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A large number of individuals contribute time and resources to Burning Man. It is impossible to produce a complete list, and many have assisted for years. Below is a partial list of those who worked on active projects in 2007. If you feel your name may be missing, please let us know — or harass your team lead to get their roster submitted! People are listed by functional area. Updated: January 10, 2008


Art Theme: The Green Man
Larry Harvey, Project Director (LLC)
Crimson Rose, Dir Art Management (LLC)
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Associate Curator, Archivist

Art Council Members
Crimson Rose, Dir Art Management (LLC)
Christine Kristen (LadyBee)
Dave X
Elizabeth Scarborough (Bettie June)
Jeremy Crandell
Roger Ripps (Panther)
Sara Chieco (Cheeks)
Stephanie Selig (serious)
Will Chase (Playaquest)

Artery (On-Site Art Placement Team)
Crimson Rose
Christine Kristen (LadyBee)
Dave Sholl (Dave X)
Elizabeth Scarborough (Bettie June)
Jeremy Crandell
Roger Ripps (Panther)
Sara Chieco (Cheeks)
Stephanie Selig (Serious)
Will Chase (Playaquest)
Adrian A. Stimson (Buffalo Boy)
Audrey Love (Sauce)
Audrey Snyder
Bob Marzewski (Wizzard)
Brian Davis (Jones)
Cameron Danis (Cammy Sutra)
Carmon Emery (carmonious)
Catherine Gacad (vixen)
Charles Gee
Colin Cherot
D'Andre Teeter (Big Daddy D)
Daniel Muller (poodle)
Dave Seavey (grin)
David McParland
Debbie Rich (Ferocious Pixie)
Eva Konig
Eve Libertone (Octopus)
Hector Topete
Ian Grove (Happy Grove)
Jacques Teisen (cousteau)
Jeff Carver (Reno Jeff)
Jen Polyzotis (Lil'Jen)
Jim Tierney (Anarchist)
Karen Taylor (BooBoo)
Kat Westfall (Girl Scout)
Katherine Eldridge (Katie)
Kevin Wiley (K)
Kristen Vogt (Yggy)
Lysa Morgan (Dazzle)
Mark Maser
Matt Eggers (boy wonder)
Michael Pakes (phizen)
Michelle Ward (FreeKittens)
S.J. Tucker (Sooj)
Saffron Lee
Sarah Haynes (Trailer Trash)
Sierra Boyd (Sierra)
Steve Boverie (Dr. Glowire)
Tyson Phipps
Valerie Harrison (Dust Bunny)

Art Support Services
Roger Ripps (Panther) - Art Support Coordinator
Andrew Hessel (Beaker)
Ron Todd (Hulo)
Revi Schlesinger
Ross Holzman
Jerome Lecat (KiteRunner)

Black Rock Fuels
Dave X
Bear (Sierra Fuels)
Bently (Bio Fuels)
Lisa Shile (Scirpus)

Construction of the Man
Larry Harvey - Project Director, Chief Designer (LLC)
Rod Garnett - Pavilion Designer
Will Roger - Director of Construction (LLC)
Crimson Rose - Art Coordinator (LLC)
Ilo Kratins (Steel Toe) - Project Manager
Elizabeth Scarborough (Bettie June) - Assistant Project Manager, Art Production Mgr
Andy "Bruiser" Moore - Engineer/Heavy Equipment
Andrew Johnstone - Virtual Playa
Bob "Captain Bob" Heacock - Man build team liaison
Ben "Chainsaw" Stoetling - Man build co-lead
Becky "In-sin-erator" Timohovitch - Pyrotechnics Coordinator
Carmen Mauk - Pavilion Exhibitors Coordinator
Danny "Mr. F'n D" M - Man build co-lead
Dimitri "Demon" Timohovitch - NV. Sate Lic. Pyrotechnician
Erin "Playground" MacCool - DPW
Fernley Electric - Electric
Jack Haye - Pavilion Illuminatrees Designer
Logan "Cobra Commander" Mirto - DPW Volunteer Coordinator
Matt "HazMatt" Morgan - DPW, Purchasing
Mark Sinclair - Engineer
Otto Evans - Construction
Paul Schreer (Blue) - Lighting/Electrical Designer
Richard "Big Styck" Scott - Heavy Equipment Lead
Ryan "Red Ryan" Halwachs - Construction
Tim "Espie" O'Keefe - Man build lead
Tom "Thumper" Price - Environmental Mgr
Tomas McCabe - Pavilion Exhibitors Manager
Travis Ludy - Site Superintendent
Tyson Phipps - ARTery Liaison

Ben Stoelting (Chainsaw) Stud Emeritus
Tim O'Keefe (Espie) Construction Manager
Danny Markovski (Mr F*n D) Lead Builder and Day Saver
Bob Heacock (Captain Bob) Assistant Construction Manager
Steve Boverie (Dr Glowire) Build Lead - Head
Jeff Stevens (Chef Magilla) Builder
Joe Olivier (Exact Lee) Builder and Mess Hall Captain
Steve Sanchez (Steve23) Builder
Mike Gittelsohn Rib and Ring Cutter
Carol Sanchez (Juicy) Builder
Matthew Ebert (Metric) Builder
Ilo Kratins (Steeltoe) Builder
Otto Ewen (Otto) Builder
Aaron Muzalski (Slim) Builder
Tim Anderson (Big Daddy) Builder
Meredith Scheff (Sprocket) Builder
Nifer Fahrion (Nifer) Builder

Dimitri Timohovich (Demon) Nevada Licensed Pyrotechnician
Beckie Timohovich (In-Sin-Erator) Pyrotechnic Coordinator
Andy Ussach (Dr Andy)
Bill McGregor (Blow Em Up Bill)
Colin Wasson (Fisher Price)
Diane Flowers (Swamp Nerd)
Julia Browne (Jaloola)
Kim Megowan (Kimchi)
Laura Astor (Veggie)
Sean Jones (Pheonix)
Susan Stealey (Firefly)
Travis Wasson (Twatson)
Vince Brown (Hardwood)

Fire Conclave
Crimson Rose - Director of Art Management, Performance Director
David Mills (Tabasco) - Conclave Assist
Controlled Burn - Fire Conclave Convergence

Nichols Radell (Smoke Daddy)
Brady Spindel
Matt Shaw
Steve Mixdorf (Hippy Steve)
Dylan Roelofs (Dr Glass Eye)

Performance Safety Team for Open Fire, Flame Effect & Pyrotechnics (PST)
Crimson Rose - Director of Art Management, Performance Director
Dave X - Fire Safety Mgr
Elizabeth Scarborough (Bettie June)
Argyre Patras - Dept Mutant Vehicles
Beckie Timohovich (In-Sin-Erator) Pyrotechnic Coordinator
Caitlin von Graf (Safetybitch) - Web, Administrator
Daniel Walsh - Open Fire Specialists
David Barr (Battalion 4) - Emergency Services
Dimitri Timohovich (Demon) Nevada Licensed Pyrotechnician
Eric Smith (Propaniac) - Flame Effects Specialists
Jack Schroll (Dust Devil) - Flame Effects Specialists
Joseph Pred - Emergency Services Operations Chief
Ken Smith - Flame Effects Specialists
Lee Chubb (Twister) - Flame Effects Specialists
Maque da Vis (Haz Maq) - Pyrotechnic Consultant
Rebecca England (DragonLee) - Open Fire Specialists
Russ Kane (Jersey 1) - Fire Branch Chief
Wally Glenn (Pyro Boy) - Pyrotechnic Consultant, Flame Effects Specialists
Atomic - Ranger Support



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