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Behind every great Man stand the women and men on the Senior Staff. If you were having a party at your house, these people wouldn't relax and have fun: instead, they'd be in the kitchen cooking food or moving amongst your guests emptying ashtrays. As diverse and individual as the functions they perform for the event, they work harder than most mortals, so the citizens of Black Rock City can relax and have a great time.

Along with Larry Harvey, the following 5 individuals are the members of Black Rock City LLC, the entity that takes responsibility for the management of Burning Man. You can find out more about the LLC here.

Crimson Rose - Danger Ranger - Harley Dubois
Marian Goodell - Will Roger

Crimson Rose
Managing Art Director

Crimson’s honor and love of fire happened long before she met the Burning Man. When she attended her first event in 1991, she set the man on fire and has been producing the release of the Man ever since.

The sculpture of the Burning Man brought her to the Black Rock Desert, but it is the limitless possibilities of facilitating art in the desert that brings her back year after year. Like a gift to a wide-eyed child, pushing the limits of creating art in one of the harshest, relentless environments produces amazing art and in turn facilitate interactivity. She is fascinated with the way interactivity and art mesh at Burning Man, and feels it has changed the art arena. "When art provokes one to interact without thinking, art has taken a giant leap in evolution."

photo: Karie Henderson
As one of the founding Directors of both Black Rock City LLC and the Black Rock Arts Foundation her focus is on art management. She is an Art Curator, the Performance Safety Director for Open Fire, Flame Effects and Pyrotechnics and the Creative Director of the Fire Conclave, the largest gathering of fire performers in one place at one time in the world.

Prior to finding her way into this tailor-made position, Crimson has always been involved in the arts. In school, she majored in theater, and has worked as a fine art model, fire dancer and performance artist for 27 years.

Harley K. Dubois
Director of Community Services & Playa Safety Council

A founding member of the Burning Man Board, Harley K. Dubois brings to bear over 15 years of project management, art and city planning experience.

As the City Manager of Black Rock City, Harley oversees both the Playa Safety Council and Community Services departments, ensuring that the citizens of BRC are happy and safe, including ingress, life on playa, and egress. She originated theme camp placement, the Greeters, Playa Info, Burning Man Information Radio, and has kindled the development of all other Community Service teams. Harley also created and maintains a comprehensive training and self-development program for the Burning Man staff, fostering the concepts of volunteerism and cross-departmental communication.

Harley is a founding member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation, where she chairs the grants committee and acts as the foundation's liaison with the Burning Man Project. She is fully engaged in program development and works closely with the Executive Director and other staff members in conducting day-to-day operations.

Harley has an extensive education and history in the visual and performing arts, has been a fitness director and a San Francisco fire fighter.

photo: supersnail
Marian Goodell
Director of Business and Communications

Marian Goodell has been a member of the 6-person ownership structure of Burning Man, an interactive, participant-oriented, week-long event, since late 1996. Goodell has been Burning Man's Director of Business and Communications since 1997; and in 2003 she added oversight of the Department of Public Works, the production team responsible for setting up and tearing down Burning Man's event infrastructure in the Black Rock Desert.

The Communications activities under Goodell’s jurisdiction include year-round public and on-playa media relations, print production, and a 90,000+ member email newsletter; her Business duties include management of accounting, legal, government relations, and administrative processes.

Her oversight of the organization's technology infrastructure has included the development of an internal extranet (document repository), a several thousand page web site, several blogs, and a moderated participant-submitted image gallery.

In 1997 Goodell worked with Burning Man participants to create a Regional Network supporting their local communities, inspiring civic participation, and engaging people through Burning Man's ethics and values. As of 2009, the Regional Network includes over 160 individuals in 125 locations worldwide.

Goodell holds a BA in Creative Writing from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland and an MFA in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has worked in sales and public relations, and was a project manager for a software development firm producing ford.com when she first arrived as a participant at Burning Man in 1995. Her first love and escape from work is her two sweet-tempered kitties, and her second is her level 80 fire-specced Blood Elf Mage.

Danger Ranger
Ambassador, Director of Genetic Programming

Danger Ranger is the legendary protector of our desert society. Some say he's the seventh son born of the scion of a seventh son. Others claim he possesses near borderline supernatural powers, including the ability to bi-locate and appear at two places simultaneously. This seems plausible, given his penchant for pervading the playa. In 1992 he founded the Black Rock Rangers, an institution patterned on the Texas Rangers and their historic role as guardians of a dispersed frontier society.

Beyond the Black Rock Desert, Danger is known to his friends and co-workers as Michael Michael. He joined the Project in 1990 and he oversees the security and survival of the Burning Man community. He also created the first Burning Man mailing list/data base, produced the first issue of the Black Rock Gazette, established the Burning Man Archive, and drove the first art car to the Black Rock Desert. In 2001 he visited regional communities during his Tour of America as an ambassador for Burning Man. In addition, Michael functions as the guiding light of San Francisco's famous Cacophony Society—"a randomly gathered network of free spirits united in pursuit of experience beyond the mainstream." He has a strong interest in the mysteries of time, space and consciousness along with an engineering systems background in computers and robotics. His Silicon Valley career began with Fairchild Semiconductor just a few years before it gave birth to Intel. After 1984, he served as a robotics consultant to Apple Computer and later engineered the rise (and fall) of Jasmine Computer Systems. Always riding the edge, he contributed to the Mondo2000 house in Berkeley and wired Wired Magazine's first office in San Francisco. His wide range of experiences includes having been a combat veteran in Vietnam and a federal fugitive in the United States. Other past activities include involvement with the machine performance group Survival Research Laboratories.

Throughout the year, M2 lends his guidance and wisdom to navigate Burning Man into the future. His official title is Director of Genetic Programming and he performs his best work at 3 AM.

Will Roger
Director of Nevada Relations & Special Projects

Will Roger builds Black Rock City, and comes to us from Rochester, New York, where he taught photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As a teacher he was known to be patient, saturnine, and subversive. He naturally attracted a group of devoted students. The title of his course, "In Search Of the Mystical Image," expresses the character of his work. Vapor trails of motion in these portrait studies seem to blend body and spirit, and this, in turn, suggests Will's person.

His prepossessing presence combines with a serenity of character. Will has a way of seeing the large picture, of grasping the greater scope of things around him, while, all the while, remaining planted in the present moment. He is an excellent cook, a disarming host, and a knowing connoisseur of life's varied pleasures. He is also mischievous. While patrolling the perimeter of our camp's circle in 1995, he'd speak to motorists who threatened to invade our central plaza. Mostly they were locals, he recalls, in pickups sporting gun racks. "You may not want to go in here," he would tell them, as if imparting an intimate confidence, "there's is a girl who's pretty wild and she's on a motor bike. Her father," he would add, "is an attorney." Without a further question, he informs us, they would turn around drive away. In 1998 Will was the head honcho while building our city, and worked on both the permit and required Environmental Assessment (EA). Additionally, he established the first Gerlach office for Burning Man in an old jail. Currently, he is the chief of staff of the DPW. In 2001, Will and the DPW began development of the new property at Black Rock Station.