California and spending years in Santa Cruz County delivering firewood, cleaning fish, and racing cars, she moved back to the Bay Area. After teaching Middle School math and science for over a decade, her focus shifted to technology in education and information literacy, meshing nicely with her love of libraries and data. For fun she digs holes, BBQs, gardens, kills monsters online, reads, and plays as much music as possible (vinyl preferred).

Molly first made it to Black Rock City in 1995, with her small daughter in tow. It was a year of lightning, mud, and rainbows. She was hooked and hasn’t missed a year since. She began volunteering in 2000, and over the years has rangered, worked Playa Info, driven trucks, stuffed innumerable Survival Guides and thank-you cards into innumerable envelopes, and helped the Ticket team. Now she’s pleased as punch to be working as the Office Manager in the Burning Man headquarters, and covering her work area with rocks.

Paul Schreer (aka Blue)
Facilities Manager - Project Manager - Environment Guru

Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Paul has always been a multi-tasking fool. While in college, he worked as a DJ/Producer for clubs and production companies at night, and as a Program Manager for the Office of Development at the University of Michigan by day. Paul moved to San Francisco in August of 1995, first working for and then purchasing a small lighting design firm based in Oakland, which he ran successfully through 2003.

Paul made his first trek to Black Rock City in 2001 and immediately felt at home. Infected by the green-bug, before it was all hip, he jumped right in with Recycle Camp. He became known as Mr. Blue and took over management of the camp in 2002. In the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005, while filling in for Joy, the BMHQ receptionist, Blue found a whole new career. He wrote his own job description and never looked back. Currently, Blue wears a variety of hats for the Burning Man Project, including SF Facilities Manager, Environment Guru, Project Manager for Recycle Camp and Black Rock City Recycling, and Lighting & Electrical Manager for the Man.

Rachel Kallett
Administrative Superstar

At BMHQ, Rachel supports the administrative needs of office staff. She has worked with a variety of departments, including the Government Relations Department, the Emergency Services Department and the Board. On playa, she manages the First Camp office trailer, gives art and culture tours with the External Relations Team, and lives at Media Mecca, among other things.

Although her first Burn was just in 2010, she has been an attendee of other art and music festivals and gatherings for many years prior. She has always believed in the power of community and gatherings; it's no surprise that Burning Man and its culture intrigues her.

Rachel earned a B.A. degree in Journalism and Media Studies from San Diego State University, where she also dabbled in Art, Sociology, and Psychology. Since college, Rachel has worked in marketing, promotions and event planning at a variety of places, including Temple SF, a sustainable nightclub and community space. In addition, she earned a TESOL certificate which she used to teach English to high school students in Thailand.

Other passions of hers include music, traveling, and learning. Rachel’s been a music addict since before puberty and was dancing before she learned how to walk. Whether it's underground hip-hop or deep house, you will find her on the dance floor.

Rosalie Barnes
Community Relations Associate

Rosalie Barnes works with Government Relations, Communications, and Black Rock Solar. With Government Relations, she is currently overseeing the 2012 Environmental Assessment as part of Burning Man’s application for a new five-year BLM permit. With Communications, she spearheads volunteer video endeavors, co-chairs “Burning Nerds,” a clearing house for all academic studies about Burning Man, and works with the Press team to enforce and educate about Burning Man’s trademarks, copyrights, media policy and fair use. With Black Rock Solar, she works on k-12 education and special projects. During the Burning Man event, Rosalie works at Media Mecca and is part of the External Relations Team, a program that gives tours of the art and infrastructure of Black Rock City to visiting officials and cultural ambassadors.

Rosalie received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Brandeis University and in 2009, she received a double Masters from Harvard, focusing on technology, media and learning. She visited Burning Man in 2000, and came to work for the Man in 2009.

Demanda Fortune
Accounting Manager

Shelley joined the fabulous accounting team in March 2010 and is happy as a clam being the new Accounting Manager. 1998 was her virginal year at Burning Man, and the playa gifted her five new and dear friends.

Shelley loves music, singing and dancing. She led her own rock band for eight years and still loves to perform at various events. She was a competitive gymnast and mountain biker and recently acquired her big girl roller skates (quads, of course!). A certified yoga instructor and practitioner, you may find her upside down on the Lido Deck on Wednesdays at noon at Burning Man HQ. Drop by sometime ya hear?

Termeh Yeghiazarian
Volunteer Coordinator Liaison

Termeh is a Mixed Media & conceptual artist who added Burning Man to her list of creative mediums in 2002. After volunteering within and without Burning Man Project for an insane number of projects and for an insane amount of time, she now performs as a volunteerism oracle at Burning Man. This gives her an opportunity to train an amazing group of superheroes as Volunteer Coordinators who, among other things, train others who then train others, and others, and so on and so forth! As Manager of Volunteer Squadron, Termeh also has the honor of steering a group of brilliant minds towards evaluation and improvement of all things volunteerism at Burning Man, year round.

When not busy oiling the nuts and bolts of volunteerism, Termeh brings art to the masses by scheming in her studio and teaching in various colleges.

Will Chase
Communications Specialist

Will first attended Burning Man 2001. He was Burning Man's Web Team Project Manager and Webmaster from 2004-2009, and the Operations Manager and member of the Art Council for the ARTery (Burning Man's art department headquarters in Black Rock City) from 2003-2008. In 2009, he transitioned into the Communications Department, where his responsibilities include global communication strategy, authoring the Jackrabbit Speaks Newsletter, content management for the Burning Man website, coordination of Burning Man's social networking efforts, and acting as editor for the Burning Blog. Tales of his sordid adventures can be found on his website.