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Below is a partial list of those who worked on active projects for Burning Man 2002. Teams are listed by functional areas. If you feel your name may be missing, please let us know.

Archive - Art, images, videos
Marian Goodell, Manager
Christine Kristen (LadyBee)

Art Exhibitions
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Curator

Art Theme: The Floating World
Larry Harvey, Project Director
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Curator

Black Rock Gazette
Tylan Billings** (BamBam), Circulation Manager
Rick Jones*** (WeeGee), Minister of Photography
Bob Meyers*** (Blue Collar Bob), I.T. Guru / Systems Design
Nelda Barchers (Baronessa), Associate Editor
Cleo Winters** (Walter), Graphics Manager / BRG2001 Designer
Julia Tenney** (Cthulia), Graphic Designer & "Production Genius"
Larry Breed*** (Ember), Proofreader, Writer
Terry Burchell** (MyssTerry), Pub & Ops Coordinator / Info Design Specialist & Graphic Dept. Manager
David Brenneman (Dave), Associate Publisher, I.T. Specialist
Jamie O'Beirne** (J.MeOh!), Operations & Décor Coordinator
Vicki Olds*** (shibumi), Publisher / Team Leader / Editor
Brian Shott Brian, Associate Editor, Writer
Michael Durgavich (Durgy), Operations Manager
John (this space intentionally left blank) Siskiyou, image wrangler; pinch system and A/C window troubleshooter; publisher's angel (Thank You, John!)
Degala Degala, Publisher's Assistant, Writer
Matt Sorrenti** (Hwy.Star), I. T. Specialist / Mixologist
Mitchell Martin** (Mitch), EDT Director, Managing Editor
Vaughn Something** (something), Production Director, Sr. Copy Editor and BRG Columnist
Saffron Lee** (Saffron Lee), Assistant Managing Editor
Kate Forster** (Tambourine Woman), Managing Editor
Ed Ingraham*** (Edge), Project Facilitation: Webmaster, Zone Décor & Interactive Installations Coordinator
Dani Price** (Shameless Dani), Distribution Captain
Dean jordan** (PaperBoy), head DisRep / Trainer
Andros Sturgeon*** (Andros), Ace Reporter
Ken Russell (s-p-a-c-e), MLAD Master & resident Good Guy
Rick Kinnaird (RickBoy), Writer / DisRep
Kirk Sullivan (RocketBoy), Writer, Law Enforcement Beat/Media Team Liaison
Charley Zeches (Li'l General), B-man Volunteers Coordinator
Dardara and Fleurob, BRg's resident artist/spies from Amsterdam
Xeno and Dica, production graphics & layout;
Eric Peters**, I.T. Systems and Whale-watcher;
Gary Moore (a.k.a. Rise), and Lesley and Rubia for editing and City Desk help;
Anthony Munoz, designer, BRGazette 2001 Masthead Design winner;
Bryce Perry*** (a.k.a. PixMan), VisaGarth***, Piotr and Jono** and John Sankey** for photographic coverage;
Sister Dana Van Iquity***, BRG Columnist;
David Peterman, the PlayaChicken Channeller;
Ann Harrison** (a.k.a. Crime Girl), Ace Reporter;
Hank Sosnowski, Dragonfishgirl, Mark Still and many others who wrote, photographed, created content and maintained the headquarters for our newspaper; and
RickBoy, Fran Perry** (a.k.a. Knitter), and many others who delivered the daily throughout Black Rock City;

special thanks to:
Marian Goodell (Maid Marian), Director of Communications; and to
Larry Harvey, Founder - Director of Burning Man
for their continued support!

** two-year BRG veteran
*** three-or-more-year BRG veteran

Black Rock Rangers
Bill Clearlake: Ranger Rigged, Ranger At Large
Jason Alcock: Ranger Revvy, Ranger At Large
Robert E. Smith: Ranger Bob, Playa Operations Manager, Officer of the Day
Maryellen Burdwood: Dirtwitch, Ranger Training Manager, Officer of the Day
Justin Bryant: Ranger Bustin, Shift Leader, Database Creation
Od Bomgaars: Ranger Odwally, Shift Leader, Training Assistant
Markus Cleary: Ranger Digger, Graveyard Shift Leader
Jewelz Cody: Grits, Manager Department of Mutant Vehicles
Bill Sappington: Ranger Flyingguy, Shift Leader, Airport Liaison
Michael Theblack: Ranger Crow, Officer of the Day, Outpost Manager
Teri Hyatt-Oushani (Virgin Mary): Human Resources, Volunteer Coordinator, Laminates
Britta Garcia (Lula2Lips): HQ, Logistics, Database Tracking
Michael Black (Crow): Shift Commander, Echelon, Outpost Logistics, DPW Liaison, Mentoring
David Monroe (Rucy): Laminates-On Playa Manager
Laura Parrot (Bowser): Laminates-On Playa Manager

Laminates Team:
Fred Smith, Mo Money
Tabitha Hewwit, Athibat
Zach McElrath, Harliquin
Daniel Monroe, Dangle
Charles, Geek Boy
Annalisa Mcune "Snazu"
Corprew Reed-Zeitgeist: Volunteer Coordinator/Remote List Administrator

Ranger Social Coordinators:
Digger, Pirate, Smiley, Rigged the list is endless, oh hell, THANKS to ALL the Rangers who threw a social event in 2001. Without your contributions towards the consumption of mass quantities of good food and beverage, we may not have made it this far without.

Black Rock Rangers Emergency Services
Joseph Pred - Emergency Services Operations Chief

Seth Schrenzel - ESOC Assistant
Bryce Wolfson - Scheduling Coordinator
Greg Stramback - Volunteer Coordinator
Steve Schecter - Newsletter Coordinator

Liz Tapia - Medical Branch Chief
Kate Gonella - Clinical Manager
Tracy McDowell - Administrative Supervisor
Sara Bettman - Medical Field Supervisor
Andy Buehrle - Medical Field Supervisor
Mike Sullivan - Medical Field Supervisor, Outpost Coordinator
Marc Nelson - Alternate Medical Field Supervisor, Outpost Coordinator
Nick Baban - Alternate Medical Field Supervisor
Lee Lenahan - Alternate Medical Field Supervisor
Joe Shalmoni - Alternate Medical Field Supervisor
Seth Schrenzel - Alternate Medical Field Supervisor
Jason Duocomo - Medical Branch Logistics
Kurt Brickner, MD - Medical Consultant

Russ Kane - Fire Branch Chief
David Barr - Fire Branch Deputy Planning Chief
Hugh Kane - Fire Branch Deputy Technical Operations and Training Chief
Ben Thompson - Fire Branch Deputy Operations Chief
Ted Simpson - Personnel Captain
Michael Sutcliffe - Equipment Captain
Travis Roberts - Fire Branch Medical Supervisor
Ron Martinez - Fire Branch Medical Supervisor

Damon LaRose - Communications Branch Chief
Charles Armstrong - Communications Branch Deputy Chief
TJ Walkup - Dispatch Lead
Dave Spencer - Dispatch Lead
Liam Pervisky - Dispatch Supervisor and Communications Technician
Greg Stramback - Dispatch Supervisor and Communications Technician
Nevin Cheung - Dispatch Supervisor and CAD Manager
Bryce Wolfson - Reserve Dispatch Supervisor
Eric Myers - Sound Editor and Programming
Dave Banez - Communications Technician

Anna Duffy - CIT Coordinator
Jacquline Robarge - Senior CIT Member

Box Office
David Thornton, manager
Joe Stillwater
Rachel Herrington
Sara Sims
Scott Nelson
Tim Turner
Tony Day
Will Davies

Burning Man Information Radio: BMIR
Carmen Mauk- Project Manager
Garry Greth- Operations Manager
Doug Golden - Field Reporter
Gordon Burke- Technical Consultant

The Burning Man Journal Newsletter
Larry Harvey, Editor in Chief
Andie Kopp (Actiongrl) production manager
Marian Goodell (Maid Marian) managing editor and writer
Jules Ellingson, design and layout
Larry Breed, copy editing
Margaret, copy editing
Darryl Van Rhey, writer

Recycle Camp
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Dan Wellhauser, Volunteer Coordinator
Simon Hagger, God of recycling
Nigel Walker, Chief Bike Mechanic

Camparctica/Ice Sales
Dana Harrison, Manager
Scott Shaner (IceMan), General Manager
Kat Astrophie, Volunteer Coordinator
Chuck Berry, Decor Manager

Center Camp Cafe
Dana Harrison, Project Manager
Jesse Jones (Dr. Jones), Lead Manager
Cecelia Clark (Maamaa C), Volunteer Coordinator
Marcia Crosby, Decor Manager
John Kelly (Apollo), Lighting Designer
Taran Ramage, Sound Manager
Tom Kapanka (Spanky), Webmaster/Web team liaison, Asst. Sound Manager
Dave Schaye (PoetryBoy), Spoken Word Coordinator
Rebecca Throne, Signage Manager
Heather Gallagher (CameraGirl), Cafe Documentation Project

Commissary - onsite staff food services
Dana Harrison, Project Manager
Michael Jansen, General Manager and Exec Chef

Community Services
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Holly Krueter, Assistant Manager

Construction of the Man
Larry Harvey, Project Director and Chief Designer
Dave Carr, Director of Construction and Erection
Smoke Daddy, Neon Artist
Dale Scott, Lead Carpenter

Department of Public Works (DPW)
Will Roger (Mr. Klean), DPW Chief of Staff
Flynn Mauthe, DPW Director of Operations
Ada Chester, Operations Manager
Rod Garrett (Ram Rod), City Designer
Bob Stahl (Billy Bob), Construction Manager
Tony Perez (Coyote), DPW Site Manager
Russ Leslie, Construction Manager
Rivka Gross (Psycho), Survey, Dispatch, Cleanup
Cowboy Carl Brucker, Minister of DeFence
Bill Carson (BC), Location Manager
Michael Carpenter (Tex), Transportation Manager
Richard Lee (Cub), Chief Mechanic
Lance Hughston, head Electrician
Lissa Shoun (Tiger-Tiger), Airport Manager
Tym Simpson (El Mano), Placement Manager, Tent Master
John Compney (Feral), Night Manager
Trey Harvey (Holiday), Specialist
Jonathan Honneyman, Sign Shop Manager
Marty Walker, Spire Construction Specialist
Chris Bennett, Shop Manager
Scott Beers (Bruka), Assistant to Will Roger
Peter Mars, Construction Manager
Tanya Story, head Chef pre event
Sara Law, head Chef post event
John Joyce (Johnny-on-it), Metal Shop Foreman
Melissa Striker (Militia), Metal Shop Foreman
Allan Workman (RoadDawg), Transportation Manager
Emory Moody (ET), Communications Manager
Kat DeLurgio (Kitka), Communications Manager, Volunteer Coordinatrix
Mathew Ebert (Metric), Work Ranch Manager
Mike Snook, Black Rock Station Manager
Skitch, Construction Manager
Rody Jonas, Construction Manager
Gerry Sluzas, Chief Plumber
Cowboy Bob Rzewski, Construction Specialist, punk band lead

Design Team
Andie Kopp aka Actiongrl, coordinator
Jules Ellingson
Steve Bissinger
Hugh d'Andrade
Nigel French
Vicki Olds
Petrina Robins
David Addis
Betsy Lyon

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)
Julie Cody (Miz Jewelz) Art Car Liaison

Karie Henderson (the liberator), Vid Doc team lead
Matt Leonard, (TCB) Production Assistant
(Shooters and Super Stars)
John Geertsen
Maurizio Benazzo
Craig Duff

Earth Guardians
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Karina O'Connor, Project Manager
Tony Guerra, Web Site Design
Sylvia Van Vleck, Volunteer Coordinator
Mike Pruente, Camp Planner
Ray Bruman, Crusader

Gate/Permitter Operations
Jeff Oushani (Mr. Freeze), Gate/Perimeter Manager
Jeremy Coe (Max 11), Perimeter Lead Supervisor
Eddy Mahon (Kid Rock), Census Supervisor
Brian Garmire (Shiloh), Lead Gate Supervisor
Paul Landgraver (Pearl E. Gates), Shift Supervisor
Teri Oushani (Virgin Mary), Lead Supervisor, Volunteer Coordinator
Bob Rolfe (Naked Bob), Lead Supervisor
Gar Nelson (Garzan), Lead Supervisor
Rob Marley (The Judge), Shift Supervisor
Joe Hellman (Radman), Shift Supervisor
Ella Clifton (Pixie), Shift Supervisor
Sailor, Shift Supervisor
David Gross (Gross), Shift Supervisor
Too Obtuse, Search Team
Paul Davenport (Timber), Perimeter Team
Doug McGinnis (Verdi), Perimeter Team
Jeff Land (Dude), Search Team
Geek Boy, Shift Supervisor
Bucky (Spiderman), Search Team
Steve Sanchez (Dirty Ole Mex), Search Team
Kalib (TickleMeElmo), Search Team
Cory Connelly (Cornhole), Search team
Jeremy Medeios (Cap'n Squirrely), Search Team
Kelly Rolfe, Search Team
Corvis, Search Team
Radman, Search Team
Ranger Mayarami, Search Team
Ranger Red Tux, Search Team
Ranger Sassy, Search Team
Robbi Dobbs, Search Team
Ranger Clay, Search Team
Commie Cowgirl, Search Team

Duke of Denver
Vanessa Pool
Rita McCue
Ryan Gastelum

General Administration
Crimson Rose, Administration Manager, Fire Pyrotectress
Marian Goodell, Business Manager
Robert Brownstein, Tax Accountant and Business Consultant
David Thornton, Bean Counter
Kathy Stahl, Bookeeper
Tim Foster, Assistant Bookeeper
Becky Workman (bex), Goto Girl, Office Busy Body
Andie Kopp (ActionGrl), Communications Dept. Rock Star, Girl of Action
Joy Orabella, Office Goddess, Hotline Questions
Frog, Ticket Schlepping, Memorabilia Shipping, Animal Care (The 4 legged kind), on the playa.

Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Susan Strahan, Greeter Voice
Brian Haley, Project Manager
Lexie Tillotson, Dictator
Bob Parker, Rousting Rooster
Michael Dunne, Lead Greeter
Chris Kaprelian, Greeter Structure
Anthony Moraros, training and Lead Greeter
Janet Boone, Transitional Peep

Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Brien B., head Lamplighter, Camp and Village Site Manager
Rebecca Workman , Lamplighter Voice, Volunteer Coordinator
Edith Alderette, Propaganda Editor, Kitchen Coordinator
Dave Miller, Master Kitchen Coordinator
Jim Ripsch, Camp Dog, Construction Guru
Tony Day-Glo, Procession Leader, Incantation Bellower
Terry Schoop, Bringer of Merriment

Dave Rankine, Reno-based legal counsel
Marian Goodell, Mistress of Communication
Andie Kopp, Staff Liaison
Terry Gross aka Lightning
Kent Klaudt
Phil Stripling
Others under cover

Chris Maxson, Lead Locksmith
KeyMan, Lockout Team
David Ditzler, Lockout Team
Jack Patterson, Lockout Team
Jared Barnes, Lockout Team
Joe Salisbury, Lockout Team Info
Kat Marineau , Lockout Team Info
Anna & Josh , Lockout Team Info

Media Relations/Media Mecca
Marian Goodell (Maid Marian), Mistress of Communications
Andie Kopp (ActionGrl), Staff Liason, Team Captain
Jim Graham (ronjon), Media Team Operations Manager
Edith Alderette, Media Ho
Adam Aronson (Adz), Ho Emeritus
Yomi Ayeni (Yoms), European Media Liaison, Team Captain
Jess Bobier (The Nurse), Documentation Team Lead
Stephanie Bradley (BoPeep), Team Captain
Summer Burkes (Summer), DPW Liaison, Media Ho, Bartender extraordinaire
Matthew Carson, Media Wrangler, Mecca IT Manager
Mary Chaffee (Hurricane Mary), Media Wrangler
Connie Champagne (Miss Champagne), Media Wrangler
Katherine Chen, Media Ho
Molly Ditmore (Mollygolightly), Team Captain
Margot Duane (Wicked Kitty), Media Ho
Maggie Duval, Media Wrangler
Fiona Essa (Venus Jones), Ho Emeritus
Danielle French (Miss Scarlett), Media Ho
Mike Fusello (GoMonk), Press Kit designer
Lee Gilmore (Double Agent Lee), Media Ho, Academic Liason
Eric Glaser (Erica Candy Kane), Ho Emeritus
Jenna Gold (Goldilox), Media Wrangler
Roxanne Graham (Fauna), Media Ho, Team Trainer, BAPA (Bad-Ass Personal Assistant)
Valerie Green (Disaster Girl), Media Wrangler, Bible designer
Karie Henderson (Liberator), Media Ho, Art Liaison
Dennis Hinkamp (Flackmaster-D), Construction Captain
Terri Hinklin (Medreamer), Media Wrangler
Elaine Hirt (A-Lane), Media Wrangler
Mark Kuprich (FutureMan), Media Wrangler
Candace Locklear (Evil Pippi), Lead Press Contact, Team Captain
Sandra McBride, Media Wrangler
Ron Meiners (Random), Media Ho, Event Documentation Lead
Cory Mervis-Bocskor (Lady Merv), Media Ho
June Morrow (Junebug), Media Wrangler
Alex Nicholson (Octa-Bootee), Media Wrangler
Dan O'Day (Agent Two), Media Wrangler
David Oro (O Dogg), PacRim Media Liaison
Tom Price (Thumper), Ranger Liaison, Media Ho
Steven Raspa (Seven), Ambassador to the Media, Idea Man Extraordinaire
Steve Ratti (RATTI!), Media Ho
Suzie Robertson (Virtual Suzie), Media Wrangler
Jennifer Sloan (JenX), Media Ho, Documentation Team
Kirk Sullivan (Rocketboy), Media Wranger
Daniel Terdiman (Greeter Dan), Media Wrangler
John Threlfall (Blackstrap Jack), Media Wrangler
Joris van Dieman, Media Wrangler, Staff Intern
Alex von Wolff, Media Mecca Site Designer
Liz Weber (BNL), Media Mecca Bible Thumper, Team Captain
Tia Woodward (Princess Captain), Ho Emeritus

Placement (Theme Camps & Villages)
Harley K. Dubois, Theme Camp Manager
Holly Kreuter (Satellite), Theme Camp Coordinatrix and Alpha Quadrant
Eric Pouyoul, Village Coordinator and Beta Quadrant
Dan Weller, Gamma Quadrant
Scott Beers, Delta Quadrant
Rachel Ruster, Center Camp
Sasha Magee, Greater Center Camp
Lisa Hoffman, Map design
Davis Addis (Scout), Man about Town and map consultant
Tony Guerra, Man about Town
Mike Fusello, Man about Town
Dave Gallat, Wheelchair Coordinator
Ruth Wechsler, Support Services

Planning Department
Rod Garrett, City Designer
Tony Guerra, Architectural Drafting
Ian Kelso, Engineering consultant
Paul Lord, Planner
Bob Stahl, Construction Expert

Playa Art Installations
Crimson Rose, art placement coordinator, naked fire goddess
Scott McKeown, volunteer coordinator, artery captain
Mandy Tilles, artery base
Marie Lou Galgani, artery base
Roger Ripps, artery base
Vince D'Onofrio, Field Operative
Jacques Teisen, Field Operative
Damian Peters, Field Operative
Zack Darling, Field Operative

Playa Information Services
Harley K. Dubois, Director
Megan Beachler (Sacred Flame), Manager
Rob Oliver, Volunteer Coordinator and Playa Information Manager

Performance Safety Team for Fire, Flame Effect, Pyro
Crimson Rose, Performance Director for Fire, Flame Effect, Pyro
Dimitri Timohovich, Nevada State Licensed Pyro
Maque Da Vis, Pyro Consultant
Russ Kane, Fire Branch Chief
Dave X, Flame Effects Consultant
Argyre Patras, Flame Effects Consultant
Daniel Walsh, Flame Effects Consultant
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch), Fire Safety
Wally Glenn, Flame Effects Consultant

Special Events
Joegh Bullock - Flambe Lounge, Spark club, Special Events Coordinator
Steven Raspa - Special Events Coordinator, Media and Promotions
Crimson Rose - Special events coordinator
Michael Vavricek - Art and Activities Director
Scott McKeown - Production

Technical Team (network, database, web)
Aaron Brashears
Andie Kopp
Ben Newman
Ben Sutherland
Bill Carson
Bill Keller
Bradley Green
Brian Behlendorf
Caitlin Hazen
Carla Detchon
Chris Brick
Christopher Nielsen
Curtis Kline
Dan Kalafus
Darin Wilson
Dave Bayer
Dave Marr
Dave Wolfang-Kimball
Dave Laplante
David Mitchell
DJ (Dave) Vinokur
Dori Mondon
Ed Ellsworth
Eddie Codell
Edward Le Coteur
Emily Hierstein
Eric Waterman
Fiona Essa
George Hill
Glen Mehn
Glenn Meader
Greg Sutter
Haunani Pao
Holly Kreuter
James Farrell
James Home
James Marshall
Jay Bain
Jessica Steinmetz
Jeremy Crandell
Joan Hutchings
Joe Kewekordes (Justjoe)
John Adams
John Stauffacher
Jonathan Elliot (Sadman)
Leah Marcus
Kat Delurgio
Lissa Shoun
Marian Goodell
Matthew Beckwith
Matt Peterson
Matthew Falzone
Matt Sorenti
Matt Wagner
Michael Holden
Michael Kennet
Michael Kupeitz
Michael Michael
Monica Senter
Nicole Maron
Paul Gutoski
Raines Cohen
Randal Smith
Rob Miller
Robin Macpherson
Sally Vedros
Scott Bodarky
Stan Campbell
Tim Strickland
Todd Reed
Tom Kapanka
Victoria Curley

Aaron Brashears
Bradley green
Ed Ellsworth
Edward Le Coteur
James Marshall
Joe Kewekordes (Justjoe)
John Adams
Mark McGee
Michael Kupeitz
Michael Michael
Paul Gutoski
Raines Cohen
Rick Morbey
Rob Miller
Robin Macpherson

Rob Miller (Ra)
Aaron Brashears (Phoenix)
Bradley Green
Kim Basset (Kimhe)
Kim Norlen (Kimshe)
Nicole Maron (Technopatra)
Raines Cohen
Joe Kewekordes (Justjoe)
Scott Bodarky
Taran Ramage
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Brian Behlendorf
Chris Brick
Dave Bayer
Edward Le Coteur
Glen Mehn
Greg Sutter
Matisse Enzer
Matt Peterson
Rob Miller (Ra)
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Ben Carlson
Bradley Green
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch)
Carla Detchon
Chris Brick
Dan Kalafus (Monkeyboy)
Darin Wilson
Dave Laplante (hovering)
Dave Marr
Dave Wolfgang-Kimball
Dori Mondon
Eddie Codell
Emily Hierstein
Eric Waterman
Fiona Essa
Gregory Sutter
Haunani Pao
Jay Bain
Jessica Steinmetz
Joan Hutchings
Kat Delurgio
Leah Marcus
Leila (Calendar Girl)
Lissa Shoun
Matt Falzone
Matthew Beckwith (GG)
Nicole Maron
Randal Smith
Rob Miller
Sally Vedros
Simon Sutherland
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Harley K. Dubois, HR Amazon
Molly Tirpak, Volunteer Coordinator
Fred Whitman, Office Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Arhontes, Volunteer Coordinator
John Nettle, Volunteer Coordinator
Kelly Saturno, Volunteer Coordinator
Caroline Dando, Volunteer Coordinator
Carmen Mauk, Volunteer Coordinator
Lucy Runkel, Volunteer Coordinator
Katherine DeLurgio, Volunteer Coordinator

Last updated November 17, 2002

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